Ana de Armas is an amazing actress who will soon be playing Marilyn Monroe.
I prefer the pronunciation to rhyme with strainer then middle name Elle. Ana Elle. Just perfect!
Cute name, I like it.
It looks old without the extra n. Why is Ana more popular than Anna? I’m with this being a nickname for Mariana, Eliana etc. But not as a first name.
English speakers may comment on this name without realizing that not all languages have the double n. There's nothing wrong with Ana. There are languages in which this is the normal spelling, just like Ava is normal in English, instead of Avva.
Just use Ava or Anna please.
People need to realize that not every language uses the double n for this name. If you like Anna then use it. Ana isn't used in your language so what do you care if it has one n.
Name your girl Eliana, then make Ana a nickname!
Looks like something is missing. I prefer Anna, as it looks more beautiful to me.
Also Piedmontese: -- Soa mare Ana d'Àustria
I prefer Anna. This looks too dry.
Looks weird.
I think, Anna looks better and more complete. Ana feels a little bit too boring. I don't see any appeal of this name. It's feminine, simple, but feels like a sound is missing, too dry or too soft. Similar looking Ada is a lot better!
I love this name, I wish I could use it. It's super pretty and not as common as the overused Anna. Short, but I don't mind. I think it works in a lot of countries, which is part of the reason I love it. The only reason I won't use Ana is because it is slang term popularized in mid-2010's for Anorexia Nervosa.
This can only be a pet name because it is a palindrome (impossible to spell backwards) Full names include:
Anything containing "Ana", anything containing "anna" is a FULL name for "Anna", Hannah is only short for Johanna.
Really? What is Eve short for then? :/
This is pretty.
I'm surprised no one has mentioned Cuban-American actress Ana de Armas.
I prefer this spelling to Anna because it’s unique.
Ana is also Bosnian. The popularity chart for Bosnia and Herzegovina should be a further indicator of that. In fact, Ana is one of the most common female names in Bosnia and Herzegovina.Bosnian Pronunciation: A-na.
I prefer Anna "AN-uh". :)
Also Hawaiian.
Also Russian. Ana is used alongside Anna in Russia, usually as a standalone name. However, both Ana and Anna are sometimes used as diminutives of Anastasia/Anastasiya in Russia.Scripts: Ана (Russian)Russian Pronunciation: u-nu.
My name is Ana, I am Hispanic so my parents and other Spanish speaking friends pronounce it Ana. But at school I pronounce it Ah-na which I like better than Anna. Normally if I am talking to someone who I probably won't speak to again I don't care how it is pronounced because it's for a short while. A lot of my relatives call me by my middle name (Berenice) or some people I know call me Ana Berenice with both of my names together.
Also Silesian: --- offer sources
Also Aragonese:
The IPA transcription of the Georgian pronunciation of Ana is: /ɑnɑ/ [noted -ed]Source: (in English)
Ana, one of the ninja twins from the Nintendo game series WarioWare.
This is my name. Pronounced Ah-nuh. I have to say it’s a lovely name, however, NO ONE will pronounce it correctly on the first try and maybe not even on the 10th try. I still appreciate the uniqueness of my name where I live, even though I’ll be correcting people on my name my entire life.
Anano is also very common in Georgia (country, not state). [noted -ed]
Ana has been used for seven tropical cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean and one in the Central Pacific. As of 2017, Ana is the only name that has been used for seven storms in the Atlantic without any of them reaching hurricane strength. It will be used again in 2021.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Ana are female.
Also Galician, Hawaiian and Russian.
Ana Lila Downs Sánchez, best known as Lila Downs is an American–Mexican singer-songwriter and actress. She performs her own compositions and the works of others in multiple genres, as well as tapping into Mexican traditional and popular music. She also incorporates indigenous Mexican influences and has recorded songs in many indigenous languages such as Mixtec, Zapotec, Mayan, Nahuatl and Purépecha. Born and raised in Oaxaca, she primarily studied at the Institute of Arts by Oaxaca and briefly attended University of Minnesota, before withdrawing to focus on her musical career. She soon began performing in the traditional music scene of Oaxaca City.
My name is Ana and I just love it! I think the pronunciation is up to you, I introduce myself as An-na because that's how my parents always said it. The good thing about this name is that is unique and not very common.
Ana Ivanovic is a retired Serbian professional tennis player. Ranked No. 1 in the world in 2008, she defeated Dinara Safina to win the 2008 French Open, was the runner-up at the 2007 French Open and the 2008 Australian Open.
Ana Beatriz Barros is a Brazilian model known for her multiple appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and for her work with Intimissimi, Guess?, bebe, Victoria's Secret, Chanel cosmetics, and Jennifer Lopez's JLO fashion line.
Ana Karić was a Croatian actress. She started acting in the early 1960s even before graduating from the Zagreb Academy of Drama Arts in 1963. Although primarily a television actress, she also appeared in numerous film and theatre productions.
Anastasia "Ana" Steele is the female protagonist in Fifty Shades of Grey.
It's a first name of some of my friends. It's short and easy to pronounce. Many people call me Ana as a nickname, as my name is Anastasia. I like it as a nickname, but would never have it for my first name. It's too short for my taste.
One of my friends is called Ana and it suits her because she is very clever, nice and elegant - just like the name. It is a shame the name is now associated with anorexia now.
Ana is also a slang term for Anorexia. Having said that, I don't think it ruins the name, but being someone who's dealt with an eating disorder, it's the first thing that pops into my mind when I hear the name Ana.
I'm surprised no one has mentioned former world number 1 serbian tennis player Ana Ivanovic.
This name could be said and spelled by anyone. No matter how you slice it; the name remains the same.
This is our daughter's name. Pronounced, AN-A.
The Pixies have a great song called "Ana".
Ana Kasparian is the co-host of the popular online show The Young Turks. In her case, Ana is short for Anahit.
Maria Ana (1636-1636) was the daughter of King Philip IV of Spain and his wife Elisabeth.
Ana (1601-1666) was the daughter of King Philip III of Spain and his wife Margarete of Austria. Maria Ana (1606-1646) was also the name of another daughter of the same couple.
Ana (1806-1857) was the daughter of King Joao VI of Portugal and his wife Carlota.
Maria Ana (1843-1884) was the daughter of Queen Maria II of Portugal and her husband Ferdinand.
Maria Ana (1888-1888) was the only daughter of King Carlos I of Portugal and his wife Marie Amelie.
Maria Ana (1861-1942) was the daughter of King Miguel I of Portugal and his wife Adelaide. She married William IV, Grand Duke of Luxembourg and was the mother of Grand Duchess Charlotte.
Ana of Portugal (1635-1635), oldest daughter of King Joao IV of Portugal and his wife Luisa de Guzman.
My name is Ana Margarida, but I go by Margarida or Maggie because I dispite Ana. Is very common here in Portugal, no one outside my family has ever called me Ana except a girl from my 7th grade who was sorta my cousin and thought that calling me that would make her be my cousin.
Anyway, there were 4 Ana's in my class last year: Ana Filipa, Ana Isabel, Ana Rita, and me, Ana Margarida. We just go by Filipa, Isabel, Rita and Margarida...
In my Spanish class we were given Spanish names to replace our real ones (for some reason, I don't know, ask my teacher). Well, all the good names had already been taken, so I chose Ana (pronounced Ah-na), a simple yet pretty name. I like it, and sometimes, when someone says, "Ana!" to someone else, I turn around and say, "What?"
My name is Ana, and personally I love my name. Ana Elizabeth. It's true most people mispronounce it as Anna, which is also a name within my family. But Anna is very very common. I was named after my grandmother whose name is Ann. I bare the names of family and am proud of it. I pronounce it Ah-nah. However I've dealt with people saying Anna all my life. I live in the south however, so everyone tries to attribute my name to a variant of Hannah or Ann (in reference to the bible). Ana is more exotic, and I've never been told by anyone that they thought my name was wrong or ugly sounding. It's actually very refined and dignifying. I'm biased, but it's a wonderful name for a little girl. Ageless, timeless, and elegant.
I prefer Anna, even though it's very common. The double Ns make it sound fuller.
I like it as a nickname for names like Anabella, Anita... or in combinations (Ana Lucia, Ana Lena...) It's boring when it stands alone.
In Georgian, Ana is written as: ანა.
How has no one said this? Ana Ng is one of the most famous songs by They Might Be Giants, AKA the guys who sang Particle Man, Why Does The Sun Shine/The Sun Is A Mass Of Incandescent Gas, and Istanbul (Not Constantinople).
Ana means 'I am' in Arabic.
There is a girl on EarthBound Zero who joins your party, and her name is Ana.
Means 'I am' in Arabic.
In Portuguese Ana is so commonly used as the first part of double name that most Ana's go by their second names on a regular basis. For example, a 'Ana Carolina' would normally be called just 'Carolina'.
I love the name Ana as pronounced Ah-na. I dislike the name Anna, as pronounced Anne-uh. I would love to name my daughter Ana, but I don't want her to have to correct those who call her Anna her whole life. Ahnah is a cool alternative.
I know someone who's name is Ana, and she said it's the simplest, most boring name ever. It is very simple, but it's still very nice sounding.
Spanish vocalist Ana Torroja is a famous bearer. She used to be the lead singer of the trio Mecano, probably the most successful pop band ever in Spain.
I know an amazing girl named Anastasia who goes by Ana. It's a beautiful name, and I like it better then Anna. Ana just seems more elegant.
I wonder if this name could be a short form of Anastasia. Hmmm.
I'd pronounce this "Ah-na" This sounds prettier to me.
Spanish actress Ana Torrent bears this name. Coincidentally her name was also Ana in 1973's "El Espíritu de la colmena", her debut film and one of her most praised roles to date. She was only five years old when the film was made.
I really don't like the name Ana, Anna is much prettier and elegant looking in my opinion, while Ana looks like someone can't spell Anna and sounds like someone can't pronounce Anna. It would probably be a good name in a country where Ana is more common than Anna though.
I really like this name. My second daughter's name will be Ana. I imagine Ana as a Hispanic girl with black hair, dark eyes and medium skin. This is such a beautiful name.
One of my cousins named their daughter this and they pronounce it "On-na". My brother named his daughter this fourteen years ago and they pronounce her "Anna". I like pronouncing it "Anna" better, because honestly, who's going to take the time to think, "Hey, maybe it's not "Anna", maybe it's "On-na""? So they say "Anna" so it saves her a lot of explaining.
This is my name, and I pronounce it AH-nah. Lots of people call me Anna, though. I just kind of stopped caring how they pronounced it after a while. My friends still get mad about it, though.
The name of Ana Matronic, born Ana Lynch from Scissor Sisters. One of the lead vocalists, alongside Jake Shears, is never out of dresses onstage. Used to own a dragbar, where she did many drag acts. One of Ana Matronic's most memorable songs was perhaps Kiss You Off by the Scissor Sisters. Now living in New York with her boyfriend, Seth Kirby.
One famous bearer is actress Ana-Margarita Grauer, born in Mexico ("The Collector", "Intelligence", etc).
Ana is beautiful but the name and all its variations (Anna, Anne, Hannah) are all really overused.
And well, lately the name has been asociated with 'anorexia'. You know, pro-Ana websites. The same thing happens with 'Mia' (bulimia).
Could be a nickname for Anastasia.
Personally I prefer Ana (AH-nuh) over Anna. But don't get the impression that I think Anna's a bad name.
I think Anna and Ana are both real nice, and Ana Christine sounds cool.
It can also be pronounced AN-a as in Anna - that's the way my friend pronounces it.
This spelling is A WHOLE LOT BETTER than Anna! Ana Maria sounds very well!
I think Ana is a little bit prettier than Anna. But both are nice names.
Ana Carolina Reston was a gorgeous Brazilian model who died of anorexia at the age of 21.
I would disadvise you to name your child Ana. Due to the fact many anorexics refer to themselves as "ana".
Actress Ana Layevska bears this name.
My name is Aana (pronounced ahh-nah) and it can also be spelled Arna.
I really like this name, it's so awesome. It fits any age. 2 words: simply awesome.
Ana is a very common name in Portugal. Ana Raquel (mine), Ana Sofia, Ana Teresa, Ana Maria, Ana Paula, Ana Margarida, Ana Rita, Ana Filipa...the combinations are so many and so beautiful. When I was on 12th grade there was 62 Ana's in my year. Now, in college, there are probably more than 200 on their first year.
This can also be a pet form of the name: 'Anastasia'.
This is a really nice name. My friend is named Ana, and although nobody calls her that (she's Anna to lots of people) I think it's really nice.
This is my name, and despite the fact that nobody can spell or pronounce it, I really love it. So, just so you all know: It's Ah-nuh. Not Anna, not Ona, ANA!
Ana Castillo is the famous Chicana author of So Far From God and Massacre of the Dreamers.
I am half Fijian and that is where my name (ANA!) comes from There are lots of Ana's there with the same spelling but I have no idea what the Fijian meaning is or if there even is one!
In Romania, Ana's day is on 9th September.
In Croatian, another name used for Ana is Ankica.

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