Aston Merrygold is a member of British boy band JLS.
I don’t know why you all think it’s feminine, it’s 100% masculine in my opinion.
It’s a name I’d like to use on a male, but I’m not sure yet.
Very feminine feel to it.
I think of Ashton as more of a boy's name but I don’t have a problem with it for girls.
I think that Ashton is a good name for both genders (more for girls).
Ashton is a cool name for anyone, regardless of gender.
Just because the name gets used on girls doesn’t mean it’s a good name to use on a girl. The ‘ton’ part of it makes it sound and look masculine. If you want a similar name for a girl, there’s Ashley. Ashley used to be a male name too, but at least Ashley sounds and looks feminine, unlike Ashton.
Ashton is a nice gender neutral name, in my mind. Anyone can use it, regardless of gender identity! It's a cool name.
Ashton is the real name of American singer Ashnikko.
I see some people just say they know a girl named Ashton who is super nice, or someone just says she is a girl named Ashton, but so many people dismiss them. It's very strange. Girls using the names that used to be boys' won't hurt anyone.
Hey my name is Ashton I am 14 years old and I am a girl so you can use Ashton for a boy or a girl that's why it's a unisex name. My mom found my name from the TV show North and South and you know that's where my name came from and now I am here at school researching my name lol for English class :)
Definitely sounds more feminine but I can see it on a boy.
I like it way more on a boy, but it could work for a girl. I've met a girl named Ashtynn, but I think that spelling is trashy. If you want to use this name for a girl, you should totally spell it Ashton. I think Ashton is a very handsome name for a boy and that it could be beautiful on a girl as well. One of my absolute favorite names.
Ashton is such a flexible name. I feel like anyone could pull it off.
I think this name suits girls as well as boys.
I named my daughter Ashton back in 1990. I got the name from the TV show North and South. There was a character by the name of Ashton Main played by actress Terri Garber which is a female. Not sure why we are concerned about whether or not this name can be used for a female or male. I think everyone thinks it should be for a male because of Ashton Kutcher?
Why are so many people dissing the comments from girls who were simply stating they were named Ashton? If you’re a girl on here named Ashton, I’m sure it’s a perfect fit for you. It’s similar to Ashley, so I can see the appeal for a parent who wants to spice things up.
In all honesty, all the comments saying the name Ashton is only supposed to be for boys just makes me want to change my name to it even more- Ashton seems like a rebel name, and I think changing my name to that, despite the comments saying it’s “manly” is totally what an Ashton would do. P.s I'm a girl :)
Just going to be honest about unisex names, it is completely a parents choice to what they name their child and any name could technically be used as a unisex names. If you want to name your girl Jon, than go ahead. Beverly for the youngest son, your choice. However a word of advice, just because you thought naming your son Beverly or whatever doesn't mean that everyone else will, and the kid might hate it themselves. So just keep that in mind.
I literally didn’t even know Ashton was used on girls until I looked it up on here. I honestly prefer Ashton on a boy than a girl by a long shot, but hey, to each their own.
My cousin is named Ashton, and he thinks that it’s more of a boy name than girl.By the way, now he’s 18, and he just saw this website, so never mind!
My name is Ashton and I am 15 years old and I think that Ashton is used for boys more than girls.
We named my daughter Ashton because it wasn’t over used and it’s a good strong name. I prefer girl names to be unisex. I think Ashton is both a girl or boy name. I don’t think it’s strongly one or the other. It’s a cute name and sounds great on either gender.
My name is Kelli which is a feminine way to spell Kelly. The spelling Kelly was a boy name before the 70s. It’s the same with Ashton. Ashton will always sound trendy to me. So even when my daughter is 70, she’ll have a trendy name.
My best friend is an Ashton (she's a girl) and she is one of the nicest people I know. The name fits her very, very well. I think that Ashton is the only name that fits both genders.
A nice, handsome, masculine name for a boy. Can't imagine a girl named Ashton.
I can see this name on males and females, more so for males though...
In 2018, 6 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Ashton who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 895th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens. In 2018, 21 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Ashton who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 518th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I am a man and my name is Ashton. I was born in the 80's and have never personally met another Ashton. I know of one female Ashton that lives nearby, but have never met her personally and I believe she is around 10 years younger than me. I also heard a mother say "Ashton" in reference to her baby in a local grocery store once. That is as close as I have come to meeting someone else with my name, and I am over 30 years old.I believe the influx of babies being named Ashton was primarily inspired by Ashton Kutcher, but there are other media sources as well that contribute. When I was young I heard a guy on a fictional tv show being called Ashton, this was well before Kutcher, mind you. My interest was piqued due to never hearing the name anywhere but in reference to me personally, at that time.My father originally intended to name me Ashley, but my grandmother interjected and proposed Ashton instead. Both Ashton and Ashley were originally masculine names. I am not advocating that Ashton should only be a boy's name.There is a town in South Dakota called Ashton town. (I think it's called "City of Ashton" now) It is a very small community last I checked. According to census data the population was 122 in 2010. I went there when I was probably about 6 and got pictures taken in front of some of the buildings that quite literally said things such as "Bank of Ashton," "Ashton Post Office," etc. It is to the west of Watertown, which is on the border between Minnesota and South Dakota. It could be a stop on the way to the Black Hills, if you're coming from the East.There is another Ashton town in northwest Iowa, near the border between South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota. Another still west of Chicago in northern Illinois. Another in Idaho, just south west of Yellowstone park.These are the ones I know about, but I looked it up on Wikipedia and there's a list of towns named Ashton. could make for an interesting roadtrip/vacation. And if you're the parent of an Ashton, you could make some interesting memories for your child like I have. I personally intend to revisit the town in SD at some point in the future, and bring the pictures with me. I'm sure the residents will find it amusing and also give them something to be nostalgic about, seeing pictures of their town going on 30 years ago.
Ashton Paulsen, often credited as Ash Paulsen, is the son of famous cartoon creator Rob Paulsen, who is known for his work such as Animaniacs, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and so much more. Ashton is actually somewhat like Janet Jackson in a way, formerly a guy who lived in the shadow of a famous relative now well-known and loved, at least in the gaming community for being a member of the awesome group Gamexplain on YouTube.
Ashton is a boy's name and is only a boys name. No offense to any girl Ashtons or any girls with guy names but Ashton has such a masculine sound with a hard -sh and a -ton sound that makes it masculine to me. Ashley I could see as a girl's name, however I can never see this one. Honestly, there are some names for girls I could see on a guy, like Ruth, Hope or Summer. Anyway, I don’t recommend it for a girl, like I always say, go with something more conventional.
My name is Ashton and I am a girl - I love it. I think it's so pretty. My nicknames are Ash or Ashie! I know a few girls with this name but no boys. Definitely not a boy's name, it's way to pretty!
My name is Ashton and I am a girl. I think it is a name used for both girls and boys but to be honest, I think that it sounds better on a boy and that I wish I wouldn’t have been named this.
My son's name is Ashton. I got the name from M.M. Kaye's The Far Pavilions. In the book, Ashton struggles with how he was raised and what his duties are as an adult. Loved the book. Loved the character. Oh and his middle name is Alexander after Alexander the Great.
I am a girl called Ashton. This name is becoming really popular this year 2017 for baby girls! My most common nicknames are Ash and Ashie :). Ashton is a really pretty name for girls.
Ashton is the name of the young girl in the old movie North and South. She was a southern belle who played alongside Patrick Swayze. Ashton is a beautiful girls name and is only popular now due to Christopher Ashton Kutcher (not even) his name. Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz have definitely got their names gender mixed up. Ashton is a very pretty name and I wouldn't choose that for a boy. There are so many feminine names that boys get called like Jordan, Taylor, even Madison!
Ashton James Eaton is a retired American decathlete and two-time Olympic champion, who holds the world record in both the decathlon and indoor heptathlon events, and is the second decathlete to break the 9, 000-point barrier, with 9, 039 points. On August 29, 2015, he beat his own world record with a score of 9, 045 points.
My name is Ashton and I think it's sound. I know nobody else with this name so that's pretty cool. I think this name is more for lads, it just sounds like a name a lad would have, no offense to any girls out there called Ashton. Like another commenter said, it ends in ton, like Layton, Clayton etc. In my opinion this doesn't suit a girl.
My SON'S name is Ashton. According to every baby name book I was given, it's listed as a masculine name. It's a bit rude to say "it's a feminine/girl's/pansy name" or "it should only be a girl's name".
My daughter's name is Ashton Lynn, Ashton after my sister Ashtley and Lynn after my uncle's middle name who recently passed away before she was born. I think it's a beautiful name for a little girl but I also know I'm a little biased. I don't understand though why people are arguing over it being feminine or masculine. Who really cares? Name your child whatever you want to name it. If it's Montana because you were born there, Frank because it's your dad's name or Pony Boy after the movie The Outsiders as along as you like it, who cares about what everybody else thinks. Just keep in mind though your child has to live with it for the rest of their lives.
The name Ashton was given to 189 girls born in the US in 2015.
Listen people, I am a woman and my name is Ashton. It is not just a man's name!
I believe Aslynn or Ashlyn are better for girls.
Why would someone consider this name for a girl? Ashton is a boy name all the way. It's a nice modern twist to the name Asher. I am fond of this name. It's handsome and Ashton sounds like a sweet boy.
I do think that Ashton is a boy name and that if you want an Ash- name for a girl, go with Ashley.
My name is Ashton and it comes from the Greek word for ash tree. In my opinion the average Ashton is what you all said but I'm nothing like that I'm an out cast that doesn't fit in any group but the stoners and a worldwide group called juggalos call me stupid or a freak. I don't care I'm my own person.
I agree with one of the users above who said that Ashton is suitable for either gender. This argument on whether it's a girl's name or a boy's name is stupid. I think it's equally suitable for either.
I absolutely ADORE the name Ashton! It's sooo cute and handsome! ^___^
My name happens to be Ashton and I am a girl. I get called Ashton Kutcher sometimes and I find it ironic because I was given the name Ashton before he was even relevant to the world. I think it is becoming more common for girls to have this name as I know another girl named Ashton as well as boys. I do not think people should care about how "masculine" a name is because it's all your own opinion and there is always going to be someone who disagrees, so why argue? I have never liked how boyish my name sounds, but it's unique compared to the typical names for girls like "Madison" and "Ashley," which were originally boy names. I like surprising people when they ask if Ashton is present and they are expecting to see a boy. Despite my own gender, I believe Ashton is typically given to boys but like the name "Jordan," it's cool and unique to see on a girl. I think Ashton is a beautiful name for either gender and I'm proud to have that name as long as you don't compare me to Ashton Kutcher or Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds of Summer.
Ashton Irwin is the drummer of the Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer :)
I actually had no idea this was also used for girls. Personally, I prefer it on boys. But I'm all for names not having any strict gender lines. So good on you for naming your girls Ashton. But if I'm going to have to pick between boy and girl for Ashton, I'm gonna pick boy this time.
Ashton Delilah Shepherd is an American country singer.
This is my last name and I absolutely love it!
I have a cousin who is named 'Ashton' because there are no boys so my aunt wanted to carry on the family name!
Ashton Kutcher ruined it for me.
I would just like suggest for everyone mentioning "Ashley" as a proper girl's name in place of "Ashton" to look at the history of that name as well. Ashley was *exclusively* a boy's name for more than 200 years and has only been used as a girl's name since the sixties.
Girls have always been able to take on boy names (and fashions) as this is seen as "cute", "sexy", or sometimes to add "strength" to the "weaker sex." Then, when enough females use the name (etc.), it's seen as too feminine to be used by boys. Our whole society changes its perception and it generally stays.
Consider "Allison" which literally means "son of Alice" now exclusively female. Or "Taylor" (from the masculine tailor's profession) and "Madison" (son of Maude) which are transitioning: not used for girls before the 80's they are now given to girls at least twice as often as boys.
No matter which side of the fence you come down on with "Ashton" at least it can be said that this name evokes a passionate response from people.
Hi, I left the last comment about the history of male to female names. There are so many examples of this, but one that I think shows how easily (and sometimes permanently) society changes its mind about gender is baby colors.
Did you know that when babies used to be born it was the BOYS who wore PINK and the GIRLS who wore BLUE. Pink, as a shade of red, was seen as stronger and more active and therefore masculine, while blue was seen as prettier for a girl and also for Christians evoked the Virgin Mary who is said to have worn a blue cloak. It isn't until the 1940's that this switches and stays how it is today.
These sorts of perceptions of "strong" vs "weak" and other traits are why Behindthename has a way for people to leave their personal impressions for each name (or I assume this is partly why.)
I mention all this to maybe allay the fears of some of the commenters about using a "boys" name for a girl.
As for those hopeful to keep Ashton male, I suggest you start lobbying your friends to name their baby boys Ashton, or maybe write a (successful) novel/film with a male Ashton lead, or support Ashton Kutcher's career. The only thing that can stop the tide of male to female is an ongoing male usage.
And then, even if it goes to the girls, you can be defiant and name your son Ashton anyhow. Strict gender lines are less important now than ever before in society. And Johnny Cash suggested with "A Boy Named Sue" that "it's the name that helped to make you strong" and could teach a child to stand up against adversity from an early age.
I think it's perfectly fine for boys and girls, but I think it's more suited for a boy, with the nickname "Ash."
Ok name for guys, but it doesn't sound feminine at all.
I don't find this name to be particularly gendered. I think it works equally well for either a girl or a boy, so the insistence that it is either feminine or masculine kind of baffles me. I myself have used it for a female character in my novel but not because I find it feminine. Rather, I used it because it seems to lack gender, much like the character who bears the name.
I love the name Ashton for a boy! It just sounds so masculine, modern and cool! I think Ashton has to be one of the best and coolest boys names out there!
Completely masculine and associated with Kutcher in my head. Sorta nice, although I usually hate names that end in -ton.
Ashton is one of the most coolest boys names ever!
I think Ashton is a very cool name for a boy! Although, it is way too masculine for a girl! Girls can't take over all the names, leave some actually cool names like Ashton, for boys!
I would never ever never name a son or a daughter Ashton because in the suburbs of the English city Manchester there's a town called Ashton. And with my Manchester accent it sounds like Ash-dun. It does suit a boy more than a girl though.
Ashton is a BOY'S NAME. Not a girl's name. This name is very masculine.
I think Ashton is a good name for either gender, and I feel it's a bit ridiculous for people to get up in arms about what gender to use this name for. The name fits both genders and stop being stupid over it. Personally, I'm partial to this name on girls, as it's a family name that has been passed down from eldest daughter to eldest daughter in my family on my mother's side for six generations. It's my second middle name, and I find it a bit obnoxious that people have the nerve to get angry over what gender this name is used on.
I quite like this name - but on a BOY. It's so distinctly masculine to me that giving it to a girl would be rather like calling her James, Adam or Samuel! If you have a girl, call her AshLEY (which, again, still sounds quite masucline to me!)
I love this name, but to me the fact that Ashton Kutcher has it ruins it for me. He's not too respectable of a celebrity and I just dislike using celebrity names in general. People would probably think I named the child after him. I might consider it as a middle name however. The same goes for Angelina, Paris (on a girl). And others that I can't think of at the moment.
Although I can't stand the annoying Ashton Kutcher, I do think this is a good name for a boy and a man. I would not use this on a girl. The ending -ton is typically used in male names, although some feminine names like Kristen and Kirsten have a similar pronunciation at the end. Either way, this name strikes me as masculine, and I can't see it on a grown woman. Boyish names simply do not sound hip and cool on middle-aged women, sorry.
Ashton is better for a girl. But you can't go by what I say because I know 8 girls with this name.
I happen to like this name for a girl despite everyone saying it's a boy's name. It's a unisex name, but it just so happened that it sounds more masculine than feminine so people automatically think it's a male name and get defensive when girls use it.
I've only met female Ashtons before, I suppose it could be used either way, but it seems more feminine to me.
I think it isn't too bad for girls but it is technically a boys name. It just sounds better. Like maybe girls should stick to Ashley and other names with "-y" at the end, but if I had to choose if it's a girls or a boys name I'd say it was more for a boy.
I rather like this name. It sounds like a good, unisex name to me, no need for the 'more for guys' 'more for girls' argument. It's nice and adaptable.
How does this name not suit boys? This is my nephew's name, although I'll admit that I also know a girl by this name. I'm not sure what gender I like it better on, though there are better alternative names with the word 'ash' in it for girls besides Ashton, that are much prettier. Ashlyn, for example, or even Ashley.
I once knew a male named Ashton, and I don't like him at all. For a girl, though I love this name.
I believe that Ashton is indeed a very girly name, I actually absolutely love the name Ashton on a girl. I once new a girl who was dating a boy named Ashton, he was never really kind to her so I decided the name Ashton best be off with a girl. Thus the name of Ashton lies with a girl.
This is a masculine name and does not sound right on a girl. If you want a girl name that starts with Ash use Ashley, we all know that is used enough. (My name happens to be Ashley too) So anyway I think this is a wonderful MALE name and I don't know what that user was on stating that it is a pansy name! Next thing you know it people will be saying Johnathon, Edward and Phillip are pansy names.
Ashton is an awesome boys name. When are we gonna leave some boy names alone and not name them on girls? I'm getting sick and tired of wonderful boy names being used for girls. Someday there will be no boy names because all girls will have them. This is a boys name. It only became a unisex name because too many people decided to put the name on girls. So this name is not pansy. It is a masculine name. So you might as well start naming your girls George and William etc. Because that is the same as naming them Ashton. Ashton is and always will be a boys name. So for all you Ashton girls out there. Sorry but you have a boys name.
It is English for Ash Trees.
Literary: Ashton is the name of Orry Main's devious sister in John Jakes' trilogy about the American Civil War. Ashton Main was supposed to be a boy and was named after her maternal grandfather Ashton Gault.
Ashton sounds more like a guy's name to me. I don't know any girls with that name.
Ashton is my name. And I HATE it! I think it is the most masculine name ever!
Personally I think the name Ashton is not at all masculine, I only know one guy called Ashton and he is one of the most self obssesed people I know, not that I'm saying everybody thst is called Ashton is, but that is my personal experience.
Definitely a very strong male name and the popularity shows when you see how often it is used for boys compared to girls.
To me, Ashton sounds more male because of all other last names ending in -ton, which are male: Brenton, Clayton, Clinton, Colton, Dalton, Preston, Trenton, Weston etc.
My most best friend in the whole world's name is Ashton. I think it is awesome and all the Ashtons I know are all really crazy, really really crazy.
Boy's name.
I prefer this name for a boy but it really could be used for either. I saw a girl with it spelt Ashtyn. British Columbia vital statistics showed that less than 5 girls born in 2004 had this name given to them and 58 boys were given this name. In Alberta for thse said same year, 2 girls were given the name Ashton and 91 boys were given this name.
I've also heard that it means 'Keeper of the willow trees' when it was a first name. Beautiful meaning wise, and I think the name is much better for a girl.
I like it better for boys, but it's okay for girls too. I think it's a totally rad surname, though!
Boys should not be named this, I know several girls named Ashton, I'm sorry, but this name just doesn't suit boys very well.
Famous bearer: Ashton Kutcher, actor and producer. He presents Punk'D on MTV and he's currently dating the amazing Demi Moore.
Ashton Kutcher is obviously the most famous bearer of this name, although Ashton is his middle name. His first name is Christopher.
That's my name! *points* and I'm very proud of it! Not many girls have that name so I consider myself unique.
I love the name Ashton! What a great name! My sister's name is Ashton. She is the coolest 10 year old ever! I think that it is a pansy name for a boy. So to all you girl Ashtons out there, you rock! And so does your name!
Ashton isn't a pansy name for a boy, it is very masculine and strong sounding. Look at the popularity of it, it is still used more for boys.

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