I agree with a fellow commenter, in Hungary the name itself isn't strongly linked to the Hun, it's very common. I know at least 3 or 4 Attilas. 2 of my classmates bear this name.
LeaPurple2003  1/26/2021
Not a fan.
noisynora  12/8/2020
This is also the form of the name in Italian.
RyanD  12/5/2020
Attila in Italian has a saying that says “Attila flagello di dio”. It means Attila scourge of god. It means that Attila is the punisher of humanity sent by god. :-)
AttilaDiedCarCrash  12/18/2019
The Huns were a Turkic people and Hunnic was a Turkic language.
The name Attila is in old Turkic. "At" means "horse" and "-ile" means "with". Attila therefore means "The one with a horse" or "The one on a horse". In modern Turkish "Atlı" means "cavalry" or "horseman". Atlı is of the same origin, just a shortened version of "At ile", "Atilye".
femren  7/9/2019
I have a hard time picturing this on a boy! It just sounds too feminine to me! I like it as a girl’s name!
― Anonymous User  1/16/2019
Attila comes from Volga's Hunnic name (Chuvash: Atăl?).
Torbjorn  12/5/2018
Well, I actually know the meaning of Attila's name. First of all, the name of his people "Hun", is a reference to one of the lost 10 tribes of ancient Israel, the tribe of "Naphtalites"! Naphtali is a female deer let loose; and make "Good Speakers". And the ability with the Naphtalite tribe of the Huns, being "good speakers, is a sign of high intelligence. The word for female deer is the word "Hind". You might also consider "them as messengers". And, that leads me to the point I meant to bring up, that the name "Attila", also means, "Little Father"! You see, Attila's identity is that he was the Supreme Arch-Angel Metatron, and his name was given to him when he was carried into heaven, well before Noah's flood. He was, of course, Enoch that we speak of. For when Enoch was taken up, he was exalted higher than all men, and all angels; and thus was transformed into the greatest angel, and exalted over them all, except for the Lord himself, and the 8 Holy Ones, in the highest heavens. But otherwise, he was made great. So great, that the Lord gave him the title "Lesser YHVH"! And there was said, amongst the angels, that there are truly two powers in heaven. These are in fact the Father's two witnesses, that stand before the Lord of all the earth. This, my friends, is who the leader of the Huns, was. Enoch has been sent back into the earth multiple times, and having different identities each time. He was John the Baptist. And was also, Elijah! It's been the same man, "Enoch", the Lord has sent, whenever the Lord required sending the right person into the world. In fact, he is the defender of Israel, also known as Michael the Arch Angel.
Majitron  4/29/2018
Attila is also found in Chuvashia, where it is spelled Attila and Atilla, and variants of the name are found in Kazakhstan - Adil. We call the river Volga 'Atăl'.
SuvarKan  1/13/2017
The Hun leader originally spelled it as Atilla, from the Hungarian Atya (creator, God) + illan (fly/strike) = Atilla, meaning Scourge of God/Arrow of God. Codex Gesta Hungarorum says that Árpád, the Grand Prince of the Hungarians is the descendant and successor of Atilla.
― Anonymous User  12/7/2016
The comic strip "Mother Goose and Grimm" has a purple cat named Attila. He frequently clashes with Grimmy, the yellow dog.
DarkPixie  12/5/2016
With 145 453 bearers, Attila is the 9th most common masculine name in Hungary. (01/01/2016).
HerculePoirot  9/2/2016
As it was mentioned below, the name Attila is hardly associated with the Hun in Hungary, since it is so common. It is pronounced: AW-til-law.
HerculePoirot  7/14/2016
Attila Csihar- a Hungarian black metal vocalist, most known as a member of the band Mayhem, born March 1971.
Tiger Lilly  10/15/2014
When written in upper case in Turkish, it is written ATTİLA with an upper case dotted i. [noted -ed]
Shibbeh  10/8/2014
It is ati-i-la, ati-the father, I la-left, it means the father left to him, it is in Illyrian, the ancestors of Albanians.
― Anonymous User  11/28/2013
Giuseppe Verdi wrote a beautiful opera called Attila.
Koenigin der Nacht  10/13/2012
This is also a given name in Turkey. Variants of the name include 'Atilla' and 'Atila'. [noted -ed]
Shibbeh  8/17/2011
"Little father"? So Attila means "Daddy"? I'm not so sure about this name in the first place.
gaelruadh19  12/5/2010
Attila a very common, manly, and classic Hungarian name. In Hungary, this name doesn't bring to mind the Hun at all.

It's also my brother's name, and my family grew up in the US. He didn't attend public school, so he didn't have any bullying problems with his name. People often raise eyebrows when they hear his name, however (and I get awfully defensive). Very few people have any trouble pronouncing it, at least.
bathos  12/4/2010
In Hungarian the correct pronunciation is closest to 'ɔtillɔ with a long L; and (at the end and at the beginning) something like the vowel in the word god. But in fact English language does not have the exact sound for that.

Turkish people pronounce it the same way except they say a short L.
attila  9/14/2010
Attila is the most common form in Hungary, but Atilla (1 t, 2 ll-s) is also used. It looks more archaic.

I wonder if the Italian name, Attilio have any relations to Attila.
attila  9/14/2010
Attila József is often called the greatest Hungarian poet of the 20th century. He wrote over 600 poems in his short life (he died when he was 32). Most Hungarians think of him before the Hun when the name Attila is brought up.
bathos  8/15/2010
Attila Dargay was a Hungarian animator.
bathos  7/30/2010
I think it's rather sweet and fine yet strong, though it wouldn't work well outside Europe. My brother has it, and he had few problems with it. Then again, he's an adult, it's a new generation, and a boy growing up now might not have as much credibility. Attila the Hun being learned more about in schools doesn't really help either.
Kerules  10/12/2009
Attila Mellanchini was the name of an exceedingly villainous character in Bernardo Bertolucci's epic film Novecento (or 1900). He was played by Donald Sutherland.
Kosta  10/7/2009
Unless you're Hungarian or Turkish, I wouldn't recommend this name. The association with Attila the Hun will be too much for everyone.
bananarama  10/3/2009
ATTILA was the most famous ruler of the Hunnic Empire that in the 6th century extended from modern day Turkey in the East to central France in the West.

There are many misconceptions about his name. Some say that originally his name was spelled differently or that it has Germanic origin.

This is not true and there is proof for that. Priscus, the famous Roman historian and ambassador to ATTILA's court, wrote several documents where he consistently spells the king's name as ATTILA. These were of course written in Latin.

ATTILA spoke Latin very well since he spent several years in Rome as a child hostage, a common practice at the time where neighboring kingdoms exchanged royal hostages as an assurance against attacking each other.

In the light of his powerful ego, it is certain that the misspelling or mispronouncing of his name would have resulted in serious consequences for the perpetrator. One instance sheds light on his extreme self confidence: when he was attacking the Western Roman Empire, he sent a messenger to the Emperor with a simple message: "King ATTILA, thy master and mine, bids you to prepare a palace for his arrival."

The Huns were a proud nation even under ATTILA's predecessors (his father and then his uncle) and it is extremely unlikely that they would have given a Germanic name to a royal Hun.

In fact ATTILA put together a strong coalition of nations (including Germanic tribes, Visigoths, etc.). The Huns were so powerful that many times the kings of those nations walked in front of ATTILA's triumphal chariot.

Therefore, we can be certain that his name was pronounced as "atilla" and we can also accept Priscus' spelling of it as authentic.

ATTILA has been a popular boy name in Hungary throughout the centuries. The only other country where the name is used is Turkey. In the rest of Europe the name ATTILA still evokes distressing emotions and fear which is reflected in Giuseppe Verdi's famous opera titled "ATTILA".
Hunnia  5/19/2009
If I didn't know anything about Attila the Hun or anything I would probably think this sounds a little like a feminine name.
Pippin  5/5/2008
Everyone thinks of Attila the Hun (the main honcho in the world of the Huns) but I watched a show on the Discovery Channel where they said that his name wasn't even really Attila, they just said it wrong once way back in history and it ended up being written down so now everyone is under the misinterpretation that this was his name. I feal bad for him, he did all that stuff so his name would go down in history and they got it wrong.
livieluvbug  12/6/2007
Don't feel bad for him. He was not a nice guy (to put it mildly!).
Kosta  5/1/2008
Czech singer & songwriter Radùza has a son Attila, born June 2007.
Karcoolka  7/3/2007
Though commonly pronounced with the accent on the second syllable, it is properly accented on the first.
Kosta  3/7/2006
Attila was the leader of the Turkic tribe, the Huns. And his name means "Horse and Arrow". "At" means Horse and "Tilla" or "Tila" means Arrow in ancient Turkic languages.
mseyis  12/17/2005
I think the HUNS are Mongolian original people and Attila was one of Mongolian kings if I'm not wrong. Today there is a alcohol beverage called Attila.
― Anonymous User  7/19/2005
Avithohol means "bred by deer". It is a common legend that covers all Asia and Europe of a prince left in the forest/mountain and bred by a wild animal.
mandor  4/25/2005

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