It's a beautiful name, but I believe that names influence the psyche of the person who carry them. Honestly, despite Autumn being my favorite season (I get the best inspirations) Autumn as a name for a girl is a little bit heavy to carry.
So beautiful :3 However, I would never use it because people in my country would think the name is strange.
...I also do get called autism as a joke from my friends XD and Amber as well.
Well, my name is Autumn... I like but it can get boring. I've only known one other person with my name and she was not the best person lol- sometimes I wonder what my name will sound like in the future when I'm an adult. :/
As a season Autumn is nice and beautiful, but as a name? I don't think so! Just a name because one of seasons have it? Just, not of my favorites and it feels rather boring, nothing much interesting about it. Dry and boring name!
Super pretty. I like this along with Hazel.
Very pretty name especially for a girl. I love it.
Boring and dated!
Autumn is such a dull name. It reminds me of crusty, dead orange leaves falling down from trees, which makes me think of something even worse, Donald Trump.
My name is Autumn too. Full name is Autumn Marie. The impressions people have said here are pretty funny to me, they all say sweet, shy, nice girl. I can be nice but I'm very stubborn and blunt. I have an abrasive personality and I don't really care if people like me. Some people say I'm intimidating but I don't see why. And I get called Amber all the fricking time lol. I wonder why? Do people named Amber get called Autumn a lot too?
Elegant name.
Pretty. The only season name I like.
My name is Autumn Lynn and my dad used to call me Autumn Leaf.
My name is Autumn and I have to agree with another Autumn who says she responds to Amber... lmfao.. most of the time I don’t even correct them and respond immediately to Amber. It’s a great name just brings a lot of lame seasonal jokes. I have reddish hair and green eyes. I haven’t had many nicknames. They usually have to do with my last name. I have been called Awesome... or Autism... lol.
A little overused, but pretty nonetheless.
My name is Autumn and I hate it!
I love this name! It is very nice, Autumn is the best season, and it's just generally great.
Not a fan at all!
I wouldn’t use this name. But it’s not bad. Better than Winter.
Love it!
Very pretty name, also Autumn is my favorite season!
Okay, so wow- I’ve never read so many comments about my name before. My name is Autumn Jewel. I’ve seen some pretty nice ones here. Strange, I have never known anyone to not like the name but I guess since it doesn’t mean warrior princess queen, I get it. I see a lot in common among other Autumns on here. I have natural blonde hair but have not had natural hair color since I was 11. I dye it some kind of red- reddish brown, reddish purple, whatever just red. People think it’s natural. I have green eyes and really fair skin so when I see people describing what they look like and a lot of you I’ve read have some of the same features, it's interesting. I’ve seen comments mentioning how “we’re” calm, happy, and nice which is all true, but you forgot funny. ALSO I’ve been called August, April, AMBER all the time. I respond to Amber right away ahah. “Do you have a sister named Spring?” Dude, it’s weird how humans think up the same thing when they hear “Autumn.” Anyway, love my name. I appreciate my mom naming me it plus my middle name. Oh and my nickname, which I have not seen on here, is AWM. I’ve also been called automatic, autastic. I wouldn’t trade my name for any other. Love all you Autumns out there!
Bro, there was someone who named their child Autumn but spelled it like Ortamm.
It’s so beautiful.
My middle daughter is named Autumn. It’s a gorgeous name. We call her Auts for short. Her name personifies her personality. She is petite and soft spoken, but what a powerhouse.
I'm not sure what it is, but when I hear this name I just think of a young cheerful girl. It is a really beautiful name!
I think this name is beautiful. I think it would be so elegant paired with the middle name “Rayne”.
I also see a lot of people complaining that there are no good nicknames to go with Autumn. I think Audie and Autie are nice names, if maybe a bit childish, but I’d like to say that my name is Annabella (not a common name at least where I’m from. I get called Annabel a lot) and my mom and friends sometimes called me A. Just A. It’s sweet and I’ve always loved it.
I love the name Autumn because it’s so passed with meaning. I’ve seen a lot of people complain that it’s only a season and doesn’t have much meaning behind it but I disagree. Autumn is not only a gorgeous season and my personal favorite, but a time of change and new beginnings. I think naming your child Autumn could symbolize the beginning of a new chapter in your life—parenthood! And going through life with the name Autumn is a kind of reminder to welcome change and let old things go in exchange for new starts.
I love this name a lot. If you named your child this, I would picture a very cheerful girl who is really kind so I would name my kid this.
It's nice as a name but I LOATHE fall.

I've personally disliked my name my whole life and I'm adopted. 1) My mom didn't really put thought into naming me something with meaning. All it literally means is the season Fall. And I used to be called Fall when I was bullied about being clumsy. 2) It's too girly and I'm a tomboy. My mom wanted a girly daughter and it just reminds me I'm not. We have a bad relationship she is abusive in many areas. 3) It's misspelled despite being a season and I'm called many other names (April, August, Adam and most of all AMBER!) My teacher called me Amber many times even though she knew me for years. 4) I just love nicknames for close friends. 5) Many say it's a pretty name, but I think they fail to realize it has no meaning.

In middle school I told my friends to call me Alex (short for Alexandria) because it meant "defender of men." It was tomboyish (but feminine full name) and summarized the fact that I wanna help protect others who have been through abuse and bullying like me. Some of my friends and my teachers call me Lex and Al also. I will change my name legally when I'm older. I know it's a common name, but I feel it fits me and I'm more happy and myself when I'm called Alex.
I have a friend whose name is Autumn. I think it's a beautiful name and describes her. I don't know if there is a significant meaning behind the name but since meeting her a long time ago, my life has changed for the better.
I think Autumn is a beautiful name, it represents that there could be a change within your lifetime.
I like names with meaning and this to me is a season, not a name. Could work as a second name though.
I am an Autumn, I have liked my name the majority of my life. There was a year I did not, only because there were 3 other Autumns in my class (20 years ago) and things got confusing in class. We all had different traits one was a blonde white cheerleader, a tall tomboy basketball player, a gorgeous black cheerleader who did pageants, and then me a nerdy band member Autumn. One thing in common with us all we were all nice to people and focused on school. Anyway, the name fit me a strawberry blonde, blue eyed, pale girl. The nickname "bottom" was only used when doing that Banana nana song to find rhyming words, never maliciously. My aunt tried using "Audie" or "Autie". I didn't care for it as my name is not long. Also, older people tend to call me Amber, like my grandmother. That doesn't bother me. I was asked jokingly if I had a sister named "Summer" I don't know how many times. When kids learned about the seasons it was never an issue with them using "Autumn" instead of "Fall". I read some comments on here about being called "Aut-ism" that would be cruel, but in my time that was never used & Autism wasn't talked about like it is today.
In 2018, 12 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Autumn who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 545th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty!
Autumn is a really pretty name.
I love my name. While it is hard to come up with a nickname, Audie works just fine and people call me that. It is a little bit childish, and if you don't want that as your nickname there are so many other options. You can have a nickname based on your personality, which isn't a bad thing at all. I am commonly called Amber, and sometimes even April or August, but I find it funny.
Most people think of someone fair skinned with brown eyes and light brown/dark blonde hair, but while I have very fair skin, I have green eyes and dark brown hair (like Daisy Ridley) people always say I look like an Autumn to them. Though, I think it isn't so much about the look that makes you an Autumn (but that does help), I think it is more about the personality. I don't know why, but I feel like Autumns should have the right blend of being always calm, always happy, and young at heart. If you are overly hyper, a grouch or a couch potato, you could be named Autumn but in my personal preference, this name isn't the one for you.
If you are thinking about naming your kid that just know they will see lots of frustration with people misspelling your name (what is with that? People should know how to spell the name of a season), and name calling (along the lines of AuDumb or Bottom), but once you get past elementary bullies (which can happen no matter what name you have) it is truly a beautiful and elegant name.
All my life I have been told Autumn is a “really pretty name.” I agree that it is actually a very nice name, the problem is I’ve also come to realize that since it is based off of the season fall that really my name is the season where all the plants wilt and die before winter comes, which can be rather depressing.
I would call my baby girl Autumn if I go on to have one.
I want to name my future daughter Autumn.
I think we’re naming our baby girl Autumn. I think all the season names can be lovely and I knew a “spring” growing up. I’m 34 and didn’t hear the name Winter growing up but it’s definitely in the mix now. I’m an Amber and it’s EXTREMELY common where I live now but wasn’t where I am from. There was only one in my class and I knew one other in high school. I moved west at 27 and hear my name a lot. I can see how in some areas Autumn could be more popular. I think most people have thought at some point in life about what they don’t or do like about a name. If ya don’t like it enough, change it :)
My name is Autumn Sky. My birthday is in October. My mom said she named me this because she had fallen in love with the sky view from her hospital window. I’ve never met anybody with the same middle name as me. I have two sisters, Amanda and Ashley. (My mother's name starts with an A as well; guess she likes the letter) I’ve met a few people named Autumn along the way of my journey in life. I used to hate my name. Really there is no nickname for my friends to call me, which sucks. But you get used to that. I suppose I’ve grown more fond of my name as I got older.
My daughter's name is also Autumn Rain, she has never been called anything other than her name Autumn Rain, but she is still just only three years old. Her name is beautiful and I hope she feels the same about her name as she gets older. I will do everything I possibly can to give her the confidence she needs to be proud of everything she is so that she loves herself as much as I do, as well as her name.
I like Autumn a lot, it is my favorite season name. I dislike Summer somewhat and don't like Winter as much. Autumn has always reminded me of an amber orange shade, it's lovely.
I’m glad other people like it but for me it’s terrible having this name. It doesn’t even sound pretty to me either. Aw-tum. How does that sound pretty?
This is such a beautiful name. I absolutely love this name! It's so elegant, smart, strong. Natural and amazing. It just flows off your Tötungen. However, I think you should only name your kid this if they are born in a fall month.
Hey everyone, we named my daughter Autumn Joy. We have a very common last name so wanted something more unique. We gave her my middle name Joy, which is also my mother's middle name. After we decided on the name, we saw a painting in a gallery called "Autumn Joy" and found out there are sedum plants named Autumn Joy, that turn a soft burgundy color with the Autumn season. Now I notice them whenever I see them and we have some in our yard. It added a special meaning to her name. Even so, we just love the name and being in the Midwest, we love the season. The most common mistake people have is calling her Amber. Amber is much more common here so I think it's just what people default to when they can't truly remember her name. My daughter has dark blonde hair with a hint of strawberry, fair Irish/Swedish/German skin but not many freckles. However, we named her before we knew what she looked like. For all you Autumn's out there, be proud of your name and know that the Autumn season is a favorite for many people. It represents the beauty of nature as it prepares to slumber for the winter. It's the crescendo of the year in my opinion.
Hey guys. My name is Autumn and I love it! To most people, I look like an Autumn. Freckles, soft skin, dirty blonde medium hair. I'm in middle school and no one has ever teased me about my name. I personally love my name and I am happy to see people on the website do too. I do sometimes get mistaken for the name Amber and a little bit of August. But everything else is perfect.
My name is Autumn. I've always hated having this name for the simple fact that I didn't think it had a great meaning. I love the season but "Season of Harvest" is not at all enough meaning for me. I also have been called Amber, Ashley, Adam. As if no one can get it right. People leave off the n and sometimes when read out loud people say Ottoman. It's very frustrating, especially since my sister's have similar names. Summer, Stormy, Misty. So people would also call me Winter, Spring, Rainy, Snowy and proceed to ask where all the other seasons and weather forecasts were. And there were four other Autumn's in my school. One in the same grade as me, one a year below and one a year above. The one above me also had a last name similar to mine. Also, when I picture someone with the name Autumn I picture an auburn haired girl with soft brown eyes, fair skin and freckles. I have dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and tan skin. For the longest time I made people call me by my middle name Brooke because they always got me confused with the other Autumn or this other girl named August. But there were no other Brooke's. I hate my name but I've been Autumn Brooke my whole life and wouldn't know what else I'd want to be called. My nieces and nephews call me Auty along with anyone who is super close to me. Except my best friend because her cousin just so happens to be another Autumn, a year younger than me and they call her Audie. So yea, it's actually very common in the area that I'm from.
Autumn Patricia Phillips is the wife of Peter Phillips, the son of Princess Anne and the oldest grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. After graduating from McGill University in 2002, Kelly met Peter Phillips in her birthplace and hometown of Montreal, Quebec; their engagement was announced in July 2007, and they married in St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, on 17 May 2008. They have two daughters named Savannah and Isla. The family lives in London. She retains her Canadian citizenship.
People are overthinking this. The name Autumn is beautiful and describing autism as if it's a bad thing to be associated with is horrible.
My name is Autumn and I get the names Adam or Amber mixed up with my name. Or people call me Fall, Winter, Summer, Fall, Spring. But I think Autumn is such a pretty name. I hated my name at times but now I love it. It is very uncommon and I am the only Autumn in my school. I think that if I wasn't named Autumn I would be missing out on a lot of compliments. It's fun being complemented all the time. I'm glad my name is Autumn.
My name is Autumn and yes, when I was little I hated my name and yes people still call me Amber, April, and even August. Not that many people picked on me for the name Autumn, mostly cousins and siblings did. My mom said one day she was at Walmart and heard a women call her child Autumn and she fell in love with it. I think my name fits me because I have strawberry blonde hair, hazel eyes and I have light skin and freckles. Also I was born in Autumn, December 18th. Where I live there is a whole lot of Autumns but I'm the only one in my grade. Okay there aren't many nicknames to call me, but Autie has been the best. Also someone posted that Autumn sounds like autism, yes it does but I'm not ashamed of having a name that's sounds like autism and also I think autism parents can have babies if they want. I don't think autism actually needs a cure because everyone is different in some way or some shape or form. But I think Autumn is a great name for a girl or boy.
It's very pretty, but it kind of seems like the name of a very.... unconventional girl, if you get what I mean. Like the name of someone who dresses flashy, wears dramatic makeup, has unusual hobbies, and a very out-there odd personality. It also seems a bit cutesy and immature to me as well, like the name of a young woman rather than a middle aged or older one. Autumn is a season I appreciate strongly, due to the changing colors of the leaves and the fact that it's the only time of the year I'm not constantly sick (spring and summer bring horrible allergies, winter brings bronchitis and pneumonia, ) so I associate the word "Autumn" with a general sense of my own well-being, as well. Not my favorite name, but I do like it.

As for the association with autism, well, I didn't think of that until a previous poster pointed it out. As a person who was diagnosed as autistic as a child, I have to say that I don't find this to be a bad association, because I do not view myself with contempt like a few other users on here seem to view people like me.
My name is Autumn and I love it. I frequently get called Amber or Heather (where that comes from I am unsure). To the person who is trying to compare the name Autumn to Autism - I think you have too much time on your hands. I work in a very large company and meet with many people throughout my day-to-day work functions and no one forgets my name. I have only ran into a few Autumn's in my lifetime. My sister, whom is 5 years younger than me is Winter. My brother who is 2 years younger than me is Ethan. My sister and I are constantly having to pull out our ID's wherever we go because no one believes us. I love my name, haters please move along.
I might use it for one of my kids. I don't think of Autism. (not that autism is a bad thing, I have it.)
Personally, this name makes me think of "Autism" too much for my comfort.

AUTuMn AUTisM. The only letters separating them are u & n and the 'is'
Name your kid "Autumn" don't be surprised if I end up mistaking it for the word & neurological disorder of Autism. Also, I'm not too fond of the "Tum" part. It makes me think of the over the counter heartburn medication "Tums".
Yeah, I have to agree with the user who pointed out how close this name is to "Autism" like why on earth would you name your child something that could be associated with some horrific disorder that has swept our country like an epidemic? Something that seems to be only increasing without a known cure. (If there ever will be that is)
My name is Autumn. Autumn Christine. Much like many Autumn's out there, I hated it as a child and appreciate it as an adult. Kids used to trip me and say, "Have a nice FALL!" Lots of seasonal jokes and lame attempts to hurt my feelings. Some asked me if I was going to become a stripper. I've only met a few Autumn's before. I have mostly seen some on TV. As an adult I have come to embrace it. It liberates me with my personality. Yes, my favorite color is orange, I dye my hair bright shades of red, my blood tastes like pumpkin spice, and I adapt to change very well. Although I used to think that my parents had doomed me from birth with this name, because life has handed me a lot of hard falls... The truth is some things in life have to wither and die for new things to be nourished and thrive. This is a name that stands for beauty and endurance. I'm very proud of my name. Especially because now I know what other Autumn's have gone through and know I'm not alone. :)
Autumn is my favourite season, where there are colourful trees and gentle breezes. It sounds beautiful and exotic, so I would recommend it :)
I love this name! It makes me think of a sweet, unique, funny young girl, with brunette or auburn hair and brown eyes. I think this name suits all age groups and would love to use it on a future daughter. Autumn Grace.
My name is Autumn. Autumn Elizabeth. I really love it because it really fits me. I have strawberry blonde hair, a very artistic mindset, and am fiercely independent. Some people think it's a hippie name, but who cares? I think it's pretty and unique, but then again I am partial. Someone said that there really aren't many nicknames: FALSE. FACT: there are many nicknames for Autumn. My dad calls me fall and Auttie. Also, when I was little the neighbor boys used to call me Autumn bottom. This wasn't exactly desirable, but it's something to laugh about now. One thing I do hate about being named Autumn is that people always ask me when my birthday is or what season I was born in. I wasn't born in Autumn which I find to be a tiny bit weird. But hey, I find Autumn to be a beautiful name because of the imagery I have of trees turning beautiful shades of red and orange and all of the wonderful memories I have as a kid carving pumpkins and doing fallish activities. I have and always will appreciate my name.
I'm thinking about naming my child Autumn because I just love the name and how beautiful and colorful it is. But I'm reconsidering because I've heard people confuse it a lot and say things like "Don't fall, Autumn" but I might think about having a character in a book I'll write named Autumn and show the ups and downs of the name as well as high school or middle school.
The name Autumn reminds me WAY too much of "Autism" and it doesn't help that I knew a girl named this in highschool who was very rude & transparent

Seasonal names such as Summer & Winter I don't mind at all.

Autumn I just don't click with.
Autumn is such a beautiful name. Very feminine. I always imagine a brunette with a golden glow to her hair, or a redhead.

With a name like Destiny myself, I try to steer away from the thought of overly unique names and choose something more common. But this name to me is so beautiful it would be the only exception if I had a girl.
Autumn is my youngest daughters' name. I was looking through a list of names, and it just jumped right out at me! I knew immediately it was the one. I had grown up with a few girls named Autumn, and thought it was beautiful, and different. It's a sweet and feminine name. I always got so many compliments when she was little!
Autumn Hurlbert, an American actress, singer, and dancer.
Autumn is a beautiful name. I was born in Autumn, so my opinion is probably of no surprise. :P.
Autumn Rowe, a singer-songwriter.
I love the imagery that comes to mind with the name Autumn. It is feminine and strong.

The only problem I have with this name is the different pronunciations. For example, I pronounce Autumn as "Aw-dum" (like dumb). This doesn't sound good at all, but most Americans pronounce the T sound as a D sound... I have also heard it pronounced "Aw-dem" and "Aw-dim/Aw-Tim." So, I would not name anyone this personally because I don't like all of the different pronunciations! It's just confusing... but I love the meaning and the feminine quality of the name Autumn : )
Richard Hugh "Ritchie" Blackmore, famed British guitarist and songwriter of the bands Deep Purple and Rainbow (and currently of the folk-rock band Blackmore's Night), and his wife Candice Lauren Night have a daughter named Autumn Esmerelda, who was born May 27th, 2010.
My first and middle name is Autumn Rae. I love my name and have always gotten many compliments on it. I am very artistic and feel that my name captures me perfectly. However, my biggest pet peeve is that people constantly mistake my name for Amber! I don't understand it because they do not sound similar. The other thing is that you can't shorten it or nickname it, unless you want people calling you AUT or even worse Audi.
I think Autumn is a beautiful name. I would name my daughter that in a heartbeat. Autumn Rosalie is a gorgeous name. And Autumn is my favorite season.
My name's Autumn and I have a mixed feeling for my name. It gets mixed up with April and Amber all the time. Nobody really knows my name either. Its nice to have because I was born on October 11 and I have a golden red hair color so it matches me. The worst thing with my name was when I went to an Irish camp and my name was translated to Irish and it was fomher (pronounced four. Boring right?!?).
Autumn Patricia Phillips (nee. Kelly) who married Peter Phillips the son of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips.
I think of someone with auburn brownish hair and hazel eyes when I hear this. I like this name a lot. Out of all the season names it's the most beautiful, though I like Winter too.
American actor Jake Busey and his wife April Hutchinson have a daughter named Autumn Rosalia Busey (born July 30, 2012 in Santa Monica, California).
I'm Australian and I named my daughter Autumn. I love this name, obviously. I wanted something different without being too weird. It's not a popular name here and I am yet to meet another "Autumn". With our accent the only confusion of the pronunciation is people thinking I've called her "Awsome"! And the spelling. It's amazing how many people think it's spelt AUTUM. I must admit though, my mother has an American accent and she does pronounce it a little different, Audum, so I can see where the Adam "could" come from. I love the name and couldn't imagine her being anything but Autumn.
I love this name - it sounds youthful, feminine and unique. The only problem is finding a middle name.
Autumn Reeser (born 1980 in La Jolla, California) is an American actress.
I've always thought that this is very pretty as a name and reflects the beauty of the season. I'm confused how someone could confuse calling a girl named Autumn with Amber (or anything else), or worse- Adam. O.o
I think Autumn Russell would be a good name for a character, as in a rustle in the Autumn leaves.
I love the name Autumn. I have only known one person with this name, thankfully she was pleasant. I would like to use it if I have a daughter.
It's rather cute, but at the same time, it's a bit immature and has the slightest whisper of "trendy". Not bad, but not the best.
Violinist and singer Emilie Autumn was born as Emilie Autumn Liddell.
She was given the middle name of Autumn as she was born in September; the Autumn months.
I will call my daugther this :)
Autumn comes from the Latin ''Autumnus'' and was a commoner name back then. Women were called ''Autumne'' and men ''Autumnus''. =D Isn't that marvelous? I will do everything for my to be born on Autumn so I can call her like that! ^_^ I hope they will know to pronounce it in Mexico. They usually say ''Otiumn''.
I think this name is beautiful. It's the name of my baby niece, and Autumn is my boyfriend's sister's name. She's gorgeous, and she's become one of my closest friends. I love this name!
Born in 1954, I was named Autumn Michele after my mother whose name was likely Florence Autumn, but she always went by Autumn. In Catholic grammar school in the early '60's the nuns used to always ask "What is your Christian name?" "Michele, sister." Later, I would more commonly get, "Is that your real name?" I don't get either of these questions anymore, as, sadly, the name has come into common use.

When people do not hear me right, I sometimes get called "Adam", but more often (and there is a Facebook Group dedicated to the wrong names we Autumns are called) "Amber".

I love my name and it has imparted to me a strong sense of individuality. It is not a name for the faint of heart.

In trying to establish early use of the name, I can add that my mother, born in Galveston, TX in 1924 was named Autumn and she was told that she was named for a nurse or caretaker. It may have been in some use in the south, perhaps in LA or TX for some time before coming into more general use in the '60's.

I have heard, but cannot verify that the Japanese do sometimes use the Japanese word for Autumn as a name.
A really nice name :) I can't imagine naming my daughter it though.
I have a cousin named Autumn. I love the colors of the season but I don't think the name is amazing.
Autumn is a nice, clean name. The Autumn I know is a giving, funny, cute girl, who never has anything had to say.
I adore this name. Autumn's my favorite season: The beautiful leaves, the cool but not cold air, Halloween, being able to wear just about anything depending on the day. If I had a daughter, her name would be this.
This name is actually quite lovely, and is the only season name that I like as a person's name. Unfortunately, it seems to be used a lot by white trash.
I really think that this is a pretty name. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons as well! There was a girl who I used to go to school with with that name. I LOVED IT!
"Autumn & Me" is a song by Saving Jane off of the album "Girl Next Door". The singer sings about the love between her and her best friend, Autumn.
A character in the game Outlaw Golf 2 was named Autumn.
The first time I heard this name was when I was little and I met an Australian couple with a baby girl named Autumn. I'd never heard the name before and I thought it was strange. The father kept saying the name in a sing-song way and I loved the way it sounded. I've liked the name a great deal ever since, but given it's apparent popularity (although I've never met anyone with this name since) I'd only name a child this if she was born on the autumnal equinox.
I have no clue why the hell someone would confuse "Autumn" with "Adam". I named my daughter Autumn Renea and the only thing people sometimes forget is to add the "n" at the end when they spell it. I don't know where you people are from where it sounds like "Adam". I'm from Tennessee and no one around here pronounces is "AW-DUMB" and this place has plenty of deep southern accents. I've always heard it pronounced correctly.
A famous bearer of the name is American actress Autumn Reeser.
My name is Autumn which I used to not like but now I love it. There aren't very many Autumns. I was named Autumn because it was my mom's favorite season. What's also cool is that I was born in the autumn/fall which is totally awesome and I could never see Autumn on a boy but if you like it that's cool. When I think of the name in general I think of a person that is very strong and independent. People who judge others' names which I understand is why you're commenting but maybe those who think it should be illegal for people to name their children Autumn maybe should go look back on their own names and see if their names are all that great but that's just my opinion. I am very glad to grow up with this name and the teasing usually stops around elementary school so it's not a big deal to me.
I think it is just a beautiful name.
This is a nice name, but it doesn't quite have the same charm anymore, now that it's become so common. I hate the fact that some Americans pronounce this as AH-dum, which sounds like a foreign/pretentious pronunciation of Adam. The name can't really blow people away if it's popular, so I'd wait until people don't use it so much anymore.
I think the name Autumn is absolutely lovely! It makes me think of a girl who is intelligent, beautiful, and down-to-earth.
The name "Autumn" reminds me of a pretty girl, with long auburn hair. It's a pretty nice name in my opinion. :D
I love this name, I think it's so pretty. There is a famous photographer and music video director named Autumn de Wilde.
There ought to be a law protecting innocent babies from such stupid names.
In England, the accent pronounces Autumn very differently to Adam, so it's unlikely to get confused here.
Such a wonderful name! Quirky but nice. I love Autumn and Summer as names.
My niece's name is Autumn Faith. I think it's a beautiful name. But I'm worried people won't get her name right and call her Adam.
I love this name but people sure do pick on me about it. But it is very beautiful and it tells you a lot about the person's personality.
I'd prefer this as a second name, i.e. Kaylee Autumn Smith.
My name's Autumn and I always hated it growing up. Unfortunately I had a lot of annoying boys on my street calling me everything from days of the week (Wednesday most often) to months (April, or August) to seasons other than mine (Winter). Other "A" names both male and female were up for grabs as was "Bottom" ha ha ha. Also I spent the last 6 years of school with an Otto, and the last 4 with another Autumn. Spelling has also been a problem for me (Atum, Ottom, Otum, Adum, ect.) While I love my name now it was a long time coming for me. Most of my youth was spent dreaming up new names for myself. I always thought it was bland.
If this name wasn't so common for girls I would really like it on a boy. It's pretty on girls, and I think it would be handsome on a boy.
Autumn is what we call in Britain (and some other places in the world) Fall. Autumn is a season name and in Britain it's like being called Summer or Winter. Nothing is wrong with this, I like the name but here not many girls are called that because of the association and I suppose most American girls have no idea what their name actually means, but then again it is wonderfully pretty and is spelt nice too. Hope it doesn't come stupidly popular.
Just for the record, the US does use "Autumn" as a season. Autumn vs. Fall tends to be a regional thing, but I have yet to meet a single person in my entire life here that doesn't know what Autumn is.

This name is something you can really grow up with, and grow into, though.
I simply cannot see a boy being named 'Autumn'. This seems very feminine to me, and I love it for a girl. It is a very, very pretty name. ;)
My name is Autumn, and I've experienced both the ups and downs of it. First of all, my older sister is Ashley (my parents wanted "A" names) so she always had little note pads and pencils with her name on it while I had to specially order them. While I was constantly mixed up with Ashley, I also was called Amber, ironically my cousin's name, a lot as well. I like the comment about it being "colorful"; I always negatively took it as the season when everything dies. However, now that I'm older, I constantly get comments about how beautiful it is. Many say the name suits me, or that I even look like Autumn because of my red hair and fair skin. I recommend this name if you know your baby will "look" like the fall colors, but beware, I've gotten "Don't fall, Autumn" a lot. Also, beware that those with a southern accent might adjust the pronunciation to sound more like "AW-DUMB", which isn't flattering sometimes. In an era where names are tending to take more of a natural tone, Autumn is both earthy but keeps its elegance. I agree, this name doesn't have any previous association (like celebrities or historical figures) which allows the person to take it as their own. I almost take offense to the comment stating that its just a word - aren't all names "just words"? Hopefully I've done my part in defining it as classy and dignified!
I think Autumn is really pretty. It's the only season name I like. I love it.
My name is Autumn and my middle name is Rose. I love the sound of it. It's a very pretty name and isn't common, and I like that.
My name is April, sometimes I do get called Autumn. I don't mind because it is such a beautiful name! Granted it is 'just a word' but all names are including mine. By the way Autumn Rain is the best name I have seen in a very long time.
It is a very pretty name. I like most names with an m like Emma, Amy, and Autumn.
American supermodel Autumn Hyle bears the name.
The name Autumn is very unique. But technically, it's just a word, so a person with this name could be kind of embarrassed.
I think this is a really pretty name. I knew a girl back in school with the name Autumn and she did get teased some with it, most people would tell her not to fall down or to make like a tree and leaf, so that is the only thing that sticks in my mind but I still really like the name.
My name is Autumn and I like it because it's not common. Also there's another girl at my school whose name is Autumn. I thought that was so weird. She's the only other Autumn I've met. It does get easily confused though.
My name is Autumn. I'm the only girl at my school with my name. It rocks because when there is 2 other kids with the same name, you get mixed up. But with a name that no one has, it rocks.
My 6 year old Goddaughter's name is Autumn and I just absolutely love it. I would've named my first daughter Autumn, but my best friend beat me to it! I've never thought how people would mistake her name for the ones mentioned by those who also commented. I'll have to ask my friend if she's had any problems like that. My dad jokes with Autumn and asks "how's little Fall doing?" in reference to the other name for the season! She's just a sweetheart and the name suits her well.
We have one daughter and we named her Autumn MacKenzie. I have always liked the name Autumn. I also wanted something that wasn't too common and that couldn't be shortened. Many people also think I'm saying "Adam" when I tell them her name is Autumn. It irritates me, haha. It is a pretty name though.
Our daughter's name is Autumn Rain, and we have had a lot of people call her Adam also, but I love her name because it is not very common. My husband and I always had very common names and we didn't want our daughters to be like that too.
My daughter's name is Autumn, and like another poster she gets called "Adam" and "Amber" a lot. She also hears a lot of "April". Nevertheless, she fits her name with her reddish hair. It is also nice that there are no other Autumns in her school.
My name is Autumn and at times I really don't like my name because people get it confused with Adam or Amber. But I love how it's so by itself, at my high school I'm the only one named Autumn and you don't get that too much. I think it is a pretty name and I get compliments all the time for it. I don't know what it means but I like it.
I think Autumn is a beautiful name. I think it's a name a girl could grow up with.
There's this amazing song from a group named "From Autumn to Ashes" which is called "Autumn's Monologue". Even though they are a hard rock band that song is amazing! Also, I think that Autumn is one of the best names I've ever heard.
I love this name. It reminds me of a beautiful girl or woman who can stand up for themselves and needs no motivation.
Autumn is colorful, and represents change. "Colors outside the lines"

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