I prefer on a girl instead.
This name has a very nice sound. I enjoy the name Bailey for any gender. A fun nickname for this name would be: “Bailey Banana”. This name reminds me of bananas for some reason (positive). Bailey is a pretty cool name. Another thing: This is the only spelling variant that I like.
Wayyy too childish for my liking.
We are using this name for my niece arriving May 10th, Bailey's middle name is Faye. I love her name! Almost named her Emerson May.
I've only ever met (human) female Bailey. I didn't even know it was unisex until recently.
I've noticed a lot of golden retrievers are named this.
What about the golden retriever from A Dog's Purpose book (2010) and movie (2017). I'm pretty sure his name is Bailey.
Not a fan, but this is the best spelling.
This name is really cute. My friend’s name is Roxanne, but she now goes by Bailey, because she doesn’t like her real name. People are saying this is a dog's name, but Bailey is a perfectly acceptable name. It’s not too common where I live, and it’s really pretty.
Doesn't sound right as a first name.
I think its great nickname is Bay, Bails, Lee Lee and yeah, it's really cute.
It's an average name. I'd prefer it for a male rather than a female (it fits better, I can't imagine a girl calling themselves Bailey or its variants). It's more suitable for a pet. Lovely name for a pet.Also, the name isn't timeless. It would fit well with a young child, but I don't think it would with a 80 or so year old person.
I know that Bailey Ballinger has this name, but I still think that this name should be MASCULINE. It's probably because I've met a lot of male dogs that have the name Bailey.
Hi, my name is Bailey and I love it. I think that my name is a unique, beautiful, and courageous name. I believe that I am a daughter of God and that I am perfectly and wonderfully made. So you don’t like the name Bailey? This name is what God knew my name was going to be and he knew that it was going to be my name even before I was born. If God chose my name, then I believe that I can still sparkle and shine with the name Bailey.
Bailey Mcknight is a twin sister to Brooklyn and they have a youtube channel with over 6 million subscribers. They also write songs.
I absolutely LOVE this name. I have a friend named Bailey, and I have always liked her name. It is just sooo pretty. My favorite spelling of the name is Bailey. Anyways, my BFF, Bailey, has a beautiful name and I always tell her that is such a pretty name. Anyone who hates on this name is stupid. SUCH A LOVELY NAME!
Dont understand the hate. I don't love it, but it's not a bad name.
Bailey is a beautiful and historic name and although it was popular in the 90s, it's not really that common (I've only met three people named Bailey in my life.) It's a great antique name that doesn't sound out of place in the modern era, so it's a great choice for people who like those classic, old names without alienating their kid.
My name is Bailey, and no one has ever told me they didn't like my name. All of my friends love my name, and say it is beautiful. I love my name and even if I had the chance to change my name, I wouldn't. My favorite spelling of the name is Bailey, But I think Baylee and Bailee are cute also.
I do not know why people actually hate this name though...I also think that it's more fitting for a girl but I'm staying on unisex. You people are just rude.
I don’t even like this name. The most I can really say is that this is a girl name. I can’t even imagine this name on a boy.
Bailey is way better on girls. You people are crazy.
I have a huge dislike for this name. And don’t even get me started on the variants like “Bayleigh” and “Bailee”.
Sounds sort of juvenile. I don't really see what's so appealing about it, it's not that attractive and it's very trendy and tired. I prefer it for boys. Sure, it sounds cute on little girls, but it will sound ridiculous on grown women. And please none of this Baylee/Bailie/Bayleigh nonsense.
I think this is even worse than Kaylee.
Bailey is a girl's name to me. Sounds wimpy on a boy. I like it as a girl's name, but I'd spell it Bailee.
I think it sounds great on boy dogs and great on not dog girls. Does that sound weird or something? I guess so, but I still think it's cute. (PS I know you all are gonna negative point my comment but this is my personal opinion. If you agree then thanks for supporting me!:)
Ewww! Such a horrible and stupid name.
Hey all, my name is Bailey and I adore it. I have always gotten complimented on my name and in the cases where people tell me it is a dog name, I am never offended. Dogs are a man's best friend :) When my life long friend group decided to pick each other spirit animals one night, they decided mine is a golden retriever. I really couldn’t have been happier to be honest. They are loyal, loving, strong and smart. I am an Army officer and nurse and I chose these professions for my leadership and caring nature. I hope this helps if you’re considering this name (of any spelling!)
My name is Bailey and not to be rude, just to state my opinion, I don't believe Bailey is a bad name. And that sounds so obvious like 'Of course you'd say that, that's you're name!' But I also don't believe this name is a sin or a curse. I was blessed with this name from my grandmother. And sure, there are alcoholic drinks and cigarettes that have my name involved but that has nothing to do with me. And there are so many alcoholic beverages that have names, there's Jim Beam, Captain Morgan, Don Julio, Johnnie Walker, Jack Daniels, and Jameson. And just because someone is named Bailey does not mean they are dumb. Throughout school I had straight A's, if I ever even got a B, I would freak out because I have plans for college and I'm smart enough to get through it. Also using Bailey as a dog's name is fine, it doesn't matter female or male. It doesn't matter if there's a boy named Bailey or a girl named Bailey. It doesn't matter whether the spelling is Bailee, Baylee, Bayley, Baileigh, or Bailie, we're all people (or animals) and we don't deserve to be judged by our name. And if you're judging us on our name because we are a sin or a curse, then maybe you should stop judging people so quickly. Take your time and get to know us. Have you ever heard the term 'don't judge a book by it's cover'? If you are saying things about this name, saying when you think of it, that you picture a dumb, annoying child, you are judging a book by it's cover. But it's worse because you are judging a person, you are judging me and all the Bailey's, Bayley's, Baileigh's and more, just by their names. And no, it doesn't have to be a biblical name, but there are thousands of names not included in the bible that are beautiful too. Some people will judge and I understand that, but without knowing my personality, judging me by my name, maybe even just the sound, that's just cruel.
Trendy, annoying name. Never liked the sound of it anyway.
I am not sure why, but I really like this name. I find it nice and not overused. Many say it’s a dog name, but Bella is also used on many dogs as well as many humans. I find the name cute for a kid but I think it would age well too!
I’m not too big a fan of this name on girls, I like it better on a boy to be honest.
We chose Bailey for our six month old daughter and LOVE her name. The sound of it has great alliteration with our last name and we even loved the meaning of “law enforcer” as I am studying to practice law!
Deal with my name... okay?
Bailey is a perpetually immature sounding name.
Always makes me think of bales of hay or barley. I agree with the other commenters mentioning it sounds like a dog’s name.
Bailey is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Bailey is bailiff. In the Middle Ages a bailiff was a minor official of the law. It IS a boy's name, it happens to be my surname. It works well with the song "The Name Game", as does my first name which is Shannon. Every time someone says my name I cringe and feel like I'm in trouble. I've heard SHENANDOAH one too many times. Yes I am Irish named after a river and a bailiff. You can't control your name anymore than the color of your skin so suck it up buttercup and remember... It's all in the image you portray... If you act classy people will believe you're classy, if you act white trashy... well you know. It could be a whole lot worse!
Hello. My name is Bailey, as you might have been able to tell. I personaly like people saying that my name is considered to be a dog's name, and I will not and have not ever taken it as an insult. I would consider myself a mixture of a lot of different personalities; comedic, reserved, intelligent, serious, an extrovert and introvert, etc.. I would not say that I represent the definition/ name meaning for Bailey. I just wanted to share my thoughts.
I am named Bailey. I've never been a fan of my name, and I'm sick of people teasing me about my name. I think of my name as a boy's name, but I don't think it is "cruel" to be named it. I actually rather this than the other names my parents thought of. Bailey is not a dog's name. Just because people think Bailey suits their dog, doesn't mean people with this name are dogs, named after dogs, and stuff like that.
This is actually my name and I've always liked it. I wouldn't say it's super popular in the UK, and have never personally met another person with my name. I'm 22. I've seen a lot of negative comments on my name. Some people saying "it's a dogs name" - well, no. It isn't.
It's originally an Old English surname, meant for a HUMAN. Why are people naming their dogs with human names anyway? C'mon. As for the liquor, I don't mind it. I don't think it makes my name trashy, since it's originally a surname as I stated above. The only thing I don't like about my name is how people spell it like Baylee, Bayleigh, Bayli etc.
In 2018, 12 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Bailey who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 639th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens. In 2018, 13 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Bailey who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 458th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Very unique, reminds me of castles and royalty. Also a good name for a cat or dog.
Only slightly better than Kayley and Hayley.
We named our daughter Bailey Rose and it is the PERFECT name for her. She is a beautiful, confident, smart and sassy little one. We came from middle class, and live in a wonderful middle class small town. We have heard it for dogs, but we also have a Jackson, which is a wonderful prominent sounding name and our closest friends now have a dog named Jackson. Our oldest is Hunter, a boy which is also a great girl name. So it all goes both ways, to each his own, and I will never regret a second naming her that!
Really ugly, and it is an occupational name.
My daughter's name is pronounced this way, but spelled Bayleigh. It was my grandmothers maiden name, but I wanted the spelling to be unique.
Bailey is garnered to have been the worst name ever created and it actually needs to be illegal to call anyone Bailey. You're basically calling them filthy casual and it makes you sound super dumb saying it. If I'm going to be honest here, I really do pity anyone named Bailey, especially if you're a boy. Let's think a little deeper. If Bailey was a good name then it would be in the bible! But wait! God says that it's a sin to drink alcohol! And Bailey is the name of a sinful drink!
Yet your Username has Bailey in it, LOL!
Comment above is absolutely disgusting. Due to it not being in the bible makes it a horrible name? What a narrow minded view to have. I happen to think it’s a lovely name and I would never judge someone on such a thing. Some people really need to be a little nicer.
I happen to be one that is blessed with the name of Bailey. But when I look down at these comments, I am rather confused. Some people say that Bailey is a "cutesy", "over used" name. Besides the fact that there is an alcohol drink named after Bailey, or popular dog names happen to be Bailey. I do not see where it is "cutesy" at all. Maybe that's because I don't find myself to be cutesy. Anyways, I love my name and if you hate it, then that is your opinion I cannot change it. But if you complain about the name Bailey, replace it with your name and see how you feel.
Well I think it is a great name. There is nothing bad about this name- it can be a boy's or girl's name and is a cute name. I am only 10 years old and have that name and I am a girl. I am very grateful that I have this name and love my parents with all my heart for naming me this.
Where do I start? Bailey is an okay name, if trendy and constantly spelled "creatively." I wouldn't use it, personally. Yes, it has a nice sound, but there are plenty of cons to this name. These include constant gender-confusions and the fact that this name is overly popular for both humans and animals. Bailey also has very few nickname options. Perhaps it is just the fact that this name has been used more often in modern times, but I can't easily picture an adult Bailey. Oddly enough, I feel that this works better for girls when young, but I can only see a grown-up Bailey as male.
Bailey Michelle Brown is an American child actress. She currently co-stars as Janie Hobbs on the Nick at Nite original sitcom See Dad Run, starring Scott Baio. Prior to this, she appeared in the 2011 film Paranormal Activity 3.
I think Bailey is very nice for a dog's name but I would never use it for a person's name. It is even worse when the name is misspelled as Baylee or Bailee because these make it look like the person's parents did not know how to spell. I know two dogs named Bailey and they are both male. One is a golden retriever and one is a dachshund, so it can be used by both big dogs and small dogs. I do not know if it is used for female dogs.
Bailey De Young is an American actress and dancer most well known for playing the characters Ginny Thompson on Bunheads and Lauren Cooper on Faking It. De Young is a native of Sacramento, California. She is a dancer, starting around the age of seven, with a focus in jazz, tap, and ballet. Additionally, she is a trained soprano and has various theater credits. She graduated from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. After that, she landed a leading role as Ginny Thompson in the ABC Family series Bunheads. In 2014, she made a guest appearance in the sitcom Baby Daddy as Bailey, and Jenna Taylor on The Middle. In 2014, she was cast in the MTV sitcom Faking It as Lauren.
My dog's name is Bailey and he's a boy and I was stuck with it. I like the way it sounds. I like this name!
With the movie A Dog's Purpose, I wonder if it will become a male name again, especially for male dogs.
Terrible first name. Fairly common English surname.
An okay name... Can't imagine this name on a 30 year old though.. Same goes with my own name so I really can't say anything.
In the United States today, this name is common and androgynous for dogs, but for humans it's much less common and skews heavily female. In 2015, it was the 10th most common name for female dogs and the 17th most common name for male dogs, according to Also in 2015, it was the 108th most common name for baby girls but didn't make the top 1000 for baby boys, according to the Social Security Administration.
The name Bailey was given to 109 boys born in the US in 2015.
I'm so surprised no one brought up that it is also being used in Grey's Anatomy. I named my chihuahua this, who is male, for that reason. There is a Dr. Miranda Bailey on the show who is a main character, and also the main character Merideth Grey named her son this "Bailey Grey". For me, I thought this had something to do with its more recent popularity. And I love the name for boy or girl. I know a few family friends that have boys with this name that are now 18, and another is like 22. It seems rather suitable on both, even now that they are older.
I think the name "Bailey" is very pretty. I would change the spelling to BAYLI. That makes the whole name have a different feel.
I named my oldest daughter Bailey (born in 1990) and, no, it has nothing at all to do with Bailey's Irish Cream, which I do love. It came from a character on WKRP in Cincinnati (from the 1970's) named Bailey Quarters. I just loved the name and really think all the negative comments are absurd and rude. People choose to name their children whatever they want and think is a good name for their child. So many people say that it isn't an appropriate name for an adult, what makes any name appropriate for an adult, just because it sounds so much more "adult"? Some of you are just so judgmental and ignorant.
I love this name. But, even if it's my own I think it shouldn't be an adult's name. It's very childish.
I'm having a daughter in May and it seems like there are negative comments about every name I like. Bailey is a name on my list and I know a lot of people who like the name.
This is one of my favorite names, I'm surprised by the amount of negative opinions surrounding this name. I think it suits either a boy or a girl. I like the way it looks and the way it sounds.
I'm a 19 year old female named Baelee, and I love my name! I do get a lot of "Bae" jokes due to the spelling, but it's unique, and I've never met another one spelled that way. Granted, I know more dogs named Bailey than I do people, but I 100% stand by the fact that it's a human name. I've never understood why people give animals human names, it's always been a pet peeve of mine (no pun intended). As for the socioeconomic status thing, I come from a wealthy family that is far from "trashy". Names do not define how well off you are, that is the most absurd thing I've ever heard. I can't wait to be a successful badass grandma one day, I'll rock my name no matter my age.
My name is Bailee. I absolutely hate my name. Every time I meet someone it's either "oh I have a dog named Bailee!" or, if someone were writing my name down I would have to say "it's two E's and no Y..." I also feel like when I'm in my 30s that no one will take me seriously because I basically have a baby's name. It's not a "grown up" name at all... but that's just my opinion.
Ok my name is Bailey, I'm a female, and I absolutely love my name. I'm in high school making straight A's in all AP classes, going to Europe in the summer because of my athletic skills, and have a great job. I don't see why people think that Bailey is an unintelligent name or an ugly one. My name is very confident, sophisticated yet still fun. You can say the name is overused but most other countries do not even consider the possibility of it being a female name which makes it unique. And by the way my name might be Bailey but there is nothing country about me. It doesn't sound like a bale of hay at all. You should be proud of your name no matter what it is and I don't know why people with the name Bailey hate it so much. If you are on here bashing the name Bailey then yes, it is your opinion but maybe you should go look at all the negative comments people have put under your name before you put a negative comment under someone else's name.
I love this name! I used to have a male Wheaten Terrier named Bailey. However, I believe it can be used as a human name as well. I think if you are going to name a person "Bailey", it should be a girl.
Y'all should be ashamed of yourselves! Saying rude and uncalled for things
about someone else's name. As far as the dog name comments are concerned, what about when people name their dogs Butch, Jennifer, Rocky, etc, etc. There are plenty of "people" names that are given to animals! I think it's a pretty name and yes, an 80 year old woman can be called Baylee! Oh look at that I just changed the way it's spelled and it still sounds good!
Love this name, it's a very cool boy's name! To me, it's not a girls name at all. I love it because it's so different but not too different in a silly way. I know someone called Bailey and he was the one of the coolest people I ever met.I think it's a case of the person makes the name, but with this name I think you are off to a very good start!
I have heard the name pronounced both "bay-lee" and "bail-ee". I have a friend named Bailey. We were discussing our names and she said her mother wanted to name her Ann, but her father thought the name Ann sounded too short, "like a dog's name". Thus, Bailey.Of course, her parents didn't realize that in a few years, people would make "Bailey" a trendy dog name. She laughs about it, it hasn't condemned her to a life of poverty or anything. :-) The alcohol connection never crossed my mind (until I read this page, that is) and I don't associate the name with trashiness.
What a great name... for a dog!
I'm a 14 year old male and my name is Bailey. Honestly, I see my name as both a boy and girl name. No one ever questions if it's a girl name in real life. Online, that's a different story. I'm proud to have this name no matter what anyone says.
Stupid low class white trash name. Great for a dog. This would be cute for a small girl but picturing a middle aged woman with this name makes me laugh.
Bailey Name Meaning status name for a steward or official, Middle English bail(l)i (Old French baillis, from Late Latin baiulivus, an adjectival derivative of baiulus ‘attendant’, ‘carrier’ ‘porter’). Topographic name for someone who lived by the outer wall of a castle, Middle English bail(l)y, baile ‘outer courtyard of a castle’, from Old French bail(le) ‘enclosure’, a derivative of bailer ‘to enclose’, a word of unknown origin. This term became a place name in its own right, denoting a district beside a fortification or wall, as in the case of the Old Bailey in London, which formed part of the early medieval outer wall of the city. Habitational name from Bailey in Lancashire, named with Old English beg ‘berry’ + leah ‘woodland clearing’. Anglicized form of French Bailly.
Im a 25 year old male named Bailey, and very thankful for the name. At my age it sets me apart form the Tom, Dicks, and Harrys. I'm not ashamed or embarrassed by my name. I know when someone speaks to me or wants my attention. It does make a good dog, cat, boy, or girl name regardless of what people seem to think. I can sit in a room with hundreds of other people and when I hear Bailey I know it's me unlike when someone says Michael and 8 people come up. I do not find names as empowering or striking as others. It's my name and I don't dislike my parents for the name.
Please do not do this to your child, boy or girl. Bailey is a surname. Use for a pet if you must, but do not use on a human. Can you imagine a 75-year old woman named Bailey? How about a CEO named Bailey Smith? No no no--so undignified.
I love, love, looooove this name! The sound, the look of it written down- everything! Even after reading the negative comments on here, I still adored it and went ahead and named my first born child- a boy, Bailey. Here in Australia it's much more widely recognized as a boys name. Gorgeous name, I love it so much. I really don't get the negative uproar about it? It's so weird lol :-)
My beagle's name is Bailey. If I hadn't rescued him from the pound, I probably would have chosen a more creative name because half the dogs I know are Baileys, but on the other hand it's fun to call him "Beagle Bailey" like "Beetle Bailey." To me personally, it seems like an exclusively male name.
What a disgusting group of people here, speaking so disrespectfully about another person's name... you may find the name ugly, but some of you are far uglier inside.
According to an article in The Guardian, Bailey is the 15th most popular name for dogs in the UK. (The most popular is Poppy.)
The Adventures of Bailey is a series of family movies about a golden retriever named Bailey and his brother Duke. Some of the movies are A Night in Cowtown, Christmas Hero, and The Lost Puppy.
Rumpole of the Bailey was a popular programme about a barrister at the Old Bailey in London.
My 15 year old daughter is named Bailey Ann, and she loves her name. When we named her that, it wasn't very common for people or dogs, at least where I live. I didn't get it from the alcohol, or Party of Five. I have liked the name since WKRP in Cincinnati. I cannot get over the harsh, judgmental comments people have posted. It is okay not to like the name, we all have our own opinions, but come on! Some are just plain mean. And people continued to post stuff like that after girls got on here and said that it was their name. How would you feel if someone sat there and said your parents were trashy for naming you that, it's the worst name they have ever heard, awful, moronic if spelled differently, or, my personal favorite, that if it is spelled differently, or misspelled as the person put it, it associates you with low socioeconomic status, which makes it doubly cruel. Seriously? The rest are mean, but that one is just plain incorrect. Research it. For spelling, there are many names that end in an "ey" sound and can actually be spelled different ways. Out of curiosity, just who is it we should consult on the proper way to spell a name? Is there some name guru who has all of the answers? Have you ever looked in a baby name book? They show several spellings and variations of names, but I guess the books are wrong too. Maybe someone should send them an email and let them know.

As for dog names, what about Charlie, Jack, or Jake? Those are all in the top ten list. Would you be so harsh on someone named that? Who decides what is a dog's name and not a person's? It's not like it's Spot or Rover or something like that. Maybe that name guru would know.For people complaining it's a last name, what about Taylor or Dylan? Those are last names. Should people not name their children those either?The fact that Bailey isn't in the top 100 girl names, or boys for that matter, doesn't prove it's a dog name, it proves it isn't a common one. It proves that not everyone and their brother are naming their child that, boy or girl. Would you prefer we all named our children something that everyone else is naming their child, like Emily, or Maddison? Or the ones that have come back around to be popular again, like Olivia or Sophia? Then your child can go through school being Emily H. Or Maddison S. To tell them apart because there are so many of them. Not everyone wants to be part of the herd. My daughter isn't "cursed" with a horrible name, or a target for being picked on. I'm sure there are things people can think of that rhyme with it, for example, "Bailey Fail-ee," as someone pointed out. But what name can't be rhymed with something? How about some of you put your name on here and let people pick it apart, say mean things, and find a juvenile word, such as fail-ee, to rhyme it with. All I am saying is, there are ways to express your opinion without being mean. I could care less if anyone likes the name. My daughter does and that is what's important. I would never have commented if there weren't so many harsh ones, especially after people named Bailey left one. Put yourself in someone else's position and think before you speak (or type).
No one here is being mean; we're presenting our candid opinions of names, which is the purpose of this website, and we're backing them up with examples or data. For example, no one who studies names would seriously dispute that misspelled names indicate low socioeconomic status. That's been demonstrated everywhere from studies in "Names: A Journal of Onomastics" to the analysis in the best-selling "Freakonomics." As the Financial Review's summary noted, "One of the key points of the name research compiled by Freakonomics was that misspelling of names is a clear indicator of lower socio-economic status--both of the parents and, later, the children." As for your question of why baby books include misspelled names, the answer is likewise an economic one: if you were a customer buying a baby book, would you choose the thicker one or the thinner one? Baby book writers have an obvious incentive to pad their pages, and it has nothing to do with factual scholarship or the well-being of children.You've already named your daughter Bailey, so it's wonderful that she loves it. However, that also means you're not the primary audience for this website. The main goal of these comments is for future parents to learn what people candidly think about names so they can make informed choices *before* naming their children, not so they'll feel obligated to defend their naming choices after the fact. You may not be interested in knowing that most people associate Bailey with dogs or liquor, as the above comments show, but other parents may. Conversely, I was interested to read the above comments about Beetle Bailey and Barnum & Bailey, precisely because I found it interesting to learn about views and associations that differ from my own.Last but not least, of course, no one here knows your daughter, so you can both rest assured that nothing here is an attack on her. And thank you for mentioning WKRP in Cincinnati; for readers who don't know, that comment was referencing Bailey Quarters, a TV character played by Jan Smithers.
As several people have correctly pointed out, Bailey is a dog's name. That's not my opinion, that's a numerical fact. In the United States, Bailey is the second most common name for male dogs and the ninth most common name for female dogs. For human girls, however, Bailey isn't in the top 100, having fallen from a mercifully short-lived spike, and for boys it's not in the top 1000. Bailey is therefore far more common for dogs than for people, so it's not surprising that most people view it as a fine name for a collie but a weird name for a child. (The same is true of many other surnames, such as Cooper, Tucker, and Hunter.) The various misspellings of Bailey that briefly became trendy as girls' names (Bayley, Baylee, Bayleigh) are associated with low socioeconomic status, so saddling a daughter with a misspelled dog's name is doubly cruel.
I named my daughter baileigh. Leigh is my name and I wanted to incorporate my name into hers. My name is constantly being misspelled or I am being mistaken for a boy. When I was younger it annoyed me but I got over it. Everyone has said they love her name, especially the way we spelled it. As far as it not being a good name for when she gets older, what about a kid named Bella, Maddison, or Zoey? Those girls will get older one day also, and those are popular trending names. One day there will be a bunch of old women named all sorts of different names.
Bayleigh (different spelling, sorry) is a wonderful name for a girl! I think it's very refreshing and I can see it becoming a classic name. I don't know why everyone thinks it's a good name for a dog? To be honest, it's wasted on a dang dog. If you don't want to link the name to Baileys (yum) change the spelling :)
I don't see what's bad about it. I know this may be biased, but c'mon? You can name a dog ANYTHING literally... And nowadays everyone's goal is to stay youthful... So what if you're named after an alcoholic beverage, as well? It just matters the name for a PERSON, nothing else. Who cares what it looks like? It mostly matters what It sounds like.And who's to say the child can't just change their name when they're older if they don't like it?If so many people didn't like it, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be popular.
My first name is Bailey. I am a male and 15 and have been blessed to be very successful in my life so far. I have two jobs and outstanding grades. There is a lot of speculation and even more negativity about this name, but it is my name, and I share it with many others. It can be boys, girls, or a dogs name. It is different, yet sophisticated and powerful. There is beauty, strength, masculinity and femininity, and countless other meaning that the bearers of this wonderful name add to it. The same is with any name.
This is my name, and I'm proud of it. Just breezing through these comments, I see all of the hate directed towards this name. Haven't you got anything better to do with your lives than that? I was named after my great uncle, and he was a firefighter and a noble man. Though I happen to be a woman with a man's name, I'm proud of it. Keep your negativity to yourself, please.
"Bailey" is the best spelling of the name, I think. But as for it being a good name, I do not like it. To me it seems like one of these little wussy names that they have now days. Lol, sorry but I don't like it. It's not horrible for a girl, but it is not a boy name to me.
Some people believe that there is a Hebrew meaning of the name and it it is "Little".
Though quite popular in the UK for boys, the name Bailey is more common in the US as a feminine name. In 2012, it was only given to 121 baby boys here. I prefer it for a boy personally.
On a girl, this is trendy-cutesy feminized surname crap. On a boy, it's traditional but nowhere near overused, and quite sexy ;)
To me, Bailey is an awful name. Bailey sound like a bale of hay! It makes me picture a really annoying girl, the name sounds annoying. I just think of this really unintelligent girl... I hate this name. It's way too country for me.
It figures that Bailey is only commonly used for girls in America. Look at the stats - it's still a pretty popular boy's name and almost unheard of for females in England and Australia. But even in the US, it started out completely masculine and got turned over to the girls about the mid-80s. I wish all originally masculine names could stay masculine, but at least only America is into being tryndee by giving boy's names to girls. I hope to name a son this one day.
Well, I wasn't going to say anything, but with all the hate from the other users, I have to say I like the name Bailey. One of the few B names I like it. I like it for both boys and girls, but prefer it on girls. But I like masculine names on girls anyway, so.
I named my son Bailey.. He suits his name, I don't find it a tacky name. & I prefer it on a boy - Biased perhaps. Nobody owns a name so if there are animals named Bailey then there's not much that can be done. I hope he likes his name when he is older, he seems to like it so far. & if he doesn't he always has his middle name to fall back on.
Sooo overly cutesy and trendy... Yet another name that's gone through the unfortunate stages of last name to male name to trendy female name :/ I like the sound of this name, I like it for a dog, but NOT a human! It sounds quite childish, but I guess it's not that childish compared too atrocious spellings such as Baylee and Bayley (the latter of which is technically not even a real name, but these days, no one cares about that, do they?) on a boy this has actually sort of grown on me, but he'd have to be really boyish and masculine to pull it off, otherwise the -ey sound at the end sounds to girly. But, I really wish people would remember: 1. That just because it ends in the -ey sound does not make it feminine, and 2. If it started off as a boy's name, it should stay a boy's name!
One of the most awful trendy names. This name is very childish and for a dog. What if you were an old person named Bailey? Not a pretty picture.
Blah. Hate this name.
I hate this name! It's one of thoose puppy names that are kiddish. Imagine an old lady called Bailey!
I like this name for a boy, but I also know a girl named Bailey. I like the name. Its nice and different.
Basically same same variations as with Haley.
I've always despised this name. It's not cute, and it doesn't even look good on paper. It's bad for a boy, and even worse for a girl. It makes a good pet name, though.
I think its okay, I like the look of the 'Bailey' spelling, hate the others, but I do associated it with dogs. At one point in my life both my next door neighbors has a Golden Retriever named Bailey. (Not to mention a third one down the block.) But it doesn't have to be ruined for others because it was ruined for me.I do think it has nice nickname potential Bay, Baya, or Baby (for when they're young) and Lee/Leigh which I've always loved.
I just fail to see the appeal of this name. Sure, it's not the worst name ever, but the mind boggles at the thought of a parent actually saying, "I adore the name Bailey! Let's give it to our baby!"It seems to naturally come out as a whine of frustration, and for the less academically-inclined, "Bailey FAIL-ee" seems an obvious playground nickname.Giving it to girls is just cruel. And spelling it as Baylee, Baileigh etc is plain moronic.
I think the spelling Bailey is good for a boy. There's a girl I know with the same exact name but spelled Baylee. I love the way she spelled it, it makes the name look more feminine.
I honestly cannot picture a grown woman or man named this.
Such a cute name for a boy!
My name is Bailey. When I was little I hated my name. Currently I like my name I like how it sounds with my middle name. However in life there are some things I have disliked about it1. My first crush named his dog Bailey (he claimed his sister named it)2. There was at one point a boy in my class with the same name but a different spelling3. Because of # 2 the school spelled my name wrong for yearsI suppose most of those are not likely to happen to someone else but I felt like they needed to be said.
Bailey is like the new Rover of dog names. When I got my dog, she was already named Bailey, and obeyed that name. It's an alright name, but getting overused. We can't throw a tennis ball in a dog park without hitting another Bailey. Also, it's always awkward when a person tells me her name is Bailey, and without thinking, I respond- "oh, that's my dog's name". It's like their name is as doggish as Muffin or Snoopy. I wouldn't recommend this name until the dog-fad dies down.
Bailey is a character in Disney's "The Suite Life On Deck".
Oh come on. I think of times I've tried to drink Baileys Irish Cream and instantly want to puke. I'm sure most people will share this reaction. The name itself isn't bad, but the liquor connection is annoying.
Being a Bailey. I am constantly haunted by the liquor, cigarette brand, and numerous bars. It strikes me as strange to believe that my mother named me this after George Bailey from It's a Wonderful Life, in the midst of the common usage of the name. As a young adult I have ran across more people with this as a last name rather than a first. So, if you don't mind that your child will have to explain his or her name constantly, you should name them Bailey. It is unique and bold and not a bad name after all.
I'm a huge fan of Dr. Bailey on Grey's Anatomy so I would love to use this name. Not for a child though, for a dog. I've decided that when I get my first dog, I'm gonna name him/her Bailey.
Jail bailiffs and liquor. Real classy.
I am not a big fan of this name, on a girl or a boy. It reminds me of the alcoholic drink.
Bailey is pretty and light fare and graceful. I think of a castle when I hear this name.
My name is Bailey. It's ok, I could've had a girlier name, but I do like my name. Except for I've noticed that people with the last name Bailey are very successful. I've heard of Bailey Cable, Bailey & Sons Oil Co., Bailey's (the beer), seen a restaurant named Bailey, etc. I like my name. It fits me well. The few problems I've had with my name are:
1)My best friend's name is Hailey and I'm with her all the time, therefore I get called Hailey all the time and she gets called Bailey.
2)People tend to spell it Baily
3)I hate the nickname Bay
4)It is a unisex name/popular last name
When you look up Bailey in the dictionary you get: "noun, the outer wall of a courtyard" which I like because the wall is strong and so am I.
I don't know why so many people don't like the name Bailey; I really like it. I like it for both genders, but strongly prefer it on a girl. It doesn't seem so youthful on a female when she's a mellow and sweet kind of person. Anyaways, on a girl, Bailey stands for.Beautiful
Youthful (in a very good way)
This is my name, and I actually like it. My name is not based off of the English (I think) bailiff, but the Scandinavian, meaning heroine. So people, my parents did not think I was going to be a lawyer.
I don't care for Bailey as a name for a boy or girl. It sounds like a wimpy name for a boy. Just my opinon though.
I believe I'll be breaking the trend of people named Bailey saying they love their name, but I really don't like it. It's not even a name I would choose to give a dog.
My name is Bailey and I love my name. So what if it is the name of an alcohol drink, or whatever. I was named for my grandma's maiden name, and I think it is a great name for a girl, but for a boy it is okay.
This is my name and I think it TOTALLY a girls name. I like this spelling more then Baylee or Bailee. Those sound like you're spelling them wrong.
I hate the name Bayley, it is possible that this name is the WORST name I have ever heard, sorry.
This name is okay on boys and men, but I wouldn't use it on a girl. The reason is that while it may sound decent on a girl, especially if she is somewhat tomboyish, it will not sound particularly mature or sophisticated on a woman. Somehow, on girls, this name sounds too youthful.
I think it is very pretty!
I don't know why but I prefer Bayley to Bailey. Bailey seems like more of a dog name, but Bayley doesn't to me. But either way, I like this name, but only for a little girl.
Trashy people call their poor kids Bailey, absolutely awful.
Yea it's an alcoholic drink but it's not a name for pets. It's my name and no I don't drink. I'm only 13.
I like the name Bailey. I have known 6 Bailey's through out my life, and many of them were spelled differently.
2- Bailey
1- Bayley
2- Bailie
1- Bayliey
I prefer Bayley.
I don't like this name for a child or a dog. It's just ugly sounding. I would like to know why people must choose Chrisitan names? Um, it's kind of obvious that not everyone is Christian which would defy the point of a Christian name.
Christian name means your given name, your first name, not necessarily a name from Christianity.I like Bailey and I do think that it is feminine enough, but a little too trendy. A very fresh name to me.
Myleene Klass named her daughter Ava Bailey.
Yey another name chosen by parents trying hard to be different, this is a surname not a christian name, an awful name to curse a child with, boy or girl.
Bailey is another name, like Madison, that is atrocious for a little girl. Like Madison, it's not the least bit feminine sounding or pleasing to the ear. But thankfully, it's not as insanely popular.
I really like this for a boy.
I think Bailey is an awesome name for girls.
For a girl I like the spelling Bayleigh.
I don't understand why people like this name so much for dogs, it seems like much more of a people name to me.
No offense, but I think it is definitely a dog's name.
Awful name!
Bailey started becoming more popular for girls than boys after the harried-career-woman character Bailey Quarters was introduced on "WKRP In Cincinnati". There was an upswing in boy Baileys after the name was used for Scott Wolf's character in "Party of Five".
I really don’t like the name Bailey, for a girl or a boy, although I think it’s more suited for a boy than a girl. I think this is a name I would give to my dog, not my child.
I took this name & made it a little original by hyphenating it for my daughter Bae-Lee.
I think Bailey is a tired girl's name. But I kinda like it as a boy's name, it's different. Bailey is Ross Thomas's characters name one Beyond the Break.
I have this name and a lot of people say they like it. My middle name is Ann and sometimes I go by Bailey Ann, because they sound nice together. Also, I have met many, many pets with my name, but only 2 other people.
I'm afraid I have to agree with some of the other comments. I always thought it was a great name for a dog.
I think this makes a good pet name. The fact that it can fit a boy or a girl is sweet. No offense to the people who like this name or have it, but it just never struck me as a good human name. Also, I think that, given the name's root (coming from the word for "bailiff"), a lawyer would do well to pick this name. Cheesy? Maybe so, but not as cheesy as a baker naming his/her dog "Muffin" or "Cupcake."
Everytime I hear this name I think of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, the circus! Almost as bad as an alcholic beverage! haha
I have to say this is my least favorite name for a boy or a girl. It would be fine if the child were always going to stay 3 years old but it does not sound like a grown up name. If I were a boy with this name I would be very embarrassed!
I think the character George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) in the film 'It's a Wonderful Life' is a nice inspiration for using this name.
Beetle Bailey is a lazy army private in a comic strip of the same name.
Whenever I think of the name Bailey, Bailey's Irish Cream comes in mind. It would be horrible to go through life being named after an alcoholic beverage (unless you were alcoholic).
I love that name, well because it's my name too, lol. Well it's not hard at all to have a name after an alcholic beverage. I'm only 15 so I'm not an alcoholic, lol.

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