Spanish pronunciation: be-LEEN-da.
Also used in Spanish.

There are 2,885 bearers of this name in Spain (source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística).
My name is Belinda, born in 70 and I love my name.
Meaning; Beautiful Serpent/dragon. A very rare and strong name. Those with the name should appreciate it.
Hello! My name is Belinda.A! I was born in 2009, and I go to a school in MN! I always had this name and I didn't ever like it, I always made people call me a nickname (which was longer -_-) but then I read these comments about this name and it made me feel good about my name! Although no one ever said my name was ugly, I thought they still thought of my name differently.
Beautiful name! Unusual, not used much, I think, Belinda is a really strong and feminine name, a good quality name!
My name is Belinda and I was born in the sixties. I wasn't over keen on it, but as I have got older I found it to be an unusual name that you don't often hear. I did work with someone of the same name a long time ago. I did used to get teased and called Belinda Carlisle, and didn't like the singer for years because of being picked on. But now love her records she is a feisty lady with a strong voice. There is also a politician in Australia called Belinda with exactly the same name including middle and surname as me. I don't like the meaning of Belinda as I hate snakes with a passion I can't even look at one. I'm pleased with the name my parents gave to me as a baby. It is a name that grows on you...
"Beautiful SNAKE"? No offence, but somehow I just feel like this is the name of a mean girl with high pompous eyebrows and a leer. But perhaps it's just me reading Opal Koboi's human name is Belinda, from the Artemis Fowl series.
Well I absolutely love my name. I think it’s unique and cute. I got my name from both my parents. My mom's name is Lynda and my dad's name is Bedard, so I think it’s pretty cool and I was born in 2005.
I love the old-school easygoing charm of this name.
Also occasionally used in Hungarian:
Uuuuuummm... duh! This name is a combination of Be(lle?) and Linda. Linda in Spanish, Italian etc. means beautiful. So does Belle, which some people are saying is the origin of the first part. I'm not 100% sure, but I'm pretty sure 'be' means to make? In some language maybe. Anyway I'm not sure why they aren't sure of the meaning.

So, Make(?)+ beautiful
Also occasionally used in Slovene:
Yeah. My name is also BELINDA. Sounds nice. I love it!
Alrighty, If you happen to be reading this comment thread you’re probably a Belinda yourself, if you aren’t, you probably know one.
What I’m trying to say is, don’t let these hurtful hate comments about the name get to you. Ok? My name is Belinda, I was born in 2007. (“Ooh! A young one!” Yeah, shut up.) I love my name. I am growing up with being called by this. Many people despise this name. Which, of course is completely okay to have your own opinion on things.
I’ve never ever disliked my name one bit. Until I saw this comment section. Anyways, on a positive note I am glad to see comments of people who love this name!
My favorite aunt was named Belinda, she would go by B or Bell. She was an amazing woman and had a beautiful soul & life. I just like to write about her and keep her name alive. She’s been gone 3 years but her spirit is always around and I always sense that so that shows you how strong that name is!
I like the name Belinda all on its own. It is also one of the few names where I actually like the nicknames: Belle, Bella and Lindy. Stay away from Linda though, it is over used.
To me Belinda sounds soft, old fashioned and feminine, like a girl with long hair in a beautiful blue lace gown.
However, the name Linda is really worn out and all used up.. better left in the fifties.
I had a teacher with this name once. I thought it was pretty then, but I dislike it now.
My name is also Belinda, I get compliments on my name all the time. My Dad's name is Bob and my Mom's name is Linda, they combined the 2 names, pretty cool if I must say so myself. Some nicknames I have are Beebs, Bee, Belin, BB (second B is because my maiden name began with a B). So, to all you haters... It's all good, I'm the only one who really cares what my name is and to be honest... I love it! Oh, and by the way... True story, my husband's 2 brothers (both) married a Belinda, so there were 3 of us all married to brothers :P


Belinda :)
My name is Belinda. It's fabulous just like me! Why all the haters? My nieces and nephews call me Aunt Bee which I love. I've only met two other Belinda's in my 46 years on this planet and that I love. I wouldn't change my name for anything and have always loved how unique it is.
My name is Belinda and I love my name and so does everyone who knows me or has met me over the years. It has different meanings to it- I like beautiful serpent. The name isn't very popular, I haven't met a lot of Belinda's but I love my name and everyone who doesn't like it don't even matter. They call me Bee, Linda or Bella. It's a lot of haters on here, the ones who don't like it must be miserable you know what they say... misery loves company.
I named my daughter Belinda in 1990. Though it was not a popular name at the time, I thought it was pretty. She doesn't appreciate it but loves her nickname, Lindy. She never uses Belinda. Maybe when she's older, she'll like it better.
The name Belinda was given to 191 girls born in the US in 2015.
Someone called me Belinda by mistake today and I took it as a compliment because it really is a beautiful name! I didn't know it was an old name though; I thought it was more recent. I don't hear it often so I was a bit surprised to see all the Belindas commenting on this page. I'm glad you like your name and you're right: it's lovely, feminine and classy. The only Belinda I can think of, is Belinda Stronach, a successful Canadian business woman and former politician. In my native language (French) Belle means "beautiful".
Belinda "Belle" Mariano is a Filipino child actress that starred alongside Zaijian Jaranilla and Carmina Villaroel in the 2012 ABS-CBN Teleseyre "Lorenzo's Time". That is my favourite show even though I'm from America.
Belinda, Belle, and Bella means beautiful so when I hear this name I think of a beautiful girl with long brown hair.
Belle or Bea would be a good nickname or Linda.
This is a beautiful name not too used and not too stuffy.
Belinda means beautiful and serpent-like. It's my name and I wouldn't ever change it. However, some nicknames are preferred more over others. Friends and family mostly call me Bel, which I love. Other favorites are Billie, used by my Aunt and Beela as dubbed by my 2 year old nephew, which I plan on keeping! B reminds me of my cousin Beatrice, so in my eyes that nickname is already taken, as well as Linda by my Aunt Herlinda. I've been told Belinda is a perfect name for me, which is such a compliment since in my eyes it really is a lovely name.
I, too, am a Belinda and while it was not a popular (back in the 80's when everyone had pins, shoelaces, etc. with their names on them) name, I just thought of it as being different. It didn't dawn on me to see it as reminding others of animals, or being disgusting as I've seen described. It is really interesting to find out it is an old name, especially back to the settlers of the 13 colonies.
I'm a Belinda, born in 1953 and have always liked my name. I haven't run across very many others with this name. It is different without being weird.
It sounds a bit coarse and chunky clunky.
My name is Belinda & I love it. It has so much meaning, describing me to a 't'. It is fairly unusual, and different friends have their own short version... B, Bels, Belins, Belle of the Ball. I particularly like the meaning of the lindi snake & tree. How unique! Our namesake has purpose, spiritual, guidance etc.. I give thanks for my name as it explains a lot about me. You can't please everyone but the spirits know best!♥x.
I am a Belinda born in 1949. I knew that I was named after the movie Johnny-Belinda which was in theaters in 1948 or 1949. My Mom died when I was 28 so I don't know if she ever saw the movie. But I'll bet she didn't because when I finally saw it after she died, I discovered Belinda's last name in the movie was McDonald.
I think Belinda is a beautiful name- unique but has a history, easy to spell and pronounce, plus there are many nickname options! Bee is super cute (if I knew a little girl named Belinda and I would call her Bumblebee), Belle is beautiful (if a tiny bit pretentious), and Linda is very normal/grown up. I'm surprised by the negative comments; this name seems pretty unoffensive to me.
I myself, am also a Belinda. I have NEVER had any negative connotations attached to my name. I like Belle and Bella as nicknames, although people in my life prefer the original. :) There is also an old song called Pretty Belinda.
I'm a Belinda and I love my name. Wasn't always a popular name amongst my peers in the 80's, came in for a bit of ridicule over it. But as an adult I love its uniqueness. I use Belle for a nickname. Similar name, same meaning, but more pleasing to the masses.
This was one of my great grandmothers names she was born in 1856. I guess the name had some popularity at the time she was born in the mid west (Iowa) and from an Irish catholic family. I like the name as Belinda but not just plain Linda.
Despite what most people think, I like this name. It's sweet, simple, quite pretty and very feminine. I like Linda as a nickname. I've also known a South African girl called Belindi.
The name Belinda was given to 232 baby girls in the US in 2012.
There is an erotic Lolita-esque Anne Rice novel called Belinda, focusing on the eponymous character and a 44 year old man.
Aussie actress Belinda Emmett (1974-2006) - she was christened Belinda Jane and her nickname was Belle.

Aussie Belinda Green was Miss World 1972 - she was christened Belinda Roma.
Belinda Bauer is a British journalist and screenwriter. She has also written a novel: "Blacklands".
I don't know why so many people think of it as a frumpy name...
Personally, I was surprised when I saw one of the possible meanings was "beautiful serpent" because that's kinda how I always thought of it. One of my favorite characters I've made has been a evil vampire queen named Belinda.
Belinda Peregrín, born 1989, a Spanish-born Mexican singer and actress, participated in various telenovelas and also Disney's Cheetah Girls 2 as Marisol Duran.
If you want a good nickname with this name, I can give you a example, like I said in my last comment, Belinda Peregrín is commonly called Beli by her fans.
So, Beli would be a good nick if you happen to have this name.
Also, I think this name is cute, meant for a really cute girl.
Belinda probably means (shield) of lindenwood or limewood. In German and Dutch linde is the translation of limetree or lindentree.
Bilinda Butcher is the guitarist and vocalist for the seminal shoegaze band My Bloody Valentine.
I just think of a big, dumb animal.
I can't hear this name without thinking of bellies. Don't like it at all.
This name makes me think of "The Muppet Christmas Carol" when Mrs. Cratchet (Miss Piggy) kept confusing her twin daughters Bettina and Belinda. XD
This is such a beautiful name, one that is both modern yet rare, as not many Belinda's around. I like it as it is an old name with history, one to keep.
RE: Those awful comments above are simply JEALOUS of such a lovely name. Shame such viciousness on this interesting website.
YUCK I hate this name! It's so irritating! The way it sounds, so rough and ugly. No offense to anyone with this name :)
I never, ever liked this name before. But I'm really liking it today for a middle name. It spices up a name.
I don't really like this name. But if you're stuck with it you can go by Billie which is cute.
Correct pronunciation is BEL-lin-da with emphasis is on 'BEL' as in BELLE. Also other pronunciation is bey-LIN-dah.
The name appears in history, as follows:

1688 - Dido's sister in 'Dido and Aeneas' an English Opera, and England's oldest Opera written by composer Henry Purcell (b.1659 – d.1695), with libretto by Irish poet, hymnist, and lyricist, who became England's poet laureate in 1692, Nahum Tate (b.1652 Ireland-d.1715). Tate replaced Dido's sisters name of Anna to Belinda for the Opera. The opera's first recorded performance was in 1689 at a Chelsea girls school, though it is presumed to have been performed prior.

'Dido and Aenea' is based on a story from the fourth book of Virgil's Aeneid, of the legendary Queen of Carthage Dido and the Trojan refugee Aeneas.

The opening aria "Ah, Belinda, I am press'd with torment"

1697 - The name Belinda was used by Sir John Vanbrugh (b.1664-d.1726) for a character in his comedy The Provok'd Wife.

1710 - Belinda appeared as a character in play 'The Man's Bewitched', by female playright Susanna Centlivre (b.1667 Ireland-d.1723).

1712 - Belinda is the heroine from the work 'The Rape of the Lock' by Alexander Pope.

1714 - Belinda featured in Richard Steele's collection of poems 'Poetical Miscellanies', that has been accredited to female English poet Anne Finch (b.1661–d.1720)

1801 - 'Belinda' the novel by Maria Edgeworth (1767-1849).

In Italian literature it is the name ascribed to the wife of Orlando, vassal of Charlemagne, but this use is not supported in Germanic sources.
Earliest records of the name

1598 - Belinda Ann MASTERSON. Born in 1598 in Scotton, York, England. Belinda died on Mar 06 1654 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA, USA; she was 56

1659 - Belinda Fuller, b. 1659 at Colonial Virginia, Colonial America
I prefer it to Linda alone, but the name makes me think of mean high school girls from the 80s. It sounds a bit like the name of an airhead, I'm not sure why. Somehow it has the air of a rather superficial and vapid girl or woman.
Belinda (born Belinda Peregrin Schull) is a Mexican (but Spanish born) singer and soap actress.
Wow, I'm surprised so many people dislike this name. I always thought it was very beautiful. I still do. It conjures up images in my mind of a young woman with long dark hair and beautiful brown eyes.
If you have looked down the Barbie doll aisle in the last few years you may have noticed that their is a child doll named Belinda. She kind of looks like the Kelly doll but with dark hair. That's what I think of when I think Belinda. I also think that 'Bee' is an adorable nickname for it!
I love Belinda. At first I thought it was a really stuffy, frumpy name, but now I love it. It seems more youthful and pretty to me. It puts me in mind of someone really graceful and lovely. I like the nickname "Bee" for it.
If Linda means beautiful in Spanish, then could the name Belinda mean "Be Beautiful"? I asked my friend who's name is Belinda and she said her parents named her Belinda for the saying "Be beautiful". Just a thought. I'm not 100% sure. :)
In a word, no. The name Belinda predates 'Linda' (and the Spanish 'linda' 'beautiful' was certainly not combined with the English 'be'!) Belinda's origin is uncertain, but it arose during a fad for names ending in '-inda, ' so 'linda' probably wasn't part of its origin. Most probably, the prefix 'bel' meaning beautiful in Latinate languages was added to this '-inda' suffix by a 16th century writer.
This is an ok name. I don't really like the sound of the B, it has a coarse ring to it. I prefer Melinda.
Belinda is a beautiful elegant name.
Belinda was used more in the 1960's.
I really, really hate this name. It is awful.
I have mixed feelings about this name. It is sort of boring, kind of ugly, and rather old-fashioned. On the other hand, the meaning of 'beautiful' is a bit enticing. However, I would be perfectly fine with this name becoming popular, because I hate it when my favorite names top the popularity charts.
I utterly loathe this name because it reminds me of something, well, bovine - yuck! It's nauseating, antediluvian, and not lady-like at all! I have a morbid reaction to see this name come back into style. The only thing that can be worse would have to be Belinda dragging along Bobby, Stacy, Tracy, Shaniqua, Teniqua, Wendy, Debra and Linda back into the spotlight of the Popularity Charts!
Belinda is a very beautiful name. Easy to grow up with and not a fad name. I like the nickname Belle for it.
I love this name. With the popularity of Isabella and Isabelle with the nickname Belle, I am surprised this name isn't used more. Belle would be a great nickname for this name.
The name is most likely a combination of "bella" and "linda", the latter being of Spanish origin, the former of Latin. Alternatively (however unlikely) "bellum" (Latin: "war") may be the first root word.
I have a friend named Belinda, and I think her name is ugly.
Belinda Carlyle was a pop singer of the 80's and 90's.
I like spelling Belinda as Belle-Lynda.
This name Belinda IS MORE than the meaning or history of the name... the name IS A BEAUTIFUL word to me! Only ONE Belinda in my life and that IS my wonderful little sister!
The Spanish "Linda" means beautiful, as well as the French "Belle" (also like the Italian Bella).

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