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Member since   May 18, 2005
Real name Jessica
Location Ibiza, Spain
Birthday June 4, 1990
Hi to everyone!my name is Jessica, I'm 22 and I'm from Spain.I'm in college studying Travel Agency and Event Planning. I love travelling and I tend to collect random things from my travels. My dream is to be wedding/party planner in the future. I love reading anything that appears in my hand or on my screen and I would like to be a published writer someday.

I speak three languages fluently (English, Spanish and Catalan) and I can defend myself in two (French and Italian). I will be starting on my 6th language in October (German). I also studied Latin and Classical Greek in high school. I have a degree in English even though I am not planning to use it at the moment.

I love names and their meanings, that is why I have been on this site for so long haha.

Xoxo to everyone :)


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