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Yes, that is me on the right. I am an eccentric teen that wants to disclose the mystery of life. If I would have a baby now, I would be using Eloise or Evangeline and Liam or Ben. And also, visit my polls, where you'll pick your favourite names from my list for each letter! Link above.
♥ I love Indie Rock, Britpop, Grime, Rap, whatever you can think of! ♥
Some good names that are not in the Database, are Auden, Amerie, Jaleah, Estefani, Armani, Abril, Gracelyn, Aroa, Ainoa, Cabriria, Karidee, Equanimity, Simran, Brinley, Ambria, Alora, Skyla, Ebby, Alyssum, Lilium, Abery, Anahi, Whitley, Galilea, Samanie, Avonleah, Euphoria, Mattea, Amnesty, Akiane, Elsabe, Bria, Averea, Vail, Eternity, McKaylie, Madley - Anne, Makenza, McKennan, Aniston, Eveny, Lilike & Britain

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