Betty is the name of a song by American artist Taylor Swift, from her album folklore.
Betty Ravioli.
It's nice, but as a Spaniard, something's wrong with me. And it is that years ago a Colombian telenovela called "Betty la fea" (Betty, the ugly) became very famous, which later my country made its own adaptation, calling itself "Yo soy Bea" (I'm Bea), but the Colombian version is better known on the Internet and there are quite a few Betty memes. So every time I think of Betty's name, I imagine the protagonist, who certainly made her pretty ugly. I am sorry. I really have nothing against Betty, but I would never put it on my daughter. I prefer a thousand times Beth, Lizbeth or Elizabeth.
Betty is alright. It has an appealingly cutesy vibe to it, but is otherwise very bland. Yet I don't dislike it. It's a good name if you're looking for something sweet and very generic, and the name Elizabeth/Elisabeth is a wonderful classic.
Not bad, but not much good either. Little bit boring. Elizabeth is a lot better and more elegant. This name is not of my favorites. Boring!
Betty MacDonald was a children's book author, especially known for the Mrs Piggle-Wiggle series.
An adorable, vintage name.
It’s really cute.
Betty is one of the main parts on a White Christmas. She falls in love with Robert (Bob) at the end of the movie :)
It’s cute but I would not use.
Stop worrying about how old it is. It is a unique, good name. Quit making problems out of nothing.
Betty Cooper, from the popular comic and T.V series "Riverdale" is one of the main 4, /5 (Cheryl?) protagonists.
How ageist and sexist, are the comments disparaging the name Betty as fit only for "old ladies". The same with the foolish, ignorant comment regarding Margaret. Betty is a sunny upbeat Elizabeth name, and Margaret has centuries of history behind it and a host of worthy namesakes. I'm neither a Betty nor a Margaret, but I wish this disparaging of names (by women, too!) because they happen to be associated at present with older women would cease. Those older women were babies once, and female babies grow into older women. Chuck the ageism, please. It is, and should be seen, as deplorable as any other prejudice. Three cheers for the 81-year-old commenter called Betty below, for telling it like it is. All praise to you, Betty. Your mother named you well.
This is definitely an old woman's name, kinda like Margaret. It should be left in the past. Nowadays most young girls named Elizabeth prefer the nickname Liz or Lizzie.
I personally really like the name Betty, it reminds me of an old cat that I once met to the left of the furthest trash can in the park I was in. 10/10 will be naming my future child after that cat.
This name needs to be buried along with all the dead Betty's.
Betty is an adorable name.
Betty Broderick-Allen or BBA, a character from the series The OA. A school teacher that helps The OA on her journey along with 4 boys from the school she teaches at. Played by Phyllis Smith.
Betty is the most beautiful name in the world. It's my girlfriend's name. Betty is my favorite name there is for a girl.
Betty is a beautiful name!
Betty is kind of an old fashioned name in my opinion, but it’s particularly the best name for an old-lady. I prefer Elle as a nickname for Elizabeth.
My name is Betty I’ve always hated it only because I would get teased a lot when I was younger and because it reminded me of an old ladies name too. I would tell my mom why did you name me Betty! Than came the show Ugly Betty-to top it off lol. I guess I felt like I never got a break from that name being made fun of. I even considered changing my name but haven’t yet. I have met girls who’s names are Betty and they felt the same way but I look at it this way there’s worse names out there at least my name isn’t Henrietta or Wilma etc thanks to you people who like the name Betty and even considered naming your babies Betty. Hopefully it does come back, Hazel and Josie did who knows.
This is an old lady's name but it's still a popular nickname for Elizabeth.
Love, love, LOVE Betty! I first heard the name when I was around 6 in the show “Atomic Betty” and fell in love with it. It’s short and sweet, and refreshing amongst all the Chloe’s, Mackenzie’s, and Lily’s. Hopefully I can name my daughter Betty someday.
In 2018, 80 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Betty who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 63rd most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
This name needs to be retired. It went out of style 50 years ago.
"Betty" is a song by New Zealand recording artist Brooke Fraser and the song centres on a girl who hides behind scars and birthmarks.
I went to school with a Betty in the 1990s. But I still consider it to be an old woman's name. It reminds me of Betty White.
Such a shame it's seen as an old woman name nowadays, because it's a really adorable nickname.
My name is Betty. I have hated the name for ages now, and it is very strange to say. But now reading all these comments, I am actually happy with my name, especially thanks to the people who said that they want my name, and the people who said they are naming their children Betty. It makes me feel happy knowing that at least some people actually like the name a lot. I have felt self-conscious about my name for ages now, and I'm not even in my twenties yet. Now so many people are saying it is a young refreshing girl's name, I am proud of it. Thank you.
I prefer Betsy.
Okay, I always felt the name sounded old. My mother named me Betty after her best friend in the mid 40's. She also gave me the middle name Catherine which I later in my very young age changed the spelling to Katherine. I went through life not really liking the name Betty but, as some have said in their comments, it doesn't matter now that I'm older. I will be 70 in June of 2018. I always felt that every unattractive lady I met had the name Betty. It seemed to be this way always for me in life. Though when I was in my youth, I was forever receiving compliments that I was beautiful or the most beautiful lady in town, which I always didn't agree. I was always my worst enemy. And I still receive compliments on my appearance. But as I said earlier, it doesn't matter now. My name BETTY KATHERINE is fine to be the carved name on my headstone. I apologize if I've discouraged whomever may read this from using the name Betty but, I'm just being honest to what I felt about my name in life.
I used to hate this name, since it sounds like such an old lady name, until I actually met a young girl named Betty. It suited her perfectly. I probably wouldn't give my own kid this name, but it's a nice name.
I am Betty, it is a unique name and I like that I am not a Lisa, Tracy, Stacy, Lori, Tammy, Denise, or any other common name from my generation (age 51). To some people, it may seem like an old lady name, but I am told that I am cute, unique, and I stand out. I have only encountered one other Betty of my generation in all my years and in many travels. And she was also kind-hearted and to my eye, attractive. My husband seems to think it is a sexy name. So there you go.
Betty Crocker AKA The Batterwitch (from Andrew Hussie's Homestuck) is a famous bearer of this name.
Betty Nguyen is an American news anchor with NBC News and MSNBC. Prior to joining NBC in 2013, Nguyen worked for CBS News where she was news anchor for CBS This Morning Saturday, correspondent for The Early Show, and anchored the CBS Morning News.
I am 81 years old and my name is Betty Joyce. I was born in the South where double names were the norm for many years. I was my Mother's first born and she thought the name was beautiful. It was especially fitting because I was blessed to be a beautiful baby, child and woman. And, I have been told many times that I was beautiful both inside and out; that I was "good to the bone"; have a beautiful soul and sterling. I wanted to change my name several years ago because of the "old lady stigma", but my son and only child said "No Mom, please don't do that. Every Betty I have met in my life has been kind, warm and a joy to know." My schoolmates always called me "Betty Joyce" which I thought was pretty until I reached middle-age and found out what people thought of the name. Now at 81, there is no fooling anyone about my age so it does not matter. I wish this country did not have such aversion to old people (especially women) and to the point that we do not want our baby girls named old lady names. We would not even be talking about this if it was a boy or man's name.
Betty Who is an Australian singer who has awesome music.
My name is Betty, after my grandmother. I hated it when I was a preteen and through my early teen years, in fact I was sure that I would change my name when I became old enough, but I grew into it I guess and now I love it. I often say that I am the only young person named Betty, but every now and then (as in like maybe 5 times?) I'll see another but never in real life, always online. Would love to talk to another young Betty about it one day.
The name Betty was given to 186 girls born in the US in 2015.
Betty is a really nice name. I named one of the main characters on a comic I'm writing Betty. I really hope it makes a comeback someday (I think it ranked #370 in UK baby names last year, so it's hardly extinct). My nan had a friend whose wife was called Betty.
Betty Comden, actress, librettist, lyricist and screenwriter (1917-2006), born Basya Cohen.
It's ugly and geriatric, and it doesn't look good on anyone under 60.
Jessica Anne Newham, better known by her stage name "Betty Who", is an Australian singer-songwriter and musician.
Betty Hutton (Born: February 26, 1921, Died: March 11, 2007) was an American stage, film, and television actress, comedienne and singer.
I think the name Betty is a nice, girly, pretty and sophisticated vintage name. It does make me think of Betty Boop but that's not a bad thing. :)
Betty Grof is a character in Adventure Time.
Betty Barrett from Atomic Betty.
The name Betty was given to 136 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Betty Draper, from the show Mad Men.
I more likely prefer Betty on its own instead of it being a nickname for Elizabeth. I think Betty is a sweet name, but I wouldn't probably use it. I would rather use Betsy, which is probably better than this name.
I think it's adorable and I agree with the comment that it would sound really fresh on a little girl! My paternal grandma was named Betty. :)
I think it's cute, in an old-fashioned studious kind of way.
Betty Williams — Nobel Peace Prize winner of 1976. Watched three children being murdered.
I love the name Betty. :) It can be pretty hip. I wish my name was Betty. ;P It annoys me when people think of old ladies, it's a very pretty name. :)
Betty Friedan was a feminist who wrote The Feminine Mystique, a book about the feeling of lack of fulfillment in women's lives.
When I think "Betty", I think of Frank Spencer's wife Betty Spencer from Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em, which was a British 70's sitcom. I like this name. :)
Goth-pop musician Betty Curse (real name Megan Burns) is a famous bearer of this name, best known for her songs "Girl With Yellow Hair" and "God, This Hurts".
A famous bearer is stage, film, and television actress and singer Betty Buckley (born July 3, 1947). Among her notable roles have included Martha Jefferson in the original Broadway production of "1776", Sandra Abbott 'Abby' in "Eight is Enough" during its latter 3 seasons, Miss Collins in the 1976 film "Carrie", and Broadway's original Grizabella in the musical "Cats", winning a Tony Award. She has also recorded more than a dozen solo music albums, composing many of her own songs.
Betty is also short for Beatrice.
Betty Parris was the daughter of Reverend Samule Parris, of Salem Massachusets. Her and her cousin Abigail Williams strangely fell ill and began accusing townspeople of witchcraft. By many accounts, the girls started the Salem witch trials, which eventually resulted in the hangings of 19 people. She is also a character in Arthur Miller's play on the subject, The Crucible.

Another bearer is Betty MacDonald, who wrote her memoir, The Egg and I, which became a popular movie.
My Gramdmother's name is Betty and my mother's name is Betty. My mother chose to name me Lissette, it means the same as Elizabeth also the same as Betty. It was too common back in the day. But I would agree with some of the other comments. It might be cute now. Also in the surf areas women are known as betties, kinda cute and way better than saying chicks.
Betty White, American actress. "Betty" is her real name.
We are naming our daughter (due in August) Betty Claire. We've gotten a lot of weird reactions, but I think it's an adorable name ready for its comeback.
Famous bearer - Betty Suarez, a character in Ugly Betty.
Not so long ago Betty seemed like a hopeless old lady name, but now I find that it's been out of favor long enough that it could make a revival. It's really a very cute name, and on a young girl I don't think it would matter anyone how popular it was seventy years ago.
I think it's very cute and sweet. Also a cute nickname for Elisabeth.
American actress Lauren Bacall was born Betty Joan Perske on September 16, 1924 in New York. She starred in To Have and Have Not and other such films with Humphrey Bogart.
Bettan is the the Swedish version of Betty.
It's odd because in one way I think of old ladies sitting in a hall playing Bingo, yet in another way I picture a flamboyant young girl. I like this name, especially in its own right.
I think Betty would sound delightfully refreshing on a young girl (especially amidst the sea of trendy "names" like Jayden, Nevaeh, Mackenzie, Makayla, etc.). ♥
In a story I am writing Betty is a young war nurse. I think it is a very nice name, and it's fine for a full name.
Cute. Betty was also the underage nurse in Pearl Harbour, who sadly didn't make the bombings.
I love the name Betty! I don't think of old women, I think of sexy 40's bombshells like Betty Paige!
Betty is a name associated with old ladies.
A famous bearer is First Lady Betty Ford.
In Spanish it's also a pet form of Beatriz and Bertha.
Betty Cooper from the Archie comics. Her real name is Elizabeth.
Betty Rubble is Barney's wife and Bamm-Bamm's mother in "The Flintstones" cartoons.
There are so many Bettys. Betty Boop, Betty Crocker (the cookbooks), Betty Grable (the actress/WWII pin-up girl), The Betty Ford Clinic ...
Betty Applewhite is the name of Alfre Woodard's character on the popular soap-dramedy "Desperate Housewives". She and her son are hiding her other son in their basement on the show.
I think the name Betty is a beautiful name. My grandma who just recently passed away was named Betty.
I really like the name Betty on its own. I have a friend by that name.

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