I quite like Billie for a girl! It’s unique and a strong sounding name for a girl.

There is actually a girl named Billie in my class at school and she is one of my best friends :)
Despise it. It sounds absolutely atrocious on a girl, not to mention that it's associated with Billie Eilish, the wannabe "edgy" girl who thinks that whispering into a microphone with autotune equals talent. Please don't curse your poor child with this name.
I don’t like it on either gender, but I guess it’s better than Billy.
It could also be a diminutive of Sybil, Sybill, and any other names that contain Bil.
Feels immature, maybe too childish, I just don't like this name that much. Hard to understand if it is for male or female, just a strange name and nothing much interesting about it.
In my opinion, it sounds better as a guy’s name but there’s also Billie Holiday and Billie Eilish so...
Very dated!
Great as a tomboyish girl name, sounds like a trashy white boy name. And too heavily associated with Billie Eilish now.
Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell, need I say more.
I got my first and middle name from my parents. William and Rae. So I'm Billie Rae. I was born in the mid 1950s. The only popular boy's names for girls were usually Bobbie if it started with a B. Growing up even though I was a tomboy, I hated my name. There was a boxer Sugar Ray I got teased about being like. I rarely told anyone my middle name. I got to where I answered to Bobby. But I found that people, especially boys that were interested in me, learned my name was Billie. I grew up in Idaho and went to college in Missouri. There I found many friends who had boy's names and even more who had boy's names as nicknames. In college I really started liking my name because it wasn't so common. And as I grew older I liked it even more. I sold advertising and my accounts always remembered my name while they tended to forget some of my coworkers and even my competitors names.
I always joked I'd marry a guy named William and I did. LOL. Though he goes by his middle name we both answer to Bill, Billie, William, Willie and Bill. I can't tell you the fun I've had when someone calling for my husband asks for Bill. And I say "Speaking". There's a silent pause. Today there are so many names. Billie is a strong name. Wear it and be proud.
I like Billie Eilish sort of. She's against vapes, and that's a good thing. I like some of her songs. As in my previous comment I mentioned Billie Burke. The Wizard of Oz used to be my favorite movie. Anyway, this as a name isn't my favorite. My name is William (Will as a nickname), and Bill/Billy is a nickname for William, and I don't understand that at all. How do you get "Bill" from William? This name really just reminds me of Bill. I don't really like it much. If you like Billie, I suggest you use Ellie or Nellie instead, as they sound similar, sort of.
Ew no. Billie Eilish completely ruined this.
I love this name on a girl! Reminds me of Billie Eilish and I love her music. It’s cool and not girly.
Billie Burke (Billie was just a nickname) was an actress who played Glenda the Good Witch in the 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz".
It's NOT a good name despite the fact that a famous bearer is Billie Eilish and it's spelled "Billy" NOT Billie.
Billie is a pretty cool name, but I'm sure most people will think of Billie Eilish.
Why is there not a single comment that has to do with the queen Billie Eilish omg y'all.
This was my maternal grandmother's name. She was born and raised in Oklahoma during the Great Depression. As a result, this name sounds very country to me and a little tomboyish.
My darling daughter is called Billie Rae.
It's also Miley Cyrus's dad's name - Billy Ray.
It’s fine. I don’t care about the association.
This name is cool for either gender, also as just a nickname but it’s kind of a shame it’s being completely taken over by Billie Eilish, although she’s a decent singer, everyone now associates this name with her which is annoying.
Billie Dean Howard is a female character played by Sarah Paulson in the 2011 first season of 'American Horror Story'.
Billie and Bobbie are fine variants of the boy names. Also, I don’t like Billie Eilish, so it kinda hurts the name.
I used to think Billie just seemed like an odd name to give to a boy or a girl, but honestly, with Billie Eilish around, I think it’s a cool name for someone, male or female.
Billie Eilish is a singer.
I like this spelling for a girl and Billy for a boy, though I still like Billy for a girl too. No matter how I spell it, I would end up giving her a feminine middle name like Alexandra.
Carrie Fisher has a beautiful 25-year-old daughter named Billie Lourd. Her grandparents are Debbie Reynolds and Todd Fisher. I like this name and I think this name, especially the spelling, is more suitable for girls because the name Billy honestly sounds a bit soft for a boy. If I was a boy and my name was William, I would want people to call me Will, not Billy. In general, this is a sweet and quirky name for a girl.
My full name is Billie Joe. Yes, I am fully aware that Joe is spelled like a boy’s name. Yes, I am a girl. My parents are huge Green Day fans (as am I) and they named me after the lead singer of the band. I’ve always loved my name as it connects me to someone that I professionally look up to. It also doesn’t hurt that we share a birthday! I haven’t met any girls named Billie, so I also love it because it’s unique.
Billie Catherine Lourd is an American actress. She is best known for her breakout role starring as Chanel #3 in the horror-comedy series Scream Queens. Lourd was born in Los Angeles, California, the only child of actress Carrie Fisher and talent agent Bryan Lourd. Through her mother, Lourd is the granddaughter of actress Debbie Reynolds and singer Eddie Fisher, and the niece of Todd Fisher, Joely Fisher, and Tricia Leigh Fisher. Her godmother is actress Meryl Streep. From her mother's side, she is of Russian Jewish, Scots-Irish and English descent. Writer Bruce Wagner is Lourd's godfather.
Billie Joe Armstrong is an American musician, singer, songwriter and actor who is best known as the lead vocalist, primary songwriter, and guitarist of the punk rock band Green Day, which he co-founded with Mike Dirnt. He is also a guitarist and vocalist for the punk rock band Pinhead Gunpowder and provides lead vocals for Green Day's side projects Foxboro Hot Tubs and The Network.
My dad named me and his name was Willie. I thought he named me Billie after his name but he named me after an ancestor, Billie Gay. I was teased occasionally about my name but I was a tomboy and so people teasing me was very rare because I was also known for a hard punch. So thanks dad, for naming me Billie.
The name Billie was given to 95 girls born in the US in 2015.
I've always disliked this name since knowing a girl who went by Billie because she was named William. It just sounds like a name for girls who were named the wrong thing.
I love the name Billie, it's my youngest daughter's name. It's one of those names you either love or hate. We love it.
A very nice, cute name. :)
Billie Faiers, a cast member of The Only Way Is Essex.
The name Billie was given to 89 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Please use willa instead!
Actress Carrie Fisher has a daughter named Billie, born in 1992. Billie is also the granddaughter of actress Debbie Reynolds.
Lyrics to Billie Jean:

''Billie Jean is not my lover,
She's just a girl who claims that I am the one,
But the kid is not my son''
Billie Joe Armstrong is the lead singer/guitarist/song writer in Green Day.
The great American tennis champion Billie Jean King!
Another famous bearer: silent movie star Billie Dove (May 14, 1903 - December 31, 1997), whose birth name was Lilian Bohney.
Actress Billie Burke played Glinda in the Wizard of Oz.
As for the name itself, too redneck-ish. O_o
I have always connected this spelling with feminine usage. When I was younger, I thought this name was cute for a girl, but I've since changed my mind. It is a very youthful name that isn't going to sound great on an adult, and it is pronounced just like the likewise child-like Billy, so it's not all that feminine either. It would be better to name the girl Willa and call her Billie. The masculine variant has a bit of a redneck reputation anyway, and then there's the whole Billie Jean thing, so the feminine variant seems a bit hillbilly-ish as well.
I don't really like this name for a boy, but I love it for a girl.
It is my name also, except for how mine is is Billi. I love my name, because it is different.
Billie Piper - former popstar, now successful actress; notable roles are Doctor Who, Ruby in the Smoke, Mansfield Park.
Billie can be used as a nickname for Wilhelmina, Willa or Wilma for a girl.
Billie was a character on Charmed, played by Kaley Cuoco.
Billie Mae Richards (female) is the voice of Rudolph in the Christmas classic Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Billie Burke is Glinda, the good witch in the Wizard of Oz! And Billie Holiday (with one L) is a famous black jazz singer. Also, Billie Jean King, the tennis player.
Author Billie Letts of the book that became the film "Where the Heart Is" that starred Golden Globe Winner Natalie Portman.
Billie is my name, I don't enjoy having it because people often mistake it as a male's name. So if more people can understand that it is both, a unisex name, perhaps I can like my name. Someday I will be famous somehow, and people can put me down as a bearer.
Billie Jean: song by Michael Jackson.
I think there was a singer named Billie Holliday. I like "Billy" better as a masculine form.
Two famous bearers of the name are the musician Billie Joe Armstrong (lead singer and guitarist with punk band Green Day), and the actress and singer Billie Piper (currently most famous for playing Rose Tyler in the television series 'Doctor Who').
Famous bearer is actress Billie Burke Ziegfeld.

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