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Brandon Rogers is a YouTuber who has done many comedy videos and miniseries, he also stars in the webseries "Helluva Boss" (a personal favorite of mine). He's quite raunchy, so he's not for everyone. He has over 5 million subscribers.
Cute name.
Sounds worse than Brando.
Brandon McKenze is Marissa's older cousin in the book series Sammy Keyes.
I honestly kind of like that this name is falling out of favor since it just sounds like the name of a “bad kid” to me.
Why on earth would anyone name their daughter Brandon? That's just wrong. Definitely a boy's name.
I don’t know why the Internet likes to “ruin” names but Brandon is getting the meme treatment now, Sorry Brandons; it will pass eventually.
In the US there is a political chant that unfortunately uses this name as of 2021. Perhaps it will quickly die off, but if it does have lasting power, it could mean less popularity for this name in the near future. If I were to have a boy today, I would honestly think twice about it, but a few years from now maybe not a big deal.
Usages: Dutch, Dutch (Antillean) from name #8591 originally submitted by user Dillian)
A very handsome name! The meaning is a bit confusing, but still. I like the nicknames Brand/Brando/Bran.
The name honestly isn’t bad. Really handsome. I much prefer it on a boy though. I had no idea Brandon was even used on girls. I don’t see what’s wrong with giving your daughter a regular feminine name. It doesn’t even need to be frilly or anything.
Brandon McCarthy from Welcome to the Dollhouse. If you know, you know.
Although I've met someone named Brandon who is nice, I don't like this name in general. I also hate when people name their daughters this; it sounds too masculine for a girl name.
My daughter's name is Brandon she's 15 and it would be nice to meet other girls with that name.
I like it, and don't think it's lower class.
I personally think this is a lower class name compared to a name such as Oliver and I'd name my child Oliver rather than Brandon.
I HATE this name, it reminds me of Brandon James from Scream.
I too am a female named Brandon. I’ve always gone by Brandi.
My name is Brandon and I am a woman. I have had a struggle all my life with this name because EVERYONE thinks it is a man's name. I have even had health insurance deny me birth control because they thought I was male. I would love to meet other women named Brandon, I thought I was the only one!
Prefer Brenden.
I've never met a Brandon that I liked. I've met a handful of Brandon's and they've all been little brats. Brandens on the other hand are okay.
Brandon Maggart is an American actor who played Harry Stadling, protagonist of the psychological horror film "Christmas Evil" (1980), and recurring character Buddy in the first season of "Sesame Street" (1969-1970).
To be honest, this is another one of those names where it's kind of a mixed bag for me. I went through different phases where I liked and hated this name. Right now, I'm kind of okay with this name. Right now my sister is dating a Brandon who's had a really tough life.
In 2018, 18 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Brandon who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 62nd most common male first name for living U.S. citizens. In 2018, 25 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Brandon who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 3, 573rd most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
A very dull name. Glad it is not popular at all anymore.
I really like this name because it is so good.
Cool name!
My older brother's name is Brandon Leigh (or Lee just spelled weird) he was named after the actor and martial artist Brandon Lee. Honestly I think it's a great name and it represents him completely!
I've never met a Brandon, but I can imagine it on a nice person.
My Angel has this name... fly high boo... mommy loves and misses you. His name is strong and demands attention when saying it. Love it!
Brandon Bruce Lee was an American actor and martial artist. He was the son of martial artist and film actor Bruce Lee and teacher Linda Lee Cadwell, the grandson of Cantonese opera singer Lee Hoi-chuen, and brother of Shannon Lee.
Brandon is a very cool name.
Brandon Teena was an American trans man who was raped and murdered in Humboldt, Nebraska. His life and death were the subject of the Academy Award-winning 1999 film Boys Don't Cry, which was partially based on the 1998 documentary film The Brandon Teena Story. Both films also illustrated that legal and medical discrimination contributed to Teena's violent death.
My name is Brandon and I am female. I haven't met another female with my name but lots of guys. And they all, for the most part, have a cool demeaner too. I would love to come across another female Brandon as I believe the name pretty much has a small affect on each day I live.
Brandon is a strong, handsome name for a boy. It's becoming less and less popular with time however, hitting its peak in the mid 90's, due in large part to Actor Jason Priestley's character Brandon Walsh on the extremely popular TV series Beverly Hills, 90210. Most recently it has been popularized by Actor Jesse Hempstead Wright's character Brandon Stark on the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. Some other celebrities who bear the name are The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers, Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd, Actor Brandon Lee (Bruce Lee's son), Actor Brandon Routh, and NFL star Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall. Weird side note: Every Brandon I know or have ever met has had dark hair and dark features. Doesn't sound right for a guy with blonde or red hair.
Brandon is my name.
My name is Brandon and I read the attributes of this name and it exactly fits who I am. I love my name.
If I hear the name Brandon, I just imagine the guy is handsome and free spirited. Even if I met one who was not handsome, I would still assume the next Brandon I met would be. It makes me think of California beaches and skater culture. He probably has a friend named Chad.
Brandon sounds like one of those mediocre names like Aaron. I definitely prefer Brendan, this name seems to be poor quality.
Brandon Higsby is the name of a character from the cartoon As Told by Ginger. He is an annoying boy with a saccharine personality and a pet monkey named Mr. Licorice. He is despised by Ginger's brother Carl and Carl's friend Hoodsey.
I like this name even though it's so common, it has a cool sound to it and sounds so chill.
I think Brandon is a cool name. It reminds me of a skater dude, which I also find pretty cool.
This name I think is most commonly used in America but is pronounced Brendan.
I wouldn't use it, but I do like it. And I know of a few Brandons.
Brandon is a nice name, but I prefer Brendan.
I hate this name with a passion. It tries way too hard to be oh-so-ruggedly handsome and masculine. It just hits you over the head with it. "Hello, my name is Brandon. I'm just riding into town on my prancing and pawing stallion from a long day of rounding up the dogies. I have rugged chiseled features, a few days' growth of beard, a cigarette rakishly hanging out of my mouth, a body hardened by hours in the saddle, and my cowboy hat dangling over my eyes in an intriguing fashion. Just gonna swing myself down from the saddle now. Stand back, ladies! My name is Brandon!"I hate this name.
My older brother's name is Brandon. I think this is a good name for a boy. Very stable, responsible, but loves life. I think it's a good name.
Although I didn't grow up with anyone with this name, in my step family there are two guys named Brandon (and two named Ryan), and at my church, every other boy is either Brandon or William. (I'm serious.) I like how Brandon sounds, but I think it's way too common for me to use.
The character Brandon Walsh, played by Jason Priestly, was one of the most popular characters on the 1990-2000 TV show Beverly Hills, 90210.
This name is played-out. I knew enough of them all throughout school.
Number 27 for boys in 2005.
I rather like the name, even though it's hideously overused and common. It's one of those names that don't sound infantile on adults, and it's got a pleasant-enough sound to it. This name has always made me picture some good-looking young guy with dark brown hair and dark eyes, but who isn't tanned or foreign-looking. Somehow I don't see this name on blond guys, and especially not red-haired guys.
Brandon James McCaughey is one of the McCaughey septuplets. He is the fourth eldest of his seven siblings. His parents aren't famous but he and his siblings might just become famous on their own!
I really like his name. It's so sweet sounding and it reminds me of a bouncing baby boy. I would definitely recommmend this name for anyone to use for their son. Maybe even for their daughter. I think it would be just fine to use it for a girl baby too, but she might be teased a lot through out her life.
Brandon Routh is the actor who played Superman in the new version of "Superman Returns". He is unbelievably gorgeous in my opinion!
Brandon was the name of the golden retriever on "Punky Brewster".
A very ugly name for any child.
Brandon Charles Boyd is the lead vocalist of the alternative rock band Incubus.
In the 80's movie, 'The Goonies' one of the main characters was named Brandon "Brand" Walsh.
In a name book I found called '35,000+ baby names' by Bruce Lansky, he says that the name Brandon is of English orgins and it means "beacon hill".
Brandon means Sword and it's Dutch.
Someone said a couple of posts up that Brandon means sword in Dutch but that's not true. I'm Dutch and I have never heard the word Brandon in my language. The Dutch word for sword is zwaard.
Brandon Saller does drums and vocals for the band Atreyu.
American actress Marlee Matlin & Kevin Grandalski have son Brandon, born 12 September 2000 in Los Angeles.
I know so many Brandons, but I could meet more and more and still love the name. My cousins think I'm crazy for planning to name my son this, but it makes perfect sense to me. The two men who mean the most to me have the name, so why not? I really love it, though. It's my boyfriend's name and he just means everything to me. He's intelligent and sweet. Funny, but not overbearing. And the same goes for my other Brandon - my closest cousin. Brandon Joel. That'll be my son's name. ^__^
My best friend is named Brandon (he is a boy). I love his name because it suits him perfectly --- he is strong, comedic, rough, and has a great sense of who he is. I absolutely love his name!
Brandon is a very nice name for a boy. It sounds smart and handsome. I have only known one boy named Brandon, spelled Branden, and he is 15 now.
Brandon Flowers is the vocalist of the American band "The Killers".
Brandon Call is a former child star (JT Lambert from SbS).
A famous bearer of the name is Colonel Brandon from Jane Austen's "Sense and Sensibility".
Actor Brandon Lee was a bearer of this name; son of Bruce. He died during the production of his last film "The Crow".
Brandon Davis is a famous oil heiress who dated Mischa Barton.
Brandon Dicamillo is Bam Margera's friend and is on many episodes of Viva La Bam.
Brandon Novak is a professional skate-boarder.
Brandon Stieneckert is the drummer for the Used.
Pamela Anderson has a son named Brandon Thomas.
Bam Margera's real name is Brandon. (Bam Margera use to be on the program Jackass and has his own program called Viva la Bam!)

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