It's very classy, it doesn't have that awkward 'ga' sound in it. Although it's common now, it's still not as common as Gabrielle. I like that. Also, I prefer the nickname Bri/Bree over Gab, Gabs, Gabsie, and Gabby/Gaby. It's good on it's own or as a diminutive. I don't think that names are unprofessional just because they are short forms of longer names. If managers really reject job applications because they don't like the names of their appliers, then how badly do they deserve their high positions? You're supposed to go off the entire application. Nothing more, nothing less. It should have nothing to do with your personal taste. You weren't supposed to get hired based off of YOUR employer's taste either. If that's why you got the job, then feel lucky that your employer was biased! I guess it has nothing to do with your merit...and in that case, it's nothing to be proud of.
Brielle is such an unattractive name.
It feels like something’s missing from the name. I prefer Gabrielle (as an unbiased person named Gabrielle). I’m not a fan of incomplete sounding names.
I adore the name Gabrielle, but I’m not too fond of the nickname Gabby which I know would come with the name, so I think Brielle is so cute. My favorite middle name with it is Brielle Faith.
Really pretty!
I like this name but Gabrielle ruins it if you're going to pronounce it GAY-bree-ehl.
Sounds like cheese.
Sounds kind of incomplete. I don’t like Gabrielle that much either.
Very pretty.
I prefer Gabrielle. There's just something about this name that strikes me as unattractive.
Well my name is Brielle, I’m 21 years old and it’s aging just fine! When I was younger my grandma called me Brie for short and in college some friends call me that, but I prefer the full name because Brie is the cheese. It’s soft and rolls off the tongue because the only hard letter is the B. It’s kind of like an exhale when saying it, and something about it is alluring, sensual and romantic. I get compliments on my name like all the time “What a pretty name! For a pretty girl” It’s one of those names where you hear it and think “this person HAS to be attractive” and don’t take that in a conceited way, it’s just one of those names! I’m also from NJ and Brielle is a place by the beaches, it’s in the Netherlands also and it has this French feel to it and someone on here said in French it means “exalted goddess” like can you imagine an “Archangel Brielle”? It’s “modern” but also has this classic feel for it. It sounded fine when I was younger and as I’m older it still holds up. I mainly know white girls named Brielle. I’m Black and European and have yet to meet another black girl named Brielle. And surely I have never met a “ghetto” girl with this name either. I think it works well with any ethnicity as well and pairs nicely with a more common last name. Because I am a filmmaker and tend to search my own name on google there actually is a doctor with this name too. It’s not white trash OR ghetto. And personally I like this way better than “Gabrielle” now “BriellA”? That’s stupid. If you had a daughter named Gabriella and shortened it to Briella that’s when it sounds incomplete. But Brielle on it’s own is a nice stand alone name and I think 1 in every 10 people have met a Brielle in their life over the last decade or so. It’s uncommon enough to stand out and that one person someone knows will forever be associated with that name. It is kinda girly, I can see a “Princess Brielle” for a Disney movie or something but it just has a regal feel to it. The casual nickname Brie sounds more tomboyish I guess? But Brielle does sound like a more serious name, while also feminine. It brings confidence and lets her stand out, it’s someone who dresses nicely, maybe bohemian and florals and someone who loves being in nature or is disciplined and plays the piano or the violin etc etc. It’s calm and composed as well. This is the only forum where I’ve EVER seen this name be called tacky, made up, trashy. Where would you get that? And in reality it’s more common than you think, just not seen literally EVERYWHERE. So yes, as a kid it’s like girly girl who dressed up as a princess and is artistic etc and as an adult it’s seductive, sensual, aloof, confident and someone who stands out and is made to do great things! Like I said before, I’m a filmmaker, director actually and I always pictured being on the red carpet or a late night talk show and someone says “Ladies and gentlemen, Brielle ____!” And if she has a common last name, when she gets married in the future and say that person has a very foreign last name, she could hyphen her maiden name with her married name to keep the stability of a common last name like for example “Brielle Wilson-Renaldi” (I very much made up those last names) my middle name is Snow “Brielle Snow” after my grandmother Snowie and I get loads of compliments on my name. I don’t pronounce the two together, it’s just like an ice breaker to say that’s my middle name. But I think it’s pretty version.
This is a very lovely name. Its meaning is "God is my strength" and it fits for any religious person. It is Blair's daughters name. Also it is a very French name. I hope this name will satisfy anyone who uses it. I just think it's wonderful. I like to pronounce it (Brie-L)
Brie (soft, stinky, but delicious cheese) + Elle (girl/she) = Stinky girl cheese? What is wrong with Gabrielle?
Brielle is definitely a trendy/modern name that is on the rise. And for good reason as it rolls off the tongue well and sounds pretty. In a hundred years time though, I can see this name bearing a more classic feel.
It’s cute and pretty! I am biased of course, but even if my name wasn’t GaBRIELLa, I would still like this name. It is quickly gaining popularity as well!
My father named my brother Briel back in 1980. He took the name Gabriel from the Bible and took the Ga off. From that time a lot of people love this name. It was very unique. You can use it for a boy or girl. My brother will be 39 years old. No one else had this name back then. My dad James Bennett, may you rest in peace.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Brielle who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 2, 053rd most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Keep as a nickname for Gabrielle.
Brie cheese.
The meaning is god is my strength. I think it is a lovely name. I would do Brielle Maesi Rose.
My parents named me Brielle after a town down the Jersey shore. It's pretty cool seeing your name throughout a whole town. From my memory, the town Brielle got its name from a Native American Tribe that lived there. That's where I found out where my name came from. I'm 25 and always loved my name.
I can not say I hate the name or that I love the name, but it is my name. I don't know why my mom chose this name but she did, she told me she wanted something different, something she had not really heard before, she did this with a different sister of mine, Nataley. People spell this name Natalie but my mom again wanted something different.
Whoever is saying that this name is tacky, made up, or classless is ignorant and uneducated about this name. This is an actual name with actual history that is actually used in other areas of the world. In Celtic it means strong and brave and in Hebrew it means woman of God. I find this name to be very pretty without being overly girly and I feel that it could age well. Those who complain about trendy names not aging well tend to forget that all popular names of different eras were considered trendy during that time and that those people are now older and their names have aged just fine. The only reason why some names sound more appropriate for professionals in your mind is because those kids with trendy names a few decades ago have grown up and are now professionals, so those names are familiar to you. And the only reason why you can't picture these newer names on professional people is simply because you haven't seen it yet, but one day it will be very normal and no one will bat an eye about it. Brielle is uncommon yet not too out there which makes it perfect in my opinion. If you want your kid to be one of the ten Emma's, Sophia's, and Sarah's in her class then go ahead and give her a name that every other kid already has, but I prefer a less common, beautiful name that also has a great meaning.
Uncommon in 2016? Think again. Brielle is going to be one of the many with Sara, Sophie, Bella and Olivia. I know FOUR kids named Brielle just this year. And it does sound tacky. I loathe this name. It's up there with other trendy names like Mackenzie and Kadence and whatever.
My oldest daughter's first name is Brielle and she is now 5 and a half. I have loved this name ever since I was a teenager, after I met a girl in high school with the name. It suited her well and didn't seem cute or childish at all. It means 'God's strength' or 'strength of God' and is a shorter form of Gabriel or Gabrielle. It doesn't even flow easily with our last name, but my husband and I knew this would be our daughter's first name. In fact, after we named our daughter Brielle, the name seemed to take flight around here. I now know 5 other Brielles in our area (all younger than my daughter, and we don't live in a hugely populated area). To me, Brielle is a name of mature beauty, and a little uncommon without being too different. With other girls having the same name, I can't see it being a strange adult name. I don't know ANYONE who has my name who is more than two years older than me. My name, Chantel, isn't weird, just less common than a name like Sarah. I don't know any older Jessicas either, but I know many women who are aging well with the name.
My own mother gave me a soft, lyrical name. A name for a writer. I wanted a similarly evocative name for our daughter. We decided on Brielle Elise and we've not been sorry. It's delicate, romantic, and flows easily off the tongue in both French and English (a requirement for our bilingual family). It's also not terribly common (HOORAY)!
My daughter is named Brielle. I had never heard of it, but my husband has always loved the name. He grew up not far from a town called Brielle New Jersey. Brielle is a gorgeous riverside town. It's so tranquil. I couldn't think of a more beautiful place or a more beautiful name.
It's cute, as a nickname for Gabrielle. As a full name on its own, it sounds too childish and cutesy. I'd just go with Gabrielle, personally.
My youngest daughter's middle name is Brielle and I fell in love with this name the first time I saw it. I also knew I wanted it as a middle name, so she became Christa Brielle. This board is the only place I have ever seen anyone call it tacky or uneducated.
I dislike this name as it seems made-up and tacky to me. I will give it points for being cute, but as user: Black_X said on 21 Aug 2011, it sounds overly modern and won't age well.

I was amused by user: Bananarama's comment on 8 Feb 2010 about the name sounding like a type of cheese.

I would strongly recommend using Gabrielle instead, which is a rather pretty name that actually will age well.
Aside from a town in the Netherlands, so named Brielle, and a small town here in Monmouth County NJ named Brielle, I think it is a pretty name, is unusual, and in disagreement to one post, about the maturity of a name. I think it works as a mature name and would see no problem with a Dr Brielle Smith.

I just find it a peculiar name as I'm so used to the town here, Brielle, NJ.
Like a name like Porche. Grin "what's in a name, a rose by any other name, would still smell as sweet."
Beautiful, beautiful name! ^-^ I've only recently heard of the name Brielle. I don't know anyone with this name. This is such an awesome, unique name for a girl! :D.
I love the name Brielle it's beautiful, unique, and classy. I named my daughter Brielle who is 5 months now and it wasn't short for Gabrielle, I actually don't like the name Gabrielle at all. I shorten her name to belle which means beautiful girl in French. Some people can be so rude, how can you judge a book by its cover? People on here are pretty much predicting what my daughter is going to be like when she's older all because of her name. Where I live the name is very rare and that's the way I wanted it to be.
My 4 month old daughter is named Brielle. My husband REALLY advocated for this name. I actually liked it a lot, but some of the feedback I read online made me slightly question using it. We ended up using it (Brielle Marie), and so far, I am pleased with our decision. We call her Brie, mostly. I think it's uncommon enough, but not too out there, or 'YOUNEEK' (if ya catch my drift). I have received compliments on the name. My only frustration is once in awhile it is mispronounced, which shocks me! I mean, it's pretty phonetically obvious... right? I have gotten BRY-elle and also BRILL.
White trash name. Use the proper form Gabrielle, instead of this made-up, tacky nickname.
Brielle is amazing. It's short and easy to pronounce. Bri is the shortened nickname which I adore. I picture a model looking woman with this name. My newborn daughter's name is soon to be Brielle Dreamarie. It's perfect! Brielle has roots of beauty and strength and grace of God.
My.02 (albeit biased)
We chose Brielle as our 4 y/o daughters name, and as Mom and Dad are both Mensa members, I think we made an educated choice...
I in no way find it common, classless or anything of the sort mentioned by the all the silly trolls on this forum ;)
In reality it is uncommon enough to stand out but not so odd that people question it.
Brielle is a strong sounding name, and Brie has a light or informal feminine touch to it... We get compliments regularly as most people either just obediently follow the crowds when it comes to naming their kids or they go overboard with nonsense names.
Kind Regards,
What an ugly, modern, tacky and trashy variant of the lovely Gabrielle! Those who choose "Brielle" for their daughters simply has no taste at all. Gosh, leave the pretty Gabrielle alone.
This name sounds trashy, like something an uneducated ignorant person would define as classy or French of which it is neither.
Brielle is actually a traditional Cajun name. It was very popular among the Acadians to abbreviate common names. This was is a contraction of Gabrielle.
It's admittedly a cute name. Very cute. But the problem is, when you're naming a child, "cute" names tend to be childish and overly-modern-sounding, Brielle included. Honestly, can you imagine Dr. Brielle Smith? Or Brielle Covington, lawyer? I can't. It's better to give your child a name that sounds mature and could work well throughout life, and give them a cuter nickname. In this case, name her Gabrielle and call her Brielle.
Brielle in the Netherlands is from the Celtic meaning "closed area" or "hunting ground".
Sounds made up and tacky. Meh, not sure about it.
Brielle is the name of a song by Sky Sailing, one of Adam Young's projects (he is better known as Owl City, which is another one of his projects). I think Brielle is a lovely name, especially since the song is so nice.
I totally agree with bananarama, Brielle does sound like a type of cheese! That's the first thing I thought! But apart from that it's OK.
I actually like Brielle a lot better than Gabrielle, mostly because Brielle avoids the awful nickname Gabby (which used to be an insult/epithet).
Brielle sounds like a type of cheese, not a name. Imagine someone saying "I'd like to buy some Brielle cheese!"
Makes a cute middle name.
Oh, and I also like this as a nickname for Gabriella/Gabriela! It's way better than the overused and slightly annoying Gabby.
Brielle is a terrible name. It shouldn't be one. I hate the name Brianna (look at the comments for Brianna, you'll see my comment) and I hate the name Gabrielle. Putting them together is terrible. And it kinda makes me think of a stuck-up, snobby, conceited, and judgmental person. But that my view and please don't get offended if your name is that, that doesn't mean that you any of those things, but that's what I see.
I used to know a girl by this name, though I think she spelled it Briel. I think it's a beautiful name and not something I hear everywhere I go. I like the way this name's spelled, when she's just a young girl just call her 'Bree' for short.
Brielle is my middle name, and I think it's pretty and it goes well with my first name, Hannah. Brielle is a bit to girly for my tastes, but when it goes with a name that's not so girly, it's nice.
Too cutesy, girly, and nickname-y. Do your daughter a favor and name her Gabrielle instead, so that she's got a better name for the dog-eat-dog world of competition, sexism, classism, and prejudice out there.
I hate it. It sounds like some stupid parents were trying to be "different" again. It sounds like a boy name. Or a ghetto name. Better yet; a male, ghetto name.
I love this name. It just seems so calm and easygoing somehow.
I like this name, but since my name is Brianna, naturally I like Brianna better. I still love this name, though!
I like the name "Gabrielle," but I don't like just "Brielle." Probably because I know an absolutely DEMENTED girl named Brielle who sort of ruined the name for me. And it reminds me of cheese. Sorry but it does.
I don't understand the appeal to this "name". It doesn't sound nice, sort of incomplete and it reminds me of the word Braille.
I agree with person above. It doesn't seem to be a full name. It would be a good nickname, but not regular name.
I'm not a fan of this name. It's a bit choppy & seems "unfinished."
I love this name, it's so beautiful. The nickname could be Bri.
I love this name. It`s beautiful.
I LOVE it! My second daughter's middle name is this. I don't remember where I see it, but I fell in love with it.
Brielle is a very pretty name and a name you can easily grow up with.
Brielle is awful name for a human being! By the way, in German Brille means glasses.
Brielle is pronounced like "bree-ELLE". Brille is pronounced "BRILL-uh." They're really not very similar except in appearance if you ask me.
In that case it'd be good for an opthamologist.
Brielle is aan awesome name! I think it's better than Gabrielle! I like names that come from common names, so this is on my list!
Brielle is of French origin and means exalted goddess. I think it's a great name and not very common either!
I've choosen this as my daughter's middle name. Mia Brielle is due 12/1/2005.
My 3 year old daughter's name is Brielle. I have no idea where I heard it from or where I got it but I knew since I was a little girl that my first daughter's name would be Brielle. I love it. I have not been able to find the actual meaning of it but if I had to make one up based on her personality it would have to be beautiful. I have never met another Brielle either -- so it's good to know there are a few out there!
I love my name ( Brielle ). I am so glad that my parents named me that. I feel unique! I love it. I have had this name for thirteen years and I do not regret a day of having it!
I think this is such a pretty name... I like it better than Brianne or Brianna.
For years I have been the only bearer of this name because the name was of my Mum's creation. Brielle, originally intended for my middle name, is a mixture of my parents middle names: Brian and Ellen. Brielle as I am known, is not a short form of Gabrielle or otherwise, but on it's own, Brielle, just like that.

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