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As long as it's spelled Caden, it's actually a pretty attractive name. Just no Cayden, Kaiden, or anything like that. Also, this isn't a girl's name.
Name of Lilliana Ketchman’s older brother, Caden Ketchman.
It actually looks fine spelled like this. I just find Kayden, Cayden etc. Too trendy but Caden isn't bad it looks more surname-ish.
This is also UNISEX because I know 3 girls with this name.
It's okay. I can see it on either sex.
Meh, it's very trendy and kiddish. I also see it everywhere. I actually know of someone whose first name is "McCaden", how unfortunate.
Caden is a boy name. End of discussion.
People are seriously naming their daughters Caden? How unfortunate.
Caden isn't too bad of a name on a boy, but it's super trendy and I'm not sure if it will age well. I despise the mangled spellings, however. Caden and all of the other spellings sound ridiculous on girls.
My brother's name is Caden and he is strong, athletic, and smart. He may behave like a three year old sometimes even though he is 13 but he is smart, athletic, and strong. I do think Caden is a girl and boy name because I do have a friend named Kayden pronouced the same way. I really do like this name too. I hope everybody agrees with me.
Caden is the only spelling I like, but I also would pronounce this name as it's written instead of kay-DEN.
I don’t really have a problem with made-up names. Aidan, Caden, Jaden, Braden, etc, are original names to use for boys. While Michael and John remain classy and timeless, there can still be boys on this planet with names that you don’t hear everyday. I think Caden is a unique name and it’s also a unisex name, so Caden suits boys and girls perfectly. I prefer Caden more on a boy though. If I were to name a girl Caden, I would possibly change the spelling to Kaden, Kayden, Cayden, or Caydyn. Yeah, yeah. I know they are disgusting trashy kry8tyve spellings that you guys hate, but you really should be nice.
I think Caden is one of the best names out there all of y’all are hating. You're just jealous because your name is Bob and boring so chill out and be nice.
Caden is such a cute name. It suits both boys and girls perfectly, well more so for boys! That said, I can still picture an overly girly girl in a pink girly princess outfit who acts very feminine and girly. Boy names on girls don’t always make her tomboyish, sometimes it will make her decide, and if she wants to be a frilly princess, let her. I would assume parents would give their daughter a feminine middle name just in case, whether she is going to be a tomboy or a girly girl! Caden is cute and elegant for a girl, and noble and handsome for a boy! People usually hate -aden names but I like them!
I see this as more of a boy's name though it can still be a girl's name.
Another rhyming name is Jayden.
I'm 16 looking for things about my name for a class and I saw this. I can't see myself as an adult being called "Caden". It's weird to me. "Hey, it's Uncle Caden" just doesn't sound good. I only ever met a Kaden and a Cade.
This is my name and I was born in 1986, if that means anything. It's a lot more common than it was when I was growing up, but it's not overused. The comments about it being juvenile or not working for an adult don't make sense to me. No one has ever said they didn't take me seriously because of what my name is. My biggest complaint is that no one ever spells it right. They always think it starts with a K.
Hate this name on boys and girls. Way too common and juvenile.
I was named Caden in 1992 and I'm very much still alive and fine with the name.
I know a Caden who is completely girly and precious. She is named because she truly is "the spirit of the battle," her parents being two of the strongest and bravest people I know. She is still a toddler and absolutely awesome. Her middle name is quite girly. To me, Caden means strength, wisdom, and humor. This kid is going to do great things. I have met some other Cadens who are boys, but the only one I really KNOW is a girl and to me, it seems like a girl's name.
Dislike Caden but I do admit that it's loads better than the other "Aidan\Aiden\Ayden" styled names. Names such as: Brayden, Hayden, Zaiden, Raiden.

Also, to address user "mymane": the spelling SHOULD be spelled as Caeden, really? Because in my opinion, Caden looks the most sophisticated and sane spelling whereas "Caeden" looks a bit like a garbled mess. Caden may be the best spelling of this name.
We named our son Caeden in 1990 and chose that spelling so that we could call him Cae, which never really took. We had never heard the name used before but liked the name Cadence if we had a girl. Pretty humorous, all the folks on here talking about trendy. My name, John, used to be the ultimate in trendy. I commend all of the Caden's who have come forward to comment. Your name rocks and I guess you can think of yourselves as trend setters.
I named my son Caden many moons ago and I personally love it. What I cannot bear are the subsequent 'dreamt up' variations; Kaiyden, Kaydan, Kaydon, Caiden, Cayden - like with many other names - just leave them to the authentic, it makes zero difference whether you chuck in a K, Y, I etc, it is still pronounced the same but looks chavvy!
I like the name Caden. I like how it sounds and I like the Caden spelling over all the other ways you spell the name. It may be extremely popular but it's not a made up name. It has a legitimate history and I have met two older people with that name. One is in his 50s by now and the other was my friend's grandfather. I think people are just tired of hearing the name and that is causing them to have a negative reaction to the name.
The name should be spelled CAEDEN.
I've found the name Cadan in the book Enwau Cymraeg I Bant (Welsh names for children) by Heini Gruffudd, published in 1980. The book says it aims to provide a scholarly list of traditional Welsh names. Cadan is said to come from cad = battle, and nant, meaning small brook or stream. I believe this may be the origin of Caden, with the spelling slightly mutated. I have also heard Cadan as an old Cornish name, which is a language closely related to Welsh.
My name is Caden and most of my life I grew up hating my name but it grew on me and I absolutely love my name. I always thought it was a boy name but honestly it's both boy and girl.
Hmm, actually, the sound of this name has grown on me! I like it more than the name Cade now! But this name looks better when it's spelled as Kaden with a K.
We named our daughter Caden. We love the name and it really suits her.

I think it is more of a feminine name but that's my personal opinion and it is a unisex name.

She does get called Cady as a nickname a lot though.

I'm surprised at the comments about the name being really popular, as here in the UK it's hardly heard.

I have read various meanings to the name such as sprit of the battle, beloved companion & little warrior.
The name 'Cade' is SO much better.
I named my son Caden. At the time I had never heard the name before. We didn't choose it because we like -Aden we choose it because of what it means. Friend and companion in Arabic, warrior or fighter in Gealic, pure or to bring joy in English, or spirit of battle in Welsh. We chose the name because it is cute for a boy, but also a strong name for a man. When I think of my son as a man I see a strong, sensitive, and good man who will wear it with pride because it is a strong name. If he feels Caden is cutesy, then he can shorten it to Cade. I have three children and this is the only name I chose that has become popular. Although I dislike the Aden trend, and I wish the name wasn't as popular, I still love the name. My son is a sweet, loving, strong, sensitive, smart, creative, musical, athletic, hard working and a very handsome boy. I am proud of him and love the name. I chose the name for the meaning, it wasn't based on trend, you have no idea how much thought was put into each of my children's names. I understand that not everyone likes the name and that's fine, but don't assume that it was chosen based on a whim and some foolish trend. My son's name "Caden James" was chosen because of meaning and traits I wanted for my son. I believe a name is an important part of who we become and the meaning of this name portrays what I want for my son. I want him to be a good friend, I want him to be a warrior and fight for what is right and pure, I want him to bring joy to those around him, I want him to have the spirit of battle because in this world we are at war. My reasons for choosing this name was deeper than people realize, and despite what others think, I am proud to be the mother of a Caden.
I agree with fpure. I named my son Caden and chose it because I loved the meaning (spirit of battle) and never heard of the name before. When he was little we used to get all these compliments on his name. Now, 15 years later, I'm hearing the name everywhere. Even though I don't like how popular it became I still love the name.
We named our daughter Caden in 2002. We found it in a book of baby names in the girls' names section. We'd never heard it but liked it - in that book it said it was Gaelic for "little warrior," Which was much better than "little doormat."

The other names on our short list have exploded in popularity and she would have been one of many with most of those names. I think she would have disliked that.

We'd never heard it before and have since only run into a handful of kids named Caden since, both boys and girls, with a couple of variations in spelling.

If she wanted to she could be "Cady" but she's despised that nickname since someone tried to give it to her when she was 3.

I'm rather surprised at all the negative comments about the name and people who named their kid Caden (or anything, really).

She's a lovely girl and no one ever seems to think the name doesn't fit her. She really likes it, too. Her middle name is very feminine and she's never wanted to use it.

No one seems to care that there are 80 million Jennifers and Johns and all the other names that truly are a dime a dozen. People are unique, why not names? As long as parents take care to not name their child something truly harmful or that would make them the object of ridicule, I don't see that there's any reason really care what someone else names their kid! :)
I find other peoples comments to be hilarious.
I am a male, 34 year old Caden and very proud of my name.
It always gets me to hear my name in the supermarket or at a restaurant only to turn around and see that there is a little boy that is being called for... I am not used to hearing my name in public but am proud that I am one of the few "adult men" that people refer to in the previous comments.
As a 27 year old male bearing the name I have to say I have worn the name with pride since I was young, having never met another Caden. I still haven't met another Caden.

My mother got my name from a book, there is a book named after me ("Caden Walaa") and at least one child has been named after me, via my book.

I've loved having a unique name. It serves me well in adulthood. I've never looked up the origins of the name. But I really loved reading this person's comment that said:

- It's really not that bad of a name. My little cousin is named Caden. My aunt said that it means "spirit of the battle" in some Native American language. But then again, she is insane.

I loved this comment because my heart always stirs when I read about or view scenes in movies, plays or TV where warriors and soldiers display or embody the very "spirit of battle".

I agree some of the more ancient names carry with them a deep history, as one commentator pointed out; names like Daniel and Joshua. I don't care if the name Caden falls into obscurity as a name is not what makes a person.
You know, I find it funny that people are so mean about names. You give your child a name that is common and nice, and people don't like how common it is. They're sick of hearing it. You give your child a much less common name, or one that starts to gain popularity when it was very scarce before, and people will harass you about how "trendy" it is. Let's face it: people are going to gripe no matter what the heck you do. If you like a name, use it. I personally find this name to be trending right now, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with that or it. It's nice, simple. I named my son Caden and he's a handsome little character :).. and sure there aren't many men with the name Caden that are past 30 right now, but you have to give these names time to age. With time it will be the norm. Maybe not in your lifetime, but in the next...
Caden means "son of war" or "son of battle"

Although Caden has become popular due to it's trendy sound, however it does have legitimate historical etymology, unlike some of the horrendous trendy amalgamous names that have risen up during our generation... The name comes from the Gaelic surname MacCadáin (son of Cadán). The given name Cadán derives from the Irish name Cathán, meaning "battle."
Although people think this name is "made up", it's been around a long time. My great grandmother was a Caden. It was common among the Sephardic Jew women. However it is pronounced "Kahden". I named my daughter after her. The name pronounced Kayden is the made up version. I don't care for the Aiden's and all the other variations but I would not want to insult anyone by calling them ugly. It's a matter of opinion.
I cannot speak to the whole of those who have chosen the name "Caden" for their children, but we did not have any interest in the popularity of the sound "ayden". Meanings were very important to us in name selection and although we obviously liked the name itself, it was selected because its meaning in Arabic is *companion* or *good friend*. So, for our family and for our purposes, the origin of this name is Arabic and its meaning is *companion*. We weren't just going with a fad. (When we named him we had never even met another person with that name. We thought it was going to be unique! Lol.) Although we did feel free to alter the spelling to our liking because we were moving into the foothills of the Cascade Mountains when I was pregnant with him, so we changed the K to a C as a nod toward his place of birth.

I read recently that the name in English supposedly means *fighter* or *little battle*. Does anyone have any background on why that might be?
If it's inspired by taking the "son of" off "son of Cadan", doesn't that just make it a modern variant spelling of Cadan?
Caden is a great name for a boy/man. It is only a good name when spelled the traditional way--Caden-- the variations are definitely Tacky and Trendy and well nauseating. All of the other Aiden names are nauseating as well. I named my son Caden in 2003 before it was popular. It sickens me how people are messing the name up and making it so tacky. But CADEN is a very good name, I can definitely see this name aging well. It can be whatever you make it out to be, it can be both unique and sophisticated. My son a very creative musical, unique, awesome kid and his name fits him well. It is a handsome name especially used with a middle name that sounds traditional and sophisticated as well.
I don’t really like this name. There’re many other boy names that are much better.

But, I’ve never met a Caden (any form, spelling; boy or girl).

It DOES sound a little like a made-up name. But, it probably only SEEMS overused. I’ve never seen it in ANY of those “most popular” lists here on this site.

If you like the name, go for it. If you hate it, like the classic saying goes, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”.
Okay I won't say anything then. I'll just think it.
Slightly less annoying than Jayden.
This is a city in France.
Sure, this name is trendy. But at least it's spelled right and isn't Kaydin or some nightmare like that. Overall, it's not that bad a name.
This name is so ugly, especially on girls.
Why are there so many little boys running around with this name in the US? As the above poster said, there seems to be some sort of fixation with the -aden suffix. It has an cheesy urban cowboy feel to it. Is there an actor or a city that started this whole disaster (like Hayden Panettiere set off with her equally awful name)? I suppose it could be worse. It could be Dallas or Austin.
I've recently decided that I love this name. It's so cute, and I think it could potentially age well. I definitely love this spelling the most though. Cade would be a good nickname as well.
My son is called Caden. I think Caden is a great name, I don't think its 'trendy' as others have said. I live in London ( England) and it's not as popular here as in the U.S.A. I think variations of the name do ruin it though (Kaiden Kaden Caiden Cayden etc). I actually see the variations more often then the original name.
Yuck. Caden is a tacky made-up name. Can't people use names that DON'T end in -aden?
I would just like to say I named my daughter Kadin in 2004 and I had never heard the name before. Also it means "woman" in Turkish.
I actually love Caden, I think it's more masculine when spelt Kaiden, I would never name a girl that though, there are prettier names.
This name may be trendy but it's not that bad. I hate the spelling Kayden though.
This name is growing on me. I know names like Hayden and Jayden are unisex, but Caden or Cayden sounds all masculine to me. I adore trendy names, as long as they aren't unisex or surnames.
Caden, Hayden, Brayden, Jayden: Mayden Uppden!
We named our first son Caden and I'm so sick and tired of everyone saying it's trendy and overused and stinks. I have to say, this is an old name that was in our family! We named him after a relative. It really is a wonderful name for a boy that means fighter. It grows very well with a child as it's a name that many adults had in older days!
This is one of my favorite boy's names! Though I spell it Kayden. If I ever have a boy, I'm going to name him Wolf Kayden. I told this to my sister, and she really likes Kayden too, though she spelled it Caidan. If she ever has a boy, she wants to name him Caidan.
Caden is so cute for a little boy.
It's really not that bad of a name. My little cousin is named Caden. My aunt said that it means "spirit of the battle" in some Native American language. But then again, she is insane.
Um I don't know how this name can be so trendy when I have never even met a Caden in my whole life. This name isn't like Josh or Daniel, both being very popular.
Joshua and Daniel, while popular, are not trendy names. A trendy name is one that shoots up in popularity seemingly over night. A trendy name likely will not age well as trends come and go. Names like Joshua or Daniel are timeless classics. If you meet a Daniel, you won't automatically assume he is a baby or a child, as there are many 2 year old Daniels, 25 year old Daniels, 50 year old Daniels, and 80 year old Daniels. Same with Joshua. Both are timeless and ageless.

Caden, however is very trendy. Right now, Cadens are (at most) 8 years old and younger. Most are under 4. It's not surprising that you've never met a Caden in your life as it's a fairly new trend.
It is a trendy name. But I can stand it on a boy. As long as I don’t see it on a girl, or it’s not spelled Kaidyn or something, I’m fine. In fact, I don't think the name is all that bad.
There is one reason why I’m not fond over this name. One nickname for Caden would probably be Cady. Cady would be WAY to cutesie for a boy and it's primarily just a girls name. Overall it’s not a bad name. But parents call your son Caden or Cade. Please don’t ever call him Cady!
Yet another annoying, trendy name.
I actually had a friend named Caden who was a girl. Now, even though I've some boys named Caden as well, I always have trouble thinking of it as a boy's name. I'm also wondering of the late why she was named Caden in the first place as it isn't a girl's name at all.
A famous bearer is Cayden Boyd. They don't have the name 'Cayden' on the database.
Sure, this will be cute for a little boy, but children grow up, and where will they be when they reach adulthood and still have these sickeningly trendy names? This looks and sounds ridiculous for an adult. Spare your son and choose something that will age well, something practical.

And as a Gaelic speaker, would somebody please tell me why these beautiful, dignified old names are being mangled and turned into these obnoxiously trendy nightmares? Not just nightmares, but mockeries of the original, as well.
I much prefer this spelling over "Kaden".
I kind of like it (Cade) - maybe change it to "Casen" then (Case).

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