Great name, but I've always struggled with the pronunciation. It just doesn't sound right in my mind, and I don't seem to be able to say it well. This is why I prefer Charles or Carlos.
It think it's okay in my opinion. It sounds like car. Nice name.
Strong, and masculine! Karl is also good!
Clearly, unlike almost everyone else in the comments section, I actually love this name. I'm sick of people saying that some names are 'masculine' and shouldn't be used for girls. It's 2019 people, not 1902. Get a grip. Not everyone has to give their daughter a 'feminine' name. Plus, none of us can control what other people want to name their children. Grow up.
With so many people of distinction and royalty with the name Carl who wouldn't want to be connected to the name Carl? I am proud of my name and would never change it. Check the history of the name.
I'm an American Carl so my name over here is very uncommon. Growing up with the name was a little awkward because it sounds like a grown man's name. However I love my name now that I'm in my 30s. It feels very distinguished.
What? It’s cute!
In 2018, 54 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Carl who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 150th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
The janitor in the movie, the Breakfast Club, is named Carl. He was a weird character so I have negative associations with this name.
I am the real Carl. My full name is Carl Thomas David ______, Born 12th July 1977. In Manchester, England. Cancarian Carls are the best!
Carl Johnson (or "C.J.") is the main character in GTA.
Carl Hester, MBE is a British dressage rider competing at the Olympic level. As of 8 August 2012 the Fédération Équestre Internationale rank him 12th in the world riding Uthopia.
I find it very hard to imagine a couple in a hospital room, with a baby in their hands saying: "Let's name name him Carl".
A famous bearer of this name is Charles Delestraint (1879-1945), a French general, member of the French resistance during WW2, he was executed in Dachau by SS.
General Delestraint was from the north of France (the French flanders) so he was called “Carl” (Charles in flemish language).
This name sounds like a "stereotypical nerd" kinda name. I don't really like it.
Carl is a character on Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
I go by this nickname among most of my peers because when I was about to enter high school, a girl decided to shorten my real given name, which happens to be Carlo. There are days when I feel that I have become more of a Carl rather than a Carlo - this may sound bizarre but responding to one has a different feeling as from the other. Like each is burdened by a different set of expectations: Carl is more fun, sociable and clever, while Carlo feels like a more proper, formal and I don't know, kind of distinguished person.
I prefer the spelling Karl.
This is easily my top favorite boy name! It has been for the past few years, and it probably always will be. If I have a son this will be his name. I'm not a big fan of the spelling as Karl though, but I've always been a fan of C over K when it comes to the spelling of names.
I think this name is so cute! I imagine a happy & friendly person with the name Carl. =)
Famous bearers include Rick Grimes's zombie-ass kicking son, Carl Grimes from The Walking Dead.
This name would be great to hear on a little boy. It's cute, but serious at the same time. A true classic. In my opinion, names like Carl are far more interesting than Jayden and Hunter. The spelling Karl gives it a little more spunk and pizazz, while Carl is more timeless, similar to Katherine and Catherine :)
I used to think Carl was kind of a nerdy name because of Jimmy Neutron and other shows. I think a lot of people did. However, when I started watching the TV show Shameless and the boy on it was named Carl, I really started to love the name.
Carl (1872-1957) was the son of King Frederik VIII of Denmark and his wife Louisa. He later became King Haakon VII of Norway.
Carl (1680-1708) was the son of King Christian V of Denmark and his wife Charlotte.
Carl (1728-1729) was the son of King Frederik IV of Denmark and his third wife Anna.
Carl Barks, Disney studio illustrator and comic book creator, is a famous bearer, and one of my favourite Carls.
Carl Andre (1935) is an American sculptor, a leading exponent of Minimal art.
Carl Stamitz was one of the few people to write a viola concerto. As a violist, I really respect him for that. I don't like his name, though - it always struck me as ugly.
Carl Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist and the founder of Jungian psychology.
This is my best friend's nickname. How we got 'Carl' from 'Carissa' I will never know, but I think it's kinda cool.
Carl Ben Eielson (1897-1929) was an early American aviator who served in the U.S. Army Signal Corps during World War I and flew planes in Alaska. He was the first person to fly across the Arctic Ocean. He died in a plane crash in Siberia when he was attempting to rescue passengers on board the ship Nanuk, which was trapped in ice. In 1985 he was inducted into the National Aviation Hall of Fame in Dayton, Ohio.
Carl Sagan (1934-1996), world-famous astronomer and author of such books as Cosmos and The Demon-Haunted World.
I like it better with the German spelling "Karl".
Carl Collins, Quentin's brother from Dark Shadows completely destroyed this name for me. Plus it's difficult to say. Carl Kolchak from the Night Stalker is cool though.
Carl Barat! Formerly in the Libertines and now in Dirty Pretty Things. He's so hot too. :)
Carl Bell is the lead guitarist and lyricist for the rock band Fuel.
Ugly name. On Jimmy Neutron there is a Carl and he's dumb. Now I think every Carl is dumb. Carl ruined it.
A famous bearer is British techno DJ Carl Cox. He was born 29 July 1962, Oldham, Lancashire, England, UK.
This is my brother's name and I think pretty cool. Although it can get annoying because nobody can pronounce it right! It's pronounced: KAH-RUL.
Calle is the common Swedish nickname.
Common in double name combos like Carl Philip (prince of Sweden) and Carl Gustav/Gustaf (King of Sweden), Carl-Johan, Carl-Erik etc.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Carl here:
Carl Smith is one of country music's earliest stars to have major success with honky-tonk style of the genre. He was the first husband of June Carter Cash and is the father of Carlene Carter.
Famous bearers of the name Carl include:
- Carl XVI Gustaf, King of Sweden and Admiral of the Royal Swedish Navy (b. April 30, 1946).
- Carl Maria von Weber (born November 18 or November 19, 1786; died June 5, 1826), a German composer. He wrote a lot of religious Catholic music, and many works for the clarinet, and also several operas, including "Der Freischütz".
- Original "Beach Boys" member Carl Wilson (December 21, 1946 – February 6, 1998). He sang lead on several songs on the albums "Smiley Smile" and "Wild Honey", and other hit singles, including "Good Vibrations" and "Darlin'".
- Carl N. Archer (born January 16, 1917), founder of the Carl's Jr. hamburger chain.
Carl Stalling was the musical director for the Looney Tunes Cartoons.
Carl is such a lovely name. :) Front man of the Libertines and now of Dirty Pretty Things is called Carl Barat, aka Carlos! hehe :) (he is ever so hot)
Famous bearer is Carl Orff, a German composer, famous for Carmina Burana.
I never actually cared for the name Carl. On a show I used to watch called As Told by Ginger, Ginger's little brother's name is Carl.
Carl Larsson is a famous Swedish painter.
Carl Bessner was the name of the doctor aboard the "Karnak" in Agatha Christie's "Death On The Nile".
Carl Sandberg and Karl Marx are two other famous C/Karls.
The name Carl is the best damn name on the planet and should only be given to the elite among men. Not every other loser under the sun. If your name is Carl then dammit you better be cool.
Carl is a cool name. It's NOT geeky by the way.

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