I usually don't like surnames being used as a first name, but I love the name Carson. I knew a boy with this name.
I didn’t realize Carson was used on girls. On a boy it’s meh but on a girl it just sounds so odd. To each their own.
Okay, so I realize this is mainly a boy's name and I like it on a boy. But I met this cute little blonde haired girl named Carson and I can’t view it the same way now. So I think it would be really cute with a girly middle name like Evangeline and maybe with a y, so it would be Carsyn Evangeline. I think it’s adorable. Again, I know it’s mainly a boy's name and I am not disagreeing with you.
As a girl named Carson, I always get a little offended when people say "Oh that's a boy's name," because if it's my name, clearly it isn't that limited. Also, if you're like "I hate this name, I think it's UGLY on a girl", keep it to yourself. I've gotten a lot of good interview opportunities with it and someone admitted that they chose to interview me because they assumed I was a guy. So maybe rather than hating on someone else's name, you look for the benefits.
Feminine? No no no no no. Only Masculine, but okay name.
I changed my mind, it's okay for either sex.
Meh on boys, ugly on girls. Too surname-y. Though I prefer this to any spelling like Carsyn or Karson which are so much worse. Again, not a girl's name. Not because I don't think it's unisex, I just hate it in general. So many prettier unisex names.
This name is very bad, and I hate it.
Like naming your daughter Madison. It's all in the culture/environment. Madison is technically a boys' name but now it is a girls'. You can name your daughter Carson, though I most certainly would stay away.
I like this name for either gender, but especially for a girl. I think it sounds super cool and awesome!
I would name a kid after Carson McCullers, my favorite author. So...not a bad name for a girl or a boy in my opinion.
Carson was my grandfather born in 1901. I was 21 when I lost him. He taught me what fatherly love was. My son never met him but when his first child was born a daughter, Carson was a high honor to give her. A name is not about famous people, how it's spelled. It's a tradition, she has generations of stories about how she was given her name Carson. Let go of social media and boys vs girls- their names have a life to live and a strength and ancestry.
As a girl name?! Yuck.
At first I thought it sounded a bit childish, but then I thought of Carson Daly (his names go well together). For a more recent name, it's quite decent. However, I really hate the cutesy spellings like "Karsyn". Please stick with the original.
Too surname-ish for my taste. Sounds even worse on a girl.
Carson King is a youtuber that goes by the screen name CallMeCarson.
Carson Wentz is an NFL player for the Philadelphia Eagles.
This name is something- I LOVE the name.
Wait, people use this on GIRLS? Man I didn't think America was that dumb :P.
The meaning is not uncertain. It is a originated from a surname, and as for the meaning, it means “Son of Car”, just like Madison, Addison, Emerson, Mason, Jason, Grayson, Lawson, Harrison, Morrison, but Allison is an exception, since it wasn’t originated from a surname and does not mean “Son of Alice” and Allison is a feminine name. Carson is a masculine name derived from a surname meaning “Son of Car”. Carson can be used as a male's name or a females name, but usually used more as a masculine name.
One female Carson is the illustrator & author Carson Ellis. She won the Caldecott medal in 2017 for her book Du Iz Tak.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Carson who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 707th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.

In 2018, 11 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Carson who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 3, 016th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Carson is a bit surname-ish, but it's a very handsome name. I think it's silly to name a girl this.
I always think of Johnny Carson. Love him!
Boy name and surname.
Carson is a surname in my opinion.

This name is only linked with a Downton Abbey character in my mind (the butler Mr Carson).

I love this Tv series and I like that character but I would never use it as given name... maybe on a pet but I have better names and links.
Mr Carson (Charles Carson) is the butler in the famous period-drama series "Downton Abbey".
A famous bearer is Ben Carson (full name: Benjamin Solomon Carson Sr.), a retired neurosurgeon and former candidate for the Republican nomination of the 2016 presidential election.
Sounds great as a boy's name. Terrible for a girl.
I like this name quite a lot for boys and girls. Though I do associate it mostly with girls, I still think it can work for boys. It just sounds so pleasing to the ears, and it has femininity but it's also strong and tough.
The name Carson was given to 177 girls born in the US in 2015.
Personally, I like Carson more as a feminine name. Not just because my girlfriend is named that, but because I think it fits better.
I like the name Carson. I'm a girl and my name is Carson. I only know two boys named Carson. All other Carsons I know are girls.
I just don't like this name in general. It reminds me of Ben Carson, someone I despise.
I personally think it can be for girls or boys. Girls may start to not like the name because it is known for being for guys, but it makes them unique and it's special. The name is good for boys, it works for anyone because it's a cool name, not tough. If you play it right as a girl it can even be cute!

By the way I'm a girl with the name Carson.
It is alright to dislike a name, but do not think that others who bear this name hate it, or that their parents were messed up in the head when they named their son OR daughter. I know Carson's who are both male and female who love their name, and they do not let other people dictate whether or not their name is acceptable. On a lighter note, I absolutely adore this name. It works well on both genders and honestly, if a girl bears the name but it's spelt like the "guy's version", then what difference does it make? It's still beautiful, just like alternate spellings are to other's. Also, I personally think the name works well with musicians. I know a few wonderful musicians who bear this name.
My name is Carson and I believe this name is lead me to my success in life.
Carson Drew, father of the famous detective Nancy Drew.
I like this name, it is really simple and casual.
It bugs me so much seeing comments on how “brutal” the name Carson on a girl is. Especially how spelling it Carsyn, is annoying. Some people have been given this name, and have to grow up with it. I in fact kind of like my name (Carsyn). And names that end in SON are not just for boys. I think AddiSON, and MadiSON are both very feminine names. Emerson too, but I've heard boys named it. Anyways, I like the name Carson on a girl, I think it's kinda cute.
I'm not a big fan of last names as first names, but this seems even less like a first name to me than some other last names that are used as first names. Sir Edward Carson was a Victorian attorney famous for his role in Oscar Wilde's conviction and imprisonment and Mr. Carson is the butler on "Downtown Abbey," so my impression of the name Carson is of a stuffy old man.
Isn't it ironic how all these names ending in SON are being used for girls these days?
True say! I'm confused why girls get these kind of names instead of boys? Don't parents think it would suit a boy favorably more?
One of my best friends is named Carson but she spells it Karsyn. I love the name and I like how it is unique (Or at least it is for where I live) and how she spells it.
It's cool on a guy, but horrible on a girl. Sure, a boyish name might sound edgy and fun... until the girl grows up.
Don't name your daughter Carson! That's horrible. Carson is handsome and strong on a male; on a female, it's brutal.
I don't like this name. It sounds harsh, and it has a number of annoying namesakes, like Carson Daly and Carson Kressley. It's even worse on a girl, since this name doesn't even sound feminine.
Carson McCullers was a novelist. She wrote "Ballad of the Sad Cafe" and "Member of the Wedding." I think it sounds pretty cool for a girl, if only for her.
I think this is a horrible name, mainly because it causes me to envision Carson Daley every time I hear it. He's ruined the name for me.
For a girl I definitely imagine someone who is very outgoing. And a cute nickname is Car (again, for a girl).
I kind of like this name for a boy. To me it's strictly masculine. It is way too harsh for a girl.
I think that it is a great name for boys and that if you know them as they are growing up that it will grow well with them into manhood.

As for naming a girl Carson or Carsyn I do not like it. I think that it is too trendy and just not my personal choice. But to each his own. But creatively spelled names just are not my cup of tea either. I think that it ruins a great name.
I have read that it means "dweller by the marsh". I have dwelt by a couple of marshes at times. It is more pleasant than one might think because of the abundance of wildlife.
---"Kit" Carson.
I can hardly believe most of you. Carson can work for a boy OR girl. What are YOU gonna do if someone names their daughter Carson, huh? MAKE them change it? Refuse to speak to a complete stranger because their name is Carson and they're female? Yeah, I didn't think so.

On a lighter note, the name Carson makes me think of a dark-haired boy or blonde girl.
Carson Beckett was the doctor on Stargate: Atlantis. He died in an explosion though. (Sniff, Sniff.)
I think this is a bad name for a boy and an awful name for a girl! What makes it even worse? Spelling it Carsyn! Yuck.
What is it with people today, thinking a name like Carson is suitable for females? What are American people on? This name is definitely masculine, in a rather boyish way, but masculine all the same. It makes me think of a guy somewhere between ages 16 and 23 who is fun-loving and energetic. Unfortunately, it also reminds me of Carson Daly. I also don't think this is the best name for any grown-up. It works for young guys, but not older guys. It doesn't strike me as a mature name somehow. For girls, this is awful. At most, it might work on a tomboy. But once the girl is 14, no matter what she looks like, the name will sound asinine on her.
This is one of my favorite names! I think this name can work for both boys and girls. It's really nice, pretty and simple but still sort of unusual and unique at the same time. I like the spelling 'Carsyn' too, as someone else already pointed out. I love this name!
I think that just because Carson ends in -son means it's masculine. Take Allison for example, it ends in -son but it is no way masculine.
Carson was cheer captain in 'Bring It On: in it to win it'.
I like this name for a girl, but I prefer it spelled Carsyn to make it feminine.
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this name for a girl. It's so sweet. I wish I'd thought of this name sooner than I did or I'd have named one of my girls Carson.
Not exactly a famous bearer, but Addison on Private Practice said it was her favorite name, since it worked for a boy or girl.

I think I prefer it for a boy, though. Carson Drew was Nancy Drew's dad in the Nancy Drew series.
I think the name Carson is an amazing name, for a boy AND a girl.
The name Carson has traditionally had a feminine connotation (see Carson McCullers, author of "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter"). In the last few years, with the popularity of Carson Palmer and Carson Daly, it has become an overly trendy boy's name.
Carson is an awesome, cool name for a BOY.
I agree with previous comments: THIS NAME IS MASCULINE!
I like the name Carson. I think Carson is a good name for a boy or a girl.
I agree, Carson is such a masculine name and I am also surprised how many girls are being named Carson now.
I love this name! How could it be a girl's name? It just doesn't make sense to me.
I read somewhere that Carson was Old English meaning "Son of Carr". I like the name Carson and am surprised at how many girls lately are being Carson. Too boyish for me.
Carson Daly is the famous MTV host.
Carson Kressley is the fashion expert on the American television program Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.
Also the surname of famed biologist Rachel Carson. Carson is also the Scots Gaelic word for "wherefore" ("why"), as in "But wherefore could I not pronounce 'amen'?".

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