I love this name. I really didn't expect so much people to dislike the name. I'm from Georgia and idk if it's because of the president, but Carter is very used as a first name rather than a surname. I think people are saying it's too "surname-y" is because of the connotation to the ex-US president James "Jimmy" Carter. I personally know people of all genders with this name. I used to babysit a girl born in 2016 or 2015 with 'Carter' as her first name. Carter is also a family name for typically male members in my family. I've grown up with the name and I've always loved it.
I think Carter is a cool name.
Male Carter here. The hate on my name is equal to the love and I don't like my name that much but it's better that Quiza the name I might have been called so again, not the worst name and girls can use it. I like the name on girls.
Carter is a sassy sounding name.
Too surnamey. Some last names sound fine as a first name, but this one doesn't work.
Carter Dickson was the most famous pseudonym of mystery author John Dickson Carr. He used the name to publish his mystery novels featuring detective Sir Henry Merrivale.
I strongly suspect that John Carter (a popular character from the hit television series "ER") is responsible for the sudden rise in popularity of Carter after 1994 in the USA. Also compare the sudden appearance of the name in England (1997) and Canada (1998).The pilot episode of "ER" (in which he was featured) aired in September 1994. Also, the character was consistently addressed by his surname in the series, which could easily make people feel (eventually) that it was more of a given name for him than a surname. In fact... if I remember correctly, he actually strongly preferred to be called Carter! Only his (wealthy) relatives called him John, with whom he had quite the strained relationship.
Carter is a terrible name. If I was named Carter personally I'd jump off a bridge.
Female Carter, here! I am absolutely blown away by the amount of hate in this comment section. My name is a family name, and I have always loved that it was a traditionally masculine name. It's unique, and if you know me, you know it fits my personality. I had NEVER questioned or disliked my name before I saw all of these hateful comments. The familial connection that I have with my name is exponentially more important than the "meaning" of the name itself.
Really really ugly name.
In my opinion Carter is unisex as any kind of surname (except for the - son ones). I dislike it because it is an occupational name. It is exactly as if someone wanted to name a child 'taxi driver'. It is the same. I know it could be honoring, but it is silly.
It's fine, but too surname-y for me.
Honestly, it's terrible.
The name is fine, but the association with Jimmy Carter kinda turns me off.
For some reason I kinda like it on a girl, but only as a middle name. Like Marina Carter or something.
I am going to give my brutally honest opinion. I think it is awful (on boys and especially so on girls). It should hold its stake as just being a surname.
I don't particularly like it on a boy, but it doesn't sound very good on a girl. And unpopular opinion: the male-to-female name trend doesn't do anything for gender equality and it doesn't really get rid of stereotypes.
Not for girls. Just not for girls.
This name sounds infantile and not very strong to me. It's even worse when used on a girl.
This doesn't really sound like a feminine name.
According to, there are 20 people in the U.S. named Carter Carter.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Carter who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 661st most common male first name for living U.S. citizens. In 2018, 4 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Carter who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 5, 705th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens. [I'm not advocating its use for a girl, just giving you the data points.]
Is cart pusher really the aspiration you want for your kid? This is one of the lamest occupation names. I just imagine some wench hauling dung in the rain.
Occupational names are so corny.
Carter is definitely MASCULINE sounding. I didn't even know this was considered unisex. Just name the girl something similar to Carter like Cara or something. Also, two female posters on here with the name Carter said people assume that they're a male when they hear the name.
I love it. And I'm going to name my son Carter. I hate this name for a girl.
I can't believe how many people are against this name for a girl. Personally, I love that the US is seeing more gender-specific names becoming more unisex, especially in an age where gender equality is so important. Personally, I first heard the name Carter for a girl in the Disney movie Princess Protection Program, and have fallen in love with it ever since. To me, Carter will always be a name perfect for a girl.
I have gone by Carter my whole life, even though it's my middle name. If someone had told me back in the 70s that one day Carter would be a more popular first name than my given first name, Robert, I would have said not in a million years!
Carter Kane is one of the main characters in Rick Riordan's "The Kane Chronicles."
Carter can be for a boy or a girl. Most of the time, Carter for a girl is used because it's a family name. In my case, I am naming my daughter Carter with a K because Carter is my maiden name. (we're "mis-spelling it" because the K seems more feminine to us). There are a lot of names people assume are very boy or very girl. Bodi, Skyler, Kim, Shelby, Ashley, Logan, Blake, Austin... They're all being used for either a boy or girl because being unique and meaningful is more important than being masculine vs. feminine.
My name is Carter, and I'm a girl. Any time I was in a new class, or applied for a job, they have thought I was a guy. Back when I was in school, I received a scholarship, and at the reception, they described the recipient as a guy before they announced that is was me. It's a family name, and a little confusing sometimes when I go to visit, but I've come to love it because it makes me unique as a girl.
I've got no real problem with the name for a boy, though it sounds a bit too surname-y for me. I don't think it sounds good for a girl unless she's the very sporty, tomboyish type, for some reason.
Carter Braxton is a signer of the Declaration of Independence.
I'm not sure why you think it's awful. Doesn't necessarily mean they wanted a boy. It's 2016, we are doing away with traditional stereotypes so why would girls need to be named something overly feminine? Rock on girls, you can own this name and be just as successful as men with it and not have to apologize for it!
Rapper Jay Z's real name is Shawn Carter.
My daughter is Carter Marie. Love it, and it fits her well!
This name is so overused! First of all the meaning is nothing special, it's a surname and if you want to shorten it cart is your nickname. I know a lot of kids with this name and it's just, it's not a name. Hope to see it cool off soon! Also know a girl with this name... Really? To me that's saying I wish you would've been a boy.
I have a genuine question: what makes the name Carter masculine? It's a surname, and it just means "one who uses a cart." Nowhere in the name does it say "son of". I think this name works for both genders.
Because the meaning of the name isn't "son of" that makes it OK to slap it on a girl? That literally makes no sense. Carter is a masculine surname turned into a boy's name. On a girl, it is absolutely RIDICULOUS and very idiotic.Carter: great for a boy, awful for a girl unless it's her surname.
Love this name but I am NOT proud to admit that us Americans seem to use a lot of masculine names for girls. Devestates me that Carter is listed for girls as well, even if the number is in the 800's.
Carter is blatantly a males name. No exceptions.
I love this name for a boy. It's masculine and fun. It sounds absolutely ridiculous for a girl, though; she'll spend her whole life having to correct people.
I like the name Carter for both genders but I don't think the name will grow up with them.
The name Carter was actually given to 243 GIRLS in the US in 2012... Crazy.
This name sounds really masculine. I would never use it on a girl.
I knew an Irish family with a Carter in it... I wasnt even aware that it could also be used for a girl and now that I know I actually think it can work for girl. I don't think it sounds too masculine. It flows nice.
Unfortunately, I know a girl with this name. It sounds so completely ridiculous and masculine as a girl's name, no idea how anyone would get such an idea to name their daughter Carter!
Carter Heywood was a main character on the American television series "Spin City".
I'm definitely not against surnames as first names, but Carter is a bit too much for me. It just doesn't sound like a first name, much less so for a girl. And then there's the misspellings. Karter, Cartor, Ckartur...
The first thing I think of when hearing this name is the Backstreet Boys. This name would go well on a popular kid, athlete, or member of a boy band.
Carter Oosterhouse: TV personality.
I love the name Carter. It should, however, be used only for boys. I had never considered Carter anything except a surname until Carter Oosterhouse became a TV personality. I have since fallen in love with the name Carter.
Handsome. Magnificent... on males only. It should be used sparingly, though. "Carter" is a name that has potential of becoming extremely trendy... thus ruined.
Carter Brown (1923-1985), real name Alan Geoffrey Yates. A British-Australian author of crime fiction. He was born in London but moved to Australia in 1948. He started writing full time in 1953 and wrote as many as 150 crime stories, selling tens of millions of copies. His books were set in the United States but were more popular in Europe.In 1997, he posthumously won the Ned Kelly Award for Lifelong Contribution.
Seriously disgusting for a girl and a boy. Plus it rhymes with something VERY, VERY obvious, go through the alphabet and you should find it.
Carter is my name, and I'm a male. No offense to females with the name, but I think it is way too masculine for females.
I've always liked this name. I don't know why. It's just so cute! I think it works on both genders.
Hmm. I guess it is a nice name, but to me the meaning is laughable.
My name is Carter and I'm a girl. I love my name, but I am sick of people thinking I'm a guy when they first hear my name. I think it works on both genders.
I hate this name. It makes me think of the spoiled child of yuppies. And it also makes me think of that annoying Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter, and his annoying little brother.
I love this name even though it is a surname.
This name sounds a tad too surname-y for my taste, and it makes me think about the ghastly Nick Carter and his heinous spoiled brat of a brother Aaron.
Carter was a character in the 2nd series of the BBC's Robin Hood.
Nick Carter of the band the Backstreet Boys from the nineties. Also his younger brother Aaron Carter, also a singer.
I'm drowning in Carters! I'm a Carter, I go to school with a Carter, I have a cousin named Carter and a great uncle named Carter!
Carter is the name of Lois's father on Family Guy.
I love this name. If I ever have a son I want to name him Carter Reilly.
Carter is an awesome name for a boy.
Carter is a great name, it sounds so strong and masculine.
Love it, so cool. I like it with a K.
James "Jimmy" Carter was a President of the United States. Also, in the T.V. show "E.R." there was a doctor named John Carter, who was played by Noah Wylie.

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