I really really like the name but it's quite dated.
I dislike this name, because I'll always be seeing a pack of cigarettes before me, since we have a brand of cigarettes called "Cecil" in Denmark, so it is kind of an unattractive name to me simply for that reason alone. I do like the look and sound of it, though, but since it has that aforementioned connotation to it, well, Cecil is a no can do for me.
Old British birdwatcher.
Now, as a Cecil myself, I pronounce it see-sul. Then again, I am in the United States.
I think Cecil whichever way it's pronounced is a pretty awful name. Very snooty and old fashioned. Definitely NOT a girl's name. I find the strange names used for girls in the US weird.
Cecil sounds really handsome, attractive, and classy on a boy! It ages very well, too. However, I dislike the meaning- "blind". Also, Cecil is definitely not unisex and doesn't sound feminine at all. Why not use Cecilia, Cecily, or Cicely instead?
The PROOF of the name being SLIGHTLY UNISEX can also be SEEN in the CHART.
In the USA, this name can also SOMETIMES be FEMININE, making it UNISEX.
SEE-sil (English), SEHS-il (English), SEH-sil (German, Swedish, Norwegian), SEH-sehl (Danish)
Cecil Adams is a minor character in the Saw franchise. He is also a supporting antagonist for Saw IV.
This is my cat's name. Also the young boy from the SpyKids reboot.
What an unattractive name.
Sorry to everyone here who thinks Cecil is a feminine name. I think Cecil is a classy handsome boy’s name and it would sound strange on a little girl! There are some male names that sound okay for girls, but Cecil is all boy to me! You wouldn’t name a boy Cecilia, so why would you slap the name Cecil on a poor little girl? It’s just silly! Okay fine, maybe Cecil can be a unique girl’s name, but it’s much more of a boy’s name than a girl’s name!
My name is Cecil. I accept any pronunciation as an adult, as a child I used my initials.
In the southern U.S. it's always SEE-səl (many young folks have trouble pronouncing it from text on a form until they hear it first).

Mexican/Americans call me sehSEAL (2 syllables with no pause) a pronunciation not listed but the one I get the most.
Cecil is a very nice name. Cecil is a masculine given name and the feminine form of Cecil is Cecilia. Cecil used to be a male name only but it became popular for girls as it's very modest, so now Cecil can be used for either gender, but it should be more predominantly used for boys, if this name becomes trendy for girls then Cecil wouldn’t be the feminine form of Cecilia. Just a variant. I’m sure Cecil would be kinda cute for a girl, but I would never name a boy Cecilia though! I think Cecil is acceptable for a boy and Cecil and Cecilia are acceptable for a girl. I know girls can have both gender names unlike boys but that’s just the way society works, sorry men!
Cecil Gaines is the protagonist in the 2013 film 'The Butler' where it was played by Forest Whitaker. This character is partly based on Eugene Allen (1919-2010).
I've heard it only once: the protagonist in 'The Butler'.

This names suits him as I think that it is dignified.

But I strongly hate the meaning 'blind' for a given name.
I know the masculine given name Cecil has a feminine form called Cecilia but Cecilia is just a form of Cecil that makes Cecil slightly more feminine for your daughter Cecil. Names don’t have specific genders (except girl names like Sophia). So technically Cecil is unisex. Strong and masculine for a boy, and delicate and feminine for a girl. If I were to name a girl Cecil, I would but go with a feminine middle name to ensure my daughter is a GIRL and not a BOY!
Cecil Marie
Cecil Lynn
Cecil Elizabeth
Cecil Amelia
Cecil Juliana
Cecil Sophia
Cecil Olivia
Cecil Isabelle
Cecil Dominque (my mom's first name, so she’s named after her grandmother.)
Cecil Alexandra
Cecil Christine
Cecil Rose
Cecil Taylor
Cecil Blossom
Cecil Tiana
Cecil Princess
Cecil Grace
Cecil Leah

Cute name by the way, :)
In 2018, 67 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Cecil who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 734th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
My brother has the name. We pronounce it C-Cil.
Cecil has also been used as a feminine name, as a variant of Cecily and Cecile. Cecil Frances Alexander, for example, was an Irish hymn-writer and poet.
Cecil is a wonderful name, super cute, with a strong, vintage feel to it.
I love both pronunciations of Cecil. But SEE-səl is the family pronunciation.

My husband's French Canadian great grandfather was named Cecil pronounced SEE-səl. My half German, half English great grandfather was named John Cecil pronounced SEE-səl. His English side of the family had partially come to America on the Mayflower and from other American families who had been here for a while. His German side of the family were more recent immigrants I think. My main point is that SEE-səl is not a recent pronunciation in North America, it's been around since at least the late 1800's.
I really like this name, partly because my paternal grandfather was named Cecil and it isn't too common of a name either.
The name Cecil was given to 114 boys born in the US in 2015.
If this name has some exposure, I feel it can become quite popular. It has a nice, short sound to it, and I kinda like it.
Cecil the lion, who was killed, is a famous bearer of this name. :(
See-suhl. At least where I come from. To be honest "seh-suhl" sounds 100% dumb and doesn't even sound like a name.
Cecil Jacobs, a minor character in Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird."

Cecil was also the name of a little boy in the game "Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney," part of the duo comprised of himself and his ill-tempered sister Petal.
Cecil Baldwin (with the SEE-sel pronunciation) is the narrator and main character of the podcast Welcome to Night Vale.
In addition to the other comment about Welcome To Night Vale, the voice actor's name is Cecil Baldwin, while the character he's voicing is named Cecil Palmer. Both pronounced SEE-sil.
The name Cecil was given to 95 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
Cecil Newton is an American football player.
The debates I hear over the pronunciation of this name are both hilarious and frustrating. Damn Final Fantasy fandom...

For the record, I'm Australian and have only ever heard and pronounced it as "Seh-sil" (European-style); Is this new pronunciation a rural/southern US thing? (going over it in my head, I can't say it sounds pleasant...) Because I've listened to several northern accents (Canadian and New England) and they pronounce it European-style.
My great-grandmother's (born in 1903) name was Cecil Lena. It was pronounced SEE-sil.
It can also be used as a girl's name.
I really hate this SEE-səl pronunciation that has sprung up in the USA recently. The name has always traditionally been pronounced SESS-səl, which sounds much classier and typical English. SEE-səl just sounds weird, and ultimately dumb.
Cecil [pronounced SESS-il] has a lot of hipster cool potential.
British historian Cecil Roth (1899-1972).
Dr. Cecil Cook, social Darwinist who arranged a program to "breed out the colour" of Aborigines in Australia in the early 20th century.
I live in New York, and I've only ever heard it pronounced "Ses-il."
Cecil (pronounced see-sil) was the "Seasick Sea Serpent" out of the duo Beany and Cecil, created by Bob Clampett. Cecil was a puppet made out of a sock and the show later became a cartoon. As puppets, the show was entitled, "Time for Beany". After Bob Clampett left Warner Bros. he created the cartoon, "Beany and Cecil".
Sideshow Bob's brother on the popular sitcom "The Simpsons" was named Cecil (pronounced the more British way- 'sess-il').
Beverly Hillbillies' Granny had a beatle that predicted the weather in one episode. It was named Cecil.
The Latin word caecus means blind. It most closely means "blind one."
The main protagonist of the early SNES classic Final Fantasy IV is named Cecil. He and his later wife Rosa are the only main characters in the series to have ever been married.
I fully realise that this is a slightly irrelevant comment with regard to the name, but it is untrue that Cecil and Rosa were the only two major characters from the Final Fantasy series to be married.

In Final Fantasy X-2, one finds that Lulu and Wakka have been married, and Princess Ashe of Final Fantasy XII was once married, but is widowed when the game begins.
Cecil B. DeMille (1881-1959) was an American movie director and producer. He was involved in the making of more than 80 movies, pushed for early Hollywood to make feature-length films rather than shorts, and helped found the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. DeMille is regarded as one of the most successful directors of all time.

He is probably best known by today's audience for his final film, The Ten Commandments. DeMille is also well-remembered for his role in 1950's Sunset Boulevard, in which he plays himself, and more importantly, for his mention in the final line of the movie: "All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my closeup." In addition, the Golden Globe Award for Lifetime Achievement is named for him.
I'm from Australia and we pronounce it SESS-il.
Cecil The Tortise from the Bugs Bunny cartoons has this name. He's one of the only people who ever tormented Bugs.
The SEE-sil pronunciation seems very American to me. In South Africa where Cecil John Rhodes is well remembered, it's always SESS-il, and my late father, born of two Welsh parents, used that pronunciation as well. One of his uncles, from Northumberland, called him SEE-sil but nobody else who knew him ever did. I'd be interested to know what happens in Australia and New Zealand. [noted -ed]
Cecil Beaton was an English fashion and portrait photographer.
Famous bearer (although probably no one cares): Cecil Calvert, Lord Baltimore. When his father died right after getting the charter to colonize Maryland, he took over the plans and later became the very first governor of Maryland.
The name Cecil was the name of a sorcerer in the popular anime Record of Lodoss War.

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