My name is Cheyenne Skye, my parents wanted a unique name for me, so they made my name Cheyenne, and my middle name Skye (Skye is unique because it’s spelled with an e). They came up with the name Cheyenne because my dad said that when he was little he saw the name at the store on a movie title, he told his mom about it, but he pronounced it “ch-ey-en-ya”. To this day he still remembers that story, so when my mom was pregnant he suggested it. She said she liked it too! I really like my name! If you wanted to know, I am Native American and Mexican. Although, I am not Cheyenne Native American, I am Aztec, Lipan Apache, and Coahuiltecan. I really like having a unique name! My nickname is Skye, as there is not a lot of nicknames for Cheyenne. I hate it when people spell their name Cheyane, Cheyanne, Sheyenne, Sheyanne, Cheynne, because that is not the original way to spell it. Also, if you do not agree with me, that’s fine, because again, this is my opinion, and my point of view.
ThatMexicanLatina  4/10/2021
Beautiful name for a tough girl.
noisynora  1/20/2021
Very dated!
― Anonymous User  1/17/2021
It's not a bad name, but it isn't good either.
wheelbarrow4  12/28/2020
It’s not that bad, sheesh people.
― Anonymous User  10/13/2020
Ugly, just ugly.
― Anonymous User  9/30/2020
I may be a tad biased, having the name and all, but... I absolutely love it. Ive never met many people with the name and none spelt the same way. My name is Cheyenne Summer, named after the summers in Cheyenne, Wyoming because my dad said he had always wanted to live there and how beautiful, serene it was and how I represented all that to him. Now I've gotten the comments asking if I'm Cheyenne (Indian tribe) and I am not, I have some Cherokee in me but that's about it. The comments never bothered me however, I was never named after the tribe, I was named after the city. After taking a trip to see the city I was named after, I gained so much more appreciation for it. Beautiful city, and beautiful name. Of course it didn't take me visiting the city to realize that, being from the southwest and moving around a lot I've had many people with different ideas and viewpoints tell me how much they adore my name and how unique it is. And it stays that way across all boards, whether its some southern fellows, west coast/east coast peeps, Latinos, Filipinos, Indian... Doesn't matter, stays beautiful and unique/usable by all.
― Anonymous User  5/23/2020
**I know I'll get a lot of downvotes and possibly hate for this comment, but bear with me. This is only my opinion, and we all can have opinions, even if you yourself oppose them. If you love this name, my opinion shouldn't be something for you to be mad about, I've met many people who think that this is a pretty name.**

As someone who has this name, I'm not quite a fan of it at all. I have absolutely no Native American heritage whatsoever, which, I'll sorely admit, makes me feel unentitled to have it. I've had people ask me before whether I'm part Native American, unfortunately the answer is obvious and I have to explain to them that my mom just favored the name. I've had people tell me my name is very pretty, but of course that still doesn't make me feel any better about my name. I think one of the main reasons I hate my name is because all the other Cheyennes I have met tend to be your stereotypical, super rude, cocky, "break all the rules" type girls. Unfortunately, I'm a poor follower of this stereotype that I've met in all other people named Cheyenne-- in fact the exact opposite I suppose. I'm not saying that all Cheyennes are like this (I'm an example of such), but I've met a good majority of people with this name and this is what I've noticed.

I'm hoping maybe some day I'll find a name that absolutely connects with me so I can change my name. I just don't believe this name fits with the person I am.

Also a hard name to find on key chains unless you live in the west, lol.
― Anonymous User  2/27/2020
My first name is Cheyenne and my middle name is Sioux (pronounced Sue). My mother fell in love with the name & it became a dream of hers to use. I’m grateful she did, to me it’s strong, beautiful & unique in its own way. According to my mother & father's families, we're related to many tribes throughout our family trees. I was sad to learn we don't have any knowledge of relations to the Cheyenne tribe. Even if we didn't have relations to any Native American tribes, I'd be proud to have the name. Despite that people constantly mispronounce both names, I love it. I definitely favor the original spelling, anything else just feels wrong to me. I get super excited when I meet another Cheyenne, it’s silly. But it makes me happy, it seems rare to meet someone with the original spelling.
― Anonymous User  2/26/2020
Cheyenne may be one of my favorite names. I have loved this name since I was a child. I plan to name my future daughter Cheyenne Sage. I love the idea of the nickname "Chey" - it's adorable. The "enne" part, which sounds like "Ann" pays tribute to my mother's middle name of Ann, my sister's middle name of Ann, and my childhood best friend Anna. Cheyenne is also the capital of Wyoming - my dad's favorite state to visit. There is so much tribute to many people I love simply in the name Cheyenne. I also love Native American culture - so that is a plus. I will add Sage as a middle name because it means "Wisdom" - and the only downside to Cheyenne is that it doesn't have much a name meaning! So therefore, be sure to add a strong name meaning middle name (:
kirstyn  10/3/2019
I hate my name so much because it's the name of a tribe and I feel I'm completely disrespecting them when I'm not even part Cheyenne (itty bit Cherokee and Creek…) shoot, might legally change it or kill myself.
― Anonymous User  8/16/2019
Cheyenne is the name of Marlon Brando's daughter.
wh0sbad  7/21/2019
My friend's name is Cheyenne, and we call her Chy Chy.
Hekate Rose  7/2/2019
My name is Cheyenne and I love it.
CheyenneBYE  6/4/2019
I like the name Cheyenn as it's unique and given to me by my nan, plus having no family to do with the Native Americans people think that people called Cheyenn are red heads but not all. People also say Cheyenn is a male's name but I know a few called Cheyenn who are girls- me as one. Some people call us other things as they don't think real names are appropriate to us. I stand by the girls who stick up for our name.
cheyenn  3/1/2019
OMG I never knew this name was for female AND male genders! That's kinda cool and I love this name and I'm happy my parents named me this!
Cheyenne Dowie  2/26/2019
Fun facts from a Cheyenne:
Chey (shy) is a really cute nickname, it's what I've always been called by friends and family;
Very few people actually spelled it correctly, unless they asked me, despite it being a state capital;
It is very hard to find things with this name on them- like cute souvenirs or key chains- I could never find any;
I have only ever met two other Cheyenne's;
I never knew it was also a masculine name! That's actually pretty cool.
― Anonymous User  2/3/2019
We named our daughter 10.5 years ago Jaya Cheyenne. We wanted her to have names of her Indian heritage and of her beloved sister who never got to make her mark on this world. We chose Jaya for her first name because it means "victory" and we chose Cheyenne for her middle name because of her beloved sister. We have a lot of Indian heritage among other heritages but our Indian heritage lives on through our daughter now.
jayachey08  1/15/2019
Unique and lovely name, when I have a daughter I want to call her Cheyenne.
― Anonymous User  1/8/2019
I never saw this spelling, the only spellings I ever saw were Shiann, Shyann, and Shyanne. Never particularly liked those spellings. But Cheyenne is lovely.
― Anonymous User  12/5/2017
The name Cheyenne is a Native American name. Given to the Algonquin by the Souix meaning "unintelligible speakers" This was only because they were strangers/foreigners and could not be understood. So the most accurate meaning would be just that... "stranger or foreigner ".

I named my daughter Chai'Anne Summer since my family roots go back to the Panzacola Indians. (Now called Pensacola because the Europeans in that part of Florida could not pronounce it so they changed the name.

I love ❤️ this name. I call her my little Indian Summer (a play on her name) She kind of has that personality. Fun-loving and warm. But by no means does the "meaning" of her name depict who she is. She is strong yet sensitive, bold yet caring, fearless yet loving.
Kaeflow  7/25/2017
Cheyenne Nicole Woods is an American professional golfer. Woods was born in Phoenix, Arizona. She is a daughter of Susan Woods and Earl Dennison Woods Jr., who is golfer Tiger Woods' half-brother, making Cheyenne Tiger's niece. Her paternal grandfather Earl Woods was her first coach. In an interview with Golf Digest, Woods stated that her mother was White and her father African-American with some Asian and Native American.
cutenose  5/29/2017
Cheyenne McCray is an American author of romance novels, including paranormal romance, erotic romantic, romantic suspense, and urban fantasy. She has written multiple novels published by St. Martin’s Press and self-published e-books and paperbacks. Her work has also been featured in the "USA Today" for her novels and in the New York Times bestselling anthologies.
lilolaf  2/20/2017
"The Beaches of Cheyenne" is a Garth Brooks song released in 1995. It's a tragic love story and ultimately a ghost story.
Feorsteorra  1/17/2017
Cheyenne to me is an OK, decent-enough name and it definitely makes me picture more of a southern girl than anything else.
― Anonymous User  1/2/2017
Oh for goodness' sake, who cares if you don't have any Native American heritage? That doesn't mean you can't use this name. That's like saying you can't name your daughter Anastasia because she doesn't have any Greek heritage, or you can't name your son William because he doesn't have any Germanic heritage. Good grief.

Anyway, I think this name is okay. Don't think I'd ever use it, but it's not bad.
― Anonymous User  12/11/2016
I would have to say personally that I never liked my name. But anyone who says that Cheyenne shouldn't be used as a first name is ridiculous. I am American Indian. I am Cherokee. We show respect for other's names. You are stomping on my history. I loved the fact that when I was in school that I got to share about my tribe from the fact of my name being Indian. It's a great experience. I don't care how anyone spells Cheyenne but I will tell you one thing. Don't ever say that no child should be not be named an Indian name. That's wrong. Indians mated with the white people just like black people mated with white people. Are you going to tell the ones that are mixed that they aren't allowed to be called Will, Eddie, Cuba, Denzel, etc? I would hope not. Stay out of people's way and let people do what they want. My name suits me just fine.
sydlar0217  11/9/2016
My name is Rose but since I was a little girl my mom has called me Chayenne. She was the only one that ever called me that name until my best friend, her brothers and her parents heard my mom and once in a while called me Chayenne. My mom told me when I was a little girl that she worked in Wisconsin and a group of friends invited her to an indian reservation (this was in the 60's) and she met the chief of the reservation and his young daughter. The little girl was named "Cheyenne" and my mom said she was really beautiful. Since she was the daughter of the chief my mom said she was like a princess so when she returned home (to Texas) where we live, she started calling me Cheyenne (she would spell it like that. When she would get mad at me she would call me "MARY ROSE" and I knew that the princess Cheyenne was out the window. I am in my 50's, my mom passed away some time ago and once in a while I still hear my aunt or one of my friends call me Cheyenne. I love the name because it always made me feel unique. None of my friends or people I know have the name or have ever heard of it. Cheyenne, my mom's little princess; unique.
PinkyRose  10/7/2016
My name is "Cheyanne". When everyone goes to write it down they spell it "Shyanne", lots of people also can't say it right even after I tell them a million times, it does get annoying but I like it because it is unique... but I probably would prefer a more common name.
― Anonymous User  5/31/2016
I love the name Cheyenne. My daughter, who only lived for 3 days was named Destiny Cheyenne.. but we were going to call her Cheyenne or Chey. My great great grandmother was part of the Indian tribe, that's why I chose that name.
mrslloyd1978  5/24/2016
My name is Cheyenne and I'm a guy and I'm not gay.
cheyenne101  4/12/2016
It's interesting to think about whether it is appropriate to name your child after an Indian tribe if you don't have a connection to the Cheyenne or Native American culture. But there are plenty of boys named Roman, and Mariah Carey named her son Moroccan, so there are other examples of an ethnicity/nationality being used as a name, and people don't seem to have issues with those. I think if you use the name Cheyenne for your child, it is important to acknowledge that it is the name of a tribe, not just a cool, trendy word. On that note, I think it should be spelled Cheyenne to maintain the integrity of the word, and to show respect to the origins of the name.
markat16  3/26/2016
I don't like this name, nor do I find my impression of someone with this name appealing. No actual member of the Cheyenne tribe has this name, and when used by people who have no connection to the Cheyenne tribe, it reeks of cultural misappropriation. Would you name your child Kickapoo, Iroquois, or more broadly, White, Black, or Indian?

No offense to any of the many Cheyennes (of this and about 10 million creative spellings) out there.
― Anonymous User  2/21/2016
That is what my name is, Cheyenne and thank you for saying those wonderful things about my name. Some people think it is not good.
― Anonymous User  5/11/2015
As a Mohegan woman married to a Cheyenne man, I found it odd that people stated that others could not pronounce Cheyenne. To me that is just basic geography and history. I find Cheyenne to be a beautiful female name. My husband doesn't think his tribal name is suitable for a name. We both agree, however, that it should only be spelled in its original form Cheyenne, as misspellings seem disrespectful to both of us. We also agree that it sounds good as a female name but not as a masculine name.
MoheganSpirit  5/11/2015
Very pretty pronounced as Shyann.
One little girl I knew that died of leukemia had her name spelled as Cheyenne but pronounced as Chenay.
fugfacedmermaid  12/27/2014
The Cheyenne are a Native American nation that once inhabited the area between the Missouri and Arkansas rivers in the Great Plains, but as time went on, the Cheyenne people were eventually pushed more northwest (Montana, Wyoming and the Dakotas).

The word “Cheyenne” is French Canadian, originating from a Sioux Dakota word “šahíyena” meaning “speak incoherently” from the elements “ša” (red) and “ya” (speak). The Dakotas considered their own Sioux-based language clear and understandable (i.e., “white talkers”); but the Algonquian-based language of the Cheyenne was unintelligible and alien sounding (hence “red talkers”).

In recent years, there have been many variations of the spelling of the name for use as a personal name. However, as a personal name derived from a proper name (Native American tribe), it may be best to spell Cheyenne correctly or you run the risk of looking silly, tacky, and/or disrespectful. It would be akin to spelling Dakota "DaKotah", Cherokee "Chairakee", and Shawnee "Shannie".
― Anonymous User  8/27/2014
My name is Cheyanne and I believe it is a beautiful name no matter how it is spelled. To me it is a strong name and I am proud it is my name. Not many people do have this name which I think makes us unique because to most people it's not suspected. No one has ever pronouced my name wrong. The only mistake people make is they think I might be shy which is not the case. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but I believe Cheyanne is a proud name.
― Anonymous User  6/18/2014
I think it's tacky for white/black people to name their child this. Would you name your kid Kickapoo? Iroquois? Nope didn't think so.
However, if you have actual verified Cheyenne heritage and you would like to honor it by naming your child this, I guess that wouldn't be too bad. But please, don't misspell it.
citylights  8/12/2013
I am actually Northern Cheyenne and reading through some of the comments here there seems to be a little misunderstanding of the name. "Cheyenne" is actually a Lakota Sioux word meaning "Red Talkers" not unintelligible. Of course we spoke a different language from our Sioux-ian allies, and to them we sounded funny. The Cheyenne language is Algonquin based. We Cheyennes call ourselves "Tsis sis tas" meaning beautiful people.

I did catch a comment that Cheyennes don't name their children Cheyenne. Well, that is simply not true. There are plenty of girls and boys named Cheyenne. As well as "Chey, a shorter version. [noted -ed]
nicatwomoons  6/15/2013
My name is Cheyenne. I am native American and I know so many meanings for the name one is small yellow wolf, another is mother of nature, it all depends on who you are talking to. I have had people call me every version of the name including a few completely out there which include Diane. I am named after a state capitol, and an Indian tribe that is a rival to what I am. I am Cherokee who were the enemies of my people. I am not 100 percent Cherokee like I wish I was but, I am enough for my hair to be black and my skin to be dark to the point I have been called a half breed by local store owners. I will say I am who I am and I am thankful for my grandfather who gave me my first name, who is now watching over me from the spirit world, and my father who gave me my middle name after a boy he saved from being hit by a truck. Yes, I am a girl, but I am proud of my very masculine name.
cheyenneferrell1776  9/27/2012
Cheyenne Kimball (born 1990 in Frisco, Texas) is an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist.
― Anonymous User  8/4/2012
This is my sister's name, except she spells it Chianne, I also added that version to the site just now. Anyways I always loved this name, as I like any names that are after Native American Tribes.
Crimson Firelily  6/23/2012
To the one person who said that they envisioned a red headed unintelligent female, well I can honestly say that you are right! My stepgranddaughter is 11 going over 20+ with the brain of a 11 month old. Her spelling is Shyanne. Boy did you hit that tight on the $$$$$
― Anonymous User  3/22/2012
To the person who posted as "Anonymous User" (And no wonder! I would also want to remain anonymous if I posted such a mean statement) : What a very hurtful comment to make about your 11-year old step-granddaughter Cheyenne! Any adult who would post such a terrible thing has many more serious issues than whether they hate their granddaughter's name! I wonder what YOUR name is? What name has the meaning "cruel"...? That would be so appropriate for you.
Iroquois  4/8/2015
My wife and I are having a baby girl and we are naming her Cheyenne. My wife is Kiowa. We both love this name just as everyone else that knows that we have chosen it. Anyone that posts something like that about their granddaughter is terrible, blood related or not.
Cingram46  10/26/2014
One of the main characters in Once Upon A Time In The West is Cheyenne, a bandit, played by Jason Robards. It's most likely a nickname.
Patria-Sue  2/20/2012
I love the name Cheyenne! The other spellings of it are pretty but I like this one the best. It is a strong, lovely name. I was going to be named Cheyenne but my parents chose Sierra instead. Either way, I would've liked my name. To all you Cheyennes out there: you're awesome.
blondieboo629  7/7/2011
This is my name. I'm a girl. I'm not Native American, so it kind of makes me feel guilty that I have this name, but I really can't help it, can I? I feel like it should be taken as more of a compliment that someone likes a name enough to use it for their child, not "stealing" from a certain culture (though I won't argue that Native Americans have always "owned" it).

I used to absolutely hate my name. Shy-anne? The irony. That "anne" part is ugly as hell. All the e's! MOTHER! Why'd you have to torture your six-year-old with always writing such a long name?! (It really didn't do me any harm.)
Now I accept it. I guess I even kind of like it, because it's different. It's unique. It has a foreign feel. Much better than being named a more common name, in my opinion.
My nickname's Chey (like "shy"). I like it quite a lot. (Sometimes I think it would've been better to be named chai [like the scrumptious tea].)

I'm always having to spell it for people. "C-H-E-Y-E-N-N-E. Yeah, with an e. Pronounced? Shy-anne, yeah, that's right." Part of that is probably because they're hicks from New York. I always go, "Like the capital of Wyoming!" Blank stares all around.

I really dislike the different spellings -- "Sh"'s and "-anne"'s and such. Thankfully my mother had the same thoughts when she named me. Sounds self-righteous, but I mean, Cheyenne is the correct spelling, for the capital as well as a Native American tribe. I feel like it's trendy and even disgraceful.

I think this name works for a boy, as well. In our culture, the "-enne" makes it sound more girly, but that has no relevance in the Native American culture, so I don't see why it should in any other.
ratz  1/17/2011
The first well-known bearer of this name was a fictional character, Cheyenne Bodie, the title character of the US television show _Cheyenne_, which originally ran in "prime time" between 1955 and 1963. The story line of the show said his parents had been killed by Cheyenne warriors when he was a child, and then he was raised by the Cheyenne. That of course would explain why people who were NOT Native Americans would call him "Cheyenne", though it's certainly not a name members of that group would have given him themselves.

So Cheyenne's use really began as male; it switched to predominantly female because its pronunciation with the final syllable as "Anne" made it sound "feminine" to most English speakers.
clevelandkentevans  9/17/2009
I love the name Cheyenne. For me I am "part Cherokee" and I say that with pride because my right to claim it was taken from me by being adopted so I proudly named my daughter Cheyenne and would do it again.
― Anonymous User  6/23/2009
Tarita Cheyenne "Cheyenne" was the name of Marlon Brando's daughter who died in 1995.
― Anonymous User  3/1/2009
Hey the name Cheyenne is GREAT. As you can tell it's my name and no, I'm not a female but a male obviously. When I'm mentioned by name to someone new they tend to think I'm a girl. I love the name lol. The females love it the same because it's different. I do have Native American in me which is a plus too. I give it a 10.
Cheyenne  2/14/2009
My name is Cheyenne and I don't like it at all. Most people don't know how to pronounce/spell it.
ll89  1/27/2009
I think this name is severely gorgeous! First off the meaning is a bunch of bull because anybody can come up a meaning for a name. I mean who comes up with meaning of names? If you have Native American or just interested in the culture, I say "HOW" about naming your daughter this (and Native Americans don't say "how", lol).
lol_cool  12/8/2008
This is a very beautiful name, even if it's a name of a Tribe. And this name being both feminine and masculine is actually surprising - sort of.

Though, unfortunately, when I hear this name, I think of Reba's daughter, Cheyenne Montgomery. Her character has ruined this name for me. But that's my opinion, I don't deter anyone from naming their kid this. :)
_0TophasNails_1  11/14/2008
A beautiful name. I would use this for my daughter.
― Anonymous User  10/12/2008
I dislike the name Cheyenne. I think it's trashy and it will sound dated very soon. I especially hate it when people spell it Shyann or Shyanne. Why would you want the word "shy" in your name ?
― Anonymous User  10/1/2008
We named our daughter Cheyenne because we think it's a pretty name. Although lots of people do not know how to say it correctly and it bugs me.
― Anonymous User  9/30/2008
This should not be used as a name. No member of the Cheyenne tribe has this "name". It also sounds very trashy.
bananarama  9/21/2008
An example of a male Cheyenne is the actor Cheyenne Jackson:
clevelandkentevans  7/2/2008
Ditzy country girls come to mind. The spelling may not really match the pronunciation, but spelling it differently just makes it seem like people don't know how to spell it, which doesn't give the best of impressions. I can't imagine this name on males, it is utterly, completely feminine.
slight night shiver  5/18/2008
I think Cheyenne works well on a boy and I would use it for my future son.
tigerlilly  4/21/2008
This is probably the most feminine name I have ever heard of. I feel sorry for any boy with this name.
jasmineenimsaj  3/22/2008
CHEYENNE BLUE is the name of Emma Tiger Schweiger in the movie "keinohrhase" (a German movie).
― Anonymous User  1/9/2008
The meaning of this name cracks me up. Whenever I hear Cheyenne I imagine a red-headed girl babbling incoherently.
― Anonymous User  12/3/2007
I'm am a proud red head with Indian heritage and if you know redheads they don't babble their blunt and can back it up so your hatred towards redheads is inaccurate. I would suggest actually getting to know a redhead with Indian heritage before making inaccurate statements. I have different Indian heritage and Cheyenne is one of them so if people decide to name their child Cheyenne they don't need your permission.
jayachey08  1/15/2019
This name is nice, sort of out of the ordinary. This name reminds me of Cheyenne Montgomery from Reba, my favorite show. Another famous bearer is musician Cheyenne Kimball, the kid who won `America's Most Talented Kid`.
Miss Commenter  11/6/2007
I really dislike this. I almost never like place names as names, and definitely not American Indian tribe names. What about Chickasaw and Iroquois? No.
MizLaura  9/4/2007
My younger brother's middle name is Cheyenne. His first name is also a name of a tribe, Dakota. I think it reflects our heritage very well.
ShizukoChan  7/28/2007
German singer Jessica Wahls welcomed a daughter Cheyenne (2003).
Karcoolka  6/22/2007
I really don't like this name. It's the name of a Native American tribe for God's sake.
― Anonymous User  6/16/2007
It really bugs me that Cheyenne is acceptable as a first name even if they don't have one ounce of American Indian blood in them, but if you look up Cherokee on this website, for instance, it's some sort of crime if you name a non-American Indian this. In my opinion, both names are tacky. Would you name a child Mongol?
hiya  5/5/2007
Cheyenne is a very unusual name! It sounds country to me ! It's an odd name!
kRaZyGrL  3/28/2007
My brother's girlfriend spells her name "Chyiann".
― Anonymous User  1/2/2007
A famous place is Cheyenne, Montana or something like that.
love_names  11/17/2006
No, Cheyenne is in Wyoming.
Caprice  11/23/2006
My friend's name is Cheyenne. I think it's a great name. Spellings like Shyanne, Cheyanne, Shianne, etc. just don't look right to me. Don't know if this is true, but I heard Cheyenne means "Dog" in French.
ekatz7  11/10/2006
"Chien" is French for dog. It's pronounced (in my opinion) quite differently.
Sera M.  1/31/2007
I never ever realised this name wasn't pronounced Chey-enne!
sparkie  10/8/2006
I love this name. Why? It's my own! Hahha. I just don't like the meaning!
voltage_07  9/29/2006
Cheyenne Hart-Montgomery is character from TV show "Reba". She is played Joanna Garcia.
Maggie_Simpson  8/12/2006
A famous bearer is young singer Cheyenne Kimball.
Sarasponda  8/9/2006
I just cannot stand this name being spelled "Cheyenne", I mean, I certainly will mispronounce it to, "Chey-enne". If you are going to name your child Cheyenne, at least spell it Shyanne, Shianne, etc. And do us all a favour, make it actually "intelligible"!
Starla-Marie_1993  8/3/2006
Yes, let's just butcher the tribe names, why don't we? Let's start spelling Shawnee "Shannie", and Cherokee "Cherakey"!

The point is, while a lot of Native American [associated] names can sound harsh to my ears, like Cherokee and Dakota, Cheyenne truly is beautiful.
― Anonymous User  4/29/2009
Much abused, made into trendy, fluffy nonesense the way Mackenzie and so many other good names have been. It's shame something so rich and beautiful - something with actual cultural significance to some people out there - can be tossed around like a buzzword.
― Anonymous User  5/11/2006
For a girl it's a very good name, but I don't think it sounds like a boy name.
Dahlis  1/12/2006
Cheyenne is a beautiful name. I named my daughter Cheyenne. It is the name of an Indian Tribe! Anyone with this name should be proud of it!
Sandman  10/28/2005
My niece's name is Shayenne and goes by Shaye. I think its a really pretty name (I prefer Cheyenne though).
mum2bubba  10/22/2005
I wouldn't use this name because it apparantly means illiterate. If it has an alternate meaning forgive my ignorance.
― Anonymous User  7/25/2005
It doesn't mean "illiterate", it simply means "people who speak a language we can't understand".
Caprice  9/27/2005
Some say that Cheyenne was a Korean name (because others may pronounce it as che-yin) so my classmates and friends thought I was Korean or Chinese. It's so funny, when I got in college, no one would talk to me because they thought I was a foreigner who had difficulties speaking and understanding English, they were surprised when I spoke "Tagalog" (native language). I really love my name because it is unique and special. :)
magtataho  7/8/2005
It would have never occured to me that Cheyenne was both feminine and masculine. Though it makes sense since it's a name of an Indian Tribe.
Tbird  7/5/2005
It is so beautiful! :) And a very important meaning! I love it!
Uyulala  5/7/2005
I love the name Cheyenne - it is such a strong, independant, and beautiful name. We named our daughter Sheyenne Summer. For us, "Sheyenne" is an alternate, more feminine spelling of the name.
sheyenne  5/4/2005

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