I like this name and the names it is derived from (Christopher, Christine, Christina, Christian, etc.) but it is extremely common where I am from, so sadly I probably won't be able to use it in the future.
Cannot believe that Chris/Cristine Weston Chandler also known as 'Chris-chan' hasn't been mentioned. I know its an iffy time mentioning it but when I hear the name 'Chris' I think about him. And I also think about Chris 'oney' O'Neill, too.
Chris Evans plays Captain America in Marvels.
Chris Pratt plays StarLord/Peter Quills in Guardians of the Galaxy. Pratt also plays in Jurassic World.
Chris Hansen is a celebrity best known for hosting the popular TV Show called "To Catch a Predator".
Name for a large middle aged bloke with no hair with a deep voice and sweeps the streets. Probably drinks a lot and sits on their sofa watching Sky Sports on TV.
It's not a bad name, but it's not my favourite name either. I feel like it's very overused.

I like this name for both genders, but mainly girls :>

Please don't attack me for this. This is just my opinion.
Ben and Chris are my favorite nicknames for a boy! :)
I like it for a boy and a girl. It is pretty popular, but I can see why! It also fits all ages. Maybe I just like it because it's my dad's name.
That's a nice name. Not too long, so you can easily remember it, and not too short.
Very boring name, and ONLY MASCULINE, please.
Hang on a sec, I changed my mind. Chris isn't that bad; it's not ugly or anything like that.
Chris Isaak is an American singer best known for his song, "Wicked Game". :)
Hailing from the heart of Dallas, Texas, Christopher Bryan Harrison is a television host for the romantic dating show, The Bachelor, and its spin-offs, including the Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise.
Surprised nobody mentioned Chris Tomlin-- CHECK HIM OUT, HE'S THE BESST!
Chris Pine is an American actor. One of his most famous roles is James T. Kirk from the Star Trek reboot (2009-2016).
I can’t believe no one mentioned Chris Rock! He’s a well-known comedian/actor.
Although I LOVE masculine names on females, I feel like this is a little too masculine for girls... but do whatever ya want, I guess.
My name is Chris and I know a million Chris'.
Chris can also occasionally be used as a short form of Christina or Christiana.
It’s an okay name. I prefer this as a nickname for Christopher.
It is not good, it is boring and simple despite how the name is.
A bit unattractive. Sounds weird on a girl.
Boring name.
Nice nickname. Good only for Christopher.
Sounds good as a given name. All of the guys named Christopher that I know only went by Chris.
Chris Doran (real name Christopher Doran) is an Irish singer who represented his country in 2004 Eurovision with "If My World Stopped Turning". He automatically qualified due to Mickey Harte's Top 10 placing the previous. He did not duplicate this success however, not cracking the Top 10.
Chris is a good unisex name, a little masculine for women. I think Chris is a good nickname for tomboys with names like Christine, Christina, Christiana, etc! For a boy, it’s absolutely great! Even as a full name, but I do prefer it as a nickname for Christopher or Christian. Chris is good for girls too!
In 2018, 49 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Chris* who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 413th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.

*as a first name, not a nickname.
I love it. It's not even overused anymore.
Chris Corner was a founding member of the trip hop band Sneaker Pimps and is now active with his solo project IAMX.
I'm very surprised no one has mentioned Chris Cornell, the lead singer of the band Soundgarden. Aside from that, we was also the singer in the bands Audioslave and Temple of the Dog.
Chris is a nice sounding name.
Chris is the name of a Sonic the Hedgehog character from the show: Sonic X.
If you can add that Chris is a character from Sonic X, I would appreciate that.
Thank you.
I know A LOT of Chris's and they all have different personalities. One of them is a HUGE player, one of them is super funny and sweet, another is just a popular jerk. The other is an immature kid. And another is a weird guy who thinks he's funny, but he is just annoying. I will say all of the Chris's I know have a sense of humor, not all funny but most are.
Chris Poland of Megadeth.
Chris Broderick of Megadeth.
Chris Adler of Megadeth.
It is a very popular name but there is a reason why... it's a great timeless name.
Too overused! Some variations are Crys, Kriss, Kris, Cris, Krys, Kryss and Cryss if you like this name try those names instead and DON'T USE CHRISTOPHER- WAY TOO OVERUSED!
I like this name, even though it's so dull and overused.
Please, avoid this name. It's hideously overused and I already know like a million Chris's so it's becoming too used and redundant.
A character in two short stories by K. A. Cook is called Chris. They are nonbinary - that means they are neither female nor male.
I like this as a full name for a girl. I'm not sure why. I think I tend to like one syllable unisex names on girls.
Okay, I usually hate over-used names, but Christopher/Chris is my top name for a guy, and I even love Christina/Chris/Christie it for a girl. My first child, whether boy or girl, is getting some form of this name. I do know a ton of people named Chris, but I still love the classic and somehow still fresh feel of this name. It's kind of inexplicable. I just love it.
This name IS too common but I like it a lot. It does sound very masculine though.
Ugh, I hate this name, it's too common!
Ok, this name is way too common.
Though this name is extremely common I still like it because it sounds cool and masculine, but horrible on females.
Once, the teacher at school was talking about a Chris (or Cris, or Kris, I don't know.) who was the mother of somebody at school. The children were like "Hahaha! Chris for a girl!".
This name is way too overused, I know like a million Chris's.
My name isn't Chris, but I would rather be called Chris than Christine or Chrissy.
Haplessly dull and overused for boys. But it's not as bad on a girl though.
Chris Kells, bassist for Canadian metal band The Agonist.
Chris Hemsworth is an Australian actor. :)
It's alright but it's way too common, if your name is Christopher wouldn't you rather go by Topher?
I noticed that Chris is too common for guys but not so much for girls. It seems as if though younger women named either Christine or Christina prefer being called either Chrissy or Christy to avoid being teased. It's somewhat common for older women using that name. Your thoughts?
MSNBC anchorwoman Chris Jansing.
Christopher "Chris" Walla is a member of the indie rock band Death Cab For Cutie.
A famous bearer is American game designer, artist and voice actor Chris Metzen, best known for his involvement in the Warcraft video games.
This name derives from Christ (Jesus}. Christ is Greek word meaning the person who takes the chrism, unction.
The name Christopher derives from the Greek words:
ΧΡΙΣΤΟ-ΦΕΡΩΝ=to carry, transport the Christ.
I have 4 famous people with the name Chris-

1) An awesome bass player from the band Yes named Chris Squire. I love the fish and I love what he does in Close to the Edge and Tempus Fugit.

2) A cool drummer who was with SRV and in Arc Angles Chris Layton. You have to love the hairdoo. LOL(^.^)

3) An actor Chris Kattan. Love him in the Saturday Night Live skit "A Night At the Roxbury". And Love the Movie too "A Night At The Roxbury" He played Doug Butabi in that one. The Brother of Steve Butabi (Will Ferle)

Although it's overused, boring, and dull, I can't help but smile every time I hear this name.
As a masculine name, Chris is also used in Limburgish as a short form for Christianus (Christian) and Christophorus (Christopher).
I think this an awesome nickname. :) It's classic and has this cool kind of feeling too it. I actually don't know very many guys named Chris, so I guess the reason why I like it so much is that it isn't so 'overused' where I live.
The name Chris is used as a male name in the Netherlands where it is a short form of Christiaan (Dutch form of Christian), Christoffel (Dutch form of Christopher) or Christophe (French form of Christopher). [noted -ed]
There is also Chris Perez, Selena Quintanilla Perez's husband, who played the electric guitar in Selena's band "Selena y Los Dinos".
Boring and unoriginal. Every Christopher I knew went by this. Please, no more.
I can't believe nobody has mentioned Chris Griffin in Family Guy.
A famous bearer is Chris (Christopher probably full name) Redfield from the Resident Evil games.
Chris Lightfellow, a character from Suikoden III, is the official bearer of the True Water Rune and Captain of the Zexen Knights. Some of her other titles include: Silver Maiden, White Knight, Silver-haired Demon, and Goddess of Death.
I know someone named Chris, & my cousin Casey (and I) just love to nickname him. From Cris, Kris, Chrissy, Criss, Crissi, Krisey, they all spell in odd ways but read as Chris or Chrissy. But HE likes Crissi best.
Gosh, there are no words to how utterly fed up I am with this nickname. It is SO common and it has been SO overused. It's almost tragically boring and unoriginal. Plus, it makes me think of rather unpleasant people.
Chris Warren plays Zeke in the High School Musical movies.
One famous bearer of this name is Chris Barnes, the former vocalist of Cannibal Corpse, an American metal band. Right now, he is the vocalist for Six Feet Under.
Chris Masters of WWE bears this name.
It's a grand name, but a bit too overused. Someone yells out "Chirs!" and 15 people look around. Even girls are called this. I like it. Just too many!
Not a fan of the name, but I like that everone does not feel that they need to name their child it.
I personally love the name Chris, though lots of people use it. I think that when people try to change its spelling it makes it less nice. After all, there has to be at least one name that tons of people have, right?
I absolutely love the name Chris, only because Chris Brown.
Rosalia, I'm with you. I love the name Chris - but mainly because of that cutie named Chris Brown!
I know 4 Chris's, all in my grade! It's too overused!
Two famous bearers are R&B singer Chris Brown and rapper Chris Bridges a.k.a. Ludacris.
Chris Rice and Chris Tomlin are Christian music artists.
It's the name of Piper Haliwell's second son on the TV show Charmed and in my opinion it's a little overused. But hey if it suits a child it's lovely but in my class of 22 there were 6 boys called chris and 4 girls also so like I say it can be overused.
Former United state champion Chris Benoit is Friday night smackdown!
Actor Chris Evans (Christopher Robert Evans) is amongst the hottest men in the world. But, as a guy, I think he's just a cool funny actor. He rocks!
Chris Martin, the frontman of the Brit band Coldplay, is a famous bearer of this name.
Blech! Terribly overused. Please, if you MUST have a Chris, have a Cris or Kris! Or maybe Christopher itself; it's a beautiful name. OR maybe Topher.
Chris Carraba from Dashboard Confessional.
Chris Pratt is an actor on the show Everwood.
Chris Carmack is an actor on the OC.
Chris Klein is Katie Holmes' ex, and he's in American Pie (the swing chior jock).
My dad's middle name is Cris pronounced the same as Chris. I really like the spellings Cris and Kris better because they are more unique.
Chris Kirkpatrick, your voice is so beautiful!
You can never figure out a Chris.

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