The name "Christmas" in Japanese:

クリスマス (Christmas / Kurisumasu) Pronounced: Ku-ris-maas.
― Anonymous User  12/16/2019
I’m liking the sound of it but it’s literally Christmas.
nylonpanda  10/23/2019
Christmas would be a good name in a story for a character, but I couldn't see it on a real person.
Bubbles293739  9/21/2019
Might as well name your children Halloween or Thanksgiving if you’re gonna name your child Christmas.
PickleJuice  8/18/2019
While it does sound, in a way, pretty, I imagine the bearer of this name would often be teased or insulted. There are plenty of names that are equivalent in meaning to Christmas.

I would consider naming my child, if I were to have one, Christmas. I probably wouldn’t name it that, but it would definitely be a possibility.
― Anonymous User  6/21/2019
Too creative and colorful. It seems overdone.
Hushpuppy  4/19/2019
I think that it's the most beautiful name ever. This is on the top 5 list for me to name my child. I don't know. The name Christmas is just the best ever!
― Anonymous User  11/14/2018
This is such a ridiculous name. I mean, why Christmas? There's no excuse to use this as a name. Noelle, Natalya and Natalie (they mean Christmas) are perfectly acceptable names.
kayisforkeen  9/13/2018
I would say Christmas is a strange name for a child, but that doesn't mean it should be criticized. What if the child was born on Christmas. That would make sense for a mother to name her child Christmas.
― Anonymous User  11/16/2017
I don't know why I'm even surprised that Christmas is on here. People have named their kids worse names.
Luvbug86  8/23/2017
How is this even considered a name? It's a holiday, not a name for crying out loud, if you actually name your kid this you should be hit on the head.
― Anonymous User  5/15/2016
I would not name my kid after an over-commercialized holiday.
TyrannosaurusRegina  12/25/2015
Well, I've been reading all your comments and it's OK that some people are in agreement with the name Christmas and others just don't like it. I want to say that my first name is Christmas. I love my name and every person that I meet says it's a beautiful name. My nickname is Xmas and I really like it. Some friends called me Chris and also love it. My dad gave me that beautiful name. He wrote a song about me and my name. My family is so happy to have Christmas all around the year :)
I never felt weird about my name, instead I always feel special ☺.
xmas25  12/12/2015
It's actually not bad.
― Anonymous User  11/1/2015
Wow, I never knew this could be used as a name. I guess you do learn something new everyday. I love the holiday ☺, but as a name...? I mean I get the appeal however I just don't think it works. Christopher for a boy and Christabel and Chrissy for a girl are great names. Christmas would be a good name for a character in a book or something though. (^^)b.
― Anonymous User  7/5/2014
There are actually two girls on Facebook called this. I was surprised since I've never heard of it. It's the rarest name I've seen so far.

No offense, but if I were to choose Christmas... Well, I wouldn't. Why not stick with Christine/Christina or the many variants? Christmas doesn't sound like a name.
EstherTester  3/21/2013
Maybe a middle name? Oh, and the nicknames are BEAUTIFUL!
SEC908  2/8/2013
I'd prefer Noel (pronounced NO-el) for a boy, Natalie or Noelle (no-ELL) for a girl. They're less obvious, and wouldn't lead to so many jokes at Christmastime.

And by the way, I never heard of it meaning "Christ festival". My father told me it's a shortening of "Christ's Mass".
El is a Beth  12/31/2012
More suitable for a girl than a boy, and I really can't see it on anyone of the age of 10. It has a pretty sound, and if it wasn't the holiday I would consider using it possibly.
yellowstar24  7/20/2012
I know someone who told me his grandmother's last name was Christmas so her parents named her "Mary." Get it? Mary Christmas. That that's kind of cute, but I'd heistate making Christmas a child's first name. Maybe a middle name if the child was born on Christmas day.
― Anonymous User  1/18/2012
Madame Christmas from FullMetal Alchemist.
ccourtneyw  10/11/2011
Is this a freaking joke?
FlakyMatt  7/8/2011
Wow. This is a NAME.
Joy12  5/3/2011
Just odd. And even odder on a girl. But it does sound nice even with so many consonants and would be nice for a character.
― Anonymous User  4/16/2010
Why would you choose the name Christmas? If you really needed to have a Christmas themed name why not choose something like Holly, Noel or Ivy? I guess a good nickname would be Chrissy but I wouldn't ever use this name.
claremami  1/29/2010
It's a silly name to begin with, but knowing that it's the name of the disease that the last Tsarevich had makes it completely horrible in my opinion.
lcgirl20  12/23/2009
To the person who said Christmas was the disease the last tsarevich had so many people above me, what the heck? No. He had hemophilia (or haemophilia, if you're British). Christmas is not the name of a disease as far as I know (and since I work in the medical profession, I have a pretty good idea), unless you count the rampant commercialism and obnoxiously early advertising of the holiday as a disease.
kvpp88  10/18/2014
Christmas is a cool sounding name, but I don't think it would work in real life. Keep it for a character or a pet.
vomiting  11/6/2009
You can't go wrong with this name!
coolcatevan9  11/3/2009
This, in my opinion, would be like naming your kid "birthday" or "4th of July". Who *does* that?
Ashvarden  5/2/2009
I guess the sound isn't that bad, but all I can think of is the holiday. To me this name is highly inappropriate for a child born on any day other than December 25.
emmiix3  3/27/2009
On one of the James Bond films, I forget which, there is a girl/woman called Christmas Jones. I forgot who plays her as well - I don't have the greatest attention span when it comes to Bond movies.
Saffine Grace  2/23/2009
I think Christmas is a very pretty middle name for a child born around the holiday. I don't understand why so many people find it weird. I mean there are also girls called Summer and the name doesn't sound weird in winter. She could go by Christie or Chrissy in case she didn't like Christmas.
Lily8  10/7/2008
A famous, though fictional, bearer is Christmas Eve, a Japanese therapist engaged to Brian in Avenue Q.
― Anonymous User  9/26/2008
I like Christmas as much as the next guy but I will never name my kid this.
number1212  9/12/2008
It sounds weird at any time of the year, during Christmas and in the middle of July. It makes no difference. Besides, this name sounds like the type of name the sort of Christian wackos who religiously watch Fox News and believe there really IS a war on Christmas would choose for their daughter.
slight night shiver  5/18/2008
December 25, a holiday celebrated by Christians. Best holiday there is. (:
Brianna Angela  12/25/2007
I love the name Christmas for a girl, and I'd use it.
tigerlilly  12/6/2007
I do have to say it is a pretty sounding name, but I think "Noel" would be just as pretty and a little less awkward for the bearer.
myhopscotch  9/7/2007
Why is it acceptable to name a child Noelle or Natalie, but not Christmas?
KrisMichelle  9/3/2007
I have never heard of a name as such, but people will be people.
Chloever33  8/12/2007
On "Three's Company", Suzanne Sommers character bore this name. On a espiode, she revealed her full name was Christmas Snow, however, she went by Chrissy of which she is better known.
spaz123  8/1/2007
I really don't like the idea of naming your kid after a holiday. And, like during the summer, and other months where Christmas is a long ways away, their name will just sound weird. During Decemeber and the other Christmas months it would be cute, but otherwise, *gag*. Plus, what about all the adults and people complaining about how much stress Christmas causes? Then it sounds as if the child causes stress! Cute idea for a story, however, but not for a kid.
bobcat_explorer  5/12/2007
That is one heck of a weird name!
― Anonymous User  5/4/2007
I once used this in a story I wrote about a girl who was born on Christmas Eve, therefore her name was such. I never thought that it would be considered foremost as a masculine name.
indiana ann  12/26/2006
It's a nice word, but you wouldn't name a child "Pentecost", would you? Or what about Hanukkah? Halloween? :)
Caprice  9/4/2006
If you gave your kid this name it would suffer a life of torment. Just think of Shannyn Sossmon naming her little boy 'Audio Silence'. Christmas would be WAY worse!
ladyknight  7/26/2006
Most Christians (and others) celebrate Christmas on December 25. However, most Eastern Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas on January 7, according to the "old calendar."
AndrewJKD  12/30/2005
Has anybody actually called their child this? DON'T DO IT!
Charlie3  11/2/2005

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