When you are Cyan in Among Us and your little cousin is playing with you...
I really like this name.
Hey. My real name is Cian! I live in America, so I get my name mispronounced a lot. I think it is a very cool name and I'm glad my mother named me it.
In 2006 our son was born and we called him Keayen. He's still the only person in The Netherlands with this specific name and people really love his name when they hear it.
The name Cian was given to 153 boys born in the US in 2015.
My son's middle name was Cian but we pronounced it Shawn. When he was in kindergarten his teacher kept telling him he was spelling his name wrong. It was Cain. He would come home in tears and we had to call the school and let them know he knew his name. He passed away at 21 (2000) and I miss him every single day. Kristoffer Cian, love you and miss you.
This is a beautiful name. I named my son Kian with the K, but I also LOVE it the original way spelled with the C too. Good strong masculine name.
Such a nice intelligent name.
My friend pronounces his name like this, but spells it Keon. He gets called key-ON a lot.
Cian, although meaning ancient, also means distant and has survived into middle and modern Irish as such e.g. 'Cian-smacht' is the modern Irish word for remote control. In the past his name was given to a child that was particularly 'over-due' in pregnancy i.e. late/distant etc.
The correct pronunciation of this Irish name (in phonetic English) is 'kee-an' not 'keen', 'cain' or 'kay-ne' or anything else.
Cian is the name of a main character in Nora Roberts' Circle Trilogy.
This name certainly has an essence about it that seems to intrigue me. I love its meaning. Not very many names that sound pleasant mean "ancient". I can imagine a young man named Cian as having a philosophical point of view of the world and a strong spirit about him. I prefer to pronounce the name as Kee-an but keen is okay too. Also, perhaps another way to spell this name would be Keane.
No matter how it is pronounced, I really really like this name. It looks so strong and the pronunciation, either way, is really nice. A beautiful masculine name.
Pronounced Key-in.

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