Gender Masculine

Meaning & History

Possibly from Old Irish cin "respect, esteem, affection" or cinid "be born, come into being" combined with áed "fire", though it might actually be of Pictish origin. This was the name of the first king of the Scots and Picts (9th century). It is often Anglicized as Kenneth. The originally unrelated name Coinneach is sometimes used as the modern Scottish Gaelic form.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesKennet, Kenneth(Danish) Kenneth, Ken, Kenith, Kennith, Kenny(English) Cionaodh(Irish) Kennet, Kenneth(Norwegian) Kenneth, Kenny(Scottish) Kennet, Kenneth(Swedish)

People think this name is

classic   mature   formal   upper class   natural   strong   strange   complex   serious   nerdy  


Sources & References

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Entry updated January 21, 2022