I like the added accent mark. The fruit is delicious, so I wouldn't mind naming a kid after it. Also, that song My Darling Clementine and the kids' series Clementine come to mind.
I love this name enough that I gave it to my cat, but I'm not a fan of the nickname options, Clem or Clemmie. They remind me of clam/clammy. I don't necessarily associate the name with the fruit or the song anymore, and what's so bad about sharing a name with a citrus anyway? It's cute.
I think it's quite a nice name, who cares if it's a fruit or part of a song! The song is actually a darling favourite of mine, hahaha.
I think of Clementine from TWD. Cute name.
Clementine was a character on the HBO series "Westworld".
It's a very cute MIDDLE name, (but, an unforgivable first name IMO).
This is a bit of a guilty pleasure name for me. I used to hate it because of the fruit association, and it does sound a bit try-hard pompous, but it has a great rhythm and sounds plainly pretty.
Trying hard to be unique.
Reminds me of oranges.
Name from a famous video game, Telltale's The Walking Dead. One of the main protagonists during 3 sequels of the franchise.
This name is cute, but fitting. Sort of like a name such as 'Audrey' or 'Lorrie/Lorraine'
It seems like it would be a bit clunky with last names, but it isn't. I like that.
The name Clementine was given to 378 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Clementine are female.
Clementine Shepherd Ford is an American actress and known for her appearance as Molly Kroll on Showtime's The L Word. In April 2009, she joined the cast of the soap opera The Young and the Restless in the role of Mackenzie Browning.
I love this name. I tend to like names with the "-ine" endings, which is why I also adore Caroline. The only problem with Caroline is that it's a little bit too popular for me. This makes a nice alternative that also has the sunshine-y vibe of Caroline. I think the nickname Nell/Nellie could work for it, which I also love.
Yuck! I'd hate to be named this.. but I'm an American. And all I can think is the folk song "Oh my darling Clementine" and he is lamenting about her beauty although all his chosen attributes do not depict a beautiful image!
I initially liked this name, but then I started thinking about the fruit, and because I eat them regularly it would be like Gwyneth calling her child Apple. But recently I have changed perspective on this, as I like things with Victoria written on them, like the biscuits, which I joke are all mine as they have my name on them, lol! The Clementine fruit was invented by its namesake, a man called Clement, meaning Clemency. Clement was a name long before the fruit. The fruit was named after him, not the other way around! Clementine is also the female version of this name. Ergo, a person named Clementine is not named after the fruit, but the fruit is named after her! (Or so you can say)
I reason that a woman named Clementine would like the fruit and anything with the fruit in it, because it's like they were made for her, since they have her name on them/are named after her.
So now I really like this name, and Clemmie, which doesn't sound like clammy anymore than Amy sounds like Army or Brian sounds like brain etc.
Clem is also a cute short version, and Lemmie, Lemon, Emmie, Tiny, Tine. I would shorten this intuitively to Clem and Clemmie.

I love the way it's an old name and even with the folk song, it's a name with history and not a creative flash in the pan name like so many names today. And it is so unique. It won't be confused with any other name. And anyone with basic spelling skills will know how to spell it. No explaining required.
It may get a reaction from people, raised eyebrows and maybe a smirk, but the majority of people will be praising you for your bravery at using such a sweet name, that is certainly not boring. I do admire people who follow their gut/heart/instinct, and do what they want, attaining their dreams, no matter what naysayers may think or say.
For English speakers (Yorkshire), we say Cle-men-tyne. I don't know anyone who pronounces the fruit the French way, Cle-mawn-teen, or whatever. Maybe toffs pronounce it like this, like they say I have a meegraine headache instead of a mygrain (migraine) but to me that just sounds pretentious. If you are French, have French ancestors or a genuine reason for using the French pronunciation of the name, then fine. But otherwise, unless you are in France, I would stick with the name as spoken in English speaking countries. Listen to the folk song, if you are unsure of this pronunciation.
Clementine Kruczynski, character in the movie "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind", 2004. Clementine is played by Kate Winslet, starring alongside Jim Carrey. The film is about a couple who try to have their memories of each other erased from their minds when their relationship goes sour.
I love the name Clementine. I believe someone wrote the awful song "My Darling Clementine," because someone was jealous of the person or the name. Who knows? I gave the name to my daughter for her middle name. It make me think of beauty and style all wrapped up in one. I have never heard the abbreviations before. I didn't intend on there being one anyway, since I used it for her middle name. It also makes me think of Samuel Clemens flying around in space on a comet. He had many women in his life; so I've heard. :)
Lovely name either way you pronounce it! Nicknames could include Tina or Ina / Tiny.
There's a Muppet named Clementine.
I'm surprised that the alternate English pronunciation "Clem-en-tine" (rhymes with "turpentine") hasn't been noted. This is how it's pronounced in the song.
I think Clementine is a very sweet, lovely, and perfectly good name for a child. It's still unique, without being overly exaggerated. I think of a smart, kind girl when I think of the name Clementine- a lady out of a Disney movie or a main character in a novel. I don't think the name is too old fashioned either- it's not something like Harriet or Mildred, and it sounds very young and modern. And while there might be concerns regarding it in adult life- while it is young, I also feel like it ages well. I can see the name on a little girl, but also on an older, proper lady. And if Clem and Clemmie are ugly to you (personally I like the full name the best) "Emma" is also a good nickname- taken from the "Emen" in Clementine, it's classic and simple and sweet. Emma as a nickname for Clementine will also be a lot more surprising and unique than an Emily or Emilie, but in a good way. Overall, Clementine is a very delightful name, and I would love to see it come back in style.
About the folk song: it doesn't date back to the Gold Rush, but was created during the Civil War area to actually make fun of Gold Rush miners.
This is the name of my little daughter. Love love love it! Relatively unusual, classic but quirky. It gets mixed reactions -everything from puzzlement to the divine but that is what makes it special...
The name Clementine is used on telltales the walking dead. I think this name is great, and Clem sounds even cuter.
In french, this name must be written with an accent on the first e. So it's Clémentine, and not Clementine.
I only like this name when it's pronounced Cleh-mən-TYNE; I then think to myself it's beautiful and lovely. Clementine is very special & unique compared to other names out there that are constantly used.
Clementine is a character in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead episodic adventure video game.
In the French movie "17 Girls" (or "17 filles") there is a character named Clémentine and they call her Clem. After watching the movie I fell in love with the name. Also the way they say it in the movie (because it is in French) is absolutely adorable!
The name Clementine was given to 204 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
I actually know a little girl called this... but her last name is actually Darling! Clementine Darling. My! I have always heard it pronounced to rhyme with line.
I first heard this name on the children’s cartoon Caillou; I believe he had a friend named Clementine. I always thought it was a weird name because of its association with fruit but I’ve come around to it. I think it’s very cute, sweet, and a nice name overall- may be a little lengthy for some though.
Clementine of Orleans (1817-1907) was the fourth daughter of King Louis Philippe I of France and his wife Maria Amalia of Neaples and Sicily. She later became the mother of Ferdinand I, the Tsar of Bulgaria.
This name is so pretty. Love, Love, Love it.
Clementine is only a nice name when it is pronounced the French way and not diminished at all. The nicknames Clem and Clemmie make me think of 'clammy', which is not what I want to associate a name with. Also, Clem rhymes with 'phlegm'. I much prefer the form Clémence. However, I don't think I would ever use either of these names for any of my children in the future, although perhaps one of them as a middle name if I happen to marry a French man.
Australian musician Megan Washington has a song on her first album called 'Clementine'. It's a really pretty song and has a great video.
I don't like this name. To me it sounds stuffy, is spelled like the fruit, and reminds me of Clemson University.
I love this name. Has a balanced blend of consonants and vowels and sounds beautiful. Really, a folk song from 150 years ago doesn't ruin this name for me. It is not sung anywhere anymore.
I like it. It may be a little old fashion but as a middle name, I would use it! Very lovely.
There is a character named Clementine on the PBS children's animated show, Caillou.
I used to not like it but now I think it's cute.
I don't have anything against this name, and I actually don't mind the folk song. The only reason I couldn't name my kid this is because of the fruit. I love clementines and I eat them all the time. It's strange to think of a person with the same name.
'Clémentine' was an animated television series for children in France. The series is considered a cult classic.
Clementine is both a sweet country favourite and a not uncommon choice amongst the upper middle class in English speaking countries.
Clementine is a classic name.
I absolutely love this name, but would never give it to a child, because the folk song ruined it.
My nine-year-old sister named her hamster this, because the hamster is small and orange like the tangerine. My sister thinks Clementine is the most beautiful name - she's so cute. I think Clementine is lovely and sweet, but Clemmy sounds like clammy and I would never go there. Yeah, I would name my daughter Clementine.
In Britain it's pronounced klem-en-teen, as with the French.
This name is elegant and ages well.
Clementine is a song by Elliot Smith.
I used to not really care for this name. Now I like it. I think it's quirky! I don't like the nicknames though - if I was called Clementine, I would go by my full name.
Lovely name, but I would never have the courage to use it in real life. I don't care for Clemmy at all - I much prefer the nickname Emme.
If pronounced the French way (as it is listed as French here) it is kleh-maw(n)-TEEN. Otherwise, I have also heard it kleh-men-TYNE. [noted -ed]
This is one of the strangest names I have heard of. :S
It's a fruit? But it's kinda cool I guess.
Pronounced "kleh-men-teen".
Author Sarah Dessen named her daughter Sasha Clementine.
I can't stand this name. It makes me think of a hillbilly stripper with a tangerine tan.
I think this is a really pretty name. It's very uncommon, yet very classic. It's a name that someone can grow up with. It sounds sweet and elegant, delicate and yet very strong. Also, there's the classic John Ford western movie "My Darling Clementine", with the beautiful actress Cathy Downs portraying Clementine, the elegant and stong heroine.
The nicknames 'Clem' and 'Clemmie' sound like a lump stuck in the back of someone's throat and also make me think of physical deformity.
I've got to agree. I don't like those nicknames at all, and Clementine makes me think of that horrible, caterwauling song. Sorry, but I don't like it at all.
In the show "Lost", Sawyer has a daughter who he has never met named Clementine.
Director Matthew Vaughn has a daughter named Clementine.
Clementine´s nicknames are Clemmy, Tina, Clementinka.
So cute. I like the nickname Clemmie.
Clementine is a nice and lovely name, but the only Clementine I've known was gothic and till now I thought it was gothic and unfortunately it makes me think of goths.
I think Clementine is a lovely name. I have known 2 girls with this name. One went by the nickname of Clem and the other was known as Clemmie. I think Clemmie is adorable!
A very cute name.
American actress Cybill Shepherd has a daughter named Clementine (born in 1980).
On Sesame Street, there was a character, an absentminded cowboy, called Forgetful Jones. His devoted wife was Clementine, and she was known for crying out in exasperation "Fer-GIT-full!"
I love this name but would probably never use it because of the folk song which ruined it.
Nice name, if the bearer can get over being followed by the song wherever she goes.
The Oxford Book of English Christian Names says that this name "has probably been killed by the song of that name."
A Clementine is a type of orange.
The clementine is one of the most popular hybrids of the tangerine. It is the hybrid created in 1902 by the French priest Clement Rodier. He obtained the hybrid crossing a tangerine with a sour orange.
There's a song dating back to the California Gold Rush called "Darlin' Clementine."
Supermodel Claudia Schiffier has a daughter named Clementine.
Clementine was the name of Winston Churchill's wife. (He supposedly called her "Clemmy").
There is a character with this name in the film, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind."
Love this name, plus it's uncommon.

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