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NameAlaylah Monique
LocationCleveland, OH

I'm a sophomore in highschool.My name is Alaylah or Layla but I go by Poco or by my stage name Lolita [Apple] (:I love names and I always sit and think of what my future children's names will be lolI love shopping, singing, writing, thinking, texting, hanging out, partying, and some other things...I love hippie and tribe names thanks to my Cherokee American Indian ancestry!
A few names I like that aren't in the database:Apple, Aradia, Audrina, Avana, Blaxeton, Brittanica, Carnotta, Chanson, Chuyia, Cinnamon, Conchata, Coraline, Dandelion, Edalé, Ensoleillé, Heatherine, Leroux, Liliácea, Lovenik, Nautica, Ophana, Peach, Pepper, Posh, Princesse, Quintilla, Sochitta, Soulhaze, Tapanga, Tigris, Timbre, Whitley, Windflower...

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