Sorry. This name just so ruined by the virus, but it is a saint's name. :'(
The virus has totally ruined this name, which is probably why it got such a bad rating. This name seriously has a bad rap, which is sad because I like this name, and I would use it if I could.
I've given this name more thought... I still think the pandemic is obviously a very negative association. We probably all know someone who has succumbed to "Miss Rona", however the name has a beauty and meaning that I think will help it transcend tragedy and beer. Already, I hear most people referring to it as COVID than as Corona. The association is still there strongly, but there's hope.

Maybe my great-grandchildren will name their twins Phoenix and Corona.

And, hey, there's always Kreindel.:b.
This name is so pretty. COVID-19 made this name unusable. Even after 20 years, people will probably still bully you because of the virus. Sad name.
I think this would be a really sad name… The sound of it is undeniably beautiful, but the association with COVID-19 is heartbreaking….
Beautiful name but the virus ruined this name- what a shame!
I love the meaning. If someone bullies a poor kid with this name referring to the pandemic, I'm busting those stupid bullies who know nothing about names and who don't give a damn balderdash about their actual personality.

Hey, kids/people with the name 'Corona', I'm for you. I admire you!
I bet this name had no comments on it until the pandemic...
Yeah people will just think of the virus. However, it does mean crown, which is quite beautiful.
I changed my mind. Corona is honestly a beautiful name, and 50 years from now, most people would probably forget about the virus, but maybe still might get a few teasings.
Corona Australis (Southern Crown) and Corona Borealis (Northern Crown) are constellations.
I'll bet that even 50 years from now, some poor kid is going to be bullied for this name for obvious reasons...
It’s the name of a virus and a beer. I’ll pass.
A pretty name, just sad most people will associate it with a virus. Maybe in 30 years it will be more usable as a name.
Pretty, a shame the pandemic came and ruined it.
I actually take back what I said, the name has some flaws that I can't really get over.
Corona is a pretty name, until the stupid virus ruined it.
In around 10 or 15 years it'll probably be usable again, I think. I think it's pretty, and quite interesting.
All these people in 2005 to 2018 like, ¨This name is so unique and interesting, very nice name,¨ Now: ¨Gosh I feel bad for anyone with this name¨.
The coronavirus didn't ruin this name for me at all. I associate the name with the Corona of the sun. I think it's beautiful.
Saint Corona lived in 2nd century Italy. She was martyred for the Faith along with her brother-in-law Saint Victor. The cause of her death: she was tied to two bent palm trees and they released them and she was torn from limb-to-limb. Ironically, she is the patroness of plagues and pandemics. Saint Corona, pray for us!
I still think it’s usable, a good twin name is “Tier 465 thousand”.
If there was no such thing as Coronavirus I would think this is a pretty and cute name but NOT anymore!
"Corona got the CoronaVirus" Not a good name.
To be honest, it’s a really pretty name.
Corona virus is called that because of the microscopic cells that are shaped like crowns, hence what it means in Latin.
This name wasn't popular even before Corona disease, probably not many people have this name. It looks interesting, sounds a little bit strange, it is alright, but really not that good.
To all of the morons who post that this name is ruined thanks to a stupid Chinese virus, it's not for me and I’m pretty sure that there are others who think the same way as me.
I feel bad for the people named this, because the virus is ruining the pretty name for them.
I love this name, it's super gorgeous, but coronavirus and the beer brand have both ruined it :(
A quick Google search will let you know that Corona is literally Spanish for Crown. To be quite frank I don't know why at the beginning they decided to call the virus Corona, especially with there being the beer brand.
This is my surname. It used to be just fine until the 'rona hit. Now people are calling us Rona and Covid. Me and my son.
It’s a cute name but I would say it’s no longer usable because of the beer brand and that darn virus.
This name is so pretty! But of course no longer usable. That dang virus is ruining everything :(
It might have been okay to use at some point (though still not keen myself) but do we really need to explain why this is a name best avoided now? I wouldn’t go anywhere near it.
People who commented in 2007-2019: "Oh no, it's a name of a drink"
2020 commenters: "so you have chosen death."
It's quite pretty, I'll admit, but it'll take years for the association with COVID-19 to wear off.
Naming someone after the virus is bad but the the beer is still a viable nickname.
The Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 is a disease that was first identified in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. Others argue that the Coronavirus was lab made. COVID-19 has made a big impact in the world such as shutting down stores (or shorter hours), quarantine, remote learning, racism to Asians (Specifically Chinese people), COVID-19 recession, and delays of events.
Feel bad for anybody who has this name. Not a big loss for me because the name wasn’t very good to begin with.
Corona beer and corona virus. Best use of the name.
This name should be considered child abuse. Enough said.
Corona is a city in Riverside County, California.
This is actually a pretty cool name, sad that it is ruined now. It was already heavily associated with the beer brand.
Beautiful, but with the virus and all it'll be years and years before it's usable again. It already had it bad enough with the beer association.
This is the next Katrina or Isis. Avoid it.
Not usable anymore.
Beautiful name but it’s obviously not usable anymore.
This would be a bad choice.
Lovely name. Lovely meaning. Love the saintly association, and is easy to spell.
But, the pandemic definitely ruined it. I definitely would have kept this in mind for a child or a character in a book someday, but not with the horrible virus that’s killing so many people right now.
Well, this is ruined.
Lol, could have been a lovely name, but thanks to both the brand of beer and the Coronavirus, nobody will be able to take your little Corona seriously.
Man, sending prayers to all those affected by the virus. One person actually named their daughter Corona...
This name was ruined like the name Isis, and, to some extent, Katrina. It will be remembered as a tragic event.
Person named Corona: walks into the bar. "Hey, I'd like a Corona please?".
Bartender: "Yeah sure, let me see your ID, please".
Corona: *Hands over ID*
Bartender after reading the name: "Oh.."

Seriously, if you named your kid Corona then I have an extreme amount of empathy for you. :(.
It is also a name from the region of Vincenza, from a church called Santa Corona, and I had a great-great grandmother from the region named Corona.

My name is also Corona, and I studied in Canada, and yes I always went by 'yes like the beer...' but now it may become 'yes like the virus...'

It is getting a bit tiring to see people mention Corona alone instead of Covid19 or coronavirus for this virus/pandemic.
I think this name will be another current event casualty like the name Isis. Outside of a deadly pandemic or a popular beer it really would have been a nice name. It will be forever tainted now, unless perhaps as people erroneously pray to the patron saint of treasure hunters incorrectly thinking she's the patron saint of pandemics, and if for some reason that veneration seems to have a miraculous effect for some, then this name has a small chance for redemption, at least in small numbers. But even with that, it will still be the beer bottles that litter our local park...
The perfect name for this outbreak! ^-^
Twins named Corona and Covid. No lie. I have never thought of this as a given name but I feel real bad for anyone who was named this before the virus, and I feel especially bad for any boy or girl who would be named Covid or Corona because of the coronavirus outbreak. It’s like naming your daughter Katrina after the hurricane that destroyed your home...
I feel bad for all those Coronas out there during this horrible outbreak.
Apparently, recently in India, two twin sisters were named Corona, the other Covid. I ain't lying.
Imagine if your name was Corona and you got the coronavirus, or if you were at a bar and you asked for a Corona.
Basically, to sum it all up; anyone bearing this name would get an enormous number of jokes about it. If it weren't for that, I'd kind of like this name :(.
Such a pretty name that is now tainted.
Welp, I feel bad for every kid named this now.
I'm gonna name my kid Korona de la'virus.
Corona for a girl and Covid-19 for a boy.
Whoops! Too late to change that name. Sorry parents! Might have deep regret. Ooh, that's unlucky. If you have this name, I feel bad. Don't think it's a coincidence if you get the Coronavirus, many people have it. Wow.
This would be a really unfortunate name for a kid to have in light of the coronavirus outbreak.
I think it’s a beautiful name with good meaning. Unfortunately, naming your child this is similar to naming them Influenza.
I used to like this name but now I feel bad for anyone with it because of the Coronavirus.
Corona as in Corona alcohol or the dreaded Coronavirus?
Well this name has been ruined forever...
Yes it has. Thanks to the virus that's running like hell right now.
I love how this name means crown!
Corona is the name of Rapunzel's kingdom in the movie Tangled.
In Italian this is the word for crown. [noted -ed]
This *would* be a very pretty name. Except I cant get the image of a Corona beer bottle with a lime in it, out of my head!
I think this is a pretty name. The "cor" part of this name makes me think of the Latin word for heart (at least, I think Cor is Latin for "heart").
Amongst my friends, this is a nickname for our friend Sharon. It's cute but a) a brand of beer and b) part of the sun.
This must be a very rare name. I have never heard of it before and I have been living in Germany for 18 years. [noted -ed]
It sounds pretty nice. My mum's family is German so I wish she could have called me Corona.
Corona is also a brand of beer.

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