Tacky name so I despise it but Courtney Budzyn makes it 5% betta :D.
I'm a guy born in 1996. I hate my name- school was rough (anything social is really) as long as I remember all I ever known was being laughed at for my name, being lighter skinned, and being shy. I've always been a friendly person but I was rarely ever shown kindness just made fun, of even adults did it. Even now I'm 24 and I guess as time went on my mind kinda got a little messed up, sorta like ptsd I guess? I can't take anymore of it, lol. As dumb as it sounds because of this cursed ass name it will be the death of me. I've lost hope, wasted my whole life worrying about when I'd be publicly humiliated again. Yall asked personal opinion and I grew up with the name so that's my experience.
I have never liked Courtney as a name, but it is just ridiculous for a boy.
Courtney LaPlante, vocalist of Canadian metal band Spiritbox.
Horrible on a boy.
I like this name. Its sound is strong yet elegant. :)
Nothing much to say. Plain, boring, feels also a little bit immature. So yes, basically, just a boring name.
Not the worst, but it sounds like court, which I don't particularly like.
Now I can tell from people's comments that Courtney is a typical smug and obnoxious villain name. It's funny, because I've always associated these types of characters with names more in the style of Ashley, Tiffany or Britney. I don't know, I think Courtney is very pretty and even elegant. In my case, I see it as exclusively feminine, sorry. I can't imagine a boy calling himself Courtney, although I don't see it wrong. But yeah, Courtney is a cool name. Very beautiful.
I love it for a girl.. I know most people hate it but I find it interesting, especially on dark haired people with dark eyes.
It’s so basic and ugly.
My name is Courtney and I'm a guy, and let me say this... I absolutely hate this name. For 1 I don't even like telling my name to other people. Whenever I do they give me the dumbest look like I'm telling a joke or something. It's so embarrassing it's been haunting me ever since. One guy literally asked me If I was transgender. So now whenever I meet someone new I just use an alias. This name stopped me from living. I hate the confused look on people's faces. Then after it's like playing a game of 21 questions and that's not even all of it.
One of my least favorite names for a boy or girl.
One of the three main characters in the book series Pendragon: An Adventure Through Time and Space by D.J. MacHale is named Courtney Chetwynde.
Sorry but this name makes me think of a stuck-up girl.
Courtney is a nice name. I don't understand why so many people assign personality traits to names (especially snobbiness, as only a handful of names sound genuinely snobby).
I think that the extreme comments defending male or female are from insecure individuals with the names or parents who gave it to their child and want it to be exclusive for the sex of their child.
Once you meet a person, their name suits them. Male or female.
I’ve only known female Courtney’s, so I would assume Courtney was a female if I never met them. However I wouldn’t be shocked to meet a male Courtney. Yay names that can go both ways.
Elementary kids are tough no matter what you name your kid, I do get not wanting to give them a “burdensome” name... but they will be adults for much more of their life than they are kids.
It’s somewhat nice for either gender.
My best friend is named Courtney! She is awesome! I don't think it's a snobby name, but a lot of people have said that. I think it's really beautiful.
My name is Courtney, I'm in my 20s. I have always loved my name and was named after the barbie doll Courtney. A lot of people think of Courtney from the movie Bring It On. (I read some reviews on here bashing my name because it's used for the snobby pretty girls in movies) I've never known a guy with my name, I don't consider it a boy name at all. I also didn't know any other Courtneys at school and my name has never been made fun of. I love my name and never went through a phase where I disliked it. I honestly think it's the best girl name.
Courtney from the Anglo-Saxon meaning is “Dweller by the dark stream” that’s cool as well.
My name is Courtney and for a couple of years I disliked my name. The reason for that was because I noticed in a lot of movies and TV shows the Courtney character was always a popular mean girl and villain, but after a while I gained a newfound love for my name after finding out about Courtney Taylor Taylor from The Dandy Warhols and the male actor Courtney Gains from Children of the corn, The Burbs etc. I’m a tomboy, so I like that the name is for both men and women.

I would like to see Courtney become more popular for males as well, because I feel it is such a badass name for a guy too and that the name needs to be balanced out again. I can see it happening because a lot of parents in today’s age are becoming more open minded with the name choices they pick for their child. Anyways I really like how Courtney also means “Court Attendant/Someone of the Kings Court”

I notice when I am at work a lot of people that I don’t even know really like saying my name every single sentence. It’s interesting, but can be a little annoying at times because it can turn a bit creepy with a certain tone they use with it, ugh lol but yeah it’s a cool name and it is strong and unique, so I highly recommend it for your baby boy or girl :)
My name is Courtney and I'm a boy and people kept telling me that it's a girl name. My father has the same name. I like the name Courtney she is from totaldramarama and I'm not afraid to say that I'm a boy named Courtney. C:
According to, there are 17 people in the U.S. named Courtney Courtney.
Courtney from Total Drama comes to mind when I say or hear this name. I like the name Courtney. It’s classy yet elegant! I like it more for a girl though. It’s okay for a boy, but the personality of a Courtney is a snobby rich girl at school who is the popular chick and gets all the dudes. It will still age fine, especially on girls. This name has fallen out of popularity and it’s ranked at #948 or something, so Courtney may seem unique as a kid's name but it used to be so popular!
Courtney is a character on Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, and Total Drama All-Stars. She has the label "Type-A” and is known for being an overachiever and a bit bossy.
Courtney Reed is an American theater actress and singer, known for being the original Princess Jasmine in the Broadway version of Aladdin.
In 2018, 20 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Courtney who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 212th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.

In 2018, 30 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Courtney who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 399th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
This name sounds too rough. Not a pretty name at all. It always makes me think of Courtney Love. I don't like names that start with C. They remind me of that bad word for a woman's anatomy.
As surnames-as-given-names go, I think Courtney is one of the better ones. I've known more women than men named Courtney, but I have known several guys with the name. I'd like to see it given to more boys.
I never let the music (or name) be ruined for me by the actual artist him/herself, unless he/she has done something truly horrible. I don't think Courtney Love has done anything that bad, so I still like the name.
I'm a male Courtney born in 1962. When I was born there were very very few men or women with the name, and I think it was probably more a boy's name when I was born. I like having a unique name but I do hate getting constant messages and mail for "Ms. Courtney..." Anyway, my mom named me after British relatives. I would absolutely like to see more men with this name.
This name is unique and different. But it would be a horrible name to give a child if there was some sort of prison history in the family, with the obvious word court.
Courtney sounds like a teenager's name only. I can't imagine an old lady with the name Courtney. All those saying Courtney is a guy's name, name your son Courtney and see if he won't be harassed.
I hated my name Courtney... However when I was 15 I decided to change the spelling to Chourtnii, I got the CH from the word choir and the double iis to represent the ee sound. I love my name now and I have never seen anyone spell it that way.
Courtney is much better on a boy.
I dislike Kortni and every variant spelling of it.
I would never use it because it seems too much the name of a breed of dog in my opinion.
Courtney Alexis Stodden is an American reality show contestant, actress, model, recording artist and a national spokesperson for PETA, the animal rights activist organization. In 2011, then 16-year-old Stodden received widespread media attention after marrying then 50-year-old actor Doug Hutchison.
The name Courtney was given to 344 girls born in the US in 2016.
81.9 percent of people with the first name Courtney are female.
Courtney Michelle Love is an American singer, actress, writer, and visual artist. Prolific in the punk and grunge scenes of the 1990s, Love has enjoyed a career that spans four decades. She rose to prominence as the frontwoman of the alternative rock band Hole, which she formed in 1989. Love has drawn public attention for her uninhibited live performances and confrontational lyrics, as well as her highly publicized personal life following her marriage to Kurt Cobain.
I went to school with a few girls named Courtney and my youngest cousin is named Courtney. Even though it's trendy I think it's pretty.
This is way overused for a girl in my honest opinion, but I rather like hearing it on a guy.
This name is so tacky and trendy, and doesn't sound the least bit feminine.
I don't know how this name ever became popular - historically for boys, or in modern times for girls. I mean, it starts with "court" (courtroom), which is not where many people would like to be. That said, I can really only see the name on women today.

However, aside from the "court" association, when I hear Courtney, if I don't think of Courtney Love then I think of either high school Mean Girls or conniving women in hgh fashion suits. Like a lawyer version of Anna Wintour. It also feels very 80s, despite being so popular in my generation (90s kid).
The name Courtney was given to 111 boys born in the US in 2015.
This name isn't THAT popular. Other spellings of this name: Courtnie, Cortny, Courtni, Cortni. Courtney is the best spelling of this cool name in my opinion.
A white trash name, and its trashy image isn't helped by Courtney Stodden.
Didn't know this was a unisex name. It sounds very feminine.
I'm a Courtney. Every Courtney I've met has been a white girl or a black man. I don't know another name that does that.
Courtney B. Vance is a Tony Award winning actor. He is known for his roles on Law & Order: Criminal Intent and The Closer. He is also the husband of actress Angela Bassett.
My husband's name is Courtney and every time I tell people they think I am saying "Cory" because where we are from, Courtney is not a guy's name. One person I work with even thought I was gay because of the name "Courtney" until they met him and realized he's 6'4" and built like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the original Terminator movies. When we go to restaurants, the waitress looks at the name on the credit card and always gives it to me to sign. At work he gets asked by customers if he switched name tags or if he is wearing it as a joke. He hates it. I don't mind it. Hey, at least I can easily call the doctor's office and make an appointment or call a bill company to make payment because they always believe I am the owner of the account. If you are having a boy and are thinking of naming him Courtney, I can tell you my husband hates it and he would tell you don't do it.
Courtney, Stephanie, Tiffany, Britney etc. The 'ney' names don't really appeal to me very much. Britney Spears sums up, for me, what you would expect a girl with one of these 'ney' names to be like.
I am a Courtney. I think a lot of people go through the stage of not liking their name. I certainly did! But I can now tell you that at 24 I'm happy with my name. I am not girly, I am a very tomboy kind of girl. I love when those close to me call me Court. There are many meanings to my name. Nothing special "short, or snub nose". Oh well. It's also a town in France and can mean ruler of the court (my favorite meaning). It's better than Brittney which is what my Dad wanted... I hope to see it come back!
My daughter's name is Courtnay, this spelling. She was born in 1974, long before the name became trendy. Originally this was a male name spelled Courtenay, and it meant "in the meadow". My daughter neither loves nor hates her name; she's ok with it. If I could go back in time I would spell it the common way Courtney. Never give your child a you-neek spelling. You and the child will regret doing so.
Corky can be used as a nickname for Courtney.
I 100% don't understand at all how this name used to be male or is even labeled as unisex. Courtney is an OK name for a girl. It's not bad but just has a stigma that follows it around. Popular girl in school, complete snob who gets the good life. On a male: no, no, no, no, no. He will certainly get beaten up. Guaranteed.
I don't really like this name because it is really common and it reminds me of the court/judicial system. It is also harsh and flat sounding with no good nickname options. It has a strange meaning too "short nose."
I personally know a Courtney, and let me tell you, she absolutely despises the name. And to be honest, it's not exactly my favorite either. She was born in 1980, a few years before the name "blew up", so to speak. Throughout her childhood she was given nicknames like; "Court", and to this day, her husband of ten years calls her "The Corkster". She's always making fun of her name if it's brought up, though not in the "woe is me" kind of way. She more mutates the sound of the name, repeating it over an over. Overall, Courtney is a masculine name that neither me; nor the actually Courtney wants anything to do with.
Another (somewhat) famous bearer is rich popular girl Courtney Gripling from the cartoon As Told by Ginger.
Television personality Courtney Stodden is a (somewhat) famous bearer. Can't stand her - she's so annoying.
Historically, this is a masculine name. Just because it was trendy for girls in the 1980's doesn't make it a feminine name.

It's a shame that this masculine name not only became unusable for boys, but that it became a stereotypical "most popular girl at school" name for girls (at least where I live).

I would LOVE to meet a boy named Courtney. Just like the masculine names Ashley and Avery, I could imagine this name to be very classy and sophisticated on boys... while not so classy on girls (think Courtney Love Hewitt).
The name Courtney was given to 136 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
Cheap, snobby and tacky name. Reminds me of tennis courts.
I love this name! It is strong, solid and I feel it would age very well.
It's definitely better for a girl. I feel it would just seem weird on a boy.
I much prefer Courtney for a boy.
It reminds me too much of going to court.
Courtney Corey is an American stage actress, best known for her roles as Maureen in national touring companies of RENT and as an Elphaba understudy in the Chicago and LA companies of Wicked.
Love this name! It fits a smart and kind girl. And I love the sound of it!
This name isn't really all that bad. Not the best by far, but not the worst, either. When I hear the name Courtney, I think of someone with blond hair, blue eyes, tan skin, and a tall, lanky body who likes to play basketball.
Courtney Act, the stage name of Australian drag queen, pop singer and entertainer Shane Jenek. As Courtney Act, Jenek was a semi-finalist on Australian Idol in 2003 and was the third singer of the competition to release an official solo single, following Guy Sebastian and Shannon Noll. The single, "Rub Me Wrong", was released in 2004, which peaked at #29 on the ARIA Singles Chart.

Her/his name is obviously a pun on "caught in the act".

Great name for someone transgender, as the name is both masculine and feminine.
Courtney Pine b.1964, an (male) English jazz musician, very cool.
Kourtney Kardashian, second of the Kardashian sisters, known for the reality show, "Keeping Up With The Kardashians". Other sisters are Kim and Khloe.
Actually Jamesina Kourtney Kardashian is the older sister of Kim and Khloe

And I like the name personally. I think the spelling Courtney is way too overused, my cousin spells her name Kortniee and she loves it. I like the spellings Kourteney and Kourtnee.
I really like the name Courtney for a boy but unfortunately in the UK it isn't really known as anything other than a woman's name.
I am male and my first name is Courtney, a family name. A quick history: when I was young - I am in my 60s - Courtney was a very uncommon name given exclusively, as far as I know, to boys. In 1974, Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood named their daughter Courtney, and when I first heard about it, I remember thinking "there goes my name". Sure enough, since then, Courtney has become a very popular girl's name. When I go to a store and hand them a credit card with my name on it, once a while the clerk will say "is she here with you?", or something similar. There are a few male Courtney's around including Courtney Vance, the actor, and at least one player in the NFL, but for the most part everyone thinks of it as a girls name now. I certainly would not recommend it as a boys first name today.
I've never particularly cared for this name mainly because it is my name, hence the fact that Yentruoc is Courtney backwards. I think it's just a moderate name, not too great but not terrible or too ugly, just moderate.
I like the name but it's just a little common. And I've never heard of a boy with this name. I think it sounds like a girls' name.
Courtney is my best friend's name. Here in our town we have over two dozen Courtneys in my school alone, and there are several born every month. Our town loves the name Courtney, but I just can't mind anything nice about it. I just don't like it that much. Or at all. It just seems so plain. I also know girls named Cortney, Kourtney, and Kortney.
I never liked this name. It always struck me as an airheaded ditz name, or a popular snob. I also hate all of the obnoxious misspellings, like Kortney, Courtnei, Kourtni, and Cortnie.
I hate it when people take a boy's name and then put it on a girl. This name (along with other names like Hayley, Kennedy, etc) are great on boys, but NOT on girls!
To whoever is named Courtney: Have fun growing up with this name // good luck. You'll need it. This is not a very pretty name. It looks MUCH better for a boy!
This is my best friend's name. It's a cute name, but I don't really care for the spelling "Kourtni" or "Kourteney." & I've never heard of a boy being named Courtney. Maybe that's just me?
All I can think about is corn! I do not like this name. I can't imagine it on a grown lady. I can't imagine it on a male!
My sisters name is Courtney and I really don't understand how it can be a boy name!? I don't agree with that. But Courtney, I think, is a really pretty name!
I have mixed emotions about this name. I used to HATE it. I thought it was trashy and sleazy like Tiffany or Britney. I didn't like the sound of COURT like a basketball court and then ney like knee.

Well now I think it's just okay. It's kind of cute actually. But it's just not very classy and overly modern! I wouldn't name my daughter this though.
Personally, this name goes with Tiffany or Britney. I can't help but think of a blonde snobby cheerleader shopaholic. I'm sorry to offend anyone, but this is honestly what I think when I hear this name. Not something I would choose for my daughter (or son!)
This is my name, and I've actually grown to like it. I think this spelling of it is the best one-- 'Courtney'-- and it disgusts me when people spell it 'Kortnei' or 'Cortnie'.
Courtney Kupets is an American gymnast who went to the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, there she won a bronze metal in uneven bars and a silver in team.

She is currently at school at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA, where she is a Georgia Gymdog, or a member of the Georgia Gymnastics Team.
Courney McCool is and American gymnast who went to the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. There she recieved a silver medal in the team compitition.

She currently goes the the University of Georgia, where she is a Georgia Gymdog, or member of the Georgia Gymnastics Team.
Not sure about a lotta' people, but I think of corks. I would give a lot of people credit for giving a child this name if they gave it to them NOT because they liked the way it sounds, or that it's popular, etc.
That's strange that most of you consider this name to be mainly a female's name, when I've only ever met males with this name.
I think this name should be given a rest. It's everywhere, even if I haven't known that many Courtneys. And I can't but help think of Courtney Love, who does stupid things, is rather irritating, and is constantly accused of killing her husband.
I'm sorry, but I really hate this name. It's sort of tacky, if you get what I mean, and cheap and overused. Also, there aren't really very many good nicknames you can get out of it!
My name is Courtney, most people I know, associate this with a boy's name. But I have a bunch of girly nicknames that fit me better, like Coco, Court, and Cour.
I prefer Courtney on a boy. I think Court could be a cool nickname.
The way my name is spelled isn't on here. I love the way my name is spelled, and my last name is common, so my parents thought if there was another Courtney in the school, that it could cause problems, so she spelled it Courtnie.
Like many "unisex" names, it seems to be almost exclusively a female name these days. It's my last name and honestly I'm not a huge fan of it (high school gym class was lots of fun with a "girl's" name for a last name!). It's also amazing to me how many people have a hard time spelling Courtney; people often omit the u and/or the e (e.g., Cortney or Courtny, etc.)
Courtney Love has utterly ruined this name for me. Not only is she trashy, but she is simply a rude and nasty person.
A famous bearer is American actress Courtney Thorne-Smith (born November 8, 1967), best known for her television roles as Alison Parker on the primetime soap opera "Melrose Place", Georgia Thomas on the comedy-drama "Ally McBeal", and Cheryl on the sitcom "According to Jim".
I quite like this name. Although it isn't unheard of, it's not as common as one would think, especially when used for a girl. In my experience I've met only a small handful of Courtney's in my lifetime -- usually male.
The only Courtneys I've ever known (3) have been boys. I just can't imagine this name on a little girl.
Courtney is a nice name but I prefer the spelling "Courtnie".
Princess Courtney is a princess in "Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses".
My mother is from Springfield, Massachusetts. She said when she was growing up there, at the Irish-Catholic school she went to there were many Courtneys, mainly spelled Courteney, like Courteney Cox. So it's not really as creative as many people think, I guess.
I always think of Courtney Love when I hear this name. And that makes it creepy.
I like the name Courtney, but to me it is used too much. I know a ton of Courtneys, so I don't think I would use this for my daughter.
I really like this name, and I'm not sure why. Someone alse with this name is musician Courtney Taylor-Taylor.
I really don't like this for a boy.
I knew a guy named Courtney and he was pretty much a thug, and then there is Courtney Love. I mean I like Hole and all but the name to me means druggy criminal.
I don't like this name very much - it sounds quite common and isn't pronounced with much flair. Luckily Courteney Cox made it individual, which is probably why you hear it so much these days.
The name Courtney is a really nice name. One of my friends is named Courtney. I really like this name.
Courtney is the name of Grant's daughter in Eastenders.
Courtney Oates was the boom operator for We Don't Work.
I think Courtney is a nice name, a very strong sounding name.
This name is usually thought of as a girl's name, but it sounds masculine to me.
My little neice's name is Courtney and I think she likes her name. It is very pretty and not that hard to spell.
I have a friend who spells her name Courtenay.
According to people who believe that a person's name says something about their personality, people with the name Courntey have a loyal and patient personality, and have a lot of perseverance.
Not the best name in the world. I don't hate it but it wouldn't grow on me. Maybe because my sister's name is Courtney.
I once came across a form of this name as Kortnei. What's going to happen when Kortnei is 30, 40, 50? It doesn't sound like a very good (or professional) name for an adult.
Courtney is a very good name. It fits all sorts of people. I like it more for girls than guys though, but hey that's just me.
Famous bearer: singer/actress Courtney Love.
Singer Courtney Love was actually born Love Michelle Harrison, not sure why she took the name Courtney.
In regards to the above comments regarding the name change; according to Love's biography Courtney was born as "Love Michelle Harrison", but after her parents divorced her mother legally changed the her name to Courtney, after a close friend.

Apparently, she felt "Love" was not a suitable name for her daughter any more.
Actually, the California birth registry lists Courtney Love's birth name as Courtney Michelle Harrison.
Re: Courtney Love's name (original comments from 2005/2006) - The reason the name from the birth registry and the name Courtney Love mentioned in her biography are different is because "birth name" can be defined in different ways. Given the circumstances of her name change her birth certificate was probably amended to reflect it, and thus a search of her birth record would show the name after the change (and in such cases for most legal purposes like when filling out a birth certificate for your child the post-change name would be what they want when they ask for your "maiden" or "birth" name). This is in contrast to the name you were actually given at birth, which is what she mentioned in her biography (for the vast majority of people whose names have never been legally changed, or changed only because of marriage or divorce, they'd be the same - but if you were adopted, had a sex change, or had your name changed for another reason that amended your birth certificate they'd be different).

Basically "birth name" can be defined as either "name as shown on the birth certificate" or "original name given at birth" depending on the context (and my comment addressed the cases where they aren't the same).
Famous bearer is Courteney Cox.

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