My name is Cruz and my peoples call me Cruzy, just a nickname though.
Santa Cruz LOLLL!
Since I watched Marimar, I see it mostly as a name for girls. Personally, I like that it will always stand out in a crowd because it's so unusual, while not at all sounding boring, weird or outdated in the bad way, more like vintage-ish. I suppose it's because "Cruz" is a common word in Spanish.
In the Mexican soap opera "Marimar", the protagonist Marimar Pérez names her daughter Cruz (after her grandmother). Sometimes she calls her Crucita.
I like it! A good, strong Spanish name. I think it is UNISEX, and it ages well.
Cruz is a terrible name for a girl. There, I said it.
Cruz Beckham is one of David and Victoria Beckham's children.
Cruz Ramirez is the name of a character in the Pixar film Cars 3.
Just no.
As a leftist, not that that has anything to do with it but still, I can't stand that idiot Ted Cruz also. And this name seems way too religious and also sort of creepy, and it symbolizes the execution of the supposedly innocent man for the people's sins. Sorry, I can't stand this name.
My son's name is Cruz and I really like it for a first name. It fits him well, it's short, easy and strong with a trendy touch.
My daughter and son-in-law (he is Italian) would like to name their first son Cruz. I am Hispanic so to us Cruz is mainly used as a last name. That of course doesn't bother them because they think it's a cool name regardless. Nice to read that it is not unusual as a first name.
I would spell this Cruise, just to get away from the Ted Cruz association (I absolutely despise him). I would much rather have my kid associated with Tom Cruise than Ted Cruz.
Really like Cruz spelt cruze.
No, this is traditionally a unisex name, although much more popular for boys than for girls (currently #284 for males and #4480 for females) I think that makes it mostly a male name, plus it sounds incredibly masculine.
A quotation from the user Lumia on the Name Facts board (slightly abridged): "The name Cruz in Latin America is mainly used as masculine except when used together with María - as in María de la Cruz. However, in Spain is mainly a feminine name, used together with María - as in María de la Cruz, María Cruz or Maricruz - or as a stand-alone name in remembrance of the Holy Cross. The masculine usage of this name is not unknown (e.g. Cruz Martínez Esteruelas, former Minister of Education who reformed the education system back in 70's) but quite unusual, to the point that when the American soap opera Santa Barbara was on TV, the character of detective Cruz Castillo (played by A. Martinez) bore what many in the Spanish audience considered to be a strange name for a man." So, in Spain Cruz is a predominately feminine name (and a rather old fashioned one at that) but in Iberian America it is predominately masculine.
Cruz seems to be mostly a masculine name in English-speaking countries. It is in the top 1000 for boys in the United States, but not for girls.
This name is so weird. Just... don't.
I have met a few little boys with this name recently. Two were spelled Cruz, one Cruise. I quite like it although I could see it getting trendy in the U.S. at some point.
This sounds like a boy's name to me and I would pronounce it Cruise. Although, I prefer this spelling; Cruz. I like this name because it is different but not totally out there.
While I know Cruz can be a boys' name and don't mind it as such, I still think of it as a feminine name. It's not one of my favorites, though, since it makes me think of Tom Cruise.
Cruz is apparently a last name, too, as one of my best friends has the surname of Cruz. She pronounces it like the word "cruise".
In much of South America this name would be pronounced CROOSS.
This is traditionally a girls' name. No questions. The only reason it became popular is because people have no taste.
A variant of Cruz is Cruzito.
Cruz is also a Portuguese name, and is pronounced Croosh in Portuguese. It is considered a unisex name. [noted -ed]
It should be said like ---cruise--- like Tom Cruise.
This is really a girl's name? I always thought it was a boy's name because the only person I knew with this name was male. It sounds more masculine to me.
This is okay. I can't believe no one mentioned Penelope Cruz, a famous Spanish actress.
I love the name Cruz, but I like the spelling Kruiz for a girl.
Santa Cruz is a popular beach town in California.
I like Cruz, and despite the fact that (yes, I agree) it is terribly trendy, I love the spelling Kruiz. I like Cruz as a GIRL name by the way.
This can also be a boy's name.
This is my favourite boys name. It's very cool.
I'm surprised no one has entered this yet (so I will) - Posh & Becks named their third son Cruz.
In Spanish and in related languages it's pronounced Crooth, not Croose.

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