I can't for the life of me see Crystal as a hooker or stripper name. I think it sounds sort of hard or cold, but that gives it charm in my opinion. I think that this name is Crystal clearly beautiful (See what I did there? Haha). It's beautiful and it isn't even that common anymore, so totally use it.
In my opinion Crystal is an unusable name, but it is pretty.
It's nice, it makes me think of winter and snow and ice crystals.
I like this name except when it's spelled Christel or Cristal. Do you want your daughter to become an alcoholic?
When I was little, I used to LOVE gem names like Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, and Crystal. Now I think it is ridiculous as names, however, I still like Crystal.
I’ve been obsessed with this name since I was ten. I think it’s beautiful. I always wanted to be named Crystal, lol.
Feels a little bit too cold and also sounds like a great name for some cleaning products for the bathroom. I don't like it much!
According to, there are 99 people in the U.S. named Crystal Ball.
I think ze name is bright and fun.

A brave choice!
Quite the nice name. I don’t think of meth when I hear this name.
It's so beautiful!
As a middle name only.
Crystal the Monkey is a monkey actor trained by Birds & Animals Unlimited. She is famous for being in George of the Jungle as the baby monkey, and Dexter in the Night At the Museum.
I named my daughter Crystelle Louise, I wanted to give her a common middle name so it will be less weird as a full name. She is quite a quiet but strong girl.
Boring. Do NOT do this to your child. Crystal even begins with "Cry" - if you are named Crystal then you are a crybaby!
My name is not Crystal but I think it's very pretty. For those saying it's a slang for meth, yeah well my name is Molly so I totally understand the association. But these slangs really mean nothing in the end. These are just regular pretty names.
Cris, pronounced “Kris” for short. It’s nice... not the best name though.
Although it is a gorgeous name, in my opinion, one should keep in mind that it is a slang term for meth when considering it for their child's name. It's still very lovely though, and has a gentle sound.
When I think of this name, I think of someone with blonde / black hair and blue or green eyes.
Anonymous user, LOL I have an aunt who you basically described, and her name is Crystal o.o.
Crystal is the name of both the in-universe sister and hypothetical daughter of Christian Weston Chandler. He has supposedly wanted to use the name for his daughter since he was a child.
In Italy it is associated with a male character of a cartoon (Saint Seya), a knight: because of that for many Italian people it sounds like a unisex name. In the last year this name has been linked to the queer and non-binary LGBTQ+ world, I love it.
It's rather pretty and I don't think of crystal meth when I hear it, but I don't think it would age well.
My daughter's name is Crystal and she's beautiful as Crystal. I also have a Ruby, Hazel and Pearl so I guess our family is blessed with riches. I'll take that any day of the week.
Names to me are all about connotations. I have met a lot of mean, bitchy and snobby Crystal's. This is not a name I like or would ever name my child. Sorry if there is a nice Crystal out there.
Sorry, but it is a very stripper-sounding name. Or maybe a porn star. And then there's the similarly named vodka. It also brings to mind the drug Crystal meth. All in all the name Crystal has too many bad associations for me to ever burden a child with them.
I can't believe what I am reading in this section. Crystal is definitely not a trashy name nor a bad name at all. I don't know how some people view the name that way smh. Crystal is a very common name, but very beautiful and unique. I am proud to say I am one of those girls named Crystal. I love my name.
This is an odd name. It reminds me of a trashy person (no offense to anyone with this name or anyone who likes it), but it does have a pretty beautiful meaning at the same time. I probably wouldn't use this on an actual girl, though.
When I was growing up people used to call me "Cry Stall" it really annoyed me and it made me cry so they sort of had something else to joke about but I became the bigger person and didn't let them get to me and they slowly stopped so next time you're in trouble be the bigger person and don't let them get to you.
My name is Crystal along with many of the other people who have commented. Growing up, I've been called a few names like Crystal Meth and have had people comment on how my name relates to Kristal (a stripper name). As a child, being called things like this hurt my feelings a bit because I was so pure and innocent; believing in the best of the people around me. I have grown to hate my name since I feel that it doesn't quite match my personality and I also hated the fact that people always connected it with foul things such as those. People connect the name Crystal with innocence, beauty, sweetness, and whatnot, but that is only the cover up. Underneath, I'm personally random and exotic, I am funky and goofy, and my personality sure is not bounded by my name's definition. And among them all, I am certainly no stripper and no Crystal meth. Yes, you may connect the name Crystal to those "commonalities", but, think beyond that. Crystal is actually a beautiful name because of the person who wears it, not by what people can use it in. I have grown to enjoy my name because it truly did make me unique despite it being considered "common". I've noticed that some people, who are also named Crystal, have commented about seeing things "Crystal Clear" and having a clear understanding about everything around them, and I too, agree with that. Every Crystal I have met has been extremely bright and I myself have been called by my teachers and have had them tell me how smart I am nearly every year of my life. We have the ability to do anything and everything because we can learn new skills nearly instantly and can get frustrated when other people don't learn as quickly as us. If you erase the horrible nicknames, Crystal isn't that bad. In fact, it's a fantastic name to have because it's a name to be proud of. It's a name that gives you incredible mental strength.
This name is very beautiful and has a lot of potential. It's very soft, sweet, strong, and just quite wonderful.
Anyone seen Crystal down by the Gentleman's Club recently? The impression I get of this name.
I love the name Crystal! It’s so cute and elegant! I wouldn’t use it on a human because I have so many other names to name a human, but I still really love this name! I might use it for a character in something!
In 2018, 28 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Crystal who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 160th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Crystal is the name of the morbidly obese, outdoor shut-in on the cartoon Squidbillies.
A very pretty name.
CHrystal! Chrystal with an “h”. I was the only one blessed with my spectacular name while I grew up in the 60s. I can remember teachers trying to change the unique spelling of my name. I can even remember one teacher asking me if Chrystal was my real name. Through the teasing of my name for many years, I realized why my name was given to me by my dad who was a scientist. The meaning ranges from frail to strong. I love being acquainted to my name. Through the frail times I have grown strong. My feelings are transparent so you need not guess. People wear this name Chrystal; however the spelling may be with pride! I hope you know of the integrity it represents. I love my name and the way it’s spelled.
I LOVE the name Crystal and nobody should say it is ordinary or boring because that name is the most beautiful name I have heard in my entire life. Sure people can say Ristal or Crissy but that is them trying to give you a nickname unless the person is mean to you.
Crystal Pepsi, anyone?
In the 1976 Rankin/Bass television special Frosty's Winter Wonderland, Frosty gets a snow wife named Crystal.
Crystal is such a chavvy name. Crystal? Imagine going to a job and saying “Hey my name is Crystal Woods”! It’s a strippers name! Disgusting name 0/10.
Yes, this name is absolutely awesome! Totally cool. To CONSIDER!
This name always made me think of a sex worker and it's hard for me to take anyone named Crystal seriously.
This name is gorgeous, so lovely & beautiful.
Crystal Kay Williams, simply known as Crystal Kay, is a Japanese singer, songwriter, radio host and actress of Korean and African-American descent. She debuted at the age of 13.
Crystal Gayle, country singer.
I spell my name this way Krystle Gail.
My name is spelt Kristal but is pronounced the same as Crystal. I love the name. I'm the only person out of 1900 in my school who has it, it's quite rare.
I think Crystal is a pretty name. I didn't know so many people thought the name was trashy, hookerish, or reminded them of Crystal Meth.
The name is an honor as every name in lesson toward purpose. The name is everywhere, which forces those named such to be humbled. Humbling can offer much understanding of all/many things and people or bitterness. Meaning: "ice", "gold", "colorless gem that reflects all colors and needs to be gently cared for, unlike a diamond", "clear vision", "Christ", "Christ bearer"...
The name is everything from beautiful to shamed depending what, who, how and where the name is used. It reflects all colors, after all. The name is not of the person named it, but everyone else that uses it or remembers the person by it. Names are given as a gift.
When I was born in 1955 there were NO other Crystals to be heard of. I did not like my name it was different. Yet no one ever said they didn't like the name. Now that I'm all grown up I still get many compliments on my name. It is a pretty name. Thank you Mom (:
I didn't let people call me Chris either only my family called me Crissy.
Crystal is a graceful, beautiful, blessed name. I love this name! It's perfect! :D
This is my bunny's name, lol. I don't really think it would work for a child, but for my rabbit it's nice!
Wow! I am shocked and saddened to see how many people do not like their name, Crystal. Not just that you do not like it but you would belittle others who may have it. I do not view it as a name for poor white people that are trashy, nor do I view it as a name that someone can not be proud of.

I love my name and I say it proudly whenever someone asks me - Crystal with a "C" as in cat. Lol! I am neither white, nor poor or trashy. Yet my name is Crystal. I was born in the mid 70's and unlike many of you, there were not a lot of people with the name Crystal so that left me open for a whole lot of teasing. Once I claimed my name with pride, people teasing and all, people backed off and learned to respect it and love it.

In closing, as a young adult the product Crystal Light came on the scene. Crystal Light had a cool jingle that I coined as my own. I would sing it whenever I felt like it to remind me and others that I am great.
It went like this:

"I believe in Crystal Light because I believe in me"

Believe in you and your name, you will see a change in you once you do.. God bless you all.
Crystal Ship is a song by Renegade Masterz, featuring the vocals of Verena Rehm.
Crystal is a very beautiful name and has a very beautiful meaning to it! It is also my mom's name! She is also beautiful and NOT a stripper or white trash.
Crystal is my name and I LOVE it! I think it's a beautiful and feminine name that doesn't need a nickname. Just call me by my beautiful name, Crystal!
My name is Crystal - correct spelling, which is the best spelling in my opinion. I don't like my name much, not for any legitimate reason and there aren't many 'Crystal's of any spelling where I am, it just doesn't really fit me I guess... then again, maybe it does and I'm being stubborn.
I was named Crystal, and I always got the feeling my mother didn't want to name me this as she said many times "I didn't want to name you that, but your father is a jerk and knew I wanted your name to be Marissa or Miranda so he named you Crystal." I read so many comments posted about how common the name is and how unoriginal it is, well this was not the case for me as I went through school, and even into my working life. I have only come across a handful of other Crystals, in fact I have come across more people that share my birthday than share my name. I neither like nor dislike my name and have refused to allow people to shorten my name to Chris, or Crissy or anything such as these. I just do not like them for myself.
After understanding the meaning of the name Crystal, being clear, bright and transparent, I began to grow quite fond of the name and wear it proudly as people always complimented me on how much they love my name. A lot of the other Crystals I have met in my life time up till now have been quite open and bright people. However, sometimes, I do feel that I can see things around me a little bit too Crystal clear... with a Crystal clear personality and mind set (i.e. cannot stand when somebody crosses the line with no shame or being a consistent bully, unfairness and etc). I'm proud but sometimes feel conflicted in bearing this name in a furry and blurry world.
Crystal has a wonderful meaning, but the name itself screams white trash to me. There are too many strippers and obnoxious people who bear this name. As a simple word Crystal is beautiful, as a name not.
While some might think "Crystal" belongs to a white-trash, alcoholic stripper, I love my name (I don't smoke, drink, or strip for the record). I once hated it, though. Kristen, Catherine, and Christina were far more lovely, normal names. But I wouldn't think of changing my name now because one of the most famous linguists is Dr. David Crystal. Perhaps you need to watch some lectures from Cambridge, because the name "Crystal" needs to be associated with this man.
Crystal is my name (exactly how the word is spelled). I was never enamored with it. I don't know what my parents were thinking, naming me after a gemstone, because not being native English speakers, they were DEFINITELY thinking of the stone and not any other meanings. I think it's ugly. I hate the structure, and I dislike the fact that it's a GEMSTONE. There's something really distasteful and as others have said, PEDESTRIAN about naming a child after a gemstone in my opinion. No daughter of mine will ever be Ruby, Diamond, Sapphire, Amber (okay, maybe Amber is okay since it's not too ostentatious), Opal, Aquamarine, or anything of that ilk. Certainly not Crystal. Born in 1993, I don't meet many people with my name and that's about the only upside. In any community I've been in there's at MOST one other Crystal (once in elementary school. In my college there used to be a dining hall worker named Crystal). Oh and every possible nickname my friends came up with were similarly ugly. Cryssie? I nearly cried, not in joy or sadness, but by how absurd it looks. Pun. Ha. No. I have no problem with my identity. I just don't like this name. Maybe I'll introduce myself as Chris from this point forth. Who needs to know my real name, anyway?
My name is Crystall spelled C-R-Y-S-T-A-L-L, yes that is 2 L's at the end. I ABSOLUTELY hated my name growing up. I hated it because there were a thousand other Crystal's and because mine was spelled different than everyone else's. I would spell my name everyway but the right way. Funny thing is now that I'm grown I ABSOLUTELY love my name and the way it is spelled. I get really upset when people don't spell it right. It's crazy to think about all the time I spent trying to be like the other Crystal's!
Crystals are very beautiful gems, like ambers, jades and rubies, but the names themselves are quite cheap and common, so that kind of spoils it. Still lovely for fantasy characters, though.
I wouldn't use this. I know a guy who got the teasing of his life after he took a liking to a Krystal (and then, we didn't know how it was spelled.)
He'd start talking and someone in the room would yell, "Cryyyystal!" and everyone would laugh, because of the associations the name has.
My name is Crystal & I love it. I have met one other Crystal & her name was spelled with a K. I don't think Crystal is a strippers name and have never been teased about it. It is a beautiful name that means clear and pure.
Makes me think people are naming their kid after their punch bowl or wine goblets. Like they wanted an expensive trendy sort of name, but they tried too hard, and ended up with cheap-sounding one. There is such a thing as being too literal.
I want to like this name. I want to think of those gorgeous Swarovski Crystals when I hear this name, but instead--and no offense to all Crystals out there! (And I seriously hope this doesn't get my post reported)--instead this name makes me think of cocaine and meth. (Slightly off-topic, but has "ice"--this name's meaning--ever been a street name for either drug?)
I actually like this name a lot. It has a nice ring to it and it is pretty because it reminds me of *Crystal*.
Cough Cough. WHITE TRASH! STRIPPER ALCHOHOLIC CHAINSMOKER NAME! (along with Brandi) It sounds so not pretty and feminine.
I think this name became popular because of a T.V. show called 'Dallas'. It sounds pretty, but it makes me think that those who would name their daughter Crystal were hoping they could afford some.
I like this name spelt this way. Spelling it other ways just looks trashy.
Crystal is not a trailer-trash name! Perhaps some people with it have been horrible like that, but it isn't necessarily that way. Also, Crystal may mean clear-headed or pure.
I disagree that Crystal has more appeal than other jewel names. Ruby, for example, seems a more spirited and colorful name by far. Crystal is so bland and characterless.
Gorgeous and classy name. Leaves all the other jewel and gem names in its wake.
Ug- another lower class, trailer-park type name. Hello parents- this is a stripper name! Don't name your daughters Crystal!
Crystal not only means 'ice', but also can be translated to mean 'brilliantly clear' or 'brilliantly pure'. I think someone with this name would be pure of heart and wears her heart on her sleeve or is transparent.

I think the name is very feminine and gives a child something to live up to, as to be pure in an unpure world. This name is classic and classy as it has been around for centuries, it has character and history behind it.
Crystal is the lastest book by Katie Price (aka Jordan).
For some reason it seems very childish to me, not a good name for a grown woman. But at least it's not Krystyl or anything weird and horrible like that.
I love the Japanese version, it's so cute. But the girls that hate their name I feel sorry for you guys because this is my name too and I love it and so many people wish they had it.
I can't truthfully say I like this name. It's cute on a small child, but silly on an adult. So many goofy nicknames. It makes me think of a dumb blond type of person. (To all blonds out there, no offense. I'm blond myself!)
I love the name Crystal since it is my name. All of my friends wish they had my name because their names are really common like Lauren. I love my name and nobody that I know of has it because it is unique.
Crystal is my name and I absolutely adore it! I'm so happy my family gave me this name. I think it reminds me of purity, snow, faeries and magic. It's so bright and whimsical. Very fitting for me, I think. I agree I have met a lot of "trailer trash" types with this name, but I happen to be in grad school working on my masters in psychology so not all of us are strippers LOL! As for the girl who prefers to be called by her Japanese version, actually in Japanese the direct translation of Crystal is "Suishou" (pronounced: "swee show") and in Chinese it is "Shui Ting" ("shway ting").
We used to call the school bully, whose name was Crystal 'Pissy Crissy'. Even though I have a step-sister named Crystal, and she is a sweeheart, she's the exception, most of the Crystals I've met are low-class and Crystal isn't even their real name.
I could definitely see that this name was very popular around the time I was born. Now, if you name your baby this, this name just sounds odd. Still like it though!
My name is Crystal Grace, and my first name bothers me. A lot. I love being unique, but everywhere you go, if there isn't someone named Crystal, there's Chris, Christina, Kristen, Krista, Christine, and the like. I haved learned to answer to any of the above names as people oftentimes insist on getting it wrong. The times they are correct, they proceed to spell it Khristyle, and other assorted variants. Very annoying name to have.
This is my name. At first, when I was a kid, I hated it because I was called Crystal the Pistol, sissy crissy, and of course they made fun of my last name too, which isn't even unusual. Now, I like my name. I think its pretty, feminine and describes me well. Another meaning of the name is "Pure, sparkling; transparent; a gem". I feel that I live up to my name. A name is what you make it. I at one time had 3 other friends with this name all spelled differently, and we used to have fun with it. It is not stripperish or trailer-trash, unless that is the kind of person you are. Many people tell me this is a beautiful name and they really like it.
A famous bearer is model, Crystal Renn.
Crystal--spelled the *correct* way--is my name, and it was annoying to have a name that was both weird and extremely popular (I was born in the eighties, so, yeah). I've kind of learned to live with it--it's strange that now I'm in college I don't see so many Crystals? Trailer-trash or stripper name? They didn't like it and go by another name?

I hate Crys, Cryssie, all that stuff much worse than Crystal, though. The only sort of nickname I've had for Crystal is boyfriends calling me Rystal --it's weird but not horrible like Crissy (Three's Company, anyone?), any other Crystals get that?

At least my name's not Khristall or some crap, though.
Everyone I have known named Crystal has been lower-class and uneducated. I don't think it gives a child much to live up to.
I can't say Crystal is one of my favorite names either, it is overused and boring.
My name is Crystal, spelled the same, pronounced the same, just plain old me. I go to school with at least 1 or more other Crystals in each class. Kinda boring name if you ask me.
My name is Crystal. I even spell it the same way. I don't really like my name, so my closest friends call me by my name in Japanese once in awhile, or they call me by other nicknames.
I was named this and suffered with it. I went to school with 20 of them and it was so unoriginal. I had to start calling myself Criss just so I could get an identity of my own. I absolutly hate it, now my children have to suffer with extremely unique names - Brianna Phoenix Lyon and Pinkston Rhys. It wouldn't have been so bad if the name hadn't been so popular in the 80's.
A name that is generally thought to be very trendy and dated but it has actually been in use for quite a while. It didn't become hugely popular until the 1960's and 70's though. I think it makes a nice middle name.
A famous bearer of this name is country singer Crystal Gayle (though her real name is Brenda Gail Webb).
I know a great deal of people with the name "Crystal", and each and every one of them spells it differently. It can also mean many things like "ice" and "Christ". This name symbolizes a lot of things.

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