Unnecessary complication.
It's cuter than Sydney. Looks like the more natural spelling too if you think about it. Could be a cool way to immortalize Cyndi Lauper.
Cydney the bodybuilder from Survivor.
Just stick with Sydney. No offense.
Please please use Sydney instead.
If you use a C, it sounds like "kidney", please don't use a C.
I really dislike it.
Unattractive spelling, plus I have the urge to pronounce it like "kidney".
I have a friend with this name, but it is spelled Cydnei. I prefer it over the "ey" ending.
This life is but a vapour and we name our children so that they can live boldly.
Our oldest is Cade Harper, with many different meanings- He is creative, writer and entertainer. Our second daughter Cora Hayden is our dreamer and a beautiful young lady who loves animals. Our youngest is Cydney Hayne. She is one smart cookie and bold. She seems fearless with people but hates fast amusement rides. She has a soft side too, tender heart.
Please keep your negative responses to yourself. As with our names, mine Callin was mixed from a horse named Callie and my aunt Linda (who has never been in my life). My mom was creative.
This is my name and I have always liked it, it is not a common name so you stand out more which in my case has been much more of a positive than a negative. It really isn't that hard to spell as long as you say "Cydney with a C" people have tried to spell it Cidney or Sydnee which is ridiculous. Plus the C makes it far more feminine. I don't have a nickname like Cyd as that is mainly what masculine people called S/Cydney go by.
My name is Cydney and I love my name

I love it because it's unique and creative and a beautiful little girl's name.
Yuckkk... I hate "creative" spellings! This is like spelling Simon, cimon or cymon. Honestly, of probably pronounce this like kidney if I saw it.
I go back-and-forth on liking the sound of Sydney as a feminine name... but Cydney is the only version I would ever use in real life, in honor of Cyd Charisse.
Sydney is a city. You shouldn't misspell it, really. Even if you chose this spelling, it still sounds masculine.
Just plain ugly. I don't like the name Sydney in the first place.
This is my name. I like it, and I like the way that it is spelled because it's not exactly common. The only problem though, is that no one has ever been able to spell it correctly on their first try, which gets annoying after a while.
Terrible way to spell Sydney!
This strikes me as one of the most horribly ugly girls' names ever! It seems to lack any beauty, charm, grace, or femininity. With that C instead of the traditional S it looks like it should be pronounced "kidney".

I have seen this name twice in birth announcements during the past fortnight in England!
This is a nice name and all, but it will be mistaken for other names. I had a friend named this, and she always got called Cindy or Cynthia.

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