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Not as bad as other 'de' prefix names I've heard, like Dequan and Deshawn.
Luvbug86  6/12/2019
Terrible, better as a surname, definitely not going on my list!
Curious me  7/17/2018
This is not a name, it's an Italian surname. I don't get this trend of tacking De to the beginning of names. It's so ghetto.
Bonquiqui  6/1/2012
Also an anglicized form of the surname D'Angelo.
GiovannaDevorah  3/13/2011
I swear I knew an Italian family with this last name. Anyway, it just doesn't jive as a first name.
― Anonymous User  3/11/2010
That is likely because "De Angelo" (and it's variations) actually is an Italian surname. "Angelo," of course, means "Angel; Messenger," and "De" is basically a form of "Of."

That aside-- the usage as a first name is incredibly tacky... in the United States it even may be seen as "ghetto" (as "La-" names typically are).
Francesca  4/30/2011
Another pathetic name with a prefix. At the same time, the name sounds a bit pretentious. This doesn't sound like the name of a successful or intelligent person, so I wouldn't recommend it.
slight night shiver  4/21/2008
Shouldn't this go under Modern English names?
― Anonymous User  2/24/2008

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