Gender Masculine
Scripts Διονύσιος(Greek)

Meaning & History

Greek personal name derived from the name of the Greek god Dionysos. Famous bearers include two early tyrants of Syracuse and a 1st-century BC Greek rhetorician.

Related Names

VariantDionysius(Ancient Greek)
DiminutiveDion(Ancient Greek)
Feminine FormsDionysia(Greek) Dionysia(Ancient Greek)
Other Languages & CulturesDeion, Deon(African American) Denis(Albanian) Dzianis(Belarusian) Dionysius(Biblical) Denis(Croatian) Denis(Czech) Dennis(Dutch) Denis, Dennis, Den, Denny, Deon, Dion(English) Denis(French) Denis, Dennis(German) Dénes(Hungarian) Dionisio(Italian) Deniss(Latvian) Tenney(Medieval English) Dinis, Dionísio, Diniz(Portuguese) Dênis(Portuguese (Brazilian)) Denis, Dionisie(Romanian) Denis(Russian) Denis, Dionýz(Slovak) Denis(Slovene) Dionisio(Spanish) Denys(Ukrainian)


Entry updated May 29, 2020