Love it as a middle name! I like unique and cool sounding names as middle names. Alora means Dream I think also so that's another name that means Dream that you could use as a first name but Dream itself, only as a middle name.
How is this on the charts, but pretty, somewhat normal names like Roxanna, Cecily, and Felicia aren’t? It’s downright tacky.
It’s even worse than Sunshine or Rainbow in my opinion. It sounds like a unicorn and could never be used on an adult.
Not to mention, the Minecraft youtuber, but let’s hope he’s irrelevant by the time these kids grow up.
Bit odd as a name. I prefer Reverie.
Alright for a character or middle name.
Sorry, but I think of "wet Dream". Ugh.
The meaning ain’t nice for me anymore because of how many negative dreams I have. I dreamt of having a last visit to my grandparents house and afterwards a group of people stabbed me outside. >:(
Anyway, the pronunciation is nice, but I wouldn’t use this name.
Sorry, but I don't like this name. While the meaning is nice, I don't like the word Dream itself as a name.
That's what the mask is. That's what the point of the mask is.-that damn minecraft youtuber 2021.
I wonder if this name charted solely because of Dream Kardashian being named this, probably. Stormi, Dream, Penelope, Mason, and Saint is even going up.
Dream would be told to "Dream on" *all the time*. Please don't do this to your child.
Erb816, they probably won’t be told to Dream on, but the child could possibly get teased because of their name.
I personally really like this name, it has an alluring feel to it... but also something seems off about it too. I'm not sure if that's because of how dreams are relative to people's everyday lives or something else, I dunno.
Dream is also Maerd spelt backwards. So can Mae be a nickname?
Dream is sooo dreamy, elegant and beautiful!
Dream Renée Kardashian is the daughter of Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian. Her beautiful name was possibly inspired by Rob's dad, Robert Kardashian Sr., who was part of O.J. Simpson's criminal defense “Dream Team”.
I knew a guy named Dream.
Sounds silly as a name. Go for Aislinn instead, which has the same meaning.
This name is very strange, I’d only use it as a middle name. I find it masculine and feminine.

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