Can’t believe no one has mentioned the badass warrior Duncan Idaho from Frank Herbert’s Dune series. Jason Momoa plays him in the just-released film directed by Denis Villaneuve.
Dunkin' Donuts.
It reminds me of Duncan from Total Drama Island. He cheated on his gf. NO WAY!
This is one male name I've always enjoyed, for its simplicity and timeless appeal.
I know only one character named Duncan, and it´s Duncan Vizla from Polar (2019)
Duncan the Narrow Gauge Engine is a character from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.
Duncan from the Trylle Series by Amanda Hocking.
One of my favorite names, I know Duncan from the 2006 video game "Bully"(and it's also one of my favourite video game) he is a high school dropout who dropped out of Bullworth Academy (the Academy name) because of constant bullying by a kid named Davis White, and it's kinda rare in my country (Indonesia), I will be naming my first baby "Duncan Vendome" because it's such a good Combo.
Duncan Laurence! Who represented the Nederlands and won the Eurovision song contest in 2019.
Duncan is a name from a boy from the show total Dramarama. Even though it is most likely a dog's name I like it.
What's Duncan dunking?
Duncan seems like a nice name. But the Dunkin' Donouts association is too strong.
Too surnamey to be a first name.
The name Duncan was given to 285 boys born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Duncan are male.
I can't say I'll ever be enthralled over this name but for some unknown reason, I picture this name on some larger male (or flat-out chubby\fat) who is the life of the party and is a complete goofball. Someone who would be awesome and fun to hang out with. The name just leaves me with that impression.
Not sure who said it, but I agree, way too hard to get past the thought of buying donuts from Dunkin' Donuts. Whoever is named Duncan, please dress up as a donut for Halloween.
As far as the meaning of the word "brown", it was also used in the work of the 19th century German scientist J.F. Blumenbach to refer to the "Malayan" people, which basically included all of Southeast Asia, centering on Malaysia and including Pacific Islanders and Austro-Aborigines.
Duncan Yo-yos.
Duncan Parking Meters.
"Dunkin'" v. "Duncan". One is the act of immersing. The other is a Scottish king. Like coffee and doughnuts is some kind of evil plot. It's not like the name is "Krispy". Or "Happy". Or "Chuck's".
Duncan Kennedy is a famous bearer. A 3x Olympian in the sport of luge. He was the first American to win a luge World Cup event. He also obtained 21-career international medals throughout his career. He retired in 1997.
Keep surnames to be SURNAMES only!
Duncan is the name of a character from the "Dragon Age" universe; in Dragon Age: Origins, Duncan is Grey Warden that saves your character's life and recruits them into the order. Duncan also appears in related merchandise of the series.
A famous family has the last name of Duncan on the show "Good Luck Charlie." The family consists of Teddy Duncan, PJ Duncan, Gabriel Duncan, Charlotte Duncan, Amy Duncan, and Robert Duncan.
I'm surprised to see no one has mentioned Duncan Edwards, the Manchester United footballer who died from kidney injuries he received in the Munich Air Disaster.
This name is growing on me. I used to hate the sound of it, but now I kind of like it. It sounds strong but not macho, and quietly secure in itself but not arrogant. But like other users have said, I can NOT get past the Dunkin' Donuts thing. So I guess for those of you who don't know what a Dunkin' Donuts is, uh, feel free to use this name, just don't move to New England any time soon.
I like it. Its very masculine yet simple. Lol and a lot of names have something tied to them. Dunkin Donuts is not the worst thing in the world. Other names have much worse tied to them.
I really dislike this name. It just seems so whiny (possibly because of the character Duncan Kane from Veronica Mars). And I hate the way it sounds--it's like half of it gets stuck in the throat or something. It's just not appealing at all.
Rocker David Bowie's son is named Duncan Zowie Haywood Jones.
Duncan MacLeod was the name of the main Immortal of the Highlander series.
Duncan Hines (1880-1959) started out as a traveling salesman. He wrote a travel guide ranking restaurants (a new idea at the time) and later wrote a guide to lodging. In 1953, Hines sold the rights for his name to be used on different food items, and he is best remembered today for the cake mix that still bears his name.
Duncan the gay ice dancer from Friends.
The only television character I know with the name Duncan is Duncan the delinquent from Total Drama Island. I love the name, too, and that's not just because he's one of my favorite characters on the show!
Colonel Duncan McKenzie, who was given command of Natal when it was placed under martial law on February 9, 1906, after twenty-seven Africans refused to pay the new poll tax, which quickly led to an uprising. He saw the martial law as a perfect opportunity to instill in natives "a proper respect for the white man." After the uprising was put down, he spent six weeks going through Midland chiefdoms, finding tribesmen reported to be "defiant." He burned villages and crops, confiscated cattle and deposed chiefs. Information from "Diamonds, Gold and the Making of South Africa" by Martin Meredith.
I really don't like the sound of this name.
I can't use it but it gives me joy to see others consider it. A regular contributor to babynamesworld thought this would make a fun girl's name. Seriously.
King Duncan was murdered by Macbeth (and indirectly by Macbeth's wife, Lady Macbeth, who forced him to do it) in William Shakespeare's tragedy, Macbeth.
This name shouts "LET'S GET SOME DONUTS!"
I really love this name. If I'll ever have a son I'll call him Duncan, either with his first or middle name.
My rabbit's name is Duncan and I don't know why I picked this name but I like it because it reminds me of donuts.
The Highlander Duncan Mcleaod is a famous bearer.
Duncan has been a character on Veronica Mars.
There is a town on Vancouver Island in British Columbia called Duncan and often you will hear people on the island refer to it as "Drunkin' Duncan". So that's what I think of when I first hear this name. It isn't a bad name all in all though.
While I find this name to be very handsome & distinguished I cannot get passed the 'Dunkin Donuts' association.
Duncan Quagmire of the Lemony Snicket series bore this name. His name comes from the surname of a dancer, Isadora Duncan, and his sister is named Isadora.
Singer-songwriter Duncan Sheik is a famous bearer of this name.
Duncan Grant was a Scottish painter, a member of the Bloomsbury group.
Quite clearly the name Duncan is used to describe someone who is naturally weedy in nature. Tendency to be moody and depressed are also common traits amongst the oddballs that are Duncans.
My name's Duncan and I at least don't think that. But opinions vary.
Duncan James from Blue, YUMMY!

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