Very Victorian. I love it.
Edith is so pretty--and nickname Edie (ee-dee) is just precious.
I used to think this was an old person name, but now I really like it with a nickname like Eddie I think it would be so cute on a little girl.
Such a soft, pretty name. I know an adult Edith in her 20s who goes by Edie. The name is in use by Catholics, thanks to St Edith Stein.
Means: Blessed in Warfare.
Just alright! Not that good, not that bad, maybe little bit boring, but still alright!
Edith Ewing Bouvier Beale and her daughter Edith Bouvier Beale (of Grey Gardens fame), anyone?
Worst name ever!
It’s one of those old-fashioned names that are so pretty that they should deserve a comeback.
Such a pretty name, I love it.
Very wealthy and happy sounding. Edie is a sweet nickname.
Edith is the middle child in the Despicable Me movie. She is voiced by Dana Gaier.
I think it is a pretty name and it is the name of my sister.
My sister's name is Edith and it was also my great great grandmother's name. I think it is a pretty name so don't hate, appreciate.
Edith Up, a nymph character from the video game Rayman Origins, bears this name.
Please don’t do this to a poor child. I would absolutely hate being stuck with this name!
Lady Edith! Yayyyy!
Also Estonian:
When I think of this name I think of Edith from Downtown Abbey, so it does not strike me as an old name.
I think it sounds pretty and should have a comeback.
We can't forget Edith Finch Jr. And Edith "Edie" Finch Sr. From "What Remains of Edith Finch".
For those who think of Edith as an elderly woman's name, I honestly disagree. I have a friend with the name, and it gives me the impression that the name Edith belongs to someone who looks like they could be on the cover of Vogue or something. It also reminds me of a gorgeous young maiden.
Mysterious, elegant, wise, and spellbinding. An alluring lady of battle and bewitching queen of the night.
I know it's often considered an old lady name, but I think it's pretty enough to make a comeback (plus, there's Edith from Downton Abbey).
Edith Södergan (1892-1923) was a Swedish-speaking Finnish poet, considered the first modernist writer in Scandinavia.
Quite pleasant. I picture an old lady when I think of this name, though. Seems kind of old fashioned, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's ugly. This name is indeed quite timeless as well.
I love the name Edith. It is a proud and dignified name. My husband and I have named our two standard poodles after favorite and famous authors: Edith Wharton and Geoffrey Chaucer.
Edythe was the name of an attorney I worked for many years ago. She was one of the first women to be admitted to the bar in the state of New York, and she was in her late seventies when I was her secretary. She was a real powerhouse, strong, tough, with a great sense of humor. To me, that is what the name Edythe means.
My name is Edith and I'm happy about it!
Love it! Yep it's old lady style but better old lady over trashy. Edith, Ivy, Nell etc... are more beautiful than Aubrey Kennedy and other names with this trashy style.
My favorite bearer of this name is Edith Piaf, a French singer that I really like.
Extremely old fashioned, and not in a pretty way.
In 2018, 86 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Edith who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 442nd most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
People tend to think of Edith as an “old lady name” but it has actually been used consistently over the past 150 years and has never left the top 1000 US names for girls. It’s actually on the increase again, back in the top 500 for the first time in several decades. Because of all this, I don’t see Edith as a dated “old lady name” but instead a timeless classic.
It reminds me of clementines... I really do like this name, though. Reminds me of a beautiful, sophisticated woman.
My name is Edith and I'm proud of it and my friends call me E.D.
Edith is pretty. Edie is a nice name too, maybe moreso that Edith. I really like older names like Sue or Mary. I love a combo like Susannah Edith.
Edith Frank was the mother of Holocaust diarist Anne Frank, the daughter-in-law of Alice Betty Frank and Michael Frank, the sister-in-law of Robert, Herbert, and Helene Frank. She died from starvation at the age of 44, ten days before her 45th birthday.
I started liking my name after I asked my mom why she named me Edith. She said she named me after her best friend in Germany. I thought that was cool. My husband loves it and my kids think it's okay. I am a lawyer now, and many people contact me because of my name. Many have a relative they love named Edith. Also, people say they think it's a very professional sounding name.
The pure hearted heroine in the movie Crimson Peak, by Guillermo Del Toro, bears this name. Edith Cushing.
My name is Edith, I also used to not like my name, I was named after my paternal grandmother. As I have gotten older I am proud to be named after my her. She was a beautiful woman inside and out. Not everyone has the privilege to be named after someone so wonderful as my Grandmother. I only hope I can be half as good as she was!
Sounds like the name of an old, racist redneck. Perfect, since it was the name of that racist redneck snob Edith Wilson.
I'm currently expecting my fourth and we plan to name her Edith (Edie). I think this name is beautiful, but I have a thing for old names!
My name is Edith and as a teenager, I've only met old ladies with this name in person. I used to hate my name but I've learned to love it. The name has many worthy namesakes, it has the cute nickname Edie, and it's a strong name with a vintage feel. I feel like it's starting to make a comeback along with other "fusty old lady" names such as Hazel, Sylvia, Louisa etc. Where in the past I used to get comments on how old my name sounds, I've had people recently say that my name sounds "refreshing", "pretty in a clunky way", "unique (for my age group)" :)
"Downton Abbey" Edith Crawley, middle daughter of Lord and Lady Grantham.
I question whether gyo means war in the Old English name Eadgyo.

I believe the name Eadgyth is more closely related to the Old Norse name Gytha and Gyoa.

(You can check for the origin these names)

Since the Anglo Saxons of England originally migrated from the Old Norse lands that we know today as Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Belgium and Holland; I believe it is more likely that this name Eadgyth is related to Gytha, which does not mean war, it means “god” and “beautiful”.

Sometime during the past millennia there was a confusion in translation between gyo and Gyoa.
I love this name. There is a purity to it, makes me think of a sweet little girl from the Victorian era.
I actually don't mind this name, and I can of course picture it on an old lady, but I think it still would suit a little girl well. I like the -ith sound at the end, it reminds me of Lilith, which I like a lot but has some pretty bad reactions/connections, unfortunately.
Edith Stuyvesant Dresser was the wife of George Vanderbilt, famous for owning and living in America's largest home, Biltmore Estate, in the late 1800s. The house, consisting of 4 acres of floor space, 250 rooms, 34 bedrooms, 43 bathrooms, and 65 fireplaces, resided on a 125,000 acre estate in the mountains of Asheville, NC. The house was originally meant to be a country retreat, not their main place of residence. Today, the house is open for the public to come and visit, continuing on the Biltmore tradition of gracious hospitality.
Edit was the name of Lot's wife (Abraham's nephew in the bible).
I hate the name Edith. It makes me think of my grandma, and trust me, that's not a good thought (blasted mean, old woman).
Sounds so stupid. All of it, from beginning to end. Just another grandma's name. It could go well if it were used for a candy bar, an "Edith bar"... Rather than on a person.
I don't much care for this name. It sounds like "eat it."
I think of Edith Wharton and Edie Sedgwick when I hear this name, but I think most people over 25 think of it as a grandmotherly name. I think it's very nice sounding, and Edie is an adorable nickname.
Dame Edith Sitwell English poet and eccentric.
This name is ok. A similar sounding name that is more modern and cute is the name Eden. It has a wonderful meaning too!
British actress Dame Edith Mary Evans (1888-1976).
British politician Baroness Edith Somerskill (1901-80, a physician known for her attempts to outlaw the sport of boxing on health grounds.
Actress Edie Falco from "Nurse Jackie" real name is Edith Falco.
I wasn't a fan of this name until recently, probably because of Edith Piaf. I've decided to give this name to a character I'm creating in my theatre class and I think it's great.
Edie Sedgwick, the famous socialite & Warhol 'superstar' was called Edith. I used to think the name was a bit frumpy but now I associate it with her!
Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt (1861-1948) was the second wife of US President Theodore Roosevelt, and the mother of five children.
Edith Granger is a character in Charles Dickens' novel "Dombey and Son."
I think this one's probably now due for a comeback, due in part to the ever-increasing popularity of the Scottish-born radio and television personality Edith Bowman, who I find really funny and down-to-earth. Then again, if you're more likely to think of the fictional, dowdy-dressed Edith Artois in the British sitcom 'Allo Allo', Eden would be a good alternative.
This name seemed to be incredibly popular amongst early English royal families. I rather like it. It sounds very Anglo-Saxon, but it's not frumpy.
I don't think there's anything ugly or old-lady-ish about the name Edith. I think it's pretty and regal, and the nickname Edie is completely adorable.
Edith Eleanor Bowman (born 15 January 1975) is a Scottish-born radio and television presenter who presents her own show on Radio 1 in the United Kingdom every weekday afternoon.
Although I would never sanely name my child this, I'm giving this name to one of my book characters. It's set in the world of today, but "Edith" spoke to me. I've been sifting through all the names on the website, trying to find the perfect name. And there it was: Edith.
Edith Louisa Cavell was a British nurse and spy in World War I.
Edith Head is a famous costume designer.
German pronunciation: EH-dit. [noted -ed]
I couldn't stand this name for a really long time, but it grew on me. I think it was from watching All In the Family so much.
French singer Edith Piaf was a famous bearer.
Edith is Archie Bunker's wife in the '70's T.V. show "All in the Family." She was played by Jean Stapleton.
Edith makes me think of an old grandmother hobbling around with a walking stick. Not a very nice name for a child!
Two famous authors bore this name.
Edith Wharton, writer of The House of Mirth and The Age of Innocence, was one.
Edith Nesbit, writer most famous for Five Children and It, was the other.
Finno-Swedish poet Edith Södergran (1892 - 1923) was a famous bearer of this name.
It was also the name of J.R.R. Tolkien's wife: Edith Mary Tolkien.
Edith was the name of Anne Frank's mother.

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