This was the name of an Amish boy Meg had a crush on in Family Guy!
Eli Moskowitz is a character from Cobra Kai. He has a cleft lip, which other kids bully him about. He later joins the Cobra Kai dojo and gets the nickname Hawk.
Nice biblical name.
Very common amongst the Amish.
I like this name! I prefer it on a boy though because it sounds masculine. In my opinion, naming a girl Eli is like naming a boy Rebecca, it just doesn't match.
This is adorable! :)
I don’t know how people see this on a boy. It is 100% feminine, the website is wrong. It is pronounced EH-Lee.
Eli means God Is Yahweh.
Eli is short for either Elijah or Elias. It's a fine name.
If I had a son I wanted to call him Eli. I love the sound of this name. It’s simple but strong. Although, there are too many Eli’s floating around now.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Eli* who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 805th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens. *as a first name, not a nickname.
Eli is such a beautiful name. I'm torn between Ezra and Eli for my first boy. Both names sound absolutely beautiful and super modern. I don't know what to do. ;)
Can also be short for Elliot.
Eli Sunday is the crazy "prophet" from the awesome movie, "There Will Be Blood".
Eli Lieb (born Elias Howard Lieb on September 11, 1979) is an American pop singer-songwriter. In 2009 he began his career recording covers of popular songs and posting them on YouTube. Positive online response to his music encouraged him to release his first album, the self-titled 'Eli Lieb', independently on October 25, 2011. He is perhaps most famous for his 2014 free digital download "Safe In My Hands," which featured in the Season 2 summer finale of ABC Family's 'The Fosters' and won "Best In Show" and "Best Original Song" at the 2015 American Music Producers Awards for Music and Sound. In March of 2016 he collaborated with fellow gay singer-songwriter Steve Grand, co-writing and recording the duet "Look Away." In June of that same year he also collaborated with singer-songwriter and LGBT activist Brandon Skeie for "Pulse," a song in memory of the victims of the June 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting.
My favourite name of all time! I've been in love with this name for years! I hope I have a son one day so I can name him Eli. Such a strong and powerful sounding name. I also love the way it looks.
Related to the Arabic Ali(1).
There is a boy in my class that has this name, except he spells it Ely. His full name is Elijah.
I like the name, but I remember knowing this guy in middle school named Eli who often pretended to be "dark" and "deep" by writing horrible poetry and taking everything too seriously. The name sounds nice, but I'll always remember that whiny twelve-year-old when I hear it, despite not wanting to. Otherwise, I don't have an issue with it as a nickname or full name.
Eli James is an American voice actor. He is known for voicing Volkner and Pansage (Cilan's) from 'Pokémon' and Yuma Tsukumo from 'Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal'.
Works out much better as a short from of Elijah, Elias, or Elliot or something like that.
Eli in Arabic is: اِيلاي.
Eli Maiman is a member of the band Walk the Moon.
This is a great name for a boy, and I can understand the popularity unlike so many other names today. It's strong and masculine but would sound cute on a little boy but great on the boy as he ages. I really like this name. This could also be used as a nickname for Elijah, but I think Eli is better on its own.
Eli Marienthal (born 1986 in Santa Monica, California) is an American actor. His brother and sister, Harley and Flora, are also actors.
This is my favourite boy's name ;) I love it so much and it just reminds me of a sexy young lad :)
Czech and Slovak pronunciation is "EH-lee" (shortly).
There was another kid at the summer camp I went to many years ago whose name was Eli. Once, when he said something that another kid didn't believe (whether rightly or wrongly, I don't remember), this other kid said, "They call him Eli because 'e lies!" (You had to be there, I guess.)
I just saw a comment about a kid calling another kid e lie and making fun of him because it said 'lie' in it. I also got bullied because of that.
In English pronunciation is "EH-lee".
This name is so cute, but at the same time good to grow up with. I love it.
Eli Goldsworthy is one of the newest Degrassi: The Next Generation characters.
Pronounced EH-lee (shortly).
Famous bearer is Eli Roth, director of Cabin Fever, Hostel and Hostel Part 2, and is one of the stars of Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds.
Eli is a beautiful name for a guy. I am writing a book and one of the characters' name is Eli.
In the 'Wicked' quartet one of the warlocks name is Eli, which is rather conflicting with all the Biblical connections. The whole series was written about the Wiccan beliefs.
Eli is the name of the child vampire from Let The Right One In, but it's pronounced differently, since the novel/film's set in Sweden. It's difficult to articulate in type (a bit more like "E-lee", as in, Ely, Minnesota, crossed with "Ah-lee") but is a very pretty name either way. (However, one thing you might note is that Eli, besides being a child vampire, has some pretty traumatic backstory. Neither film nor movie are pervasively well-known yet in the US, but it's something you might want to note.)
Eli is the name of the vampire girl in the Swedish book and movie Let the Right One In, published in the United States as Let Me In.
Eli Wallach, American actor, best known for the role of Tuco in The God, the Bad, and the Ugly.
I adore this name! It's strong and masculine and kind of sexy too. It's also my brother's name. I'm definitely going to name my future son this.
Most people I know seem to think Eli is more of an "old man" kinda name, but I know an exceptionally handsome bearer of it. It's very short but sounds strong and purposeful.
Also used in Spanish as a male's name, and is pronounced Eh-lee. (Just like the original Hebrew.)
NY Giants quarterback Eli Manning (born Elisha Manning) is a famous bearer.
This name is meant to be pronounced el-ee, like ellie, and sounds much nicer that way, of course its (mispronounced according to its origins) English version of ee-ligh is fine although it is reminiscent of the farm yard song 'ee aye ee aye o'.
It can also be short for Elias and Elisabeth / Elizabeth.
Everyone I know pronounces Eli, Elijah, Elisha with a distinct long E. And then LIE as heard in "Do not LIE to me about your report card, Eli."Also, I prefer it to be a nickname for Elijah or Elisha rather than a given name, because the Eli in the Bible was an old, fat, lazy man.
I like the name Eli, I know it's only 3 letters long but if you give it the right middle name it's adorable. I like it pronounced (ee-lie).
On Veronica Mars, Veronica has a friend named Eli.
I think Eli is an awesome name also. He's Peyton Manning's brother. Eli plays on the New York Giants, and he's also not that bad. I think this name rocks!
The name Eli is often used as a nickname for Elisa in Germany. It is pronounced el-i.
In French it can be spelled Éli, with an accent, and the English pronunciation is ay-lee.
Eli Whitney is a famous bearer of this name. He was the inventor of the cotton gin.
Surely, Eli & Ely are also abbreviations of Elias/Eliah/Elijah, so they must have more meaning than "ascension" - what about the fiery prophet?
Surely, they may simply have the same root.

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