My jerk of a step-grandmother has Ellen in her name, so I could never use it, sadly. We also have the Ellen DeGeneres association. It does sound really pretty, despite its old sound. I much prefer Helen.
Ellen is also Estonian. The name day for Ellen in Estonia is February 10.

Fiona's (from the Swedish duo Rebecca & Fiona) full name is Fiona Ellen Aurora FitzPatrick.
Helen is prettier, and less boring.
I like Helen a lot better then Ellen.
Ellen Radka Toneff was a Norwegian jazz singer of Bulgarian descent.
Last year (2020), 2 baby girls in Poland were given the name Ellen as a middle name. No babies got it as a first name. In January of the same year, there were 134 women in Poland with the first name Ellen, and 110 had it as a middle name.
Ellen Tebbits is a character by Beverly Cleary.
I think Ellena or Elena looks and sounds a lot better! I don't like this name much, quite dry and boring, just boring.
Not a fan of Ellen, but it's okay as a nickname to a more formal name like Eliana which I love!
Don't really see the appeal. It seems dated to me, and not in a vintage way. I also think of Ellen DeGeneres when I hear it. I prefer Elle and Elena.
Quite boring.
Ditto. Frankly, this name is meh!
Also Finnish name. Finnish name day February 10. [noted -ed]
I love the name Ellen. Ellen DeGeneres ruined it for me though. I'd still use it if people wouldn't think I named my baby after her.
Y'all are obviously gonna hear this a lot but it is a pretty name. It's ruined to me, though, because of Degeneres.
Cute name, but Ellen Degenerate or whatever her name is ruined it sadly. I like the nicknames Elle and Ellie though.
Ellen Kangru Pao is the disgraced former CEO of Reddit.
Jill Ellen Andrews is an American singer/songwriter.
Ingrid Ellen Michaelson is an American singer/songwriter.
Ellen Doty is a Canadian jazz singer.
Last year (2019) 2 girls were given the name Ellen in Poland as a first name. It was #608 in the girls' first names' ranking. It was not used at all as a middle.
I love the name Ellen so much! But...I hate Ellen DeGeneres...that makes me so sad because I love this name.
My daughter's name is Ellen! It is a very elegant, classy, strong, solid and gorgeous name! I look at this curly blonde sassy girl with beautiful green eyes and cannot imagine the better name for her!
I think Ellen is pretty, but personally I prefer Elena.
I think to say that Helen became the more common form in the 17th century is way too early. According to census records available on, the only English speaking country where Helen was more common than Ellen in the 19th century was Scotland.

In the 1841 census of England, the first available, there were 130,666 Ellens and only 8,826 Helens. In the 1911 census of England, the latest available, there were 602,629 Ellens and 80,600 Helens.

In the 1850 United States census, first to list all residents by name, there were 121,770 Ellens and 18,849 Helens. Helen did start to beat out Ellen as a baby name before 1880, when Social Security birth record data begins, but in the census there were still 301,833 Ellens and only 206,203 Helens in 1900. In 1910 Helen beats Ellen in the USA census for the first time, with 280,639 Ellens and 466,605 Helens, with the Helens at that point being a lot younger on average than the Ellens, of course. [noted -ed]
I used to like this name but that obnoxious Ellen DeGeneres ruined it for me.
As for how I imagine an Ellen, when I think of this name, I see a little girl, maybe 6 or 7-year-old, with long, slightly wavy, dark brown hair, and dark blue or green eyes. She has an oblong face and nice, pretty features, but isn't objectively very beautiful. Ellen is very intelligent, and has a difficult character. She can be explosive and bossy, and always wants to have things her way. She is very forthright and honest, often too much, and doesn't care about what people think of her. Despite she's very cunning, she never lies. Ellen is an introvert, likes her own company and has a tendency to isolate herself from others, especially from her equals, and feels inadequate towards them - either very superior because of her intellect and often different way of looking at the world or very inferior because she feels lonely and alienated and jealous of what others' lives look like. - She has a deeply sensitive nature and is a great observer. She tends to be egotistical, but at the same time might not think highly of herself. Ellen is a really clever girl. It may be hard to win her heart, and make her trust you, but if you do, she will be a real friend for you and will also value your friendship. Ellen loves to be out in nature and is interested in plants, has a good hand with animals. She can be sometimes rude to people, but will never be cruel with animals. She needs discipline but also lots of gentleness and understanding. That's just the way I imagine an Ellen when I think of this name, but I actually think this name ages very well so I can imagine a woman with this name of every age. I also don't think all Ellens are like that or should be like that, I know only one Ellen and she's not like the one I've described, that's just what comes to my mind when I think "Ellen".
Swedish singer Linnea Henriksson's full name is Ellen Linnea Petrea Henriksson.
Last year (2018), there were 6 girls in Poland given the name Ellen, and the name was #382 in the girls' ranking.
I think of Degeneres (or however you spell her surname) when I hear this name, not a bad association.
Ellen Gleditsch (1879-1968) was a Norwegian radiochemist. She is famous for establishing the half-life of radium and for confirming the existence of isotopes.
Ellen is a lovely name! Classic and classy, and very feminine. I think it ages well, and has both some youthful charm and calm maturity in it. I prefer Helen, or Helena, a little more, but I think lots and lots of names related to Helena are absolutely beautiful and Ellen is one of them. It's elegant, but not overly sophisticated, very simple, and I think it works well in all kinds of situations, professional, familial, etc. There is even no need to come up with any nicknames as it is short and sweet, though I really like Ellie, or Elle, Ella, they're cute nicknames for Ellen. And you can make lots of great combos with the name Ellen either as a first or middle name, to make this name even fuller with something to complete it, to make it even more charming. Oh, and I know an Ellen, she's an awesome, kind person, always very supportive and listening to other people, and willing to help whenever she can. That's how I've always imagined an Ellen, even before I met her.
Ellen is the name of a Flemish speech synthesiser created by Scansoft, as well as an English American one created by Nokia for its phones with Symbian.
Ellen Sofie Hovland is a Norwegian singer-songwriter and psychologist.
Last year, the name Ellen was given to 4 new born girls. With Lena and Helena being very popular names, lots of alternatives are gaining some popularity too. Ellen was the 440th name in the ranking for girls.
I love the name Ellen! It's just so beautiful, while also being classic, strong, and natural to say. All the good qualities of a name! The nicknames are also really cute, which is important in my opinion... Ellie, Ella, Elle, Else, Elsie, it goes on and on. I especially like it paired with Elizabeth — Elizabeth Ellen or Ellen Elizabeth.
In 2018, 59 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Ellen who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 274th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I love the name Ellen. It's such a classy and beautiful name without trying too hard.
Ellen West is a character in the book The Rainbow Road. She is Rose's sister.
This is seen as a very “queer” name because of many LGBTQ and liberal bearers like Ellen Degeneres and Ellen Page.
This is my name and I really really dislike it. Please I am begging you for your daughter's sake do not name your kid this. As a child/teen I got picked on because it is very dated, old, and it sounds like a name that a grandmother would have. Please choose a different alternative like Elena, Elle, Eleanor etc.
Ellen is the name of one of the household servants in the Mary Poppins film.
Ellen West is the name of Rose West's older sister in Rainbow Valley. She eventually marries Norman Douglas.
I love the way it sounds, it seems elegant and mysterious. I prefer it to Helen. It has also a beautiful meaning. The nicknames for it like Elly are really cute.
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, 24th and current president of Liberia.
Ellen is the mother in Disney Channel's show, Dog With A Blog.
The name is also used in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and Germany.
Hate it, it sounds dated.
This is my little cousin's name. She was named Ellen for her grandma who died right before she was born. I've always called her Ellie. Until recently I didn't like it but I love it now.
I don't really get the appeal of Ellen. I much prefer the name Helen. I feel like the name Ellen lacks something. What I mean by it lacking something is that I mean I just find this name a little a bit too plain. I don't hate this name or anything, though. Ellen is way better than a lot of the modern, butchered names people are using these days.
The only problem I have with this name is that a little girl with the name Ellen just seems really weird. I like it as an adult name though.
Ellen Raskin (1928-1984) is the author of The Westing Game.
Ellen Ripley is the name of the protagonist from the Alien horror franchise.

I now think of Ellen as the name of a strong, tough woman who keeps a clear head in difficult situations.
So beautiful.
Ellen is a character in Ken Follett's "Pillars of the Earth". She is a strong and rebellious woman, mysterious to most, but a loving mother and wife.
This name is nicer than Helen, in my opinion. Ellen is not so cold and standoffish.
This was my great grandmother's middle name that she went by. I always wanted to name my daughter this but because of my last name being Page I can't. I hate when people give their kids celebrity names.
This name is simple, pretty, and fun. To add to its spunk, it's bourne by actress Ellen Page and the spectacular Ellen DeGeneres, and it's packaged with the adorable nickname Nell/y.
It's nice and simple. It's my grandmother's middle name.
Ellen Naomi Cohen was better known as "Mama" Cass Elliot.
A little on the dull side, but it's still a nice name.
The only problem with Ellen is that it sounds like you're saying Helen but with a really English cockney accent.
This is my name and I think it's a great name. It kind of sounds like ln, the abbreviation for natural log. I'm surprised to see that it's been falling so much in popularity; it's a solid name.

My favorite nickname for this name is Nelle because it's Ellen backwards, and Elle and Ellie seem too insubstantial.
Ellen Willmott (1858 - 1934) was a famous bearer of this name; she was a famous gardener and women's rights activist of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. In effect, she paved the way for women in the horticultural workplace. :)
Quite a few celebrities have this name. Comedian Ellen DeGeneres and actresses Ellen Barkin, Ellen Burstyn, Ellen Muth, Ellen Page and Ellen Pompeo from Grey's Anatomy.
Another famous bearer is the English sailor Dame Ellen McArthur.
Ellen Greene (born February 22, 1951) is an American singer and actress. She has appeared in film, television, theater, and cabaret. Among her best known roles including originating the role of Audrey in the stage version of "Little Shop of Horrors" off-Broadway in 1982 and the subsequent 1986 film adaptation. She also appeared in a Broadway productions of "The Threepenny Opera".
The actress Ellen Muth played the character "Georgia Lass" in the Showtime show titled "Dead Like Me."

I like this name. I think it is simple, yet elegant. One could use the nickname "Ellie" if one so desired. I find the nickname "Ellie" to be very cute and tasteful.
I think Ellen is very classic and feminine without being too ornate or boring. Love it!
Ellen Hopkins, the author of Crank and Glass, among many other amazing novels.
I find it very boring, but at least it's not tacky, trashy, or ditzy in sound. It's got a pleasant sound and all, but it's very dull.
Ellen McLain is an actress and operatic soprano who has done extensive voicework for the Valve game corporation. She won an AIAS Interactive Achievement Award for Outstanding Achievement in Character Performance for her portrayal of GLaDOS, the AI antagonist from the darkly humorous puzzle game "Portal".
A famous bearer is American actress Ellen Tyne Daly, better known as Tyne Daly (born February 21, 1946). She is well-known for her many television roles, including Mary Beth Lacey in 'Cagney and Lacey' from 1982 to 1988, Alice Henderson in 'Christy' from 1994 to 1995, and Maxine Gray in 'Judging Amy' from 1999 to 2005. In total, she's won 6 Emmy Awards for these roles, out of 14 nominations. She also won a Tony Award for Best Lead Actress in a Musical for her role as Mama Rose in the 1989 revival of 'Gypsy,' the second actress to win a Tony for the role. She received an additional nomination in 2006 for a supporting role in 'Rabbit Hole.'
It's very pretty as a middle name. I think it goes well with the first name Kimberly: Kimberly Ellen.
Countess Ellen Olanski, one of the main characters in "The Age of Innocence" bears this name.

Far less glamourus, but also portrayed by a lovely blonde: Ellen Griswold from the National Lampoon's Vacation movies.
This is my first name. I used to really hate my name because I felt that only old people had it, but I've grown to love it. I think it looks better lowercase, and I often use 'elle' online or 'LN'.
Ellen Page is an actress who stars in the movie "Juno".
I've seen it pronounced El-in and A-leen.
I love the name Ellen. It's so classic.
It's my middle name. My mum's name is Helen so people often think that is my middle name. I have to tell them they're right minus the h!
Hurricane Ellen struck in 1973.
I think Ellen is a lovely name, pretty and unpretentious.
While nearly every naming book I've found says that Ellen comes from the Greek Helen, I have to question how they determine their source. I've used the spelling Elne for Ellen, online, since years before the internet was created, I found that 'Ellen' was Old English for 'elne' in the OED. I can't remember the extact meaning of 'elne' of the top of my head, but it was something like strength, courage and sometimes zeal in OE. I never found any other dictionary other then the OED, that list 'elne' as a word, as it is no longer in used, though it is Modern English.
or as known across the internet, Elne Clare.
The assistant Secretary of state is an Ellen. It's my name too and I love it, it is conventional enough so that people won't think "What were her parents on when they named her" but it isn't so commonplace. I have only met one other Ellen in my life.
Ellen must be a pretty good name. No one put any negative comments on the comment page about it. It seems like a very admired name.
It's a Danish form of Helena. It's also used in Scandinavia (I'm Scandinavian, and my name is Ellen).
Ellen Dubin is an actress who had roles in Lexx, First Wave and The Collecter.
My name is Ellen. I love it, I think it is pretty but simple and fits my personality. It is also short enough not to evoke nicknames. I also pefer it not capitalized and I like the spelling with a 'Y': "Ellyn", though I will stick with the spelling I've got.
Ellen Pompeo stars as Meredith Grey in "Grey's Anatomy."
A famous bearer is Ellen Foley, an American rock singer of the late 1970s who sang the duet with Meat Loaf "Paradise by the Dashboard Light". Ellen has also worked on Broadway.
'Ellen' is also an Anglo-Saxon word meaning 'courage'. I'm an Ellen, and I always liked that meaning.
Not so famous, Ellen Lister is Emma Watson's stunt double in GOF.
My second name is Ellen, it is also our family name, for each generation on my Dad's side there has always been an Ellen in either first or second names for as far as we can trace back.
Ellen G. White was the most prolific female writer of all time! She wrote information on numerous subjects that were centuries ahead of her time. One of her most famous works that baffle modern scientist is the book, "Counsels on Diet and Foods". She also wrote a prophetic classic entitled, "The Great Controversy".
Famous bearers: Actresses Ellen Degeneres and Ellen Burstyn.
Ellen is my name, as it was my great grandmother's. The name was one of the most popular girls names in England, Ireland, Wales and America in the early 1900's.
I love this name! I found out that it means "bright" in Greek, I believe!
Ellen was the name of Scarlett's mother in 'Gone with the Wind.'
It's lovely.

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