I love this name because there is an Animal Crossing association. Eloise the elephant is one of my favorite villagers.
I prefer Héloïse. It just seems fuller and I think it ages better.
I think this name is cute on a little kid. The nickname Wheezy makes it feel less old lady I think. The combo Eloise Adeline is my favorite.
There's an inaccuracy in the description of this name (very rare for Behind the Name). Heloise du Paraclet, the wife of Peter Abelard, is not actually canonized, nor does she tend to be called "Saint" Eloise. She was a significant proto-feminist scholar and philospher, but not known for her particular holiness or devotion to God. She may have been devout in her later life, but it's likely she joined the convent to recover her reputation from the three scandals of her marriage to Abelard - they only married after he got her pregnant; he was a controversial philosopher who at one point got excommunicated for heresy, though those charges were later lifted; and then there was the whole castration debacle. [noted -ed]
A graceful, lovely name that feels very feminine and European.
I used to hate it before I knew how it was pronounced. Now, I think it's pretty.
This name only reminds me of the bratty girl from the show "Eloise".
Eloise is associated with the Greek word 'ηλιος (helios) "sun".
Elise is okay. Not a fan of Eloise at all. My 60+ year old mean neighbor lady is Eloise.
Another variation is Heloise

Beautiful name!
Beautiful, classic and not over used.
Nah, I'd rather use Elise. Elise is much prettier and used in other countries, so she'd be able to travel. Eloise was one of my favorite children's books, but I just love Elise.
This is so pretty! Eloise has that lovely tone to it.
Adore this name! There is something so elegant and sophisticated about it. I’ve never met an Eloise and like that it’s not overly popular. I like the nicknames Elle, Ellie Lulu and Lois.
I love this name! I think Eloise Mae would be such a pretty name combination.
Eloise is the protagonist of the children's book series of the same name.
Blegh. I don't like the oi sound.
I like the way “Eloise” looks, but I don’t like the pronunciation. I wish it could be pronounced “Ell-oys”, which is what it looks like. I’ve never been fond of “Louise.”.
It sounds like a combination of Eleanor and Louise.
Eloise Mumford is an American actress known for her roles on the television series Lone Star, The River and the Fifty Shades of Grey films. Mumford, the middle child of parents Tom Mumford and Nancy Smith, was born and raised in Olympia, Washington, where she was home-schooled through fifth grade. She later attended the Annie Wright School in Tacoma, Washington, and Capital High School in Olympia. She has an older sister, Anna, and a younger brother, Kai. Mumford, inspired at age seven by a local production of South Pacific, performed in high-school plays and at Olympia's Capital Playhouse.
Both Eloise and Eloisa are stunning. I love these names so much. Elle, Ellie, Ella, Lola, Lula, Lulu, etc make adorable nicknames.
Like Eleanor, Eloise is an amazing name and an alternative to the common names Ella & Ellie. Some cute nicknames include: Ella, Ellie, Lulu, Lucy, and Louise! I love the names Eleanor & Lucy and I think Eloise is a beautiful combination of the two!
My youngest daughter is named Eloise, I fell in love with this beautiful name back in 2010. We named her Eloise Fae. Everybody always comments what a pretty name it is.
My name is Eloise, but people like to call me Elly or Elle. I've always felt like my name was too serious as a child & now I feel like it's a very strong name. It's always exciting to meet another Eloise, since this name is not very common in the United States.
My middle name is Eloise and it makes me very happy to hear someone say it (when they pronounce it correctly). I am named after my great-great grandmother, Daisy Eloise, and I am so proud of my name. So pretty, always made me feel quite elegant. I feel so close to her through our name. She was marvelously wise and dainty. I now see those characteristics in myself as I age.
"Dear Eloise" is a song written and performed by the Hollies, released 1967.
I like this name a lot. It's my middle name and I like it better than my first. It's pretty and timeless and has a good meaning so that's great. A sweet nickname for Eloise could be Ellie which is really cute. I think Eloise is a great middle name.
My name is Eloise and my best friend's name is also Eloise. We were both born in the 90's in England and everybody always comments on how pretty our names are. My first name is accompanied by my middle name of Elizabeth.
Very strong name that reminds me of willows and a magical woman.
Eloise Larkin, played by Shaye Cogan, is a princess captured by the Giant in Abbott & Costello's 1952 'Jack and the Beanstalk' film. She calls herself Darlene when pretending not to be a princess.
LOVE LOVE LOVE I pronounce it as its spelt "El o ise"
Perfect middle name.
I know one Eloise who pronounces it as "EE-loys" (the second syllable rhyming with Joyce).
Eloise is the first name of Eloise Waggoner, the main character in "Kyrie," a 1968 short story by legendary science fiction writer Poul Anderson (1926-2001).
The medieval English form Helewis or Helwise is the origin of the surnames Elwes and Elvis, and so is almost surely also the ultimate origin of the male given name Elvis.
I absolutely love this name. It's old-world, charming, classy, stately, feminine, and elegant. Definitely one of my top choices.
I love this name. I'm not sure what I like specifically about it, I just love the sound and the old world charm it has. I also like that it's relatively uncommon- if you meet an Eloise, you probably won't be rolling your eyes and thinking 'another one?' It fits all ages too, and all personalities. We're considering it for our daughter ♡.
I love this name especially with the nickname Lulu or Lola. I would use it to honour my mum Elspeth and my sister whose middle name is Louise. And in Australia it is not too popular.
This name would be cool as a first name or a middle name. A cute nickname is Ellie. (Just not Lou!)
I always thought it was pronounced "el owe eese."
American actress/model Denise Richards adopted a baby girl in 2011 and named her Eloise.
I don't like the "eez" sound at the end. It's not pretty, it sounds like an elitist and old fashioned name (and not in the good way) to me.
Eloise is a lovely name! And Eloise Hawking from LOST isn't a bad namesake, either.
Jennifer Aniston's character in "Love Happens" is named Eloise.
I love this name! It makes me think of a mischievous, spunky, yet all-around lovable girl. But that's probably because I think of Kay Thompson's "Eloise" books when I hear this name, in which the title character is just this.
Eloise Hawking (played by Fionnula Flanagan, Alice Evans and Alexandra Krosney) is a character on the TV show "LOST". She is the former leader of the "Others", the mother of Daniel Faraday and is an essential part of the LOST mythos. Of all the leaders of the Others, Eloise is by far the most sympathetic.
Actors Jeffrey Nordling and Francia Dimase have a daughter Eloise Nordling, born 1996.
I believe this name is normally pronounced "EL-o-eez" in English (not "EL-ə-eez"). [noted -ed]
Listen to the German pronunciation of Eloise here:
I love the name Eloise. It is uncommon, feminine, and classy. Too bad a lot of people seem to have negative feelings about this name. I would really love to see more names like this and less of the unsophisticated names with repetitive sounds. Eloise is such a beautiful name.
Eloise Greenfield is a poet.
I quite like the name personally. I think it is cute and mature.
Not to offend anyone but I think this is a cold snooty sounding name. I don't like it at all.
This name is so cute for little girls! I think Eloise and Rupert make good sibling names.
Eloise Olivia Katherine Taylor is the third child and eldest daughter of Lady Helen (née Windsor) Taylor and Timothy Taylor and granddaughter to the Duke and Duchess of Kent.
Based on my instincts, I presume that this name will be among the Top 1000 Girl Baby Names in 2006, 2007 or 2008. If you think that this name has seen better days, fine! We'll just wait and see.
I am sorry, but "Saint Eloise" as you call her, is not seen as a saint, and her name is spelled with a h, making it Héloïse. I should know, I'm called Héloïse (I'm French and often have made research on this name). Héloïse can also mean glorious fighter (Germanic) or god (in Hebraic).
Eloise is one of those names with a specific source for the popularity in Sweden. It was very uncommon until in 1993 the "dance-band-group" Arvingarna had a hit with their song "Eloise" - Sweden's contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest that year.
Eloise is a nice name. Though all the Eloise's I know are horrible people, I wonder if that has anything to do with the name? I suppose not.
Countess Eloise of Orange-Nassau is the daughter of prince Constantijn and princess Laurentien of Orange-Nassau (the Netherlands). She is at the moment 5th in the line for the Dutch throne.
I think this name is very pretty and although it's uncommon, it's also conventional.
Eloise is the main character in Kay Thompson's "Eloise" books.
Actually, Eloise is derived from Louis/Louisa, meaning "Famous Warrior." It's a beautiful and elegant name, really, and pleasantly uncommon.

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