Apparently also occasionally used in Slovene:
Frollein Gladys  9/5/2020
Emilia is one the main characters in the light novel/anime series Re: Zero.
OceanSoul  8/7/2020
Also used in Estonia:
Frollein Gladys  7/23/2020
Emilia is very pretty, and I prefer it to Emily. However, it seems to be rising in popularity right now. I hope it doesn't get too common.
someone-  6/28/2020
I love this name. It is the name of one of my very close friends. I love it so much and think that more people should use it. It is in Hamlet, and it's overall beautiful. Also, if you want to name two twin girls Olivia and Emilia, that is a great idea!
zoe vontrapp  5/11/2020
My name is Emily but for some odd reason my parents always call me Emilia. I’ve never really liked this name. I prefer Emily, but they keep calling me Emilia. :(
― Anonymous User  3/29/2020
I prefer Amelia only because everyone will get it confused with Emilia. Amelia also has a better original definition. “Work” is nicer than “rival.”.
nylonpanda  12/26/2019
My name is Emilia and this website needs to get updated. My name is Italian and Greek. THEY NEED TO ADD IN GREEK!
rouemi  12/1/2019
My daughter is Emilia Rose. Her first name is pronounced Emma-Lee-uh. We started with the "Em" from Emily and added my grandmothers' initials: IL and IA. It's probably one of the most unique ways of finding our way to the name. She goes by Emi because no one pronounces it correctly. I still love the way her full first and middle name sound together, but I named her so... Emma-Lee-uh Rose it is.
myndfulli  12/1/2019
No, Emilia does NOT come from Amelia. They have different roots.
Emilia comes from Emil, meaning rival.
Amelia is a variant of Amalia, meaning work.
nylonpanda  11/25/2019
Pronounced: eh-MEE-lya (Italian, Spanish, German), eh-MYEE-lya (Polish), eh-MEE-li-a (Swedish), eh-MEH-lya (Danish), ə-MEEL-ee-ə (English), ə-MEEL-yə (English)
RHAWK3935  7/4/2019
I have bad associations with this name sadly, I would've loved it, plus, I'm starting to like it.
― Anonymous User  3/25/2019
I slightly prefer this over Amelia. Also Emilia isn't a variant of Amelia. Their pronunciations are pretty different. Amelia is pronounced Uh-Mill-Lia, Emilia is pronounced E-Mill-Lia.
Luvbug86  3/24/2019
The name of the iconic youtuber Emilia Fart.
― Anonymous User  2/3/2019
It sounds like a wonderful combination of Emily and Amelia. I prefer it over plain old Emily.
viva8  12/22/2018
My friend's name is Emilia and I absolutely love it. It's cute, classy and elegant. It's way better than the mainstream and boring Amelia.
― Anonymous User  12/6/2018
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Emilia who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 717th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
― Anonymous User  10/16/2018
This is my name, and I was named after my grandmother, who came from Poland. She pronounced it eh-meel-yah, but I prefer to use the pronunciation eh-MILL-ee-uh.
― Anonymous User  9/5/2018
Variant of Amelia.
― Anonymous User  5/8/2018
I love the name Emilia which is why I named my daughter Emilia. It’s elegant, timeless and looks pretty on paper. I prefer it to the usual Emily or Amelia. My daughter is the only Emilia at her school of 1600 students - but there are a multitude of Emilys and Amelias! There’s also too much emphasis on the ‘a’ for Amelia and the pronunciation for Emilia seems to flow and sound more natural.
― Anonymous User  2/11/2018
Love this name so much! So regal sounding. Just beautiful.
― Anonymous User  8/25/2017
Emilia Isabelle Euphemia Rose Clarke is an English actress. Born in London and brought up in Berkshire, Clarke first gained an interest in acting as a child after seeing the musical Show Boat, on which her father was working as a sound engineer. She was educated at Rye St Antony School, Headington and graduated from secondary school at St. Edward's in Oxford, where she appeared in two plays, before studying at the Drama Centre London, where she graduated from in 2009, and appeared in ten different stage productions. Some of her earliest work following graduation included a role in a play by the Company of Angels, two commercials for Samaritans, and a University of London students' short film. Her television debut came with a guest appearance in an episode of the British soap opera Doctors and she was named as one of the UK Stars of Tomorrow by Screen International magazine for her role in Syfy's film Triassic Attack.
cutenose  7/10/2017
Also Bulgarian usage. [noted -ed]
Sofia  5/26/2017
I don't feel strongly about this name one way or the other, it doesn't strike me as very feminine, but I think it could grow on me. The -lia ending is pretty and right on trend. Especially with the "E."
― Anonymous User  3/21/2017
I found this name and fell in love with it right away, and a few weeks after I found out from my mother that my great great grandmother had this name. I absolutely love it.
nanita  1/20/2017
This name ought to be more appreciated, as it is different to Emily and Amelia. To everyone saying that this name is just a bad abbreviation of those two names have no idea what they're talking about because it is an amazing name. I know a great person called Emilia :-)
kurikiran  1/16/2017
This name is beautiful. It is rarely used in the United States, and would mark a contrast among many Emily's and Emma's. It also has nice nicknames (Emmy, Lia, Emma).
ERK  10/20/2016
My name is Emilia and I like it but it does get quite annoying when people don't say or spell it correctly. Personally, I don't like the spelling of Amelia. I have a friend called Emilie (said the same as Emily) and people often confuse them. I pronounce my name eh-MEEL-ee-ah. Some people say it Eh-MEEL-yah which I don't really like. It's a beautiful and unique name, all in all.
3miliax  4/22/2016
Emilia means beauty from the Italian culture.
― Anonymous User  4/3/2016
Emilia Saccone-Joly, the daughter of Jonathan Joly and Anna Saccone from their YouTube channel Sacconejolys.
CaraJane  8/16/2015
Stunning name! ♥ This name makes me think of English actress Emilia Clarke from the American fantasy drama TV series Game of Thrones.
― Anonymous User  7/3/2015
Very beautiful and with a great Shakespearean connection. I like it pronounced eh-MIL-ee-uh.
Just Jonquil  4/9/2015
This is my name and I like it. I think it's unique and the spelling might confuse people, but it's a great name.
emilia_xx001  4/7/2015
I love Emilia! It's beautiful, delicate, classic ...
ElectricDreams  2/2/2015
My husband's paternal grandmother came to America through Ellis Island in the early 1900's. Since she passed away there has been controversy as to how she spelled her name. We have no birth certificate, but would like to try to find one, one day in Italy. We will be placing both my husband's paternal grandparents names on the wall at Ellis Island and would like to have her name spelled correctly. After researching this site and family namesakes, we believe her name to have been spelled Emilia. I agree that this is a graceful and elegant name and will remember the difference in spelling and history thanks to this research and all the comments listed here. Thanks to you all!
patsiano  11/18/2014
My name is Emilia. I have always loved it because of it's elegance and grace. Many people have complimented the name as well. My nickname, which most people call me, is Emi. Emilia has always been so mature sounding, a name for an adult. When I get older I might try going by Emilia, but for now I am Emi.
emiferna38  4/23/2014
By the way, people pronounce my cousin's name em-ee-lea or the same way as Amelia, depends on who it is. It's really not that big of a difference, just pointing out that it doesn't always have to be pronounced the same as Amelia :)
Oohvintage  3/9/2013
My little cousin's name! She goes by Emilia or Mimi, but I call her Emmy :)
Oohvintage  1/12/2013
Emilia Clark plays Daenerys Targaryen in the tv show Game of Thrones.
Daenerys  10/28/2011
I love this name and also it's Croatian and Serbian form: Emilija. Actually I don't know which one I prefer. Emilia is a very feminine name and it suits every age.
enchy  6/18/2011
Emilia was the name of Frederic Francois Chopin's younger sister.
Maestoso  5/23/2011
I like this name a bit better than Amelia. I like it because it's different than "Emily" or "Emma" it sounds cute and modern for a little girl.
adrenalinekat  12/29/2010
Gorgeous, but it will always be mistaken for "Amelia".
Chrila96  10/4/2010
This has been my favourite girls' name for such a long time! It's elegant and sweet, plenty of nicknames too. I'd definitely consider this for a future daughter!
alicehartley4884  7/17/2010
I used to think the name was pronounced like emma-lia. Now I have a friend named Amilia, and I keep pronouncing it like em-eel-ya. But everyone calls her Amilie (including her mother). My friend in grade school, Emilia, went by Emily because all of the teachers kept calling her Amelia and Emmalia.
― Anonymous User  4/4/2010
This name is very beautiful and unique. Emily has a Latin sound to it, whereas Emilia has a more Italian feel. Same with Natalie and Natalia.
― Anonymous User  3/7/2010
Emilia Fox is an English actress, best known for her role as Dr. Nikki Alexander on BBC Crime Drama Silent Witness.
...Skye...  2/19/2010
I love this name, it's my dog's name. It's a classic & chic name.
― Anonymous User  8/2/2009
Emilia Lanier (1569-1645) was an English poet, famous as the possible "Dark Lady" of Shakespeare's Sonnets.

Emilia Fox (b. 1974) is a famous English actress. Her full name is Emilia Lydia Rose Fox.
Jonquil  3/23/2009
It's a nice name, and I like it better than the overused Emily, but I keep pronouncing it the same way as Amelia, so I couldn't use it.
bananarama  1/21/2009
In Italy Emilia was popular in the second half of the 19th century. It was the 8th most popular name in Rome in 1876, the 10th in 1906. It is not much used today.
presentperfect  12/22/2008
This is a great name. I would totally name my daughter this. It's classic, but not old-fashioned. A very pretty name. It's much prettier than Amelia in my opinion.

I've always grouped Emilia with Emma and Emily, and I'm kind of surprised that while the latter names have become extremely popular, Emilia is still very underused.
bpheit  9/7/2008
Wow, I like this name so much better than Amelia.
― Anonymous User  8/21/2008
My name is Emilia. I was named after my Polish grandmother. I do love my name, but I often find that it is misspelled (Amelia, Amilia, Emelia, even Amelea) and mispronounced (a-MEL-i-a instead of eh-MEEL-i-a). Also, a lot of times people get lazy and just call me Emily instead. Overall, I find that most people think Emilia is a beautiful and elegant name, and an interesting name too, because it's not that common (I haven't met another Emilia in my life). I take pride in not being known as Emilia M!
CrabbyMil  5/24/2008
Listen to the German pronunciation of Emilia here:
_satu_  1/17/2008
Singer Aled Jones and his wife have a daughter called Emilia.
littlescarlett  11/17/2007
Emilia is 523 place in Czechia Top 1000. There were born 3 little girls.
Maggie_Simpson  11/5/2007
I love this name. I think it is graceful, yet full of energy and spunk at the same time. I prefer this spelling over Amelia, and I also think the nickname Mila (pronounced ME-lah) is very cute, and fits better with the Emilia spelling.
emmadaisy  10/17/2007
Emilia is one of the narrators in Boccaccio's Decameron.
cateyedsnake  8/25/2007
Emilia is also the Czech and Slovak form. Name Day: 24th November.
Nicknames: Ema, Emily, Mia, Emilina, Lia.
Janika  7/20/2007
I love the name Emilia. It's beautiful and feminine and I wish it would be my name.
Yippal  2/19/2007
Emilia is the name of the main character in "The Princess Diaries." She is called Mia for short.
Annabeau  2/14/2007
Emilia was NOT the name of the main character in the Princess Diaries. Her name was AMELIA.

I think this a really pretty name and I pronounce it differently - most likely due to my own incompetence - I pronounce it EM-E-LEAH with stress on the Leah. The normal pronunciation I find is far too similar to that of Amelia. Maybe where Annabeau got confused.
― Anonymous User  8/19/2009
A famous bearer is Swedish singer Emilia Rydberg - 25 January 1978 Stockholm.
Ronja  1/29/2007
My given first name is Emilia but I go by my middle name because I cannot stand the name Emilia. Anyone who doesn't have this name is lucky.
warriorsgirl  8/19/2006
I much prefer Amelia to Emilia - it's more of a name of its own, whereas Emilia sounds like a spin-off from Emily or Emma and Leah. People don't recognise that Emilia is a name - they mishear it as Emily or Amelia. There are also many different ways to pronounce it which confuses people.
― Anonymous User  8/11/2006
Interesting, because really Amelia and Emily are both versions of the earlier name Emilia. Emilia comes from the Latin Aemilia, and from this Emily is derived. Amelia's history is not totally certain but dates back to the 18th century and is thought to derive from Emilia.
apollonia  4/23/2007
This is my name and I like it. I think it's a beautiful name.
EmiliaHelena  6/17/2006
Reggio Emilia, Italy, is famous because of the early childhood education developed in their preschools.
Ylva  3/17/2006
Since I have seen the ballet of Othello I have grown to love this name greatly.
classy  11/19/2005
Emilia was the wife of Iago and lady-in-waiting of Othello's wife Desdemona in Shakespeare's play Othello.
nomenphile  10/5/2005

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