Emmalyn Estrada, known professionally as Emmalyn, is a Canadian singer, songwriter, actress and dancer of Filipino descent. Her first single, ‘Get Down’ entered Billboard's Canadian Hot 100 chart for the week of August 29, 2009 at number 88 and peaked at number 59 for the week of October 31, 2009. She is best known as a member of girl group G.R.L. formed by Robin Antin.
Nah, not my favorite. I much prefer the name Emma. Emma Lynn would be a beautiful combo, though.
It's nice, but I prefer the Emmaline spelling.
I think it’s very pretty and unique honestly. I think Emma is cute, but Emmeline or Emmalyn is nice. I especially like it as a middle name.
Too tryndeigh in my opinion.
My sister's middle name is Emelyn, pronounced the same way, but with a spelling that I much prefer. Emmalyn feels like you're just adding -lyn to an already fine name. I like the name very much, but I prefer spellings like Emelyn or Emmeline.
Pretty and unique!
My aunt is named Emilyn, pronounced the same as Emmalyn. We call her Emmy as a nickname sometimes. Her middle name is Rose, which I think sounds very pretty and is more unique than Emma Rose or Emily Rose. Other possible nicknames include Em, Emma, Milly, Lyn, etc. Overall, I like this name but would not give it to my future daughter as it isn't really my style.
I think it's cute and different.
Ugh it’s weird. Sounds and looks weird and adding -lyn to the end ruins lots of names.
The "lyn" ruined a perfectly fine name. Emmeline is so much better.
If a name is good, do not ruin it by adding -lyn or -lee. Please.
Too weird of a name to use on an actual girl. What IS up with everyone and their dog using -lyn in names anyways?
Awful spelling.
Generally, I like this name. The pronunciation sounds very pretty and reminds me of something sparkly and shiny. Not sure why.
Nicknames could possibly be Emma or Emmy, which in my opinion Emmy sounds very cute and is less common than Emma. Middle names that don't end or rhyme with "Lyn" would sound beautiful - for example Rose, Hazel, Tanya, Charlotte, and Harper.
If I were to name my future daughter this, which I most likely won't, I would go with the spelling "Emmelyn" or maybe even "Emmilyn". That way, it doesn't look like "Lyn" was simply thrown onto the end of "Emma".

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