I even like Eric. It's alright with the spelling of this name.
No one’s mentioned Erik Menendez?
Spanish pronunciation: EH-reek (the same as Eric). [noted -ed]
Also Spanish (Modern). There are 15.201 bearers of this name in Spain, and the average age of the bearers is 11 (source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística). [noted -ed]
Apparently also used in Catalan:
Apparently also used in Galician:
Erik Danielsson is the singer of the Swedish black metal band, Watain.
The Russian transcription of Erik is: Эрик.
This spelling also means plum in Turkish.
Also used in Estonia: [noted -ed]
Erik Cassel is the co-creator of the game Roblox.
I think this name is actually a cool version of the spelling for "Eric".
It does have a strong and stable appearance that would age well imho. :)
Pronunciation Correction:EHR-ik (English), EH-rik (Swedish, Norwegian, Czech, German, Dutch), EW-ehg (Danish), EH-reek (Finnish, Slovak, Slovene, Hungarian)
Eric seems more natural.
Erik is the name of the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera!
Add Usage: EstonianPronounced: EH-rik (Czech) [noted -ed]Form of ERIC used in various languages.
In 2018, 30 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Erik who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 382nd most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Erik Brännström is a Swedish professional ice hockey defenseman. He is currently playing with HV71 of the Swedish Hockey League as a prospect to the Vegas Golden Knights of the National Hockey League. His older brother, Isac Brännström, is also an SHL player, currently with HV71. He was selected 15th overall by the Golden Knights in the 2017 NHL Entry Draft, Vegas' third pick of the first round.
It's a popular name in Armenia. Not too popular but still deserves to be mentioned.
Erik Hivju is a Norwegian actor. Hivju has appeared in more than a dozen television series, as well as several films. He is the father of the Norwegian actor Kristofer Hivju.
I prefer this spelling rather than Eric. Also... Phantom of the Opera. :)
Hungarian pronunciation: E-rik. [noted -ed]
You listed the Dutch pronunciation for this name as being "I-rik". But according to your pronunciation guide/key, the 'I' in the first part is pronounced the same as the 'i' in English words like "bit" and "kin": is wrong, I'm afraid: the first letter of the name Erik is nowhere near an 'i'-sound! It is pronounced more like English 'ay' (in words like "bay" and "clay").Perhaps take a look at the names Elia and Eva: the Dutch pronunciation that you provided there is correct. The pronunciation of the 'E' in those names is exactly the same as that of the 'E' in Erik. [noted -ed]
Erik, the Phantom of the Opera. :D.
Erik Selvig... Thor, Thor 2, The Avengers...
I prefer Eric, only because that's the classic spelling and I'm a stickler for traditional spellings.
That's the classic spelling where you're from, maybe. But the name is Scandinavian and comes from the name "Eiríkr", which was actually the real name of Eric the Red (Eiríkr inn Rauda).
The Scandinavians brought the name to the UK, so your "traditional spelling" of the name is actually only traditional in the UK and US (English speaking countries).
Not really sure why I would have to explain this to you, though, since the information is right here on this website (, even under your "preferred spelling". Would have kind of expected you to read that part, too.
I am in love with this name, I like it way better spelled like this with a K than the usual ERIC spelling.
Also very commonly used in Hungary as a masculine first name. [noted -ed]
This is the name of my best friend. In Dutch the pronouncement of the e in Erik is as the ee in deer of like the ea in bear.
French composer Eric Satie.
I like Eric much better... Erik looks... how can I say this nicely? It looks... disgusting to me. It looks like someone vomited right on the paper where it's written. I don't know why I like Eric so much better. I will say that when I meet someone named Eric or Erik, I think to myself, "I hope to God that it's Eric." And I get pissed and annoyed if it's not.
Also Croatian. [noted -ed]
I prefer Eric.
I don't like this name, I just imagine Erik the Dick.
Possibly the coolest most masculine name out there. I love how it sounds and how it looks. This name truly molds to people and is a classic one to have. If I were a boy I'd want my name to be Erik.
Erik is also used quite frequently in the Netherlands (this also goes for the spelling Eric), where it is pronounced as follows: AY-rik. [noted -ed]
Also a masculine name in Croatia.
I think Erik looks much nicer than Eric when written down. Overall, a nice name. I like it.
This was my great grandfather's name. It's really cool, and I think it is too unused in Norway. But in Denmark it is very popular.
This is my name. I don't particularly like it, but I don't hate it either. It's SO ANNOYING when people spell my name Eric or even Erick. What's next, Eryk, Aric, or Erique? I don't know.
My husbands name is Erik. I really like this name. He does not like when people misspell it by writing it as Eric, Erick or even Aric. Good name, very masculine. Really fits him very well.
It's interesting how sometimes we change the spellings of names depending on what we use them for. If I was to give my child this name, I would spell it Eric, with a C. But if I were using the name for a character in a story, I'd probably spell it Erik or Erick. I actually rather prefer to spell it Erik. It's a pretty cool name.
Erik is my brother's name. I just love it. I've never known another person with his name's spelling. Everyone spells it wrong, just like all my siblings names (including mine).
The spelling with a "K", to me, helps the name to retain a stronger Scandinavian association - that is, when one actually sees it written.
Erik is the real name of Magneto from X-Men.
I just adore this name, and not just because I'm a fan. I like this spelt with a k instead of a c. It seems stronger to me.
Someone else who had the name Erik was Erik Destler otherwise known as the Phantom of the Opera. This is not widely known but the information can be found in Susan Kay's 'Phantom'.
Erik Weisz is Houdini's real name.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Erik here:
Erik is the name of the main-character - Erik Ponti - In Jan Guillou's novelle 'Ondskan' also called 'Evil'.
I like this spelling a lot more than "Eric". "Erick" is okay too, but this spelling is my favorite.
I think this name is very gentleman like, as well as cute. "Erik" is a name I would name one of my future children.
This spelling of the name is found in the Icelandic Flatey Book. Erik the Red is the father of Lief, Erik's Son. It is spelled as Erik in both the Icelandic text and Danish translations as opposed to the Eric used in the English version.
Erik Estrada is an actor known for his role as Frank "Ponch" Poncherello on the T.V. show "Chips." Erik's real name is Henry Enrique Estrada.
This is the real name of the Phantom from the Phantom of the Opera, although his name is not mentioned in Andrew Lloyd-Webber's play or in the movie version of the play. Erik, an intelligent but lonely, miserable man, cast out of society for his terribly deformed face, longs for the affection of the lovely, young soprano, Christine Daaë, whom he has trained. Christine, inevitably, does not return his love, for she is engaged to another.
A prettier spelling of "Eric".

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