Actually kind of pretty.
Lovely, classy name.
I love Esme! It’s so sweet and refined!
I never really cared for it. But now that I think about it, Esme is a beautiful name. I really don’t care for the feminine spelling Esmée or whatever. This is fine the way it is. The meaning is also wonderful. I would be happy to consider Esme for a girl if a partner loved it. Either pronunciation is fine.
Mrs. Esme Cordelia Hoggett is the wife of Farmer Arthur Hoggett and the owner of Babe the sheep pig who appeared in Babe and Babe: Pig in the City. She is played by Magda Szubanski.
Esme is adorable.
WoW! Exotic, unusual, refined name! I love it a lot!
So pretty! I love it!
Esme means beloved. I know because it's my sisters name. The name Esme is known to bring good luck to the family.
I’ve never heard this before I keep pronouncing it Es-mee because of the spelling so that’s how I would say it but I like the name Esme Lucille.
There is a character named Esme in the A Series of Unfortunate Events book series. She's the guardian of the Baudelaires in The Ersatz Elevator and Count Olaf's girlfriend from The Ersatz Elevator until The Penultimate Peril.
I think Esme is a very cute unisex name even though it’s predominantly a female name.
Annoying how this name is becoming very popular now, but still so pretty— honestly I don’t blame those parents haha XD I like Esme a lot! It’s a very nice name and has caught my interest recently ^.^
This name is nicer pronounced ehz-may. According to my parents, this name is “rare” when it isn’t lol.
Esme is a young girl in the animated show Esme and Roy.
According to Wikipedia, Esme was originally a male name but it became a female name by the mid 20th century.
This is like the rich person version of the more beautiful Amy.
Nicknames for this could be:
This is my name, and I love it. I pronounce it EHZ-mee, and I think EHZ-may is too showy. I have met several EHZ-mays but never any EHZ-mees. My friends call me Eggsme.
Awful Name.
I absolutely love this name.
The way I'd pronounce it would be ez-mee, but I can definitely see it being pronounced ez-may.
This is my twin's name and I really like it. The only thing is that often people put an accent on it and pronounce it wrong, which annoys her. We know lots of Esm-ays but not many Esm-ees. Most that I hear in public are little kids, so maybe it's growing in popularity. Anyway, it's pretty.
Esmé is the masculine form of the name. Esmée would be the correct feminine form in French (just as with René (m) and Renée (f)).
In the movie 'Angel' Esme is a male character played by Michael Fassbender.
This is the name of one of the characters in the Twilight series. Why she was not given an accent in her name when Renée was, I will never understand.

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