Esmeralda was a popular 1997 Mexican soap opera. The title character's main physical feature are her emerald green eyes. Esmeralda was portrayed by actress Leticia Calderón.
Esmeralda is also Latvian. The name day for Esmeralda in Latvia is July 5.Source:
Very beautiful feminine name.
My name is Esmeralda although I do go by Esme for short. I love being called Esmeralda. There is just something about my name that makes me smile, it is a long name but it is worth it. The name Esmeralda is a beautiful name my mother chose my name I love hearing my name in Spanish the way it is pronounced is just beautiful. If you hate on a name then judge it quietly because it's not your name so don't worry about it.
Quite like it. It sounds 100% feminine but has a very weird spelling, but I like it.
I thought it was for a boy it sounds sooo ughh. I don't like it PERIOD.
I mean, it’s not a bad name, but I find it too long and overdramatic.
It sounds beautiful and exotic. Much better than Emerald.
Very long and old lady-ish.
I don’t like this name at all. It sounds very ugly. Sorry.
Very nice. Pretty, girly, and extravagant, if you like that sort of thing. Nothing wrong with it, really, although personally I prefer Emerald or Esme. Don't get me wrong, it is still lovely.
Pretty but very long. I like it shortened to Essie. For some unknown reason this seems like a name for cow.
When I was four or five, I was going to name my child this and I thought it was 100% not subject to change. Well, it was. It is still a great name, but kind of long and extravagant for a kid, would imagine it on a salsa dancer.
I think it's a lovely name.
I think it should be Z instead of S for the Spanish pronunciation. S before M tends to become voiced. [noted -ed]
In Hugo's book, Esmeralda isn't actually Roma. It is revealed that her birth name was Agnès, and her mother was a French woman.
My name is Esmeralda, and I've never actually been told I have a pretty name. I never really liked my name because people wouldn't pronounce it right or they wouldn't know how to spell it.
This name sounds hopelessly dated and old lady-ish. Why not go for something else more pretty?
I think Esmeralda is a beautiful name. But it sounds more like the name of a fairy princess in a fantasy novel than a real person. If you like the name anyway, you should pair it with a more traditional middle name to revert to if, once your child is an adult, it seems too outlandish.
When I imagine an Esmeralda I imagine a red-haired or brunette girl with bright green eyes. One of the most beautiful names I've ever seen, with good associations, both with the precious stone as in the literature.
Everyone seems to either love or hate this name. I'm neutral.It's nicely long and elegant, and really is a pretty name. Problem is, it's one of those names that feels overdramatic, like it should belong to a stupid shallow rich girl whose parents wanted to show off. Could be worse, but could be a lot better. I like Esmé.
Canadian actor and director Ryan Gosling and his wife Eva Mendes' daughter is named Esmeralda. Beautiful name.
This name is jaw-droppingly beautiful! *o*
I know identical twin girls named Esmeralda and Esperanza, and their nicknames were Merry and Perry! Their names (and nicknames) together are rather too similar and matchy, and I constantly get the twins mixed up, but the names are beautiful and suit them to a tee. I do slightly prefer the name Esmeralda more than Esperanza, because of the lovely nickname option of Esme! To me, it also evokes the image of an emerald, and of a spirited and lively young woman. Great associations to have :)
I like this name, but with the spelling Esmerelda. I would never actually name my child this, but it is pretty.
Richard Hugh "Ritchie" Blackmore, famed British guitarist and songwriter of the bands Deep Purple and Rainbow (and currently of the folk-rock band Blackmore's Night), and his wife Candice Lauren Night have a daughter named Autumn Esmerelda, who was born May 27th, 2010.
Esmeralda Santiago is the author of the autobiography "When I was Puerto Rican".
Esmeralda is also commonly used in Portugal, where it is pronounced 'Izh-me-RAL-de'. [noted -ed]
It's a bit too much of an old lady name for me, though it is quite pretty. Also, my friend calls me this for some odd reason that I can't quite figure out (my real name is Alma, so it can't be from there).
In Bedřich Smetana's opera The Bartered Bride, Esmeralda is the (probably phony) name of the "Spanish" dancer in a troupe of comedians.
Esmeralda is also Portuguese and French. So just because Clopin gave her that nickname, that doesn't mean that he originally came from Spain.Makes me wonder if this is also the Roma word for emerald.
A beautiful name! Esme could be a nickname.
I personally believe it is entirely too overrated. Yet it is on my favorite list. Esmeralda is an otherwise remarkable name, if people would cease to picture very delicate woman to it. When I think of the name Esmeralda, I picture a confident young woman with nice morals, not dolls and tea parties and a "whatever-rolling-of-eyes" personality. 'Esme' would be a wonderful nickname, if only a certain book hadn't ruined it for any future and current use.
Almost comically ugly.
Far too overrated. It just doesn't look or sound graceful or organized, the syllables seem stuffed up and clumsy. Not the worst name out there, but certainly not the best- good if you want something with a melodramatic feel.
When I was little I loved the movie "the Hunchback of Notre Dame" and I have always wanted to know the gypsy's name because she is one of my favorite characters. When I found out her name was Esmeralda I thought it fit perfectly. It isn't too delicate, too simple, and thanks to the movie the name won't be considered that weird. A name as precious as its gemstone.
In Notre Dame de Paris, Esmeralda's birth name is actually Agnes.
Good name, anyhow.
I actually hate this name, it reminds me of a wicked old witch.
Don't say that Esmeralda was used in "the Hunchback of Notre Dame", it came from Hugo's intentional name for the book "Notre Dame de Paris". Esmeralda is also killed in the original version. Sorry Disney fans.
This name is very beautiful. When I hear it it makes me think of someone with beautiful eyes for some reason.
It's beautiful without a doubt, but it sounds ever so slightly ... evil to me.
I prefer the name Emeralda over Esmeralda because it's softer and sweeter, and Emma is such a cute nickname!
I think that it is one of the most beautiful names ever.
I personally think this name is ugly, I would list it with Gertrud and Millicent, it reminds me of an old woman, or an ugly old witch hag, certainly someone very forthright and quite stocky and intimidating.
This name is gorgeous. Esmeralda reminds me of a girl who's ever so beautiful and delicate just like the name.
Sounds like a princess's name.
I absolutely adore this name! It sounds so elegant and lovely! Plus wonderful for a girl.
Esmeralda Weatherwax is the name of a frequently appearing character in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. She is totally awesome.
Esmeralda is not sweet, it's not pretty, it's not even beautiful. Only word I can find for Esmeralda is wonderful. It should be used more often, though I'd probably do something very desperate if this came as common as Amy etc.
Lord! I cannot describe in words how BEAUTIFUL this name is!
Esmeralda was Lucy Ricardo's middle name in the TV show _I Love Lucy_. Her whole name was Lucille Esmeralda McGillicuddy-Ricardo.
This is the name of my future daughter! It's exotic & beautiful and underused. I see an Spanish/Italian beauty with the name. Name your child this and it will make people look twice at the person after seeing such a pretty name.
I agree with the person calling it "breathtaklingly Beautiful". I want to name my daughter Esmeralda. Another advantage to this name is that there are no obvious ways of slaughtering it into a nickname.
I just wanted to reply to your comment saying that it can't be butchered into a nickname I just thought of one, Ezzy.
When the Disney movie, "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", came out, I was about 4. I insisted that everyone call me Esmeralda. Funny thing is, I have red hair, fair skin, and freckles =).
It reminds me with a girl with dark, long curly hair and olive skin, like Esmerelda off the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
This name is so breathtakingly beautiful!
This name sounds so pretty and reminds me of someone with great beauty.

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