Dude, this name is so underused! I love this name, I find it so handsome. Plus, Evan would be a cool nickname.
Better than Alexander in my opinion!
I absolutely love this name and I love the meaning. The nickname Evan is cute. I have so many combos to go with it, Evander Zeus, Evander Jay, Evander Joseph...
Handsome and love the meaning of "good man".
This name is rarely used for girls.
Greek name meaning benevolent ruler; preacher.
I absolutely love Evander and I'm not typically a fan of 3+ syllable names. I have 2 boys, Roman and Cassius (cash-us) and if our 3rd is a boy he will be Evander!
Strong name.
Just saw it 30 seconds ago, and I didn’t hesitate to place it on my name list. So handsome.
Evander Frank Kane is a Canadian professional ice hockey left winger for the San Jose Sharks of the National Hockey League.
Very strong and masculine, like the name of a knight. I love it.
I saw this name and fell in love with it right away. It's amazing. I like it as a middle name for Harlow (Harlow Evander).
Handsome name, with roots in history, appealing nicknames Evan/Van/Vander, so on, or great enough on its own. Wonderful meaning- who doesn't want their son to grow up and become a "good man"? Currently my favorite choice for a future son.
Evander Holyfield is a heavyweight boxer. Mike Tyson once got thrown out of a match for biting Holyfield's ear twice, and he defeated Riddick Bowe in the notorious "Fan Man" match, where James Miller parachuted into the match.
GREAT NAME! Enough time has passed to not think of the Mike Tyson/Evander Holyfield incident. It is a very handsome and strong name!
I think it is a handsome and strong sounding name!
I love the name Evander, it's a great alternative to Alexander and it has a good meaning! If I have a son one day he will most likely be named Evander!
It's one of my middle names. I'm also using it for a character in my novel. I find it quite a strong, masculine name, like Alexander (which is similar).
This name is so handsome and so strong. If I have a son, he will probably be named Evander.
Evander I would say is quite a masculine, strong name, when you think of it. Leave out the translation, origin, and pronunciation. Plainly look at the spelling! The spelling alone is a marvel of its own.
I once wrote a story that contained a character by the name of 'Evander'. A fabulous bearer of the name, one whom would do it justice.
I think "man" in ancient Greek is "andros," which I believe is the nominative, not the "genitive." This might need some double checking. [checked -ed]
'andros' is in fact the genitive of "man" in Ancient Greek. The nominative is 'aner'.
If I had a son, this would HAVE to be his first or middle name. I love it. It's so strong!
Evander Cane is a Canadian Hockey player for the World Jr.'s. I have to say I love the name!
This is one of my absolute favorite names. It's really beautiful, and I'm using it for one of my favorite story characters, and that just makes me adore it even more.
In Sweden, Evander is a surname. There is a very famous author named Per Gunnar Evander.
An ancient Greek word and name, from "Evandros". In Greek mythology, Evandros was a son of Priamos, king of Troy.

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