I had no clue this name was so popular/trendy now! I’ve always thought of it as an “old person” name since when I was a baby, there was an elderly couple living in the neighborhood where my parents were living in at the time named Evelyn and Elmer, and I’m pretty sure everyone on this website would agree that Elmer is a VERY OLD-FASHIONED name! But I’m not saying that Evelyn is an ‘ugly’ or ‘dated’ sounding name, just stating my own observations!
I love this name, it's so sweet, possibly my fav English feminine name, not my fav unisex name tho, I'd rather go with Maxie or Celeste as fav unisex.
Evelyn had actually become mostly feminine by the middle of the 19th century. The index to the 1841 census in England shows 42 men and 42 women named Evelyn. In 1851 there were 196 women and 88 men. The 1850 United States census found 310 female and 53 male Evelyns. It seems to have been definitely more common for girls than boys in both countries ever since.

Evelyn's use for girls began no later than a generation after its use for boys. Evelyn Pierrepont, Duke of Kingston-upon-Hull, one of the earliest if not the earliest male Evelyns (born 1665), named his third daughter Evelyn in 1691. She went on to name one of her daughters Evelyn in 1725.
I’d rather go with Evelina, this is boring to me.
It's so nice. Evelyn is a good name. It's so sweet, kind and nice. ❤❤.
I personally think the name Evelyn is so beautiful, although the name is gaining popularity I would still consider naming my future daughter this! I think Ev or Evie are cute nicknames.
Not a fan at all, although Evie is sort of cute.
I agree. Over the “lyn” suffix! I also know too many 80-90 year old Evelyn’s that I can’t bring myself to like it.
Ugh, the -lyn suffix.
I want to like this name because I like the nickname Evie, but I can’t get over the “old lady” associations I have with this name. I prefer Eveline or Evaline.
Gender: Feminine

Usages: Dutch, Dutch (Antillean)

(Information from name #201203 originally submitted by user Firestar)
Evelyn is a beautiful name. I like it as a boy's name and just because the name doesn't sound masculine doesn't mean it's not masculine.
No real thoughts here, it’s a fine name. I just want to remind everyone in the comments being like “who is naming their sons Evelyn?” that no, very few men today are named Evelyn. It’s listed as unisex here mainly for the historical basis. Even if it wasn’t, the emphasis on strictly gendering everything is rather tiresome, but this is the wrong forum for that discussion. To each their own opinion, of course, but let’s not make something out of nothing.
I don’t see the appeal.. I do know a couple of older Evelyn’s in their 80s which doesn’t help.
Cute, just way too common!
I think Evelyn is a pretty name. It sounds regal, classy and timeless. Its meanings “life” and “wished for child” are very nice, as well. I think it ages wonderfully. I also like the sweetly femininely nicknames Eve and Evie, and I love the tomboyish nicknames Ev, Lynn and Lenny, too.
Overall, I think Evelyn is a beautiful name.
Beautiful name for a girl. Why would anyone name their boy that name? That is just wrong it doesn't sound masculine at all.
It’s also used in Spanish-speaking Latin American countries.
Some middle names:
Evelyn Ellis
Evelyn Vera
Evelyn Elaine
Evelyn Lisa
Evelyn Yasmine
Evelyn Nora.
This is one of my favorite names! I've loved it FOREVER but it makes me sad that it's so common :( I love the nickname Evie for it, too.
Wonderful name for a girl, awful for a boy. Why would anyone name their son that name? That's just wrong.
It's not bad but it's too frilly for me.
Eve is probably the best nickname for this name.
I do not know why so many do not like the name. I just read that this name was one of the top ten starting around 2018 and the last time it was popular like this was back in 1907. Yes, it is an older name. Yes, it was at one point a name given to men. It is also my first name. I was named for a very dear friend of my mother that she was close to and thought highly of. Growing up I was the only Evelyn that I knew of and the school district I graduated from I was one of two. The other Evelyn was in 2nd grade when I graduated from the high school and we went to the same church. She went by a nickname though. I have since talked to or met different women that have the same first name or people that were related to an Evelyn. They all loved the name and hearing I had it brought back very pleasant memories of the Evelyn they knew or know. We all do have out own opinions. But this name is very rare, indeed. It has only been given to girls since 1880's in the United States and the number is 594,000 plus over this time period of not quite 135 years or so. It is a unique name.

To the person that said that everyone is named Evelyn all over better recheck their facts.
Sorry, but I just found out here that Evelyn is also a male name. I had no idea, I always thought that it was an exclusively female name. I also don't criticize people who think Evelyn is a name too feminine for a boy. Keep in mind that when an originally masculine name is stolen by girls, parents immediately stop giving it to their boys, which is not the case otherwise. We can see it clearly in the cases of Shirley, Hillary, Courtney or Ariel. Hence the confusion. Be that as it may, I see it as a cute name and I'm glad to see that little by little the name Evelyn is becoming more popular.
Sorry; I really don’t like this name. There is absolutely nothing appealing about it.
So plain and boring. The -lyn trend also ruined this name for me.
I love the name Evelyn (pronounced like EVIL-lynn) for a boy. However, I don't live in 1884 (unfortunately), and I don't want to be a horrible mother, so this name goes into the 'I love it, but I can't' pile.
Okay so here I am scrolling through the comments. And you know what I see? I see every single comment about Evelyn being a good name to either gender comment with zero likes. Which means that since every comment automatically gets one like, someone...oh yes I am looking at you mean person...disliked all of them! How rude!
I’m sorry if I’m being rude but I really wish people would stop saying that Evelyn doesn’t sound masculine in any way. It’s really frustrating. I strongly believe that the name Evelyn is fine for either gender even though the name is predominantly a female name.
I totally agree! Evelyn is a strong and suitable name for either gender! Personally I have a friend named Evelyn who is a girl! And I love the name for her! But I also think it makes a good boy name as well!
There are so many little Evelyns running around in the U.S. now, and I... don't get why. I mean, the nickname "Evie" is cute, I agree; but Evangeline is also available and, in my view, far more substantial (it's also a conceivable alternative to the previously popular Angela).

It took me a long time to figure out why Evelyn has always bothered me so much. Yes, it was the name of my great-aunt (Aunt Ev), and I'm sure a lot of people can make similar comments - but it's not that the name is "old" (it's not even "old" anymore). But I can recognize it now: other than the initial capital E, which makes a short-E sound... it's all schwas (ə). Schwas all the way down. There are no long vowels in this name, they're all short; so even with that V in there this name sounds so darn weak that I have difficulty taking it seriously. But judging by Evelyn's popularity, I seem to be in the minority.

The British pronunciation, EEV-lin, is more attractive - but Evangeline and Evanna both outstrip it as far as I'm concerned.
It's not unique or special, literally everyone named Evelyn, is named after their grandma.
Why is this name in the top 10? It's so old I can't take anyone with this name seriously. I get that most people who have this name are named after their gran, but could we all please just let this name die already. The only plus is that Evie makes a really cute nickname.
Meh, it doesn't really rouse me.
Evelyn is a really nice unisex name even though the name Evelyn is predominantly a girl’s name.
This name doesn't sound masculine to me AT ALL.
I used to like this name a lot, but not anymore since it is getting very common. Also, there isn't anything special about this name.
This is a classy, beautiful name for boys and girls. It is strange to hear a boy with the name to me, but probably only because it is so unpopular among boys currently. I’m sure like every name that’s unisex but switches gender popularity, it will probably someday sound strange to name a girl Evelyn. I just find it to be very elegant either way.
One thing I don’t really like is people saying that boys shouldn’t be named Evelyn. This name is still great on boys no matter how feminine it sounds. I believe this name was commonly used for boys back in the-17th century.
The name Evelyn in my opinion is fine for either a girl or a boy. To all the males out there named Evelyn, don’t take any attention to what people are saying about your name. Your name is beautiful no matter what.
Love it for girls.

Horrible on a boy. Who would ever name their son that?!
Well, not bad, not good, just boring. And really popular these days. Just boring.
Pretty and classy.
This reminds me of my 90+ year old neighbor lady, Evelyn. I can not like this name for a baby or child due to the personal association.
I don't like this name.
Highly average IMAO.
Nice name.
The name Evelyn is honestly nice. I might be the minority here, but in my opinion, I can’t see a boy with the name Evelyn for life of me. I literally didn’t even know it was used for boys until I looked it up on here.
Hi. I just wanted to say that there is no problem for guys named Evelyn. The name may sound feminine most of the time but it is also soft and slightly masculine for a boy.
I think Evelyn is one of the most feminine boy names ever. I like it.
Excuse me... But, since when is Evelyn only a girl's name?! Sure, I do have a friend named Evelyn who is a girl, but that doesn't mean its only a girls name!
Evelyn "Champagne" King is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. She is best known for her hit disco single "Shame", which was released in 1977 during the height of disco's popularity.
Somewhat nice for a girl, but so common to the point of it being a little plain. I prefer Eve and Eveline, but it's much better than Everly.
Evelyn is a beautiful, refined, classy name for either a boy or girl. To me it denotes sophistication and culture. It’s on my top list of names for my future boy or girl.
I’m sorry, but I really do not like this name at all!
I was surprised to see this name is so popular. Besides a girl in our area (which turned me off to this name), the only Evelyn’s I know are in their 80’s or 90’s...
I see no problem for a boy having that name, kinda funny for people saying it should be strictly for girls just because it doesn't "feel masculine" enough, people just can't take boys having a more soft leaning name nowadays, they just feel the need to divide them by their gender and dictate which impression it should give based on that, laughable.
I think this name is nice.
Occasionally also used in Estonia:
I once knew a kid named Evlyn. Her sister’s name was Addlyn. It didn’t actually sound too weird because people just assumed it was Evelyn and Adelyn.
I’m sorry but I really don’t like this name because I knew a girl named Evelyn who was so annoying. I know that’s a stupid reason but that is just how I feel. Evelyn is very popular and old fashioned sounding so it’s not my taste. Also, it sounds very girly to me and I don’t really like girly names.
Lovely name. If she doesn't like it then she can go by Eve, Lyn, Eva, Lina, Evie, ETC. It's too popular for my taste though.
I think it makes a nice unisex name, and I like the British pronunciation, EEV-lin.
My grandma had this name. She died when I was very young so I don't like any of the mean comments. Be a nice human, please.
The name Evelyn makes me think of Evelyn Mikomagi, who was Miss Estonia 2000, a woman I consider the most beautiful woman who has ever lived. That smile made her my favorite Miss Universe contestant ever. I will always associate the name Evelyn with a beautiful woman who loves to smile and has the prettiest smile ever.
I knew an Evelyn around five years ago, I thought it was so cool and unique and I felt like nobody had that beautiful name. Now it’s EXPLODING it’s #9 on the charts! Out of quadruples of names ever used in history, Evelyn has earned its deserved mark!
It is a nice name! Cute and will age well. It is starting to rise in popularity.
How the hell could anyone use this name for a boy?
Evelyn is a beautiful name and it’s also classy. To me, it’s a girl’s name, not for boys. I don’t think a boy would want to be called Eve or Lynn, unless he enjoys being feminine. I consider Evelyn to be a discontinued boy’s name since it sounds more feminine than masculine. I like this name and I’m proud that so many parents are naming their girls this.
According to, there are two people in the U.S. named Evelyn Evelyn.
Everyone has that *one* name everyone else likes, but you don't. Evelyn is that name, for me. I just really don't like it. Sounds old. Also too overused. I don't understand the hype... Nothing cute/gorgeous about it. Sounds too plain.
Sorry not sorry.
This name just makes me think of a mean girl for some reason.
It's my one grandma's name. I love it, I think it's very pretty. I also associate the name with Evylyn Mikomagi so it avoids the weird "that's a close relative name" stigma that could come with dating a girl with that name.
I love the name Evelyn for a girl! It’s classy and beautiful! Also delicate and girly! I'm afraid I can’t see this as a masculine name at all. It’s probably because it’s predominantly feminine and I don’t think parents name their sons Evelyn anymore as Evelyn sounds too girly and it’s a combination of two feminine names Eve and Lynn. Evelyn and Vivian are a great twin pair! I don’t think it sounds masculine at all, sorry! It’s a lovely girl’s name though.
This is a really beautiful name. I know three girls by this name and they're all good friends. One is just Evelyn, one is Evelyn (but is called Evie [E-vee]), and one is Evelien (but is called Evie [EE-vee]). All of those names are lovely and I would call a future daughter one of them.
My first name is Evelyn and I got it from my mom's side of the family. It was my great great grama's name so it was passed on. My last name is Kennedy so I think that they go together.
In 2018, 83 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Evelyn who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 170th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I'm with the other comments who consider this a total old lady name. My grandmother's roommate in the nursing home was Evelyn.
Two recent Disney movies featured female characters named Evelyn: Evelyn Deavor, the main antagonist of The Incredibles 2, and Evelyn Robin, Christopher Robin's wife in Christopher Robin.
I was born in Tennessee to a young mother, and she named me after her nurse which was Evaline. But decided to change it to Evelyne which is the same as Evelyn Just with a silent E at the end, she added the E on the end because she said it looked better in hand writing. Go figure. I didn’t like my name growing up because everybody said it sounded like a old lady’s name. And when the famous cartoon he-man came out, kids in my neighborhood would call me Evil Lyn. But I’m pretty much okay with it now. Men usually nickname me Ev And women usually call me Evie.
Huh. I always thought it was related to Eve. It's a cute name, but so overused right now.
My grandmother and great grandmother were named Evelyn. So when I found out I was pregnant I decided to name my daughter after them. Her name is Evelyn Mair.
This name is simple, refreshing and absolutely gorgeous. I have only met 2 Evelyn who are both blond six-year-olds, so I am surprised this name is in the top ten names.
I absolutely adore this name! If I have a baby girl I’m naming her Evelynn. I like it spelled better with two n’s instead of one. It’s such a beautiful name. I never hear anyone with it so that’s why I’m using it for my future daughter. (:
This name is a beautiful name for a young lady and can represent the strength and the individuality, even though the name is growing, the name is still original. This name is one of the names I have chosen for my future daughter because unlike me I want her to represent the strength and beauty inside of every little girl.
Evelyn Chiu is a character in the book series STAR Academy. She is one of Amanda's best friends, and specializes in oceanography.
My name is Evelyn and I love my name but sometimes I hate my name because teachers at my school get confused because there another girl with the same name like me so they have to call us using our last name.
I'm doing some historical research and have been looking at the baptismal register of St Margaret's Church in the parish of Westminster, in London, for July 1714. This entry (which is nothing to do with my research, by the way) caught my eye - so I thought I would share it here, because I think of Evelyn as a nineteenth/twentieth century name for boys and then girls, but here's a female Evelyn named after her mother:
"12 July 1714. Evelyn Smith D to Hawksworth by Evelyn"

I always love to find historical precedents for modern usage.
I don't see this as a masculine name, since the surname was derived from Aveline. I prefer other names though, like Evelyne spelled the French way, Eveline, or Evelina.
I love Evelyn. I like names containing -el- sounds anywhere in them or even if it's just in spelling like in this case and I love names with the -lyn- sound. Plus Evelyn is so feminine, classy, and, for me, sounds youthful, but classic and elegant, so actually has all that I like in a girl name. I think Evelyn on a boy could be nice years ago, like in the middle ages, it definitely could be an attractive name, but now it's too feminine and too many girls bear it, so in my opinion you'd harm your son naming him Evelyn these days and for me it's pretty much like you've called the boy Carolyn.
I know that this name is used in Scandinavia, namely in Norway. Also, a blogger from Sweden whom I follow has a daughter called Evelyn.
Evelyn Mali is a Norwegian singer.
I wish there was a page for the name 'Evelynn' and not 'Evelyn'. I like the spelling better that way. Not that MY name is Evelynn, but when I'm old enough to change it legally, I might. [noted -ed]
Much more feminine. The name it was derived from was feminine. It's only considered unisex because of the surname I guess? Anyways, I much prefer Evelyne, Eveleen, and Eveline. It's much tolo common spelled this way.
First off, Evelyn is super popular. I mean, where do you people come from? If you ever looked on the charts (which I doubt you have since you keep saying Evelyn is "uncommon") you'd see that in almost every place in the world Evelyn is higher than lets just say for example Sarah *gasp* I know! It's even more popular than Elizabeth, Julia and Victoria. This is in 2015. I know that almost everywhere Evelyn is higher than Sarah but the other names I only am 100% sure are less popular than Evelyn are in Canada which is where I am from.
My grandmother was Evelyn Octivia and my mom is Evelyn Delight and I'm Evelyn Elsbeth, and before them were two other Evelyns so I am the 5th one... my nickname is Evie... and when I was younger and went out partying, someone would ask me my name and if I felt playful I would tell them (Evil-lyn) and if I was trying to play off the better than thou attitude I would tell them (Hea-va-lyn) and if just with lots of friends I would just be Evelyn... but all close family and friends have always just called me Evie... first E short vowel and I silent and second e long vowel... I love my name and always happy to meet someone else named Evelyn.
This is my name and I go by Evy (pronounced EH-VEE) and I hate my name. Kids at school always make fun of my name by saying it's an old lady name or they snicker whenever a substitute teacher says my name out loud. I remember being like 7/8 and introducing myself to someone on the school bus and they said "Evy? Like Eve or what? Should I just call you Christmas or New Years Eve!?" I do get compliments though when I introduce myself to adults. Evy is okay for a nickname but LITERALLY 99% of people spell it like Evie and THAT'S NOT MY NAME. Anyways, I don't recommend naming your child this if you want them to get made fun of.
Definetly only for girls. It's a surname from a feminine name, not masculine.
I always found this name to be too cutesy for my taste, either on a boy or a girl. I prefer Aveline, Evangeline, or Evelina.
I personally kinda like it as a male name, but only when pronounced Eev-lin, all other ways are feminine to me. I have no idea why, especially seeing as how I'm American and have never encountered a male person with this name (or a female for that matter).

Though really I only like it when pronounced Eev-lin, so I guess I prefer it as a male name...
My name is Evelyn. Male Evelyn, pronounced eev'-lin. It seems like it's a completely feminine name in the US but here in the UK it's much more androgynous, if rare all across the board. I actually changed my own name to Evelyn because my given name was pretty dire, and if you're going to change your legal name, I figure, you might as well pick something interesting.

In debates I've had about whether it's a masculine or feminine name, other Brits generally feel that Evelyn as a girl's name is somewhat pretentious.
Just to mention, in my country, even if rarely used, Evelyn/Evelin is a male name. The female version is Evelyna/Evelina. Most of our female names end with "-a", so hard to think of Evelyn as a name for a female.
Evelyn doesn't have to be linked to Eve, which some people may find off putting. It can be said as ev - ah - lyn, as apposed to eve - lyn, and nicknames such as Evy (ev - ee) or just Ev can be used instead of Eve.
Beautiful, cute, classy name. I love the name Evelyn for a girl. This is a wonderful vintage name. :)
This name is obviously for a girl. I don't get how it sounds masculine for some people. Also, for me it doesn't sound old fashioned, but it's better than modern names like Brittney. The way I pronounce it, and people I know is Eh-Ve-Lyn or Eh-Ve-Leen.
I'm the oddball here - I don't like this for a girl at all. It actually sounds better suited to a male (similar to Everett, Evan, etc). To me, it sounds like the old-fashioned guys' name that it is (like Ira).
It seems crazy to me that 100 years ago names like Evelyn and Vivian were used for boys - now they're wholly feminine. What's even more curious is that, while Vivian is probably my favorite feminine name, and I love names with the 'v' sound in general (Donovan, Silvana, Yvette, etc.), I don't like Evelyn very much. I think it's because all the vowels are so short.

Aveline, on the other hand, is lovely.
No offense- this is too old fashioned for my liking.
Evelyn West (born Amy May Coomer) (Born: January 30, 1921) was an American burlesque legend of the forties, fifties, and sixties.
How this name used to be a males name only, scares me. Evelyn is not suitable for a boy one bit. It's not masculine at all.
The only masculine name even close would be like Evan or Franklin. Naming a boy this where I live would be so degrading.
Such a pretty name, but on a guy... not. I love it on a girl, it's feminine and classy.
Evelyn is, IMO, a beautiful name, but is rare and "old-fashioned" in that it was popular in the early 20th century. There was a popular song of the 1940's about "heavenly Evelyn."
In the U.S., I've only heard it pronounced Ev-Lin or Ev-A-Lin. In the UK, it is pronounced both Ev-A-Lin and Eve-A-Lin. Personal preference, apparently. Also in the UK, it can be a female OR male name. On a British TV episode ("Foyle's War") I heard different actors refer to a woman named Evelyn Green using both the "Eve" and the "Ev" pronunciations. Curious.
My name is Evelyn. I was born in 1953. My mum named me after her closest friend born in the 1920's. I was the only Evelyn at school. We are still few and far between.
Evelyn is the middle name of Theodore "Ted" Mosby, played by Josh Radnor, from the tv show 'How I Met Your Mother'.
My mother (b. 1925) was named after her Aunt Evelyn (b. 1906). When I was born in 1952, my parents also named me Evelyn. Needless to say, when I was growing up, most people named Evelyn were a generation or more removed. However, now the name is trendy again.
My name is Evelyn! It wasn't very common when I was born, except for on older women. When I was younger I disliked it for that reason, but around junior high I started to appreciate its old fashioned charm. I'm very happy it's making such a comeback- if it wasn't my name I would seriously consider it for a daughter. Interesting how much someone's perspective can change on a name, especially when it's their own :-)
A lovely old-school unisex name. That's right, UNISEX.
One of the few names ending in -lyn that I actually really like. My guess is the fact that it does end in -lyn is a factor in its sudden popularity, along with a revival of some pretty great 19th century names. Evelyn has withstood the test of time and can suit any age without sounding out of place... It's just a beautiful name! Of course Evie can be a nickname, (adorable) or maybe Linnie, if you want to use the end sound of the name. I highly recommend this name, use it now before it becomes too trendy!
Love this name! So happy to see it's making a comeback, beautiful vintage names like Evelyn are so much better than trashy "trendy" names!
Evelyn Napier is a MALE character in Downton Abbey. It is pronounced EVE-lin (first syllable rhymes with Steve).
I really like this name. But can you imagine a 30 yr. old man with the name Evelyn?
No offence to those that are males and do have that name!
Sorry, but this name has not outgrown its old-lady status. I don't know how people can want to name a baby girl this when the nursing homes are filled with Evelyns. Also it's not a very nice sounding name; brings to mind the words javelin and evil.
HI I love the name Evelyn, but that person who said it was an old person's name, and that your grandma's nursing home roommate was named Evelyn, that is the worst excuse for not liking the name, because of the following reasons;
1. Time! This is an important one! If you think about it, the Evelyn in a nursing home was young once. They were fit and modern and young once! They weren't always old! So they weren't always in a nursing home, and until my friend Evelyn is 99 I won't count it as an old lady's name for her.
2. Her roommate is a nice person. What if her roommate is a really nice person, she is probably younger than your grandma. Also imagine how you would feel if your grandma told her what your username on behind the name was, and she was looking at your comment right now and crying her eyes out.
3. And finally, BE NICE! We have enough mean comments out there without anyone adding anymore.
Love this name. The nickname Evie makes it more modern.
Evelin is also sometimes used as an Anglicisation of the Irish or Aibhilín and Éibhleann. Aibhilín is a variant form of Eibhlín, which is also derived from the Norman French Aveline. Éibhleann, on the other hand, is said to be derived from the Old Irish óiph, which means "radiance", "beauty"; a variant of this name is Éibhliu, another Anglicised form of the name is Evilin.
Oh. I didn't know this was a masculine name as well as feminine. I don't like this for a masculine name at ALL. However, I LOVE the name Evelyn for a girl. Love, love, love. I also think the nickname Evie is really cute.
The name is absolutely UNIMAGINABLE on guys. I guess it's a pretty name, but too old fashioned for my liking.
Evelyn McHale, the beauty who jumped off the Empire State Building and killed herself. She was cradled by a taxi, and a photographer took a famous photo of her lying there peacefully, which was shown in TIME.
In the UK, we pronounce it as Eev-lin, or Eevelin, not Evlin. Sort of like its component parts, Eve & lyn.
In the new spy thriller "Salt", Angelina Jolie stars as a CIA operative (Evelyn Salt) on the run. The movie focuses upon the plight of a government agent who has been wrongly accused of being a Russian assassin that is out to take down the U.S. President.

Also including Liev Schreiber (as Ted Winter) and Chiwetel Ejiofor (as Peabody).

A Columbia Pictures production from writer Kurt Wimmer. Directed by Phillip Noyce.
I really like this name. It's so lively and fun.
I do not think the argument for Evelyn as a male name is very good. True, it's technically from a surname, but the surname comes directly from the female name Aveline. I personally see this name as a "reinterpretation" of Aveline or Eveline, or an elaboration of Eve, and not as a surname-name at all. So it boggles me a bit on boys.
Evelyn Nesbit, born Florence Evelyn Nesbit, was a model and Broadway chorus girl in the early 1900s, who became famous for her long, wavy red hair and stunning beauty. She became notorious when her abusive husband, Harry Thaw, murdered Stanford White, a man more than thirty years her senior with whom she had had an affair when she was sixteen. L. M. Montgomery based the looks of her most famous character, Anne Shirley, off a photo of a teenaged Evelyn she cut from a magazine.
Evelyn Dick who was on trial for cutting up her husband's torso and murdering him. She's a Canadian from around Ontario and it was the 1930's I believe when she was on trial. Had a daughter too. Very famous and pretty woman. She disappeared about 1980's. They're was a movie called Torso based on her trail and such.
I have a Spanish-speaking friend with this name, though she pronounces it Ev-a-leen.
My best friend's name. She's a smart, kind, gifted, pretty girl, and that's also my impression of this name. It's a little old-fashioned, but that's kind of what I like about it.
This is all-male to me. A great name.
Generally speaking I've always thought of Evelyn as a girls name, thinking it completely strange that my grandfather has this as a middle name. His name is Frederick Victor Evelyn (LN) and he was born in 1920. I just thought his parents gave him a dud name, having used such pretty names on all of his older siblings.
I absolutely love this name! It's so sweet and pretty.
It's a pretty name, and it doesn't sound like the blatantly Christian name Eve. The problem is that most girls named Evelyn will be called Eve, and the name is totally boring and makes me think of wacky Christians and their rants. Since the name is quite overused and still very common, I wouldn't use it, and it is quite clearly related to the name Eve, I'd rather use the name Avalyn, in honor of the beautiful and epic tracks Avalyn and Avalyn II by Slowdive.
On the adult swim cartoon "Frisky Dingo" Evelyn is revealed to be the real name of Killface, the super villain.
My name is Evelyn and I am the only person I know with my name. I love it because I'm not just another Sarah, Stephanie or Danielle. It's timeless and classic. This name will always find favour in any age. Do I sound too modest? lol.
Famous bearer is Czech actress Evelyna Steimarová, born 5. June 1945 in Czechoslovakia.
I love this name, and plan to use it. I don't think it's outdated or too old fashioned at all. It's classic, and can be shortened down to several pretty nicknames. Unlike some of the more trashy trendy names that have become popular, you'll know that Evelyn has the lasting power to not make your child feel embarrassed later in life.
I plan to use the nick name, "Evy" (not 'EVE-y' but "EVV-y").
I like that it can be said it came from "Aveline" which came from "Ava" which possibly means "desired". That just adds to the love I have for the name, and the wish to use it. Because I want a baby so bad, that she will truly be 'desired' completely.
The Dutch form of Evelyn is Evelien pronounced eh-VUH-leen.
I think this name is very pretty. I hate Evie as a nickname, though. I know a girl who goes by Evie and I can't take her seriously because Eevee (pronounced the same way) was a type of Pokemon. Anyone who grew up in the nineties is sure to have this problem, too. Eve is much better.
I know a girl named Evelyn who's 12 years old. Not a good name for a young girl.
Two famous bearers, actually! The author, Evelyn Waugh - most certainly a man - married a woman named Evelyn. They were referred to by their friends as The Evelyns.
While the male writer Evelyn Waugh was married to a woman of the same first name, he was known as 'He-Evelyn' and the female Evelyn was 'She-Evelyn'. His full name was Evelyn Arthur St. John Waugh and hers was Evelyn Florence Margaret Winifred Gardner (no relation to Ava Gardner - at least I don't think so anyway).
This name is too feminine too use on a boy. It is pretty on a girl, but not a boy. It is just too feminine!
My great-grandmother's name was Clara, though she went by her middle name of Evelyn (her mother was also a Clara). I've always thought Evelyn to be a very beautiful name. Classic and really pretty. I especially love the combos Evelyn Scarlett and Evelyn Adele. :)
The name is beautiful, classic, and timeless. If I have children, I will name my daughter Evelyn.
I see that in English-speaking countries the name Evelyn seems to be a little bit old-fashioned. I'm from Poland and its Polish version - Ewelina - is pretty popular over here. It was given mostly in the 80's and 90's (me, for example). I've met many women named like this. As I've said, I'm Ewelina, too, so I'm not objective but I think that Evelyn (pronounced in English) is a name full of classic charm. And I really don't want it to gain popularity.
Perhaps look at Evelina, which would be closer to Ewelina. Same pronunciation.
Evelyn to me sounds like a name best suited for someone born in the 1920s or 1930s rather then now a day. It sounds too outdated to me to ever be used or liked.
Used to love this name, but now not so much.
Evelyn was the name of the Egyptian/English woman from 'The Mummy'.

I love this name; it's in the top few of my favorites. I'd definitely consider naming a child this, and I love the nickname 'Evie'.
A variation of this name is Everlyn.
My current favourite girls name! I absolutely love it.

Yes, I understand that Evelyn was once a male surname like the dreaded Madison, but unlike Madison the MALENESS is not so heavily emphasised, and it has also been in adequate female use for over a hundred years. Female Madisons have only been around for about thirty years.
Sorry, but this just isn't a male name. It is PURELY feminine, to me. I mean, when I added this name, I thought it was feminine, and its popularity was female. And that, to me, is what's more important. The first impression after you have seen it!
My grandmother's name is Evelyn, and I've always loved it (she absolutely refuses to tell me her middle name! maybe it's really bad?). She was born in 1925, and back then it was pretty popular. At least she didn't get stuck with Mary or Betty! Through the century, Evelyn remained being used, just not as frequently, but lately it's been becoming more and more popular. Anyway, I would definitely consider using Evelyn as a middle name for a future daughter if I have one.
I love the name Evelyn, and I also adore the nickname Evie. I'd be tempted to name a child this name.
Evelyn is a very unique and pretty name! Evie is also a cute nickname.
In the movie The Ring 2, the evil Samara's mother's name is Evelyn.
My mother's name is Evelyn. She was a WWII baby (born in the 1940s), so she got her first name from a famous actress at the time, Evelyn Keyes.
A very pretty name. Elegant and dainty. I had read that it is English meaning Hazelnut.
Evelynn is my grandma's name and she's from Finland so it might be Finnish, but I don't know.
What a cool name!
Evelyn was the name of Kate Beckinsale's character in the film "Pearl Harbor." After I learned here that Evelyn means "bird" I understood why they chose it! The movie dealt largely with pilots. Pilots fly. So do birds. That character could also be described as flighty. During the film she flitted back and forth from one man to another.

Despite my somewhat negative association above, I love the name Evelyn and have for as long as I can remember. I would seriously consider it for a daughter. I almost always want to avoid names that have several pronunciations because one of them usually ends up bothering me. I’ve never heard Evelyn pronounced in a way that made my blood boil though. EH-vel-in, EV-lyn, EEV-lyn…I like ‘em all. A friend noted to me that the sound reminds her of the word “evil.†Inexplicably, even that doesn’t put me off! A real favorite.
My name is Evelyn and I like it because it's unique, no one has it. I read it meant 'quiet and agreeable'. It's either pronounced eve-lyn or ev-a-lyn.
While I spell it Evlyn (and have had to put up with innumerable misspellings) I have always loved my name because it is so rarely used these days. There may have been 10 Sarahs and Lindseys in my classes, but I was always the only Evlyn.
Male author Evelyn Waugh was a famous bearer of this name.
It comes from the Old French (AVELÃ?), which means hazelnut.
I always thought that Evelyn was a pet form of Eve or Eva. I guess not.
I am beauty, I am charisma. Everywhere I go heads turn and see me. Some people are jealous, others want to be like me. I am smart and I am not afraid to show it. I am Evelyn a river that flows and meets everything that there is to meet.
This name could also be pronounced with an "ee" sound at the beginning, Ee-veh-lynn or even Eve-lynn (like Eve and Lynn together). It´s getting a little bit popular, but it´s pretty.
Famous bearer is child actress of the 1940´s, Evelyn Rudie (born Evelyn Rudie Bernauer).
There was a movie entitled 'Evelyn' about an Irish man trying to get his kids back after his wife died. His daughter's name is Evelyn. It is very sad but a good movie. I love the name Evelyn. It is on my top three list!
Evelyn Keyes is an American actress. Among other roles, she played Suellen, one of Scarlett's sister, in the 1939 movie 'Gone with the Wind.'
Means "lively, pleasant".
Evelyn is a cute name, mostly because I have such name. What's more, it has English roots and means "power". A simply beautiful name;].

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