I like for a boy and it's so cool because it sounds cool and masculine in my opinion. I don't like it for a girl because it's so ridiculous in my opinion. It's just a cool name.
I like it! Definitely not for girls.
I love this as a boy's name. But as a girl's name, it's disgusting and awfully trendy!
Also Judeo-Anglo-Norman:
In the comedy and mystery show, "The InBESTigators" Ezra is part of a detective agency with his friends, Kyle, Maudie, and Ava.
I think Ezra is such an odd name. It sounds like it should be for a girl, just like Sasha. First names that end in -a are supposed to be girl's names. Names that end in -o are boy's names.
I love this name on boys.
A b s o l u t e l y

S t u n n I n g.

I like it. It fits any boy.
A great name for boys or girls!
This is not a unisex name at all. Ezra in the Old Testament was a MAN so it's only a male name.
Just awful.
One of my daughter's names is Ezra. I personally love names that can be used for both genders.
I like Ezra for a boy, it’s nice and handsome. For a girl I would recommend Isra. Very pretty. Also, just because a name ends with an ‘a’ doesn’t mean it’s feminine all the time.
I could personally never see this as a girl's name. For a girl, I would go with something similar like Isra or something, but this name sounds very masculine to me. Overall, I do absolutely love the name, as I first heard of it from “Pretty Little Liars”.
This name is terrible, harsh and unattractive!
I’ve changed my mind. Ezra is unique and stunning for a boy. It also looks masculine even with the a ending. I like it as a nickname for Esmond.
Nice name for a boy. I don't mind it on girls, but there are definitely better masculine-turned-feminine names out there.
Ugh, too popular. The sound is unattractive: I know why hipsters like it!
Feminine usage isn't horribly uncommon.
Not a fan!
I LOVE this name for a boy but not a fan for a girl. I'd much rather Rylan or Tyler for a girl.
Ezra Squall, the antagonist in Jessica Townsend's Nevermoor book series.
A famous bearer is Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels.
I LOATHE this name.
My son's name is Ezra! I also think the name is perfectly valid for a girl too. Don't name shame. It's a beautiful name.
I love the name Ezra for a boy. It's very strong and handsome.
To me, Isra/Esra is very feminine but Ezra is very masculine. Zechariah and Manasseh end in a and are masculine names, and even though most feminine names in the US end in a, some very popular boys name end in A.

This name is very nice.
I named my son Ezra in 2010. We call him EZ sometimes for short. My 4 children were spaced apart and we had him when I was 35. Needless to say, I was tired and took great comfort in knowing that his name meant help or helper. He is eight now and it blows my mind how accurately the name describes him, He is strong and very masculine, takes pride in his work and loves to think, write, create and argue about life's mysteries. He fascinates me I am so grateful.
I dislike Ezra.

The problem is that in Italy the neo-fascist political party is called 'CasaPound'. As Ezra Pound is the major link with Ezra that I have, so the tie with the party is too immediate.

It is a very negative link in my opinion. What a pity!
Because of my initial stupidity when I first came across this name, I thought Ezra was a girl's name. I can now picture this on guys. However, I still think that people are uber-sensitive when it comes to others saying that Ezra sounds feminine. And I don't know why this is... probably because it's a Biblical name. I dunno.
I have never liked this name. I think it came from the Bible or something. I also thought it was a girl's name because it ends in "a".
If someone wants to name their daughter Ezra, let them. They're not trying to personally offend you. It's a name, not a slur. Gender assignments to names are socially constructed. You say the name Ezra is masculine because that's how you have experienced it in the past as a man's name, not because it's inherently masculine. Your association to the name is completely circumstantial. For example: Vanja is considered masculine in Russia, while it's considered feminine in Scandinavia, even though it's probably derived from the masculine name. Because names ending in a are typically feminine in Scandinavia.
It's your truth but it's not the only truth. So let others have their own opinion, without telling them "you're wrong". Respect that other people can have different opinions and experiences than you. You can just simply disagree and move on. Besides, it's not what's between the legs that matters, it's the heart. If you want to name your daughter Ezra, do it. It's your choice, don't let bitter people persuade you from something you're comfortable and happy with! I think it works nicely either way.
I always thought this was a girl's name, just because it had an “a” at the end unlike how Joshua sounds masculine. It’s a great name for a boy or a girl. But I prefer it for a girl, not because of the “a” at the end, because it still sounds a tad feminine for some reason. A name doesn’t have to sound feminine just because there's an a at the end. Esther sounds feminine and it ends with an 'er'. It’s okay on males, fairly masculine, I just like it more on a girl than a boy. I would be kri8tiv and use a combo Ezra Juliette or Ezra Sophia. I love it for a girl.
Me and my partner are naming our daughter Ezra. I associate the name Ezra with the arabic name Azra. Therefore it sounds feminine to me. My boyfriend, who is Swedish, can not imagine this name on a boy since it ends with an -a, like most feminine Swedish names. I think it's very cute when girls have "boyish" names. Therefore, we really like this name for our daughter.
This is my name, and I absolutely love it! The definition is helpful, it suits me well since I'm studying to be a special needs teacher, so I try to be helpful :) I could see this name on a male or a female. I think Ezra would be a good nickname for a female named Esmerelda!
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Ezra who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 535th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Anyone who put the name Ezra on their daughter doesn't understand the first thing about this name.
I don't know why a lot of people think this name is feminine; it sounds quite masculine to me. It's probably because of the a ending. I don't like this name, it sounds very harsh.
Ezra is a Biblical name, he was a prophet. Ezra is not a surname and I cannot understand why people are choosing it for their daughters. I’m 27 and made this judgment long ago, so even younger people have this knowledge not just “older generations.” Surname names are being changed over. If you aren't religious and don’t believe in God, then why are you using and messing with Biblical names?
To the girls below. That's probably due to its non-conventional sound/ending. It's a masculine name and utilizes masculine conjugations, declanations or whatever, all common in Hebrew.

I'm surprised you guys never heard it before. Over the years we've seen a few teen-Ezras here in California.
Let's talk numbers for a moment. A close friend of mine deals with this baby-stuff. I've heard him talk about baby names over and over again. They've seen a lot more Ezras in recent years. He's been working with mothers and babies for 15 years now and says it's not as rare as people think it is. He registered 20+ Ezras himself in his first year of work. That was 15 years ago. There isn't a year without 10-50 Ezra's being born in his region. (predominantly white region, if anybody's interested) I don't know how popular it is elsewhere though. Not that Elijah isn't more common. Beautiful names. I'm still undecided. I really like Ezra but I also like Eli. This is tough.
Ezra= MALE prophet. It would be like naming your son Theresa after Mother Theresa= FEMALE nun.
Ezra is a very feminine sounding name to me. I didn't know it was a boy's name.
I'm the same way; I didn't know it was masculine either! It really does sound like a girl's name.
A popular but not overused name. Rare, a name imbued with oriental masculinity and a sense of adventure. We named our son after the Star Wars character. Kylo was never an option. Ezra's story, or rather the Ghost Crew's story, has left a big mark on our lives. Our two girls, Ashley and Rachel, supported the idea and so Ezra was born. I am, clearly, not the only person who named their son after the Star Wars Rebels character, which is also why I think it's important that I mention the character here. I'd like to leave a few impressions of "Ezra"... as he appears on Star Wars. The popularity of 'Ezra' skyrocketed around the time the show first aired and many of our friends were made aware of the name by its appearance on Star Wars: Rebels. On Star Wars, Ezra is an adventurous boy with a strong spirit, a loyal camaraderie to his crew, somewhat over-eager to do the right thing but far from being naive. Somewhat impulsive, but never dumb. Very smart, and quick in making decisions - a true leader-type. NOT a manager-type. (look up the difference)
He is more open to the 'gray' side than his fellow Jedi, he isn't swayed by the dark side though. He's attracted to the light side. He is okay with listening to his friends and their opinions. His morals are strong, his eyes wide-open. (Ezra, when taken apart, also means 'Strong Sight' in Hebrew.) He sees the universe for what it is. Dark side/light side, he's able to differentiate between the good and bad in the dark as well as in the light. Deep inside he knows what's good and bad. He's learned that through experience. The up/down-side of him being in the gray area - unlike his comrades, he's ready to throw off his coat of ethics when the situation calls for it, and it's not his age, the boy just knows that you can't always play fair, in order to achieve a good result you must fight. He always regrets these decisions, but he keeps on going. He's developed throughout the show's 4 seasons. A born survivor, a rebel, a strong person with a loyal and empathetic heart. He is real. His character is not binary. There's depth to him.
Ezra is a male name, although of course, anyone can name any gender kid whatever they want. Just be aware that if your kid named Ezra ever moves to NYC or any other heavily Jewish area, everyone will assume they are a man. That may not be a big problem, but I could see it being annoying for a woman with this name.
After many months and debating this is the name we settled on for my beautiful son! And I can not think of another name that would have been more fitting. He was made for this name. I get comments all the time on how powerful it is. He is a gifted child who is years ahead of his age and super advanced in every way. He has a personality that can light up a room and everyone who meets him, instantly loves him. This name found him! It is strong and powerful and seems to just be perfect even though you can't put your finger on what exactly it is that makes it perfect, it just is... And that is the exact same way I would describe my Ezra. Outgoing and fun one of a kind and just absolutely gorgeous in every possible way. That... is Ezra.
Ezra Miller. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him in the very first Justice League trailer.
I prefer the name Ezri, but Ezra is also nice.
OK, this is hilarious. I thought I was the only one.
Sign me up, girls. One more person who named their son after the Star Wars character, Ezra Bridger. It was Mama's decision!
The name sounds modern-esque. We live in Britain and I don't think there's any other Ezra around here.
To the other posters, you've got to be kidding me. I feel sorry for people who name their girls Ezra. Most people will automatically assume it's a boy. As a person who was bullied for her rather strange first name, I feel deeply sorry for those children. Bullies will always be bullies. Don't name your girls Ezra. It's a boys name and it's got quite some exposure lately. On TV and online. Everyone knows it's a boys name. You shouldn't make life difficult for your children. Ezra has a rich history as a male name. Isra, maybe? Research your options.
We got twins! Their names, Ezra and Azur. We imagined something short for our sons, something with a modern sound. Same as the poster above, we first heard Ezra on Disney's Star Wars Rebels. Daddy is a big child.
Ezra is the name of our first boy and our second boy goes by Azur - because of his blue eyes. Azur is a variation of Ezra, btw. It means blue, blue sky. PERFECT COINCIDENCE!
Perfect coincidence... because - the doctor told us that in the early stages of my pregnancy one of the babies had a genetic mutation and that's why our second son's eyes are blue while Ezra's eyes are brown (like mommy's eyes). They're identical twins, otherwise. The doc said it's rare and that we should be happy. Hence, the name Azur. Thanks to his eyes it's easier to tell them apart! I have no idea how people can say that they have no issue telling their twins apart. I'm their mom, but even I have troubles when the light is off! Daddy does better.
It's been 8 months and I've just found the time to get online and share my story. We love the names and are very happy with our decision. The names Ezra & Azur sound absolutely amazing and go well with our last name. Great names. There's something about Azur and Ezra, it rings right in our ears.
Ezra is the name of the main antagonist in the 2013 anime film Space Pirate Captain Harlock.
It's a boy's name? Seriously? Well I did not think of that. And I find it a good name but it would fit better in a fantesy book than in real life.
Two years ago (in 2015) I got my 3rd son; we named him Ezra.
Both my mother and my husband are huge Star Wars fans. They suggested we name him after Ezra Bridger, the Star Wars Rebels character. Now, I am not a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise and let me tell you, I am not the type to give my babies weird names. My first son's name is Richard and my second son's name is Lucas.
I really liked the sound of Ezra and I knew the character from the series. I really liked him and his story arc! After finding out the meaning of the name from my mother I had no doubts about naming our baby Ezra. Ezra's a biblical name and it means "help/er". We're not a religious family. Luckily... good for us... the name is timeless and mainstreamizing, which removes the biblical context! On top of that it doesn't sound weird; it sounds nice! And masculine! We had been very careful in our selection process and we're very happy to have named our son Ezra.
If you're thinking about naming your baby boy Ezra, I say... go for it! It's an amazing name, a powerful name! We've only been getting compliments.
The name Ezra is very popular right now, it's been the number 1 name for boys this year and the year before; even with its popularity, the name accounts for only 0.2% of the names given to babies, which is why we aren't afraid of there being a million Ezra's in the neighborhood in a decade from now. The meaning of Ezra is something else, it's beautiful.
I have seen that some have talked about the name being given to females.

Ezra in Hebrew is spelled עזרא. The א at the end denotes a masculine bearer. However, the female form would be עזרה, with a ה at the end instead of an א, which denotes female.

A little Hebrew grammar for you. :)
Ezra is a great name no matter how you slice it. I proudly named my daughter Ezra, and as I explain to people, yes, it is traditionally a masculine name. Also, yes, it is becoming increasingly more popular. However, just because you named your son Ezra ahead of the curve doesn't give you the rights to it or to decide whether it can be given to a girl. The name Ezra met all my criteria: (a) strong (b) short (c) creative (d) not a feminine name and (e) I've never personally known one. So there, to each his own. It's fine if you love it, hate it, have it already or don't agree with it given to a girl. I like it and my daughter does too.
The name Ezra was unfortunately given to 205 girls born in the US in 2015.
This name reminds me of Amara, Amira/Emira and Samira!
It's quite annoying when some mums (mostly older generation) tend to jump to the conclusion and own this name as a completely masculine name. And yes traces of such mums are vividly visible in this forum too. I personally think names that end with RA aren't masculine at all, but sure sound more feminine. Just because previously it has been used as a male name doesn't mean it sounds masculine.

Anyhow, my daughter's name is Ezra and I couldn't be happier how girlie and strong and unique it sounds. And she loves it too.

The world is changing and shifting from one side to the other so why can't we shift Ezra as a male name to female? Or both genders can have the name just like other names.
As anonymous response was most likely directed to me and the "older mums" or as I would say those ahead of the "Ezra" curve lol let me respond that you are obviously free to name your daughter Ezra (or son, Sue if you desire) but the name Ezra is for the Phophet (Priest) Ezra not Prophetess (Priestess) Ezra. I don't care if RA sounds feminine or not, Ezra is a Hebrew masculine name no matter how you try to justify it otherwise.
Although I don't like the origin of this name, I love the sound and the meaning. The guy that is playing Cogsworth in my school's production of Beauty and the Beast's name is Ezra, and ever since I met him I've loved the name.
Love this name! My son is an Ezra James, and I have only heard 2 other people with his name and they're both younger than him. Kinda sucks that the hipsters are gonna ruin it when it's such a beautiful and strong name!
I named my son Ezra, 27 years ago as I always loved funky, Biblical names even though I am not religious. I have heard it used for girls, but frankly it has always been a masculine name in the Hebrew version and I personally do not like it used for girls, period! I do not understand the need to "crossover" names as there are beautiful feminine names but that's just me! If you're wondering how at 27 Ezra feels about his name he LOVES it! He says people ask him all the time if that is his real name & when he says yes they (both sexes, incidentally) are like "that's such a cool name". When we see another Ezra (sorry, male only!) whether on TV, in person etc it brings a smile to our faces.
Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels is a bearer of this name.
I knew an Egyptian girl called Ezra many years ago in school. I also heard of this name because I know about the man Ezra who is acknowledged in Christianity, Judaism and Islam. It's totally a nice name for a boy. =) For a girl- meh, not really. (This whole boys names given to a girl trend is quite annoying.)
I have read in other sources that the name means "scribe". Perhaps this is because of its association with the Old Testament prophet.
Ezra Taft Benson, prophet and president of the LDS Church. He also served as the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture under President Eisenhower.
Ugh! I love this name but its gotten quite trendy and hipster-ish in recent years. So disappointing... But it's a great name, nonetheless.
Ezra Miller, an American actor from Hoboken, New Jersey also bears this name.
I knew a girl named Ezra. Her mom was also named Ezra.
This name is so cool. Plus, Ezra Koenig is amazing!
Ezra Butler is an American football player.
Ezra is the name of a character in the US show 'Pretty Little Liars'.
I don't know why people keep thinking Christians would name their kid Ezra, the name is Hebrew and from the Old Testament. It seems very Jewish if you really think about it, unless you count the whole Reformation bit as a reason to call Ezra a "redneck Christian's name".
Ezra as written in Greek as is follows:

EZRA as written in Hebrew is as follows:
I very much like the name Ezra. It's very strong, masculine and stoic in my opinion. I would picture a man named Ezra as being Jewish (probably a practicing Jew), responsible, and caring.
The lead singer and guitarist of the band Vampire Weekend is named Ezra Koenig.
In the movie "Seven Pounds", Will Smith's character donates his eyes to a blind man by the name of Ezra.
I don't really like this name. It's overrated and trendy, and it makes me think of a redneck or a fundamentalist Christian.
In Greek, Ezra is written as follows:
I know a girl who's name is Ezra, I think she's part Israeli. It's a very pretty name.
In Obert Skye's "Leven Thumps" series, Ezra is the demented toothpick that is the evil half of Geth. It's a fun series, but as you can imagine, Ezra isn't a name I could use for my kid anymore.
I love the name Ezra. I can't put my finger on what I love about the sound or the way it looks on paper but I just love it. I live in the Netherlands and I don't know any Ezra's my own age or older but when I visit my old primary school and day care centre I suddenly see a lot of little Ezra's running around which is a shame. I would hate it if it became one of those new hip names among Dutch parents. I don't know if I would name my son this or maybe give it as a middle name but I could definitely see myself using it one day.
First off, I named my son Ezra and I am NOT a "very annoying and pretentious Christian or stuck up, snobby parent" as 'slight night shiver' has so kindly put it. I don't even go to church, not that that information is relevant to the name. I feel that Ezra is the perfect name for parents to name their sons (or daughters should they decide to do so, to each their own) who want their child to have a unique name but at the same time, have a name that won't sentence their kid to a lifetime of beatings on the playground. When I think of the name Ezra, I think of the artsy kid in high school that everyone knows and loves. The person that everyone loves to be around because they are so full of life, energy, and. Moxie. Which is exactly how my son so far (he'll be three in August) has turned out. Even though the name has gained in popularity in the last two decades, I really can't see Ezra becoming a mainstream name like Jason, Michael, Jacob, and so on. I love the name and have yet to come across one person who didn't automatically love it!
One of my good friends has this name. She's a girl though and I think it suits her well.
I recently came across this name, when I was watching the show 'Californication' and one of the actors' name was Ezra Miller. The moment I saw this name, I kind of fell in love with it. It sounds so sweet and lovely. I just picture this heroic, smart, noble and adorable boy, who grows up to be a very good and wise man.
A very similar but little known Biblical name, that of a minor official during King David's reign, is Ezri ("my helper").
Larry Mullen Jr has a son called this.
I love this name! It's not common, either. I love its origins, the spelling, the way it sounds. Everything! It's very smooth and mysterious sounding :) not to mention really easy to spell for wee ones learning to write their names! I give this name 5 stars. :)
I don't like the harsh 'z' sound of this name, and it sounds like a name either very annoying and pretentious Christians or stuck up, snobby parents would choose for their son.
Ezra (this form and spelling) is also used in Croatia and the Netherlands.
How about Ezra and Ira as names for twins?
Ezra Fitch founded Abercrombie and Fitch with David Abercrombie.
Ezra Cornell, founder of Cornell University
Ezra Kire, musician
Ezra Klein, blogger and journalist for The American Prospect
Ezra Pound, poet
Ezra Vogel, East Asian scholar
David Alan Ezra, U. S. District Judge in Honolulu
Ezra Jack Keats, children's book author
Ezra Levant, publisher of the Western Standard newsmagazine
Abraham ibn Ezra, one of the most distinguished men of letters and writers of the Middle Ages
Ezra is a personal name derived from Hebrew, written variously as עֶזְרָא (Standard Hebrew), ʿEzra, (Tiberian Hebrew), ʿEzrâ: short for עַזְרִיאֵל "My help/court is God", Standard Hebrew ʿAzriʾel, Tiberian Hebrew ʿAzrîʾēl, Arabic: 'Uzair (عزير), Turkish: Esra.
Ezra. I got the name Ezara from that. I love the name Ezara and Ezra, they are going to be the names of my children.
Taylor Hanson of the pop group HANSON has a son with this name.
I really love this name (it's my second favorite), I like it so much that I told my mom that I'd even give my future daughter the name if I never had a son.
Ezra Taft Benson was a comparitively recent president/prophet of the LDS Church.
The author of the Caldecott winning children's classic The Snowy Day, among several other children's books, was Ezra Jack Keats.
Ezra is a known name but not overused at all. I've only known one Ezra. I would also consider using this for my son.
There's a band called Better Than Ezra.
The first time I saw this name I knew I would name one of my sons Ezra. I absolutely love it!

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