Natali Felicia is a London-based Swedish singer.
“Bye Felicia.”No thanks. I prefer Felicity anyways.
Felicia, Felicitas and Felicity are glorious, stunning names.
I think Felicia is an absolutely amazing name with a noble, classic, very feminine, elegant and slightly vintage feel. I love Felicity very much as well, in fact I guess I love all of the Felix-related names, but I love Felicia more than Felicity. I would even happily consider the Polish form Felicja - as I live in Poland myself - for a potential baby, one thing which would make me hesitate a bit is that I guess for most people the default nickname for Felicja is Fela, which I'm not as hugely in love with as I am with Felicja/Felicia, and while it has nicknames galore, I don't think it would be realistic to expect people not to call her Fela at all because it's just so obvious.
In English, one potential problem I'd have with this name if I were to use it on a baby in an anglophone country is the pronunciation. I guess the most common one is fuh-LEE-shuh, but I personally much prefer fuh-LEE-see-uh. And then there's the "bye, Felicia" thing. So I guess Felicity is an easier and more practical option in the anglosphere. I think Fifi is an adorable nickname for all of the Felix names but Felicia sounds best in its full glory.
I guess my main association with the name is the fictional character created by Danish-Norwegian writer Axel Sandemose. This Felicia inspired the Swedish Dutch-born singer Cornelis Vreeswijk, who wrote quite a few songs about her, the most famous in Sweden probably being Felicia Adjö (which btw means Goodbye Felicia but that's just a coincidence :D ), and he even has a whole album called Felicias Svenska Suite.
Other than that, it makes me think of felines, which is cool and I guess if you're like me and like Felicia but don't find it very practical on a potential baby, you could still use it on a cat.
Feicia Falck is a Swedish Singer.
While the standard Polish form of this name is Felicja, Felicia is also in use. Last year (2021) three baby girls in Poland were given the name Felicia. Other two got it as a middle name. As of January this year, there have been 95 women in Poland with this name. A Felicia could celebrate her Polish name day together with Felicja (24 January and 30 September), or perhaps with Feliks (12 and 14 January, 21 February, 23 March, 24 April, 18 May, 30 August and 6 November), Felicjan (9 June), or Felicyta (7 March, 27 April or 30 September) and use many of the same nicknames as Felicja, including Fela, Felunia, Felusia, Lunia, Lusia, Felisia, Felka, Lisia, Felinka, Fifi etc. Etc.
Beautiful name.
I don’t care for the meme at all, but I don’t like this name in general. I prefer Felicity.
When I hear the name Felicia, I think of the character from the Darkstalkers series of games developed by Capcom, a cheerful cat-human hybrid.
This name is innocent, but so overused in the country where I live. I know 20 girls named Felicia, but one of them spells it "Felitzia".
Also Languedocian: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
I love it! I say "fuh-lee-shuh".
I like Felicia, it has a precious meaning and I think it is very stylish and feminine. It is also classic and nicknames can get very adorable, but I think the name is nice enough to not need them.
Felicia Mitsuki is a character from a JRPG called Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story.
Best pronounced "Feh-Lee-cee-ah" in my opinion. :)
My name is Felicia and I'm 25. I haven't really had any issue with it. Even with Bye Felicia, the most people who gave me issues with it are people who would've made fun of me for other things too - like my height. Mostly, I get compliments on it. If you are debating this name, don't be deterred - besides, the meme will probably not be as relevant when the child gets older.
Also Corsican. You'll find numerous bearers on social media.
The name remind me of cats (Felis). It’s cute.
The name is white...very white. Just because it is used by black people, it doesn't make it "ghetto".
I think of “Bye Felicia” now.
Variant English Pronunciation: fə-LEE-see-əDutch Pronunciation: feh-LEE-see-ah. [noted -ed]
This is my first name and I love it.
My parents named me Felicia, I think and after a great-grandpa.
I was born in 1997, none of my family watched "Friday".
Mine is pronounced with a 'shuh'.It's not even Ghetto, not everyone is Ghetto by their names.If you think this name sounds like a fish then don't call your kid a fish.
I just think of "Bye Felicia!" now. I don't really think it's ghetto, though.
Felicia has been used every year for newborns in Italy.
In 1999 were born 47 babies, in 2000 were born 64 Felicia (the highest peak of popularity in years 1999-2019) while in 2018 were born 26 babies with this name.
The Italian pronunciation is fe-LEE-cha (fe.ˈli.t͡ʃa). [noted -ed]
My name is Felicia and I'm 42... growing up I was the only one that spelled it Felicia the others were with Ph... So I researched it in high school and found out that the English way of spelling it was Ph... Felicia is actually French and the correct way of saying it is (Fuh-leas-cee-yuh)... but back then the English had a hard time saying it so they just pronounced it their way Phlisha, Phelesha, Phlicia, Phelysha... etc... etc... My dad named me after the woman Felicia off the Soaps back in 1976-77... She was French... And my brother after Mr. Conrad the heavy set bald head man off T.V...
I like this name. I don't think of "Bye Felicia," I think of Felicia from Fire Emblem. I like how it sounds, too.
Felicia is my name so don't be afraid to have this name. Even though the phrase "bye Felicia" is out there. Don't be shy on standing up for yourself, also don't let it get to you that much. Be what the name means. Happy times/Happy things/Happy. Course I'm proud of my name. Felicia Rose. You can have your name be whatever you want it to be. Don't be ashamed of your name.
There is a comment below us that bothers me. I understand the word ghetto is racist and saying Felicia is a "black person's name" is racist also, but you don't have to be racist, either by saying that Veronicas, Maries, Brittanys, and Traceys are "white people names", and that we all come from the cheerleading squad.
I just think of Bye Felicia now.
The Marvel character Black Cat’s secret identity is Felicia Hardy.
Hello, my name is Felicia! Felicia, Felicia, Felicia! And, I’m not going anywhere! :D Felicia was my great grandmother’s name, my aunt’s, and my cousin’s middle name. And, it is not a ghetto name. What does a “ghetto name” even mean? Because it could have a “shuh” sound to it? Because a black man said it to a black woman in Friday based around getting high in a black neighborhood? So, can I say Tiffanys, Veronicas, Maries, Amandas, Traceys, Kaylas, Melissas, Lisas, Courtneys, Brittanys, Ashleys, Christinas, Chloes, are coked out, self entitled, white privileged, whores from the cheerleading squad? Insert any white girl name I missed. I mean, since ignorance is the common theme with names anyway, lol. (Omg! Like totally! Riiiight! Like, what is your damage Heather!)To assume things about anyone based on their name is very stereotypical and ignorant. To assume anyone with the name Felicia, or any name with the “shuh” or “ai-ee-shuh” sound is ghetto, is stereotypical and racist. I say racist because most of these people with that name, or with similar pronunciations, are black.You are definitely someone I want saying bye to me because I would not want you in my presence. Saying “Bye Felicia” to me is like God removing toxic people from my life without me really having to do the work. So, yes thank you Friday for coining the term! Thank you to anyone who ever said “Bye Felicia” to me. (Psst! I did not like you anyway and you did me a favor). To the Felicias out there reading this, keep your head held high and be proud of your name. You are not ghetto, you are not going anywhere, you are relevant, and your name means happiness as well as ‘fortunate’ and that’s what we are. If someone wants to say, “Bye Felicia” to you, let them! Who cares! It’s a saying: “Bye Felicia, Bye Felicia, Bye Felicia!” See? No one died.Give no power to them over your name. Don’t feel bad about it, don’t change your name, and yes, use the name for your children. It’s a beautiful, smart, funny, happy name, and by all means, use it!I have met Felicias before and after “Bye Felicia” was popular, so the name is not dying or going anywhere. If someone says “Bye Felicia” because they want to feel like a cast member of Friday, Straight Outta Compton, or Housewives, let them. Probably the highlight of their day and how sad. :( *tear*Anyway, if they’re saying “Bye Felicia” then good riddance to them and see it as a blessing. See how fortunate us Felicias are. We get to watch all the toxic crap walk right out of our lives without ever having to lift a finger. Well, except maybe one. Lol. ;D.
In 2018, 24 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Felicia who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 553rd most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Why, just why I have never found my name on anything growing up?! Now it's just another catch phrase.
“Bye Felicia”. No. Just no.
Felicia seems to get more hate than a similar name, Felicity. I do like Felicity but in my opinion, Felicia is prettier.
Felicia Tang was the stage name of an American actress and model known for her work with Playboy TV, calendars, internet sites, and import car shows.
"Bye Felicia"It's such a stereotypical name. Do not name your child Felicia.
Felicia Bergström is a Swedish YouTuber.
This was my great-great grandmother's name. It sounds so pretty and is one of my favorite names.
Felicia is not a Hungarian name. We use Felícia. [noted -ed]
When I was stationed in Germany, the locals called me "Felicitas". I don't see that form of my name listed here.
The name Felicia was given to 76 girls born in the US in 2015.
Another famous bearer is Felicia from Fire Emblem: Fates. She is Corrin's maid. She joins the player's party early if Corrin is male and later if Corrin is female.
I honestly don't know how "Bye, Felicia!" caught on so much *today* as opposed to, say, 20 years ago when Ice Cube famously said it in the movie "Friday." Twenty years is a long time for a line in a movie to become part of mainstream culture.That said... it's a shame that phrase will deter people from using the name, because one of my childhood best friends was named Felicia. It was always a pleasant name to hear, and she was the only Felicia I knew.
Felicia would be a rather embarrassing name to have nowadays. If you aren't active on social media you may not be familiar with the phrase "Bye Felicia", but it's a popular term that's pretty much used to say someone is irrelevant. Think twice before using this name.
Modern slang uses "Bye Felicia" to refer to someone who doesn't matter so much, that they are now called Felicia. Not a bad name in my opinion, if it weren't for the term.
I love the name Felicia. It's stylish, cool, chic, beautiful, amazing, mature, professional and gorgeous. The English pronunciation "fə-LEE-shə" is the best in my opinion & I adore the meaning of this name. Overall, I find the name Felicia a perfect name for a girl! :D.
Felicia and the Pot of Pinks is a fairy tale by Madame d'Aulnoy. It is about a poor laborer who is given a magical pot of pinks and later finds out that she is really a princess. Felicia is the main character. (She and her fairy tale are called Fortunée in French.)
The name Felicia was given to 150 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Felicia is the cat girl from the Darkstalkers games.
I prefer the British pronunciation: fə-LIS-ee-ə.
Felicia Jollygoodfelow was a character in "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert". He was played by Guy Pearce, and in the film his real name was Adam.
It's Jollygoodfellow, not Jollygoodfelow.
Kathryn Felicia Day, commonly known as just Felicia Day, is an American actress known for her work in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog and The Guild.
Personally reminds me too much of the word Feline, but probably because of the cat girl Felicia from Marvel vs Capcom.
I really dislike this name. The pronunciation fe-LEE-syah is just about bearable, I suppose, but the pronunciation fe-LEE-shuh is frankly disgusting! :S
The Spanish pronunciation of Felicia is so pretty. I don't like the English version.
This name belongs to singer Fefe Dobson as well as "Fo" Porter from Cycle 12 of America's Next Top Model.
Felix is a common name for male cats, so Felicia would be a good name for a female cat.
Phylicia Rashâd, the television actress best known for her role as Clair Huxtable, bears a variant of this name. This makes me always think of a motherly yet down-to-Earth person with this name.
This name is pretty much über-feminine and very frilly, it sounds a bit like a ghetto name with the ending, and it reminds me of the word 'fellatio'. Too cutesy, not serious enough.
Felicia is the name of a car from the company Škoda.
Felicia is a very common name from where I am from, a nice name but I wouldn't call a child this.
The Romanian pronunciation for this name is the same as the Italian one that is already listed. [noted -ed]
My daughter's name is Felisia, spelled in the Faroese way. We don't have C in Faroese, so the name had to be spelled with an S instead. Now it is in the official name list.
I've seen this name spelled "Phylicia" before. Actually, I kinda like "Phylicia" better than "Felicia".
This is my middle name, and I just wonder WHY WHY did my parents choose this name? When someone asks me what my middle names are I'm ashamed to say it's Anna Felicia. Think twice before you give this name to your child.
I like this. A girl I know is named Felicia Rose. Her nicknames are Fish(y) and Lish(y).
This name is very elegant and pretty.
One of my favourite names ever. I love the meaning and the sound of it. I'd definitely use it on my child.
My younger sister was almost named Felicia, pronounced the Spanish way. I liked this name when she was born, and I still like it now.
Cute name!
Pretty, glamorous and dainty.
This name is very special to me. The reason for it's uniqueness is because it is my younger sister's name! :)
The second daughter of Prince Maurits and Princess Marilene of Orange-Nassau bears the name: Felicia.
A famous bearer is Felicia Juliana Bénedicte Barbara van Lippe-Biesterfeld van Vollenhoven. She's is the youngest child of prince Maurits and princess Marilene of Orange-Nassau. Her parents are still in the line of the Dutch throne.
One other spelling of this name that is not found here on this site is Felecia.
Felicia is the feminine form of Felix, but also can mean happiness and sunshine.

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