Flynn is a cool name.
I looooove this name; I think it's so cute. I love Colleen Ballinger who named her adorable son Flynn. And Flynn Rider is the best Disney prince in my opinion. I think this name is cute for a kid, but still mature enough for an adult.
Flynn Timothy Stocklin is the son of Colleen Ballinger and Erik Stocklin.
I love Finn and Flynn! I think they're both adorable.
In the movie Tangled it is the name of Rapunzel's love interest, Fitzherert, who renamed himself Flynn Rider after a book he read as an orphan.
My name is Flynn and it is wonderful you meanies. Think about your actions. F is for Fantastic.
There's a boy called Flynn and he is genuinely a nice person, I know a lot of Flynns and they are all lovely!

F fantastic
L lively
Y yayyyyyy
N nobody stoppin' me I'm having a ball
N nay nay horse
Better than Finn, but still not great.
Simple and quite unique, also rolls off the tongue nicely and isn't too common.
Flynn is a cute name. I like it better for a girl though. The -lynn part looks too feminine to be used for a boy but don’t take me seriously.
I first heard (and loved) the name when it was used for Flynn Carson, the main character in the movies "The Librarian: Quest for the Spear" and two sequels. There was subsequently a television series called "The Librarians" also featuring Flynn Carson.
Flynn is the name Walter White's son, Walter Jr., decides to call himself on Breaking Bad.
Just as bad as Finn/Fin.
The Russian collaborator, Michael Flynn.
I honestly do not like this name. It pales in comparison to Finn, a name that I can take seriously and find to be distinquishably handsome.
Flynn just doesn't do it for me.
This is my favourite boy's name and it sounds so much better than Finn.
Flynn is a HOT name for a guy! It's a fantastic, strong name and is one of my FAVE Irish names! I love it! :-D.
I named my King Charles spaniel Flynn! He's adorable and suits his name. This is a cute one-syllable surname name for a baby boy too, brings to mind Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom's child (his parents have awesome names as well!) and also Errol Flynn.
I reckon this is only popular in Australia beacause it's what Miranda Kerr named her son.
Orlando Bloom's son is named Flynn.
On the Disney Channel Show "Shake it Up", a character is called "Flynn Jones", played by Davis Cleveland.
I absolutely LOVE the name Flynn for a boy! I think it's spunky, quirky, fun, playful, but will still sound appropriate on a doctor or lawyer. When he's younger, Flynny is a pretty adorable nickname option. Flynn is easily one of my favorite boy's names.
I can only think of Flynn as a surname. I guess maybe because that was my great grandmother's last name. I usually like some surnames as first names, but this just isn't one of them (and yes, for some reason, people think you're saying 'flem'. I guess they're not listening).
This is the name of Orlando Bloom's son.
As much I want myself to like this name, I just can't imagine someone wanting to name their child Flynn. It sounds almost exactly like phlegm ("flem" - that thick mucus that gets caught in your throat). That's all I hear when I say this name!
Flynn Rider is the handsome prince character in the 2010 Disney animated film "Tangled", based on the fairy tale of Rapunzel. He is voiced by Zachary Levi.
Actor Orlando Bloom and model Miranda Kerr named their son Flynn.
I know it's legit, but it sounds like my mom's mispronunciation of Finn.
A good name likely belonging to someone accessible and down to earth. It's dated too, but it retains a youthful sound.
I love this name. It's a very strong sounding name (although I think I'm a bit biased since this guy I like is named Flynn. (: ). I've only known one person named Flynn, and when I heard it I thought of it as unique and original.
I think this is a last name that should stay a last name.
I would really like this name if it didn't remind me of Lara Flynn Boyle, whose attitude I can't stand.
Flynn is a great name. I think this would be sweet on a little boy. It's masculine and nice to say at the same time. And if you're a fan of Errol Flynn it's great because it's less stereotypical than Errol, not that I hold any negative views about either name.
I knew a little boy named Flynn once. When he told people his name they would always look at him funny, because they thought he was saying "flem".
This is very simple. I am a writer and Flynn is the name of my hero!
Even though not very famous, Melinda Messenger has a son called Flynn.
I love it! I think Flynn would make an awesome middle name! I would name him after that rogue Errol Flynn!
Flynn is an adorable name for a little boy.
Errol Flynn was an actor from Hollywood's golden age. He played Robin Hood.
Supermodel Elle MacPherson has a son named Arpad Flynn.

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