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Gender Masculine
Pronounced Pron. FRAYR(English, Icelandic)

Meaning & History

Means "lord" in Old Norse. This was the name of a Norse god. He may have originally been called Yngvi, with the name Freyr being his title. Freyr presided over fertility, sunlight and rain, and was the husband of the frost giantess Gerd. With his twin sister Freya and father Njord he was one of the group of deities called the Vanir.

Related Names

VariantFrey(Norse Mythology)
Feminine FormsFreya, Freyja, Frea(Norse Mythology) Freyja(Icelandic)
Other Languages & CulturesFrej(Danish) Frej(Swedish)

People think this name is

classic   youthful   formal   upper class   natural   wholesome   strong   refined   strange   simple   serious   nerdy  


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