I consider this name to be one of those “little black dress” names, sort of like Elizabeth, which is a fitting name for practically anyone. I could see it on a girly girl, a tomboy, a goth, etc. It also ages well.
Gabrielle Weiss known for her family's trending YouTube channel 'The Weiss Life' is a famous instagram and YouTube star.
I love that the banner for my name happens to be my favorite color.
Rest in divine peace, Gabrielle Petito ♥️.
Gabriella is better.
As a full name, it’s pretty enough, but the nickname Gabby is so annoying and horrible. The nickname alone puts me off it.
Wonderful. I like Gabriella and Gabriela too.
It’s pretty and ages well. I can see it on a baby, a toddler, a kid, a teenager, and an adult. Sounds very classy and chic.
It's overused now.
This is my name. I have mixed feelings about it. It isn’t as popular as it used to be.
Not bad, just getting used too much, getting boring, like just one of those names that many are using just because they are popular at some point. Alright, but not of my favorites.
This is ugly and harsh sounding and don't even get me started on the nickname Gabby...
It’s okay but despise the nickname Gabby!
This name sounds really spoiled to me. I also despise Gabby and Gabi. Ugh.
This name is the best name. Most of the girls named this are very pretty, like the prettiest person alive.
Overused, and ugly.
I think this name is pretty but I hate the obvious nickname Gabby.
It’s somewhat pretty. I absolutely despise the nickname Gabby though.
Much better and less common than Gabriella! It’s short and easy, I love it.
Over the past years I hated my name "Gabrielle". I always preferred Gabby because every time it's time to go back to school and they call roll they pronounce my name GAY-BREE-YEHL it makes me so mad to the point I want to write GA-BREE-YEHL on my head just for them to know how to pronounce it right but I love my name now and what it means. I still hate when people call me Gabriel though.
I used to hate this name for some reason, but I now think it's quite pretty. I prefer this name to Gabriella. I really dislike the nickname Gabby, though.
Bad name, often mispronounced as gay-bri-all or gay-brielle, over time this becomes a common nuisance and makes the name tainted, a better choice is definitely Gabriella.
Gabrielle is a wonderful name. Gaby for short.
Gabrielle Williams is an author.
Gabrielle is the name of a wonderful girl. Usually curvy and brunette with big brown eyes and glasses.
Loves to smile and help.
Doesn’t let people down.Some traits in Gabrielle:Extremely Ambitious
Open minded
Dirty minded
Mind reader
Show off
UniqueGabrielle with an e is a unique name for a unique girl.
Both introverted and extroverted, Gabrielle can handle any situation with grace. Do not cross Gabrielle because they can fight. You will never know what a Gabrielle is thinking of, but she is very accepting. Gabrielle picks her friends wisely and will be one of the best people you will ever meet so hold onto her tight and don’t let go.
Gabrielle has a big heart and is very loving and adaptable to change and meeting different kinds of people.
As you can tell, I am a bit biased because I have a name similar to this, but I love this name and find it very sophisticated. The full name is much prettier than the shortened Gabby or Elle in my opinion, but they are still nice options to have if you feel the name is too long.
I have a best friend called Gabrielle but everyone calls her Gabby, even the teachers. This is my personal impression of the name.G is for go girl
A is for amazing
B is for beautiful
R is for really kind
I is for is this happening
E is for evil sometimes
L is for lovely
L is for lucky
E is for exiting.
I’m 21 years old and this is my name. I do not care for it mostly because I feel like it’s too frilly for me. I’ve gone by Gaby my whole life because I was constantly called Gabriel or Gabriella no matter how many times I corrected people and hated that.
One of my best friends is called Gabi. I love the nickname, but the full name is just... eh. I like Gabriela.
In 2018, 12 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Gabrielle who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 452nd most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
This name is likable for many reasons: one, it fits all ages and surnames; two, it has a lot of good nicknames (Gabby, Gale, Brielle, Brie, Elle, Ella, Ellie...)
MY name IS GABRIELLE! I haven't been teased at all thank you very much! I love my name and I am proud to be named GABRIELLE! I love my name and it means an Angel of God! Understand that people have different names and styles.
Gabrielle sounds much better and more mature than Gabriella.
It sort of says 'airbag' backwards.
My name is Gabrielle and I have always loved it! I have always been called by a nickname except for the rare times that I wasn't, but I've always been okay with that because I know that Gabrielle is my official name and nothing else. My main nickname is Gabby, and I'm not really sure why some people don't like it. My other nickname is Gib or Gibbs, which isn't a nickname for Gabrielle, but for Gabriel or Gibson. However, I'm quirky and it fits. Though I don't go by other nicknames used with Gabrielle I think they are all amazing if they are paired with the right person.
I love this name and would use it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, the name is unusable for me because...1: The nickname potentials for this name are OK but I prefer just Gabrielle. Having my daughter go by her full name constantly wouldn't happen most likely
2: The main reason: I have a relative named "Gabriella" If I were to use "Gabrielle" Her mom and many others would assume that I was trying to copy, which is not the case at all. This Gabriella I'm related to is someone I barely see yet Gabrielle is still unusable for me. That is indeed messed up.
This is my name and honestly, I usually hate it, probably because it's mine. But it's hard to deny the elegance and sophistication of it. Of course, the nickname does a splendid job at soiling that. I think I'll ask my family to refer to me as just Gabrielle, and nothing else or I'll ignore them.
Gabrielle Monique Union-Wade is an American actress. She began her career in 1990s, appearing on television sitcoms, before landing supporting roles in teen comedy films She's All That and 10 Things I Hate About You. Her breakthrough role was in the 2000 teen comedy film Bring It On, after which she was female lead in the short-lived CBS medical drama series City of Angels later that year.
Such a pretty, strong name for a girl; but I hate, hate, HATE the nickname Gabby. It takes all the beauty and grace of Gabrielle and smashes it, much like the nickname Gabe does for Gabriel. There are a ton of other nice nicknames you could use -- Brielle, Ellie, Ella, Elle, Bree, Gale -- so why would you use something as ugly as Gabby?
I personally love my name, but as I am named after the angel Gabriel, my name is pronounced "gay-bree-el". That never bothered me at all. One or two kids in primary school tried to make fun of me because of this, but I ignored it and it quickly stopped.
I never disliked "Gabby" until my Nan wrote "Gabby Harwood" on the front of all my school books, which to me sounded very bogan (kind of Australian for trashy), I'd never seen my nickname next to my last name before. But as long as they weren't used together I didn't mind too much, plus I liked the alternative name Gab or Gabs that many friends called me, so the few that called me Gabby wasn't so bad.
I'm 27 now, and about 10 years ago I decided to start spelling my nickname as Gabbie instead of Gabby as it looks more feminine.
I think anyone with this beautiful name is truly blessed! :) After all, Gabrielle means "woman of God".
Although 'Gabriella' itself is a very fine name, I prefer Gabrielle over it. Gabrielle should be used more often! (Let the trend of Gabriella rest).
My name is Gabrielle and I'm loud and cute!
The name Gabrielle is really beautiful and feminine. 10/10 perfection. :)
I love love love the name Gabrielle. I have a friend who has that name and she likes to be called Gabi. Her name adorns her like a crown.
Love the name Gabrielle; strongly dislike the nickname Gabby.
My name is Gabrielle ^-^ I quite like it. I am 17 but I love having an "older" name. I think it sounds elegant and timeless. I HATE being called Gabby, just because I feel like a little kid would have that name.
I am not such a big fan of this name. I really like the Brielle part of it, but I really dislike the Gab part. It always reminds me of the words yap and yab. I don't like the nickname Gabby for the same reason. I knew a girl who had this name but she didn't like it, so she went by Bri.
Gabrielle Aplin is a British singer-songwriter. She gained mainstream attention with a cover of Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "The Power of Love".
Gavriela should be added as the Hebrew version of this name.
I was born with the name Gabrielle and have to admit that I HATED it as a child. It was too different and I was already different in a number of ways (but we won't go into that, lol). I'm 50+ and nobody else that I had ever heard of had that name. I grew up in an age where you could get so much stuff with your name on it (jewellery, mugs, door plaques, etc) but, of course, we could never find my name. I do love that my parents made a special effort though and had a few things custom made for me (at a time when money was not plentiful). :-) I have to admit, though, that I have grown to love the name. It is different and beautiful - depending on how it is pronounced - I'm with Brielle. M who said she hated the name because it was pronounced GAY-bree-el. While I don't hate that variation, it's not my favorite way to have it pronounced... not because of any meaning behind it (as one or two other comments suggested), but rather because there are so many other more beautiful ways to say it. I prefer gah-bree-EL. But, hey, as long as you don't shorten it, you can pronounce it however you like. Well, maybe you can shorten it, but please don't call me Gabby. I get G or Ella. That's okay. If I had heard Brielle I probably would have liked that.All in all, it's nice to see it being used more frequently now, because it really is a beautiful name.
I've always loved the name Gabrielle. It is my name but I love where it comes from, I love it when people call me different nicknames because of different spellings in my name. Some people call me Ellie or Elle. Some call me Gab or Gabz. Some call me Gabi. One person calls me Brielle. And then there are the funny names like Yo Gabba gabba or Bubble Guppy. If you do not like the name, well, that is your own opinion. It always comes back down to opinion. If you have the name Gabrielle, I congratulate you. If you don't have the name or you don't like it, well, that is just one person's opinion on a name. It truly does not matter.
In school you may be called Gabriel. It has happened to me numerous times. Some of my teachers would get my name and another girl's name confused because he called me Gabi and her name was Abby. We sat right by each other. But, the name is beautiful and sophisticated. It's a beautiful French name that I am proud to be called. Yes I have tons of nicknames, some of them I despise. But if you don't like the name, then that is your opinion. The name Gabrielle was more popular in 1999, which happens to be my birth year. But my mom had loved the name even longer before that. And now I love the name. A little boy called me Addie because he couldn't pronounce a G, nor a B.
It's a beautiful and elegant name. A bit too girly for my tastes. I would not want that name, but I can see a beautiful woman having it.
My daughters name is Gabrielle. We call her GABBY. Consider this when u name your daughter this. She will be called:
Gabriel (male name)
She's 10 now and we named her after God's angel Gabriel and it means woman of God.
She likes to be called Gabrielle now since shes getting older.
Most people I met with this name are hispanic in my area. My daughter is Caucasian.
The name Gabrielle was popular during the first half of the 20th century in France, but began a small decline in the 70's. It reached its height of popularity in 1905.
I guess you could use Abby as a nickname, it's a lot better than gabby...
Gabrielle Christina Victoria Douglas (b. 1995 in Virginia Beach, Virginia) is an American gymnast and Olympic gold medalist.
Gabrielle Carmouche (b. 1978 in Lexington, Kentucky) is an American actress.
Gabrielle Union (b. 1972 in Omaha, Nebraska) is an American actress.
I honestly consider this name to be one of the most beautiful names for girls ever created. Everything about it is beautiful and graceful, but still youthful enough to sound pretty in modern day.
My French teacher in grade school used to call me Gabrielle because there was no French name for Gayle, and I hated it. Now, however, I appreciate Gabrielle as a beautiful name. And I think Gaby is a great nickname, sounds very French to me.
This is a nice, elegant name, but I HATE HATE HATE the nickname Gabby. Not because it means somebody talks a lot, but it's just so ugly!
Although I hate Gabby/Gabriella I like the name Gabrielle, it is pretty.
Gabrielle is my middle name. I love it. I think it's such a lovely name for a male or female.
Gabrielle is a pretty name, it's much better than Gabriella as that is a bit of a mouthful. I like it pronounced 'GAH - BRIELLE'.
I'm Gabrielle Ann, and though people usually call me Gabie, I LOVE my name, it's beautiful and adorable!
Lovely name, both Gabrielle and Gabriella/Gabriela and Gabriel.I met a Brazilian girl by this name and she pronounced 'GAH-BREE-EHL', not 'GAH-BREE-EHL-LEE'.
I don't like it that much, even though I really like Gabriel for a boy.
It starts with gab. 'Nuff said.
I absolutely adore the name Gabrielle. I would name my daughter Gabrielle Grace, Gabrielle named after Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel (my idol). Gabrielle is the most beautiful name, I love it.
This is my middle name and I absolutely love it. I almost wish it was my first name except then I know I would be called Gabby, which I do not like. The cool thing about this name is that as a middle name, it sounds great with many different first names.
My cousin is named "Gabrielle" and we call her "Elle" on occasion.
I very much like this name. It seems very feminine without being prissy. I think Gabby is very cute for a nickname too.
I hate this name. It sounds like a snob's name, it could be nice if it was with a very nice person. But unlikely it would be with a nice person. In my opinion.
This is my birth name! I used to really dread it and thought it was too popular because it has been in at least the top 70 for quite some time. Then I noticed I'm pretty much the only Gabrielle in my whole town and I am the only Gabrielle in my school. It also sounds really pretty and everyone I meet says it's a wonderful name. Now I truly am happy to be named this! But I still tell myself: It's not a name that makes a person unique, it's the person behind the name that does. :)
I much prefer this name to the girly Brielle. This one has maturity. I don't know if you can get any *decent* nicknames out of it, but it's not such a bad name. It's not among my favorites, though.
In the TV show from the 90's Xena Warrior Princess, Xena's sidekick/soulmate/love of her life was called Gabrielle. She was portrayed by the beautiful American actress Renée O'Conner. Though a bit cheesy today I really love(d) this show and I may very well use this name for my daughter because of what it symbolises to me. Dislike 'Gabby' though. I so glad that we don't use nicknames in Denmark to the extent that English talking people do. My daughter will then actually BE Gabrielle and not some random name that I didn't choose! Just my opinion.
I like this name because it is mine. I used to get called Gabby which I don't really like but now I get called Gabs which I prefer.
Gabrielle, the Uncorrupted (aka Allegra van Alen) from the Blue Bloods series by Melissa de la CruzGabrielle de Lioncourt (mother of the vampire Lestat) from the Vampire Chronicles by Anne RiceBecause of this, I tend to associate this name with a gorgeous, blonde vampire (as both of the above characters fit this description). Still, I think it is a very beautiful name.
Gabrielle is a lovely, elegant sounding name!
I think Gabrielle is a beautiful name - elegant, stylish, timeless and has substance. The thing that has prevented us from giving this name to our daughter is that people would inevitably call her "Gabby" which we loathe. We may use it as a middle name.
This is a really beautiful name. I really DO like the nickname Gabby.
I love the name Gabrielle. Because A) It's my name, B) It's not very common, and C) It's sophisticated, even elegant. I used to hate my name because nobody pronounces it correctly. I'm still not a huge fan of the mispronunciacion, but I can deal with it. I also didn't like the nickname Gabby. Now I'm cool with it. I've only known one other person with my name [that I knew personally]. My name rocks!
I think this is a very beautiful name. I very much prefer it to the other French feminizations like Danielle and Michelle.
Isn't a bit confusing that it's pronounced the same way as the most countries that don't speak English pronounce Gabriel? Same with Danielle.
When I was growing up our neighbors housed children from the Dominican Republic who needed to come to America for medical treatment. This name makes me sort of glum since the only bearer of this name I've ever known was burned terribly in a fire and had to leave their families behind and face a new, strange place far from home.
Gabrielle is an English singer. I really love the song "Out of Reach" - the theme from "Bridget Jones´ Diary". Other hits are "Dreams" for instance. Her real name is Louise Gabrielle Bobb.
I really like this. Even though it's not my name, I love the name. I use it for stories and role-plays. I think this is a beautiful name, and most of the time I don't mind hearing someone call my character "Gabby" or "Gabi". Whatever works for them. I hope to name one of my children this (when I have children).
I think this is a very beautiful name! It's my middle name, but I wish it was my first name so much! I don't like the nickname "Gabby" though, because it's a little too cutesy for me. I hardly ever hear of people with this name and I like the classic uncommon sound of it. This name has the look of gold and delicacy to it.
Well, Gabrielle is my friend's name. Everyone who doesn't know her pronounces her name GAY-bree-el.
I think Gabrielle is a nice name, but it is WAY overused. It has a nice ring to it. I would rather name my child (if I ever have one) Gabriela because it is less common.
I love this name, it is pretty as everyone comments. I was actually mad when I heard I came extremely close to being named Gabrielle or Gabriella, because I would be so happy if that was my name even though my name is good too.
Gabrielle, Gabriele, Gabrieli and my favorite one, Gabrielly, is a beautiful and common name in my country (Brazil). Here, the pronunciation is: gah-bree-EL-lee.
Gabrielle is such a beautiful, classy name. A name a child could grow up with.
Gabrielle Delacour is the younger sister of the gorgeous Fleur Delacour in J.K. Rowling's HARRY POTTER series.
Gabrielle was the name of Caleb Nichol's girlfriend in episode 8 of season 1 of The OC.
Gabrielle is Xena's "sidekick" in the show "Xena Warrior Princess".
I love this name. When I was little I always said my best friend should have been named this because she was really pretty and looked like a Gabrielle.
Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, fashion designer and inventor of the little black dress, is a famous bearer. [noted -ed]
I think it is very pretty, but I would never name my child Gabrielle because she would (without a doubt) be nicknamed "Gabby" by her friends, and I do not personally like that nickname.
I like the name "Gabrielle" because 1. It is my birth name 2. It is not a common name, and it has to be changed to go to a masculine name, not like Alex and Jordan. 3. The origin of the name, even if it is European, is different because half the names these days I believe come from England. Gabrielle is a French name, and it is a very beautiful name.
Gabrielle Solis, played by Eva Longoria, is one of the "Desperate Housewives."
I love this name! I think it's so pretty! I have a friend who's name is close to this (Gabriella) and we call her G or Gigi.
I love the name Gabrielle. I used to hate it because it was so long but now that I'm older I absolutely love it! It is not tacky like Jordan or Tracy... they are so common.
I think Gabrielle is a very beautiful name. Not only because it is my name, but because it has some sort of charm to it and is not a very common name. I believe that it sounds golden and young compared to other names.
Gabrielle is a very adorable and not overly-popular name!
I like this name because it's my name, it's really beautiful and it's not a bimbo name like Brittney or Mandy and it sounds really sophisticated. I reccomend it but if you do name your child Gabrielle then don't let anyone call her Gabby. That's what happened to me, and I hate it.
I have always liked the name "Gabrielle" because a)it's my name, and b)it is a beautiful and sophisticated name (though I cannot really be described using those two words).
My name is not the short form of this name. I hate the name GABRIELLE but I love the name BRIELLE (my name). Gabrielle looks too much like GAYbrielle.
GAYbrielle? So immature you must be looking for it!
It WAS originally used as a short form of Gabrielle. Unless your mother happened to put sounds together that she liked, she most likely heard someone use it somewhere or something, and inevitably this is where it comes from.

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