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Gaetano "Tommy" DeVito, original guitarist for the Four Seasons!
laylaerteslay  4/1/2019
Gaetano Bresci (1869 - 1901), assassin of King Umberto I of Italy.
Official Name Critic  10/9/2018
Correct pronunciation is GAH-ee-tah-no.
Nifty_Name_Nerd  10/9/2017
In France, this is the word for Romani gypsy.
leananshae  9/19/2012
@leananshae - the Spanish word for the Romani people of Spain (with populations in Portugal, France, and Morocco) is "gitano". To my knowledge, there is no connection between the term "gitano" and the name Gaetano. I admit they sound similar, and I once thought there was a connection. Further personal research (I was going to use this name to honor several family members) proved otherwise.
bellehime  10/9/2012
As we see demonstrated above, the first syllable is NOT pronounced "gay."
It's a gorgeous, charming name, and although it would look far too strange on one of the little blond-haired blue-eyed boys I'm bound to have one day, I love it nonetheless.
TheCheshireKat  12/3/2008
Gaetano - pronounced GUY-TAH-NO - is stemmed from the Italian city of Gaeta, a city originally called Caieta. Caieta itself, according to the philosopher Strabos, was the ancient Ionian colony of the Samians. Caieta is from kaiétas, or "cave," in Greek. The cave reference refers to the caves and harbors of the area.

This is my father-in-law's given name; it has been passed down for several generations. His family originally hails from this area in Italy. We call him "Guy."
bellehime  5/2/2008
Additionally, another member in my family bearing this name goes by "Tommy." This seems to be a fairly common nickname used for Gaetano.
bellehime  5/2/2008
I think this is a really awesome and unique name. Kids will find something to pick at, so if you name your kid something plain then they ARE going to be teased regardless. Give them a name that is unique and beautiful like this one. Perhaps we should all look to the meaning of names instead of what people will think.
― Anonymous User  2/10/2008
Sorry, but any name with "gay" for a first syllable is bound to incite a ton of teasing in any American public school.
leananshae  12/19/2007
Domenico Gaetano Maria Donizetti (November 29, 1797, Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy – April 8, 1848, Bergamo) was an Italian opera composer. His most famous work is Lucia di Lammermoor (1835). Donizetti, along with Vincenzo Bellini and Gioacchino Rossini, was a leading composer of bel canto opera.
sweetbabe  12/17/2006
Gaetano is the name of a character in Mary Hoffman's book series, Stravaganza.
Lyzz  11/7/2006
Originally my search was for the name "Cayetano" which was my great-grandfather's first name. I found from this site that "Cayetano" was linked to "Gaetano". In any event, the meaning as I understand it is "Protector of bread and work" which I interpret as one who protects those who are needy by providing a job so they can in turn supply food for themselves.
― Anonymous User  6/17/2006

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